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A Long Day’s Journey Out of Night, Part IV

Below is the final article of a four-part series on history, human development, and Islam by our English correspondent Seneca III. A slightly different version of this essay was previously published at Crusader Rabbit.

Previously: Part I, Part II, and Part III.

Seneca III informs us that an extension of this series is in the works, and further installments are to be expected in the future.

A Long Day’s Journey Out of Night
Part IV: Sexuality

by Seneca III
Sexuality comes in many guises, most of which will not surface in this essay in the interests of good taste (well, reasonably good taste!) and simple decency — in particular not those physically cruel, humiliating and positively inhumane practises to which some people subscribe. Such deviations distress me and it has already been difficult enough to write this essay in a form and manner just about suitable for public consumption without venturing into any of the darker corners of the human psyche.

Nevertheless I would recommended that anyone prone to prudishness or with a predilection to take offence at any but the most obscure references to the subject at hand should sign off now. Truly, I have no wish to distress you either.

That said…

“…It has long been held that chastity belts were in common usage amongst the gentry of the early Middle Ages. When the Knight or Lord went off to Outremer to besiege a town or two, and hack at a few necks in the process, the Lady remaining behind was locked into a certain type of activity-restricting iron girdle for reasons which, whilst rather obscure in this more enlightened age, may have had something to do with fidelity. Or whatever.

“Furthermore it is rumoured that skilled Lockpicks were in high demand during this milieu and made a quite a reasonable living in comparison with that of their fellow artisans, the Locksmiths. But why not? This, as you may be able to imagine, was not a risk-free profession on the basis that if found in ‘flagrante delicto’ by a somewhat tired and sandblasted Crusader his broadsword was likely to make the malfeasant’s eyes seriously water. Or so it is said. No first-hand reports have ever surfaced!”

…O.K., O.K., I know, the foregoing is complete and utter rubbish, both the legend itself and my vicarious meanderings on the subject, but I have stuck my neck out in order to make two points:

First, human sexuality is a subject that needs to be approached with at least a modicum of humour, otherwise it has a tendency to get serious, and when it does get serious it can turn quite nasty.

Secondly, most myths and legends, and even fairy tales and nursery rhymes, carry an underlying message. In their origins can often be found an idea, a story or even an example of wishful thinking that tells the reader or listener far more about the state of mind of the originator(s) and his or her situation than does the actual message. These mini-histories tend to be palimpsestic inasmuch as what is buried within can often be far more interesting and informative than that which is apparent on the surface.

In 1400 Konrad Kyeser von Eichstätt published ‘Bellifortis’, a book detailing the military technology of the time. Also in the book is a drawing captioned (in Latin) ‘These are hard iron britches of Florentine women which are closed at the front’, but he offers no supporting evidence or corroborating documents. This, for what it is worth, is the first known written account of chastity belts in the West, and succeeds the Crusades by a couple of centuries.

In 1889 one Alfred Pachinger, a German collector of antiquities, claimed to have found a chastity belt on the skeleton of a young woman who had been buried in Lintz, Austria, in the 16th century. The belt itself has since been ‘lost’ and researchers looking through the quite detailed Lintz town records have been unable to find any record of the woman’s burial. (The Teutonic mind-set does appear to surface quite frequently in this area of interest, doesn’t it? Now, why would that be I wonder?)

Modern metallurgical analysis has over the years brought into question the provenance (date and origin) of chastity belts displayed in the Musée de Cluny, the Germanisches Nationalmuseum and the British Museum and they have all subsequently either been removed from the Renaissance collections or clearly and correctly dated to their place in the 18th and 19th centuries. No early medieval examples have ever been located or displayed.

All in all, even this limited amount of evidence would suggest that the idea of chastity belts is a creation of a more modern era, commencing most likely during the early Renaissance and on through to the period of Enlightenment, particularly from about the 1750s onwards, and reflects on one face the historical romanticism inherent in much of the art and literature of the time and, later, on the other face, the prurience of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Inequality Before the Law

Retribution is coming.

Among the many stark differences between Tea Party patriots and the Occupy vermin is that the former are expected to obey every rule — even stupid ones. Here we see a Tea Partier forbidden from carrying a flagpole in Atlanta:

Meanwhile, Occupy commies engage in all manaer of lawlessness, yet are allowed to continue their infestations, often in violation of local ordinances.

When you’re a revolutionary, it’s always nice to have the authorities on your side.

Guardian video: People lauding the man who murdered Kadaffi.

The coming horde.

Vlad Tepes
"Ever wonder what barbarian means?"

Gates of Vienna

Here’s Ezra Levant talking about the new sharia dictatorship in Libya, and also the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in Tunisia and Egypt. As he points out, the issue is not the accession of a new thug in Tripoli — that, after all, is business as usual in that part of the world — it’s the fact that the Western democracies used military force to install this particular thug, and are trumpeting the outcome as “freedom for Libya”.

You might be a Wall Street Occupier if :

Via MTPatriot

· You moved to a tent in Zucotti Park because you always wanted a nicer place to live.

· You quit your “job” to attend the protests, but your Mother continues your allowance and now does the dishes herself.

· You are confused that you can’t find the Wal-Mart on Wall Street.

· You are enraged that the taxpayers had to bail out Wall Street even though you’ve never paid taxes or know anyone who has.

· You hate capitalism but expect a capitalist to provide you a good paying job with great benefits.

· You think Socialism has something to do with Facebook, and Capitalism has to do with Washington, DC.

· You demand a job, forgetting that you were fired for not doing the one you had.

· You despise the rich even though they pay your share of taxes.

· You’re a little behind in your rent because your crack dealer insisted on cash.

· You are very clear in your protest objectives . . . “Scr _ _ the USA”, “Save the ______ (fill in the blanks – whales, spotted owls, sturgeon . . .)”, “Self-realization is the first step toward self-actualization”, “Down with … uh, … /everything/!”

· You think 99 weeks of unemployment is the least the government should give you for the 3 months you put in at McDonalds.

· You drove a Toyota to the protest, you’re plugged in to a Sony Walkman, talk over a Samsung phone, and play a Yamaha keyboard in a punk band but you are incensed over jobs being outsourced to other countries.

· You demand your rights, but can’t quite recall where they are enumerated.

· You believe you have a right to every penny earned, but the rich do not. And you base your claim on equality.

· You believe a man is greedy if he worked his way up to CEO on 16-hour days, runs a company employing thousands, and made $10 million last year, but is /not/ greedy if he made $50 million last year for making two motion pictures or shooting a ball through a hoop.

· You are convinced the “system” is holding you back from gaining wealth, status, and position. Dropping out of high school, dulling your mind with crack and MJ, a few arrests on your record, and stealing from your employer had nothing to do with it, I’m sure.

· You left behind trash, feces, urine-soaked sod, discarded clothing, and used condoms after your “Save the Environment” protest.

· You know you’re not a Socialist because you stick pretty much to yourself at parties.

· You want to improve the environment and you have the tattoos and piercings to prove it.

· You don’t pay taxes, but somehow that’s more than your “fair share”.

· You hate the rich but hope you win the lottery.

· You love the USA. Unions, SEIU, and Alinsky.

Obama Asserts His Dictatorship

Sword At-The-Ready

‘We Can’t Wait For Congress” Says Obama on Monday “Where they won’t act, I will” – setting the mantra for accepting his absolute rule over us.


Glassy-eyed Americans who are wholly ignorant of Constitutional Law are no doubt cheering The Won, who today asserted before the nation that he will circumvent Congress when they do not act in accordance to his demands. When they do not, he today asserted that he will act by his own decree without consent or legislation from Congress.

“I’m here to say that we can’t wait for an increasingly dysfunctional Congress to do its job. Where they won’t act, I will”

America, you elected and support an Emperor who we warned would rule you with an iron fist when the time finally came. What we see now, is the mask of deception dropping and Obama no longer making pretenses to hide what he really is: a megalomaniacal Marxist dictatorial wannabe.

The new “We Can’t Wait” slogan Obama unveiled today – is by far the most in-our-face boot of tyranny ever thrust upon this Republic since the 1860′s, but far more insidious and tyrannical.

Insidious, because it’s clever in it’s application. It erroneously gives the impression that Obama will act above the petty squalors of Congress and GET RESULTS for the ‘little people’ by his own hand – without the messy delays of dealing with Congress. It’s an insidious way to get this Constitutionally ignorant people to accept the need to empower a king instead of the boiler room of Congress as intended by our Founders.

So will set precedent, of which 40 years of judicial activism showcases that precedent becomes defacto law – WITHOUT the need for a Congress.

As admitted today, His Heinous will simply ignore the pesky rules of the Constitution in order to create ‘results’. Results that will benefit his re-election by using taxpayer monies to ‘pay’ for his political army, in gracious handouts and programs from funds he will take from those he will destroy and subjugate, while endearing and expanding the welfare and dependency class that is wholly beholden to him.

The model is frighteningly familiar. Mussolini did this exact same thing. So did Stalin and Hitler both. Mao comes to mind. Yet, you watch as more than half this people either will applaud or shrug their shoulders at a brazen admission by Obama, that the Rule of Constitutional Law no longer applies to him. Giving away houses, cars and student loans to chosen vessels of his regime, is no less than bribing himself to re-election during an economic crisis he and his party created for this exact purpose.

Obama will then rule by decree , something he has subtly suggested over the last few weeks – and exactly as predicted by this author back in 2008. No mean feat as we read his books and those of his Marxist mentors – so we knew what he meant when he said he would “Fundamentally transform the United States of America”.

Welcome to your change America – from a Representative Republic to a Marxist Dictatorship with the flavor of a banana republic.

This admission and power grab, if unchallenged in the very short term – will pave a very quick succession for actual dictatorial acts that will establish by default – an absolute rule by Obama, who will then use Congress as window dressing, same as in the Soviet Union, where the Politburo was simply there to give an illusion of the People having a voice.

An illusion that hides the very real pain of the shackles and irons of absolute tyranny.

They come for you now America.

Can you hear the clanking?

Or do you instead hear cheers of relief by those bought into slavery of the state?

A 2,000-Year Global Temperature Record

Corrected reconstruction with 95% confidence intervals
We suspect you have been living your life unaware of the articles by Loehle and McCulloch. The reason is obvious – they found evidence that temperature variations over the past 2,000 years indicate that the earth’s average temperature bounces around naturally to a larger degree than other paleo-reconstructions indicate, and further, that temperatures about 1,000 years ago were not that dissimilar to today’s temperatures. This suggests that the earth’s ecosystems are more resilient (and adaptive) than some pessimists give them credit for—not a favorite topic in the mainstream press.
Full article.

They eventually have no choice but to shoot you in the head.

Vox Popoli

Democracy in the UK

It doesn't exist:
David Cameron suffered the biggest-ever Tory rebellion on Europe last night. Almost half of all his backbenchers voted in favour of a referendum on EU membership.

Up to 81 Tory MPs were believed to have defied a three-line whip, the strongest party instruction on how to vote. Thanks to Labour and Lib Dem MPs, the vote was defeated by 483 to 111, with around 50 abstentions. It was a worse mutiny on Europe than any suffered by Ted Heath, Margaret Thatcher or John Major, and came after Mr Cameron told his MPs that they could have to wait years before Britain claws back powers from Brussels....

A ComRes survey for ITV’s News at Ten found that more than two thirds of the public – 68 per cent – support the idea of a national vote on whether or not the UK should remain a member of the EU. Yet the Conservatives, Labour and the Liberal Democrats all ordered their troops to vote against a back-bench motion triggered by a public petition, even though the result could have had no impact on government policy.
The parliamentarians appear to have forgotten last week's salient lesson of Qaddafi. If you refuse to submit to the will of the people on matters they consider to be of sufficient importance, they eventually have no choice but to shoot you in the head.

And David Cameron has revealed himself to be a eurowhore instead of the euroskeptic he previously, and unconvincingly, claimed to be.

Today’s Price of a Slave

Confederate Colonel



This CNN video clip discusses the price of purchasing a slave today. Yes, today. Despite the widely held belief that slavery started and ended with the Southern states, it has always existed, and still exists today – only at rock-bottom prices. As the report points out, a slave purchased in the 19th century would have cost about $40,000 in today’s dollars. That is a major investment. No one neglects and mistreats a valuable investment if they expect to make a profit. On the other hand, the price of a slave today is only $90, making them about as disposable as a Styrofoam cup.

Where is the NAACP? Why are they not demanding an end to slavery now? The answer: they are too busy being “offended” by the sight of the Confederate flag. Apparently, being “offended” is quite appealing when it comes to fund-raising and political pandering. Real slavery just isn’t very interesting to those who are busy claiming to be oppressed because some people of their race were slaves in America over 150 years ago.

This CNN video clip discusses the price of purchasing a slave today. Yes, today. Despite the widely held belief that slavery started and ended with the Southern states, it has always existed, and still exists today – only at rock-bottom prices. As the report points out, a slave purchased in the 19th century would have cost about $40,000 in today’s dollars. That is a major investment. No one neglects and mistreats a valuable investment if they expect to make a profit. On the other hand, the price of a slave today is only $90, making them about as disposable as a Styrofoam cup.

OUT OF OUR PAST: Gen. Robert E. Lee: Proud, brave enigma


After the first day of the battle of Gettysburg, a handful of Company B skirmishers from Wayne County that belonged to the Iron Brigade's 19th Indiana were captured.

Richmond's 19-year-old Benjamin Duke and 18-year-old George M. Bunch; Dalton's 18-year-old William M. Locke and 27-year-old John Markel; and Hagerstown's 20-year-old William Castator, were all taken prisoner and later would suffer privation at Andersonville, dubbed a "corpse factory" because it was the worst (* Southern) prison of the war.

A Second Wisconsin member of the Iron Brigade was also caught. His name was Robert Beecham and he wrote about what happened to him after the last day of battle, when he and his Wayne County comrades were herded down a road with the retreating rebel army. As they were moved along under guard, a Rebel pointed out Confederate General Robert E. Lee, who had just suffered the worst military disaster of his career.

Beecham wrote, "His [Lee's] long, grizzled beard was neatly arranged; his clothing was clean and faultless; his horse had been groomed and saddled with care; there was nothing about his personal appearance to indicate haste, uneasiness or even weariness; he bestrode his steed apparently cool and confident, not as one who had suffered great defeat, but as a conqueror. ... I looked from him to his shattered battalions and read the evidence of his terrible conflict and humiliating loss, and it was plain to see that Lee himself must have fully recognized the fact that the glorious dream of his ambition for victory could never be realized. ... Lee was the only man of the defeated army, so far as I saw it on the retreat from Gettysburg, who did not reveal the marks of failure, but it is fair to presume that beneath this outward show of pride and unyielding courage there was an ambitious heart that was very sore." Beecham then realized, "I think the backbone of the rebellion is broken, or soon will be, for they have played their hand long enough."

True words.

Robert E. Lee was a legend in his lifetime and ultimately the symbol of The Lost Cause for the South. He became a mythic hero, yet beneath the quiet, grand air of the Southern gentleman was a warm human being who was affectionate, hot-tempered and fallible. No one seems to have understood him completely. One of his biographers wrote, "I can account for every hour of Lee's life from the day he went to West Point until his death ... but I never presumed to know what General Lee was thinking."

*See one of many below.

Elmira, The Death Camp Of The North (My Great Uncle)

Elmira POW Prison, NY
Elmira: Death Camp of the North by Michael Horigan

OUT OF OUR PAST: Gen. Robert E. Lee: Proud, brave enigma

Sunken Confederate Blockade runner yields five corked and full bottles of wine


Mary-Celestia Wine Recovery from LookBermuda on Vimeo.

MORE with pictures and commentary.

Ron Paul could be the Pat Buchanan of 2012

Pat Buchanan's spirited 1996 campaign could provide a blueprint for Ron Paul in 2012 ... Right-wing pundit Pat Buchanan is back in the news ... I've spent two years trailing Pat, writing the biography of a man whose life I think best summarises the history of the American conservative movement: speechwriter for Nixon and Reagan, instigator of the culture war and (some people believe) inspiration to Sarah Palin. This week he launched a new book called Suicide of a Superpower: Will America Survive Until 2025? It's a stunning Jeremiad on America's decline, written with characteristic muscle and wit. Pat's opinion matters because he ran for the presidency three times and, in 1996, won the New Hampshire Republican primary. His story offers some clues on how the 2012 GOP contest might play out – and the news is particularly good for Ron Paul. – UK Telegraph/ Tim Stanley

Dominant Social Theme: This crazy man, this loony man ... perhaps he has something to offer after all ...

Free-Market Analysis: This article, comparing Pat Buchanan's presidential effort to the presidential candidacy of Republican-Libertarian Congressman Ron Paul (R-Texas), is noteworthy because it treats Ron Paul seriously; however, we tend to disagree with it because of the sneaking suspicion that Ron Paul STILL isn't being taken seriously enough.

We tend to believe that Ron Paul may – just may – be someone who could end up as President of the United States. We believe if he does so, it will be with the elite's acquiescence but not with their endorsement. As with Ronald Reagan, the powers-that-be would resign themselves to the inevitable and then attempt to control the impact of Ron Paul once in office.

While we are pro-Ron Paul from a presidential standpoint, the scenario whereby he becomes president and then is undercut by the Anglosphere power establishment makes at least SOME sense to us, though admittedly he is not currently perceived as being able to win. He is also being ignored now by the mainstream media, however, if it becomes apparent that his "time has come," those who are the Kingmakers in America (behind the scenes) may resign themselves to the inevitable.

This is not what Tim Stanley thinks. He has a different perspective of Ron Paul's role. He believes the candidate that Ron Paul might emulate most effectively is Patrick Buchanan rather than Ronald Reagan. Here's some more from the article:


Video of Uygur's Dangerous Constitutional Convention Announcement

The Daily Bell



As we pointed out in today's lead article, leftist commentator and 'Young Turk', Cenk Uygur, has come up with a dangerous new ploy to erode what's left of American freedoms under the guise of increasing "fairness" and equity for the savaged US middle class. He wants to have a US constitutional convention.

A constitutional convention could end up with results that are much different than what was expected. And this does not address the REAL problem that the US – and the West – face. The number one problem is the power elite's central banking and bankers' ability to print money from nothing. This causes tremendous euphorias and over time creates depressions. These are useful to the power elite, which wants to consolidate power on the way to creating world government.

Uygur doesn't deal with any of this. On his website, Uygur "explains" how corporate power has grown, starting "in 1978, [when] the Supreme Court began to allow corporate money to influence politics ... Corporate wealth and corporate power continues to grow unabated as the Supreme Court ruled last year in Citizens United v. FEC that corporations can now spend unlimited money in politics."

This is truly farcical. The problems that the West, and America in particular, face go back at least to the Civil War when states lost the right to secede and Leviathan began to expand aggressively until today it swallows up to 50 percent of a person's income in taxes and removes as much or more over time via central bank-induced price inflation.

The problems in the US have to do with a lack of FREEDOM, and this can be (and should be) remedied by fewer laws, by attacking a corrupt judiciary and especially by "ending the Fed," the central banking system itself.

James O’Keefe at it again! To Catch a Journalist – Part I

Occupy Dayton: Prostester says " F*ck The Military, F*ck Your Flag, F*ck The Police"

Former Soviet Citizen in Dust Up with the Useful Idiots of OWS

"If they can't kill you. . . they'll make you crazy."

A week ago Friday, I decided to have some new business cards made up at Staples. Dropping off the image, I was told that they would be ready Saturday morning. So, after I left the AGCA gun show early to visit with my daughter Zoe before she returned to college, about mid-day on the way home I stopped by to pick them up.

I observed to the counter guy that it looked like the whole order wasn't there. He told me that someone had asked to see the order earlier representing himself as my "business partner" and had taken a few, saying that I wouldn't mind.

Uh, huh. Of course, I have no business partner and no one knew that I had ordered the cards but me and Staples. The description of the "guy in a suit and sunglasses" was sufficiently vague and I had to get going to see my daughter off so I didn't immediately demand to see the manager and the surveillance tapes. In retrospect, David Codrea, among others, has beat me up about this and he and they are probably right.

In any case, there are a couple of explanations for this latest nudge of the elbow from the secret police, one more innocent than the other. The least threatening one is that some gestapoman either got bored enough (or was told) to "count coup" on me to rattle my cage. The other is that they were looking for "evidence" to plant somewhere later on somebody -- at a crime scene or on a dead criminal for example.

Smash Capitalism and You Destroy Civilization

Somewhere, there are two graduate students in the social sciences who need dissertation topics. Those students should be watching the Occupy Wall Street movement with keen eyes, because, as it evolves, it's going to provide us with an interesting set of applications, illustrations, and tests of different principles in the social sciences. One student should study the on-the-ground evolution of the occupation camps themselves. Another should look at the evolution of perceptions of the occupations and how they have changed as data on the occupiers' views have emerged.

Former Clinton pollster Douglas Schoen has done a valuable service by assembling a poll — which he discusses in the Wall Street Journal — that "probably represent(s) the first systematic random sample of Occupy Wall Street opinion." According to Schoen, the occupiers are united by "a deep commitment to left-wing policies."

I agree with the occupiers when we both answer "no" to a question like "should we bail out large financial institutions that have made a lot of bad investments?" The more radical occupiers lose me with demands that we "smash capitalism" and "abolish private property." It isn't at all clear to me that they have thought through exactly what this would entail.


More from Karl Denninger about Occupy

Denninger has been off base on this from its inception, this and his disparaging of Ron Paul has caused me to have second thoughts about this usually right-on-point writer.

Denninger responded the other day to the heat he's been taking for his views on Occupy. (link) I have a few thoughts of my own.

Police Misconduct NewsFeed Weekend Recap 10-22-11 to 10-23-11

Here are the 27 reports of police misconduct tracked in our National Police Misconduct News Feed for this weekend of October 22-23, 2011:

South Africa: Civil war, chaos looms ever-closer

Meanwhile -- with plans to provide 8,000 members of the increasingly militant ANC youth league with weapons- and ‘emergency-response’ -training at defence-force bases for the next two years, paid for by Department of Rural Development, the Afrikaners also are raising self-defence commandos in reaction to what they believe is an immediate threat to their security and Cosatu also launched its own ‘youth department’’: all warning signals for a looming civil war. One fact is crystal clear: the entire Southern African continent is unsafe for White and Asian families due to this rapidly-growing black-militancy. It enters its next revolutionary phase on Oct 27/28 with its ‘long march to Pretoria’ and the siege of the Union Buildings. This week Ancyl received permission from Johannesburg city council to take its march from Johannesburg to the Stock Exchange in Sandton – and then on to the overnight siege at the seat of power, the Union Buildings in Pretoria. They will not be allowed to march on the major traffic highways, however: they will have to take their marchers on secondary roads.

Liberal toilet paper

Vatican calls for One World Government. Really.


Via Conservative Heritage TimesLink

Here is news about a new economic policy statement from the Vatican. Lots of good stuff in the document about abuses in the neoliberal world economy, and the need for reform. But then there’s this, from Reuters:

The Vatican called for the establishment of “a supranational authority” with worldwide scope and “universal jurisdiction” to guide economic policies and decisions.

Such an authority should start with the United Nations as its reference point but later become independent and be endowed with the power to see to it that developed countries were not allowed to wield “excessive power over the weaker countries”.

Here is the full text of the document. It’s actually worse than that news report. A direct quote; emphases mine:


The Devil?

Via Dawn, Belle Grove

Dynamite: Saps, Stool Pigeons And Stanley Ann’s Hair

Via Don

by Martha Trowbridge, blogging at Terrible Truth Research Copyright © 2011 Martha Trowbridge & Erik Rush. All Rights Reserved.

(Oct. 23, 2011) — If David Brooks at The New York Times feels he was taken for a ‘sap’ by Barack Obama, we shudder to think how everyday Americans will feel, once they find out the Truth.

Courtesy, The ObamaCampaign

Recognize it? Yes, that’s the same photo as was used on the cover of Janny Scott’s A Singular Woman, her biography of Stanley Ann Dunham, Obama’s mother.

It’s the same photo Obama used in his Obamacare television ad.

So what’s the big deal? In a moment, we’ll tell you. For now, all you need to understand is this:

The photo was falsified to deceive us.

Truth is, mama Stanley Ann didn’t have long hair when Barack was young. Until, of course, with photoshop-type tampering, The Obama Campaign made sure we’d think that she did.

Here’s a peek into Truth. All that darkness, making us think we’re seeing long hair, is nothing but graphics illusion:


Shades of Gray

Via T

We made Oklahoma a little after 3
Randy, his brother Bob and my old GMC
We had some moonshine whisky
And some of Bob's homegrown
We were so messed up we didn't know
If we were drunk or stoned
Randy was a sad-sack, tall kinda frail
Bob was a raving maniac, crazy in the head
They been kicked out of high school several years ago
For pushin over port-a-cans at the 4-H rodeo
Since then they've done their little dance
Right outside the law
Popped twice in Oklahoma, once in Arkansas
And I don't know what possessed me
To want to tag along
Cause I was raised a Christian
And I knew right from wrong

Right or wrong, black or white
Cross the line your gonna pay
In the dawn before the light
Live and die by the shades of gray
We stole two Charolais heifers from
Randy's sweetheart's paw
Sold them at the livestock sale
Outside of Wichita

We got $900 and never did suspect
The world of hurt we'd be in once
We cashed that check
Next day we heard the story
On the local radio
Made our plans that very night
To go to Mexico
I swear we would have made it
If it wasn't for that shine
I got sick about the time we crossed
That Kansas line


I was layin in the bar ditch
Prayin I would die
When a light come on above us
And a voice come from the sky
A half a dozen unmarked cars
Came screeching to a halt
They grabbed bob, he started screamin
It was all my fault

There were men and dogs
And helicopter buzzin all around
They had the brothers on the
Pickup hood and me down on the ground
Bob flew all to pieces but randy he
Held tight when a black man in a
Suit and tie stepped out into the light
He told his men to turn us loose
They put down their guns
He said these are just some
Sorry kids, they ain't the ones


They left us by the roadside
Down hearted and alone
Randy got behind the wheel
Said boys I'm going home
We turned around to face our fate
Downhearted but alive on that
Mornin in late April, Oklahoma, 1995


Cult of Global Warming Is Losing Influence

Religious faith is a source of strength in many people's lives. But religious faith when taken too far can prove ludicrous -- or disastrous.

On Oct. 22, 1844, thousand of Millerites, having sold all their possessions, climbed to the top of hills in Upstate New York to await the return of Jesus and the end of the world. They suffered "the great disappointment" when it didn't happen.

In 1212, or so the legends go, thousands of Children's Crusaders set off from France and Germany expecting the sea to part so they could march peaceably and convert Muslims in the Holy Land. It didn't, and many were shipwrecked or sold into slavery.

In 1898, the cavalrymen of the Madhi, ruler of Sudan for 13 years, went into the Battle of Omdurman armed with swords, believing that they were impervious to bullets. They weren't, and they were mowed down by British Maxim guns.

A similar but more peaceable fate is befalling believers in what I think can be called the religion of the global warming alarmists.

They have an unshakeable faith that manmade carbon emissions will produce a hotter climate, causing multiple natural disasters. Their insistence that we can be absolutely certain this will come to pass is based not on science -- which is never fully settled, witness the recent experiments that may undermine Albert Einstein's theory of relativity -- but on something very much like religious faith.

All the trappings of religion are there. Original sin: Mankind is responsible for these prophesied disasters, especially those slobs who live on suburban cul-de-sacs and drive their SUVs to strip malls and tacky chain restaurants.

The need for atonement and repentance: We must impose a carbon tax or cap-and-trade system, which will increase the cost of everything and stunt economic growth.

Ritual, from the annual Earth Day to weekly recycling.

Indulgences, like those Martin Luther railed against: private jet-fliers like Al Gore and sitcom heiress Laurie David can buy carbon offsets to compensate for their carbon-emitting sins.

Corporate elitists, like General Electric's Jeff Immelt, profess to share this faith, just as cynical Venetian merchants and prim Victorian bankers gave lip service to the religious enthusiasms of their days. Bad for business not to. And if you're clever, you can figure out how to make money off it.

Believers in this religion have flocked to conferences in Rio de Janeiro, Kyoto and Copenhagen, just as Catholic bishops flocked to councils in Constance, Ferrara and Trent, to codify dogma and set new rules.

But like the Millerites, the global warming clergy has preached apocalyptic doom -- and is now facing an increasingly skeptical public.

The drunk Scotsman:)

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Joe diGenova: Bloomberg Bungled Wall Street Squatters

By allowing the Occupy Wall Street protesters to camp out in New York’s Zuccotti Park, Mayor Michael Bloomberg made a “terrible mistake,” Joe diGenova, a former U.S. Attorney in Washington, tells Newsmax. While the park is private, Bloomberg could have the police remove the protesters based on health or safety concerns.

“I think both the owners of the park and Mayor Bloomberg have made a terrible mistake by allowing this to develop the way it has,” says diGenova, who dealt with similar issues involving demonstrators as U.S. Attorney. “The truth is they are not going to be able to move them now. They are ensconced there, and it will obviously have a negative impact on the businesses in that area.”

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Small Farm/Ranch For Sale near Chillán, Chile

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9 Hectares (approx. 22.7 acres) Excellent Farm Land with Furnished Home and view of the magnificent Andes Mountains in Central-Southern Bio-Bio Region of Chile

Home is newly constructed in late 2008, and has living, dining, kitchen and two bedrooms and two full baths plus separate laundry room, and is equipped with DirecTV-Plus (DVR), and DSL internet service. Home is equipped with a solar panel system that provides part of our electrical service. Most of the year we have bright sunny days and on these days we power the whole house which includes two large chest type freezers, one refrigerator, DirecTV with 32" LCD Monitor, computer and phones, and automatic washer, and lighting, daily from about 7 AM to 7 PM and then switch to the power company during the night hours. All appliances and furniture are less than three years old and we prefer to sell the home and place fully furnished as-is except for our personal computers and personal things. We have separate gas instant type hot water heaters for the kitchen and baths. Two gas ranges are setup for cooking. Home is located in fenced in area and includes a huge vegetable garden area where we grow most of our food for the whole year. Also in this fenced area are our permanent blueberries, raspberries, and over 200 asparagus plants for personal use.

We have set out about 140 young fruit trees in our "private orchard", including apples, pears, plums, apricots, oranges, tangerines, lemons, cherries, almonds, walnuts, olives, quince, and grapes. All of these are irrigated. We have two sources of water - one is a deep well we had drilled in February 2009 which is 55 meters deep. In the well is a 3 HP, deep well pump with 2" outlet pipe. We have a separate legal title to the water rights. We also constructed a "tranque", or surface reservoir that fills up with over 2 million liters of water during the rains that occur in July. This reservoir is for a backup water source for irrigation during the summer months if needed, however the deep well has proven to be 100% reliable, so we have put a few young catfish in the reservoir. The well provides excellent crystal clear fresh water. We have underground 2" lines set up with 2" valves to control the flow of water from the well to any section of our land for irrigation. A 2000 liter tank is installed near our home on a tower to provide water pressure to our home.

Included is all farm equipment, all new since 2008, and includes one 55HP 4 wheel drive diesel farm tractor with cab, disc harrow, 6 disc powered plow, 2 meter wide roto-tiller, double sided grading blade, two row hiller, two row potato planter, tractor mounted sprayer, and two row potato harvester. There are two farm buildings, a two car garage and one wood frame metal farm building size 16 ft. x 66 ft.

There is an old home place on the property near the center which includes two houses, one very old adobe type construction, and one other house, neither livable without much work. This old place has quite a few older fruit trees around the house including several apples, several peaches, plums, cherries, avocados, and two almond trees, plus numerous bulb type flowers and some roses. Near this old home place, we have fenced in a large area, maybe ½ acre, for a chicken yard and we have laying hens and roosters that provide us with all of our healthy fresh eggs daily. They go with the place.

Three Red Angus beef cattle are included (negotiable if you don't want them) consisting of two cows and one calf born September 2, 2011, the other bred with a Black Angus bull, due to calve about December 2011.

This small farm is an excellent opportunity for someone who is interested in living a more self-sufficient lifestyle and wants to live in a healthy, clean air, free from polluted environments. Our place is by the highway between Chillan and Coihueco, about 17 km from Chillan - only a 15 minute drive. Chillan is an important city and center of agricultural activity and has a shopping center, many banks, three large supermarket chains including Jumbo and Lider and Unimarc.... Lider is the one bought out recently by Wal-Mart. It is about a one hour and 15 minute drive to the Pacific ocean and the city of Concepcion--the second largest city in Chile, and about a one hour drive to the snow capped Termas de Chillan Ski Resort and Hot Springs, also known as Nevados de Chillan. We have a clear view of the snow capped mountains here all year long which are about 36 miles away direct.

Why are we selling? We love this place and built it with the plan to spend the rest of our life here. Unfortunately, my wife and I both have some severe arthritis problems with painful joints and two different doctors have advised us to move to a drier area in the Atacama desert of Chile and we will have much fewer pains. We hope that works.

Price Reduced September, 2011! We are asking 195 million Chilean pesos and at current exchange rates, that is about $375,000 USD was $420,000. Final price to be negotiated when you see the property.

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The Big Black Elephant in the Room

Taki's Magazine



The spooky spirits of Halloween season find us a mere year away from the next presidential election, and our rotting republic faces a scenario unthinkable a generation ago: Both the Republican and Democratic nominees may be black.

A recent Rasmussen Reports telephone survey showed Herman Cain edging Barack Obama 43-41 percent in a hypothetical matchup. Cain is crushing his Republican competitors on Gallup’s “Positive Intensity Score” among voters. Suddenly, the GOP has a big black elephant in the room. (I chose that metaphor instead of “800-pound gorilla” to prove I’m not racist.)

Since America is now a post-racial society where racists and anti-racists share a need to, you know, not compulsively make everything on Earth and its mother racial, we are now free to focus on each candidate’s policies rather than their skin color.


Americans dimly know that Obama’s about “Hope and Change” and Cain’s about some “9-9-9” thing, but the main topic has, as if violently uprooted from the ground and ripped sideways by nature’s hurricane forces, been shunted off to deciding which of these brothas is “authentically” black and which one is fakin’ it. Since elections are now waged and won on television, this is a reality show: America’s Next Blackest President or maybe Who Is the Blackest One of All? In a nation where it’s impossible to be too black but highly likely that at any given time, any given black person may not be quite black enough, next year may become a ratings bonanza, an intra-black race-baiting extravaganza—The Great Blackoff of 2012.

“Most black professionals who make a profession of being black are alarmed, ashamed, and disgusted with Cain.”

So who’s blacker?

In matters of pigmentation, of CMYK and grayscale values, it’s nolo contendere—Herman Cain is by far the blacker man. He obliterates Obama when it comes to the Brown Paper Bag Test. I’ve seen estimates that claim Obama is 50 percent white, over forty percent Kenyan Arab, and barely six percent black African. If that’s true, he’s not even a mulatto…he’s more like a mulittlo. This is all likely due to the fact that baby Herman’s fetus was the zero-admixture product of parents whose hues were likely as dark as roasted coffee beans, whereas Mr. Obama’s coal-burnin’ mama had skin as light as the fairest summer marshmallow.

In matters of acculturation, Cain was born in the Jim Crow South and once snuck a drink from a whites-only water fountain to see what it tasted like (the same). To counter accusations that he’s an “Oreo,” he refers to himself instead as “black-walnut ice cream.” His accent is naturally Southern Black Sharecropper, so he never needs to “turn up the black” in his inflection as Obama is wont to do. I suspect that if one were to stand near the man, one might even catch a faint whiff of turnip greens.

Whoopsy-daisy—almost forgot!—unlike Obama, Herman Cain is descended from black American slaves. Obama’s wife Michelle is also descended from slaves, so when the Obamas are having sex, there is at least a little slave blood involved, but let’s make it clear that Barack’s ancestors never rode with that there chain gang.

Cain doesn’t hesitate to make things racial and has aimed his fangs straight at Obama’s far paler jugular. He has said that Obama has “never been a part of the black experience in America,” that the establishment is “doubly scared that a real black man might run against Barack Obama,” and that Obama is not a “strong black man” in the MLK mold.

Oh no he di’int!

Whereas Obama reserves most of his cultural scorn for his white half, Cain cops an enjoyably disdainful tone toward mainstream black culture in the best tradition of Bill Cosby. He accuses blacks of being “brainwashed” by Democrats, says he “left the Democratic plantation a long time ago,” and asserts that he doesn’t “believe racism in this country today holds anybody back in a big way.”

Most black professionals who make a profession of being black are alarmed, ashamed, and disgusted with Cain. Princeton Professor Cornel West’s huge mule teeth say that Cain needs to “get off the symbolic crack pipe” and admit that racism is still a huge problem in America. Elfin filmmaker Spike Lee Tweeted “NEGRO PLEASE” in response to Cain’s suggestion that Secret Service agents refer to him with the codename CORNBREAD. A caramelly hi-yella who goes by the single name of Touré suggested in TIME magazine that Cain might be the “Most Unctuous Black Man Alive.” Antique singer Harry Belafonte snorted that Cain “knows very little” and is but a “bad apple” in the nation’s Bountiful Basket o’ Blacks.

Amid the mayo-colored pundits who make a living demanding that blacks always have a strong communal racial identity while insisting that whites never have it, Bill Maher called Cain “stupid” while Rachel Maddow laughed. Gaseous MSNBC boar hog Ed Schultz suggested Cain’s existence performs a “disservice to his race” and that The Hermanator is a cunningly insincere shill who is only trying to tell “white Republicans who don’t like black folks…what they want to hear.”

Ed, if you were to die tomorrow, there’s not a black person on Earth who’d cry.

To these eternally dispensable people who make a living denouncing stereotypes, Herman Cain will never be anything more than a stereotype—a shuffling, shuck-and-jiving, self-loathing, whitey-appeasing, house-Negro, race-minstrel, Uncle Tom organ-grinder monkey-mascot sellout.

I’ve never been able to peek inside Herman Cain’s heart, so I’ll never know whether he’s motivated by agonized waves of racial self-hatred or whether he simply can’t be bothered to be lectured about precisely how he chooses to be black.

But when it comes to things such as skin color and having grown up in a segregated black environment, Herman Cain is a thousand Southern swamps blacker than Barack Obama.

The reason Cain catches so much hell from the anti-white blacks and the pro-black whites is because he doesn’t think like a black person is expected to think. His critics believe race is entirely a social construct, and despite his tar-colored skin, he simply doesn’t fit their model of what constitutes “black.” He may be black by birth and black by experience, but unlike Obama, he will never be “black” in the head.

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Regardless of who you supported in 2008, or whether you agree with the assertion of Minor’s relevance, every American should be outraged that 25 Supreme Court cases were surgically sabotaged and then passed off to the public as if the tampered versions contained the “Full Text of Case”. This is the very definition of “Orwellian” fascism. It’s propaganda. And there is no place for it in the United States. The sacrifices for truth and justice which created and have sustained this nation are wantonly debased by the subversive deception emanating from servers.
-- Leo Donofrio Esq.
Someone was incredibly busy in June 2008 working on an illegal front invisible to the public; searching and altering Supreme Court Cases published at which cite the only case in American history - Minor v. Happersett (1875) - to directly construe Article 2 Section 1's natural-born citizen clause in determining a citizenship issue as part of its holding and precedent. In this unanimous decision, the Supreme Court defined a "native or natural-born citizen" as a person born in the US to parents who were citizens; a definition which excludes from eligibility both Barack Obama and John McCain.

U.S. Rep to U.N. Says Obama Wants Senate to Ratify Arms Treaty

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PR Newswire
The Obama administration "is seeking advice and consent" for Senate ratification of an international small arms treaty, and also supports the inclusion of small arms in the UN Register of Conventional Arms, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms learned today.

The disclosure is found in the text of a statement to the First Committee of the 66th session of the UN General Assembly, delivered by Laura E. Kennedy, the permanent United States representative to the Conference on Disarmament. CCRKBA obtained a copy of the statement.

In her statement, Kennedy recalls that the United States in 1997, under the Clinton administration, signed the Inter-American Convention Against the Illicit Manufacturing of and Trafficking in Firearms, Ammunition, Explosives and Other Related Materials. However, the Senate never ratified the document, and there was no interest in pushing the treaty during the Bush administration. American firearms rights activists have steadfastly fought against inclusion of small arms in any such treaty.

"More than half the members of the Senate have already advised Barack Obama that they will not ratify any treaty that threatens the Second Amendment rights of American citizens," noted CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb, "so it's not clear why he is – according to Kennedy's revealing statement – suddenly seeking Senate ratification of this measure.

"If the Obama administration is this eager to push adoption of a treaty that's been gathering dust for eleven years," he added, "one can only imagine how fast this president will want to see action on the proposed global Arms Trade Treaty.

"This suggests that Obama fears he may be a one-term president," Gottlieb stated, "and he feels a compelling need to finally bring his anti-gun agenda to the surface and push it through. We have known all along about his desire to bind this country to an international gun control scheme, and now Kennedy's statement confirms that."

With more than 650,000 members and supporters nationwide, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms ( is one of the nation's premier gun rights organizations. As a non-profit organization, the Citizens Committee is dedicated to preserving firearms freedoms through active lobbying of elected officials and facilitating grass-roots organization of gun rights activists in local communities throughout the United States.