Friday, April 22, 2022

Daily Battles: We All Fight Them

It’s been a week of battle against the woke, a big corporation and the garden. As far as the garden goes, there’s one thing I never would have believed that my wife and I would find as a common interest in our lives and that’s a garden. But the world is different than it was in 1982 when we met. Now, the garden is as much a part of defending my family from catastrophe as the willingness and ability to engage a threat physically. They are, in many respects, identical. It takes physical force to plant, weed and defend the garden from hungry mammals, bugs and weeds; physical exertion to harvest, prepare and preserve.

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Judicial Tyranny vs. Our Rights


We are now living in a tyranny of lawyers and the federal court system.  Liberal lawyers bring politically motivated suits and then defend SCOTUS decisions based on precedent rather than contractual words.  They have succeeded in eliminating many of the protections our founders guaranteed to us in the Constitution. 

There are several ways to implement total change in a country’s system of government.  Sudden change by revolution, while often effective, destroys the infrastructure, causes widespread suffering, and increases the risk of human fatalities.  Much more effective is a gradual change from within, that is, creating a domestic insurgency that is initially subtle and inconspicuous.  Successful insurgencies begin by providing necessities of life to a target population that serves as concealment when political and military operations are initiated.  The process of undermining a legitimate government usually requires years, but socialists are patient.  They understand how to brainwash vulnerable citizens into accepting the necessity for collectivist change.

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Army Selects SIG for Next Generation Squad Weapons (NGSW) System


SIG SAUER is honored to be awarded the Next Generation Squad Weapons System (NGSW) Contract by the U.S. Army after a rigorous 27-month testing and evaluation process.“The U.S. Army is taking a bold step toward command of the 21st century battlefield and SIG SAUER is immensely proud to be the selected provider for this historic revolution in infantry weapons. The fielding of the SIG SAUER Next Generation Squad Weapons System will forever change the dynamic of military engagement for America’s warfighters with American innovation and manufacturing,” began Ron Cohen, President and CEO SIG SAUER, Inc

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“Smith and Meth-Son.”

The Meskwaki Nation Police Department in Iowa confiscated this week a homemade firearm dubbed the “Smith and Meth-Son.” The hilariously awkward contraption was apparently created by a felon with a history of firearm, meth, and cocaine violations.

The Meskwaki Police haven’t released any additional details about the case, but they posted a video and several images to their Facebook page.

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Saigon 9AM April 30, 1975

Via Tuan Hoang  

                                                                                  May be an image of 5 people, people standing and outdoors