Thursday, March 9, 2017

Trump isn't up against "sore losers." He's facing an army of saboteurs bent on destroying the elected government.

Via Billy

As I predicted in my best-selling book about President Trump’s plan to save America, the Democrats and their media accomplices have declared all-out war on the Trump White House. Under the guise of “resistance” – as though the Trump was the head of an occupying army rather than an elected president - they have set out to destroy his administration. They are not “sore losers,” as many had surmised when their hysterical attacks on Trump as an American Hitler began, they are an army of saboteurs bent on destroying the government the voters preferred. Their general, Barack Obama, is an unrepentant radical who abused the office of the presidency when he was in power, and as ex-president is now leading a war to overthrow his successor.

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  1. That has been my take on it as well. Like him or not, Donald Trump is our elected POTUS and any one who goes out of their way to sabotage this individual is hurting our country. This hasn't changed - Obama had his opponents as did George Bush, Bill Clinton, etc.

    What has changed is that both political parties, mainstream media, the intelligence community are ALL against him as well. Trump's assets - the people who see Trump as someone who gets things done and want our country to succeed. So far, he is attempting to make real change, not politics.