Friday, July 17, 2015

Immediate action for those who live in North Carolina! Please pass it on if you know anyone.

Via Bill

On Tuesday, 21 July 2015, the North Carolina House of Representatives is scheduled to consider a monuments protection bill.  The legislation has passed the House Homeland Security Committee and will now be considered by the full House. The legislation is titled:

S22, the "Historic Artifact Management and Patriotism Act"

It is much larger than just a monuments bill, as it also protects all items of our history---markers, plaques, memorials. It also has sections that stress patriotism and support for all our veterans. PLEASE contact your North Carolina House of Representatives members and tell them you support this legislation.  You can locate your House representative's email address by accessing:

Alternatively, you can call the House switchboard at 919-733-4111, and ask to be connected to your representative's office.

This request is extremely important. Your voice CAN be very important. But you MUST ACT, and you must act TODAY, Thursday, 16 July 2015, as the legislature will not be in session tomorrow.  If you cannot contact your member today, then please try again on Monday, 20 July 2015, as the House will come back into session Monday night. At the very least, if you cannot respond today or Monday, please email or call and leave a message over the weekend.

Please follow through on this request. It is critically important to our heritage.

Comment on Thus Spake Zorg


Thus Spake Zorg

My intention was to make a point, not to insult you personally. Sorry if I offended you, but I believed my comment a good means of expressing the point.

The South is being ethnically cleansed, to put it plainly, and we see a wider trend of globalisation, not necessarily due to a conspiracy. Transportation and communication have never been so easy, and the drive for profit pushes expansion.

I’m very attached to the South; It’s home. And I’d like for it to endure. Also, Southern ideas are a leading opponent to consumerism and globalism, so what’s left of us is potentially beneficial to man. If European colonialism dominated the world previously, today we have a new form of globalism which the South stands against.

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More @ MECUM

Capital of the Confederacy Save our History and Heritage Rally, TOMORROW, July 18th, 3:00 p.m.

Via Billy

Virginia State Capitol, Bell Tower, 9th &Bank Streets, Richmond, VA

 Bring a canned good for donation to the Richmond, Virginia Food Bank.  Let's show the Commonwealth that we can be as generous as we are steadfast in our support of the Cause for which our ancestors died.   After all, being neighborly is a Southern thing, y'all!  ;)


Capitol Police Rules and Regulations :

•              No Movement outside of Bell Tower Area permitted zone

•              No blocking sidewalks or exits from Capitol Square and may not gather within 25 feet of Bell Tower entrance

•              No serving food or beverage

•              No vehicles in Capitol Square

•              No sale of items or services

•              No attaching signs/items to Capitol Square infrastructure

•              No open air burning

•              No items for which the concealed carry is prohibited by law (i.e. knives)

•              Flag/sign poles greater than 1 foot must be in a stationary stand and may not be stuck in the ground

PARKING INFORMATION  On-street parking available around the Capitol, and there is a public parking deck on 8th street between Grace and Franklin which will be open.

Join The Virginia Flaggers and the Army of Northern Virginia - Mechanized Cavalry, as we rally on the State Capitol in Richmond, Virginia, to let the Governor, lawmakers, and citizens of the Commonwealth know that there are many of us who will not sit idly by while our history and heritage is swept under the rug of political correctness.

We will urge them to resist ALL attempts to alter Virginia State law to allow the removal, destruction or desecration of monuments and memorials to the men who paid the ultimate sacrifice to defend the Commonwealth.

Our heritage, and the honor of our Confederate Veterans, is under attack like never before and WE, the sons and daughters of these great men MUST rise up to their defense!

PLEASE help spread the word by forwarding this email to everyone on your email list, and encourage them, your friends, family, and neighbors to come be a part of this historic event.

PLEASE REMEMBER:  Flag poles over 12" long must be placed in a stationary stand, and signs can be carried, but not affixed to poles.  We encourage everyone to bring signs and/or a poster sized photo of your Confederate ancestor to a visible reminder of WHY we do what we do.

Your Confederate ancestors sacrificed everything for you...what will it take to get you to stand for them?

See you at the Capitol!

Susan Hathaway
Va Flaggers

Virginia Flaggers
P.O. Box 547
Sandston VA 23150

The Appalachian Messenger for July 17 

 The Facade Crumbles

That  governments and  central  banks can “manage” economies and financial  markets  is  a delusion  that  only  receives  widespread  acceptance  when  financial  markets rise  in  tandem  with  activist  measures.  Just  because two things happen at the same time, or one after the other, does not mean one causes the other. However, that’s how superstitions are born, and the “potent directors” superstition refuses to die.

Maryland asks federal court to allow recall of Confederate license plates

Via Billy


Should prevent innumerable murders...................

Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh asked a federal court Friday to lift a nearly 20-year-old injunction that prevents the state from recalling license plates with Confederate logos.

Gov. Larry Hogan had asked Frosh on Thursday to quickly seek the court action to clear the way for the Motor Vehicle Administration to develop emergency regulations to recall Confederate logo plates already in use. The state has ceased issuing new plates with the logo.

More @ USA Today

City of Charlotte Removes Confederate Monument (Claims Only For Cleaning)

Via comment by Bob on 2 Confederate memorials defaced in Charlotte

In a move the proves govco thinks you're stupid, a Confederate monument in uptown Charlotte, has been "relocated to a city warehouse". 
The monument, erected by the Confederate Memorial Association of Charlotte in 1977, was located next to the old town hall and on City Hall property.
City spokesperson claimed the monument was being cleaned, but had no answer as to when the moumument would return or why sod was being laid by grounds crew where the granite stone honored confederate troops once stood. 

What Flag Comes Down in the TN Shooting?

Via comment by Anonymous on Raw: Police at Home Near Chattanooga Shooting "This terrorist POS and his family never should have been allowed into our country. His family was investigated for terrorist affiliations previously, i.e. his father. The son should have been an immediate red flag based on his social media posts and father but nothing clicked. Unbelievable. Can only be planned. Yea, there will be more because that's the plan from the inside mafia."

 ISIS Flag

How many mass killing attempts by Muslims need to occur in America before Liberals say enough is enough?

How many is that now; Fort Hood, the 2009 Little Rock AR recruiting office shooting, Fort Hood v2. Boston Marathon.

One white kid shot up a black church, and the Confederate flag had to go. Well I’d like to see some Middle Eastern flags and their terror-sponsoring people go.

To paraphrase Trump: They may not all be bad, but there are enough bad ones to get my attention. 

More @ The Black Sphere

Two suspects shot, probably killed, during attempted robbery in southwest Houston

Via comment b y Anonymous on Across the Fence with MACV-SOG: You Shot Me Three ...

Video @  ABC

Police are investigating after a convenience store clerk shot two suspects during an attempted robbery in southwest Houston.

According to the Houston Police Department, as the getaway driver waited outside, three masked men stormed the Super K store off Beechnut and pistol-whipped a clerk. The owner's brother was on dinner break near the cooler and saw the robbery unfold, so he grabbed his gun and opened fire, striking two suspects.

"Another guy, holding the door, hold a gun to me so I shoot them," said Dien Tu, the man who fired his gun.

 The incident was recorded on surveillance video.

All four suspects took off, but the two injured ones were dropped off outside an apartment complex in the 7500 block of Beechnut. They were taken to Memorial Hermann Southwest Hospital. Police say they don't believe they survived.

The owner says his store was robbed July 1 so he and his brother were prepared with guns to fight back. The clerk in that robbery was beaten so badly, he hasn't been able to return to work.

"Everyone has guns in the store. It's so dangerous this kind of job," said Alden Tu, the store owner.

Chaos on Staten Island as Police Search for Possibly Armed Men

Via comment by Shane on  Hiram residents hold watch at recruitment center


New York’s Staten Island is currently shut down, with bridges reported closed as police as looking into a possible incident near Fort Wadsworth involving four men. They were reportedly seen moving with what appeared with be rifles in a vehicle with New Jersey license plates.

 More @ Breitbart

“SHOOT REPUBLICANS” Says Former Carter Staffer

Via Michael

 He'll be among the first of the Useful Fools that the commies will shoot.

Republicans and conservatives are the enemy. They are expendable. They will be targets in the Revolution when it comes” writes Roland Windsor Vincent, in a recent post on his blog, Army Of The Revolution.
The entry, entitled “Protect Animals And The Environment. Shoot Republicans“, centers around animal rights and how “active Republican and conservatives voters are enabling the Animal Holocaust” and “If we were to start shooting Republicans, we would likely not harm a single friend of animals or the environment.”

His article ends with:

I mention Republicans and conservatives, but the enemy is all in the human race who do not care.

In my view, the animals need a massive depopulation of the human race.

It may come in revolution, in climate disasters, in pandemics. But it must come.

Marine killer inspired by global jihad

Via Kearney

Citizens gather in prayer after Marines attacked in Tenn

The latest information concerning the Marine killer in Chattanooga, Tenn. indicates strong, if not irrefutable, evidence that the killer was inspired and radicalized by the global jihad. At the forefront of the push toward jihad is ISIS, perhaps the most barbaric terrorist group in the world.

Almost immediately after the initial phase of the investigation was completed, local law enforcement, Homeland Security, and the White House were quick to characterize the murders as domestic terrorism. However, that term is highly misleading to most Americans who get their news in brief segments on the run.

More @ Examiner

Raw: Police at Home Near Chattanooga Shooting

Via panzerbar

Law enforcement officers have surrounded a house in Hixson, Tennessee, near the scene of Thursday’s shooting at a military recruitment center in Chattanooga. Two women were seen being detained.

Hiram residents hold watch at recruitment center

Via avordvet

The morning after a deadly attack on two military centers in Chattanooga, residents in Hiram are standing watch outside the local recruiting office with their personal firearms. It is their unique way of honoring the fallen Marines and they said to protect the lives of those who serve in the military.
"I teared up. I think any human being would be touched by what happened yesterday. Any U.S. citizen that has a heart and a soul to hear what had happened," said Crystal Tewellow, who organized the watch.

More @ Fox

Ol' Remus

Via Terry


Some interesting stuff from Remus's notebook, as long as you're here. No, Woodpile Report isn't being revived, just posting these copy-pastes as a convenience. 

Obama isn’t Chamberlain. He doesn’t mean well. Kerry isn’t making honest mistakes. They negotiated ineptly with Iran because they are throwing the game. They meant for America to lose all along.
More @ Ol' Remus

A monumental mistake

Via Carl

But if they want war, they’ll get it. Particularly if they try an assault on Stone Mountain.

Gen. Sherman is back for another scorched-earth march to the sea.

This time, it’s to burn all memory of the Confederacy to the ground. Whatever Sherman missed in his first swath.

We guarantee you, this time the South will put up more of a fight.

In the aftermath of the removal of the Confederate battle flag from the South Carolina statehouse grounds, the militant wing of the politically correct Thought Police – the Atlanta NAACP – is demanding removal of all monuments to the Confederacy. They want a list of them all, just to make sure.

And they want to start with the most famous, most spectacular memorial of all: by sandblasting the amazing carving of Confederate President Jefferson Davis and Gens. Robert E. Lee and Thomas J. “Stonewall” Jackson on the face of Georgia’s Stone Mountain.

In a word, no.More @ The Augusta Chronicle

One Small Sign In Front Of Attacked Chattanooga Building Has Set Off A Firestorm

Via Billy

Image Credit: Twitter/@ProgsToday
92 percent of mass shootings took place in “gun free zones.”

Thursday’s shooting attacks in Chattanooga have once again stoked the debate over gun-free zones.

Some of the most devastating mass shootings have taken place in gun free zones including the Sandy Hook and Aurora movie theater shootings in 2012.

A image on twitter (see above) showing that the military recruiting center in Chattanooga was also a gun-free zone has sparked controversy.

2 Confederate memorials defaced in Charlotte

Via comment by Cav Med on From the Liberal Left To the Loony Left They All H..."Two Confederate war memorials in Charlotte were found defaced on Wednesday, including one that was the center of debate last week between Mecklenburg County commissioners and the public.

Vandals apparently smeared liquid cement across both sides of a monument unveiled in 1929 during the 39th reunion of the United Confederate Veterans, county officials said. The monument stands perched on a hill between the Grady Cole Center and American Memorial Stadium on North Kings Drive.

Without question, residents know where the memorials and cemeteries are in their AO's.

You must, you must, you must begin a proactive defense or the defeats will continue, until final victory of the communists, without a single punch thrown, without a single fight fought, and
without a single shot fired.

Other than the shots fired by muslim terrorists, communists and
treasonous traitors.

 The word “racist” has been painted on a Confederate monument that sits across from the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department outside the Old City Hall, Wednesday, July 15, 2015.

Two Confederate war memorials in Charlotte were found defaced on Wednesday, including one that was the center of debate last week between Mecklenburg County commissioners and the public.

Vandals apparently smeared liquid cement across both sides of an obscure monument unveiled in 1929 during the 39th reunion of the United Confederate Veterans, county officials said. The monument stands perched on a hill between the Grady Cole Center and American Memorial Stadium on North Kings Drive.

Someone also spray painted “Racist” on the memorial on the grounds of Old City Hall on Trade Street. The Confederate Memorial Association of Charlotte erected the monument in 1977.