Sunday, January 20, 2019

A Better Understanding of Evil

Working in Texas, in the panhandle, there are few bookstores. There are convenience stores aplenty, some fast food joints, a number of BBQ spots along US 287 and oil, of course. Bookstores? Not many, but I did find a rather storied one in Archer City.

Wandering the almost overwhelming inventory sent my mind in many different directions. I love history, political theory, the literary masters, etc. This bookstore has the greatest selection of rare and valuable books I have ever seen, if a bit haphazard in their stock due to the fact that they are all used books.

Anyone who loves books, especially used books, understands that there is a mystical sort of "voice in the wilderness" quality to searching for a book in a used bookstore. It is not so much that you go looking for it, as you wait to be inexorably drawn to it. I was wandering such a bookstore once and there on the shelf, for the most ungodly of reasons, was a geophysical log interpretation manual that I just had to have.

This is how I came upon Pontynen and Miller's "Western Culture at the Crossroads."

Lee-Jackson Day Parade Saturday January 19, 2019

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So, they took down our flags from the lamp poles and begat more. All praise to Susan Lee

Comment on ISLAM: Killing Free Speech, now FREE to the public...

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 Thanks Brock for posting this video documentary, It is long, but worth every minute. A really good summation/explanation/demonstration of what We the People are truly up against. We are literally surrounded by evil incarnate. Their lIES are everywhere, and they control so much of the population. Without a very STRONG upward surge of the REAL TRUTH we as a nation will be swallowed up by this filth just as has happened in Europe. We ARE THE BRASS RING. The United States is the GRAND PRIZE in this Battle of Good and Evil. President TRUMP and WE, his followers, are THE LAST LINE OF MORTAL DEFENCE of AMERICA, and of the world. If We go down, the world is sucked into the void. Perhaps that is the ultimate plan leading up to the final battle between Good and Evil. Perhaps this is the battle that has been prophesied about for millennia. Perhaps, these are the FINAL DAYS that we keep hearing about in Sunday School. It just isn't the way we were taught that it would come about. Or is it?

You are Right as Rain, Ever American should watch this video. It shouldn't have to be required viewing. The story shouldn't even be necessary. But the Enemy is inside the wire, and most Americans are welcoming it. 

How things will go down if Ginsburg leaves the SCOTUS

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Mueller, the wall impasse, the shutdown, the "postponement" of the SOTU – all are skirmishes in the undeclared war on President Trump waged by Democrats, the Deep State, and the compliant media.  A decisive battle will be enjoined if Ruth Bader Ginsburg dies or resigns this year.

Nothing scares the left more than the prospect of Trump filling another seat on the SCOTUS with a young, fire-breathing constitutionalist who would join with Alito, Thomas, Gorsuch, and Kavanaugh to form a conservative bloc for the ages.

In Memory of Mother & Mr. Bowen: The Kind Of Men Who Carry Pocket Knives

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Mother told me "A boy should always carry a pocket knife"
Mr. Bowen had his Barlow knife which he used to cut off chucks of Brown Mule chewing tobacco. (I have one of each which I'll place on his grave while I drink a beer and remember old times.)
 Less than 40 years have passed and I am astonished to see how the times have changed since my father bought this knife for me as just a small boy. I do still have it, which by today’s standards is an anomaly. I’ll leave the discussion of our throwaway culture for another time.

Yes, this pocket knife has witnessed many changes in our society. Technology, communication, transportation, and even education have dramatically changed from the way it was just a generation ago. My pocket knife and I are neither quite certain if all the changes have been for the good. When I look across the landscape of America and take note of the differences, the greatest change that I see is in the people themselves.

Growing up in rural Northeast Alabama in the foothills of the Appalachians, I was privileged to catch the tale end of what was an era marked by ruggedness and self-sufficiency. I grew up around men that were willing to fix what was broken and take the time to do it right.

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 Australian Schools Brought Back Greek and Latin – and Are Seeing Amazing Results!

IRS Defends Giving Refunds to Illegal Immigrants

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In a letter to Congress, IRS Commissioner John Koskinen defended the decision to allow illegal immigrants to get refunds from the agency.

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) went “On The Record” tonight to explain that illegal immigrants who get a social security number can go back and apply for a refund through the earned income tax credit. He said this is due to President Barack Obama’s executive order on illegal immigration, calling it unconstitutional and unfair.

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