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High school senior told he's 'not welcome' at school after raising Gadsden flag

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Student told he's not welcome at school after raising Gasden flag.

Greg Stoneburner, a senior who just graduated from Central High School in Grand Junction, Colo., said he was told in no uncertain terms that he was no longer welcome at the school after raising a Gadsden flag on the school's flagpole. Moreover, he told in an exclusive interview Friday, the principal withheld his flag and his diploma until after his graduation walk.

The incident, he said on Facebook, took place on May 9. That's when he replaced the school's flag with the yellow "Don't Tread On Me" banner often associated with the Tea Party as a senior prank. He also posted a paper to the pole that told the history of the flag.

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Center For American Progress demands Sustainable Racism in education

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minority teacher

 Look, I can point.......

As this year is the 60th anniversary of Brown v. Board of Education, the Supreme Court decision that outlawed racial segregation in schools based on the “separate but equal” doctrine we will undoubtedly see a bumper crop of pleas for Sustainable Racism.

An early entrant is a report from the left wing Center for American Progress called Teacher Diversity Matters: A State-by-State Analysis of Teachers of Color.
The thesis of the report is:
At some point over the next 10 to 12 years, the nation’s public school student body will have no one clear racial or ethnic majority.In other words, students of color—students who are not classified as non-Hispanic whites, for purposes of this analysis—will constitute more than half of our primary and secondary students. This demographic trend is already manifest in some of the nation’s most populous states, including California and Texas, where the majority of students are students of color.
But the makeup of the nation’s teacher workforce force has not kept up with these changing demographics. At the national level, students of color make up more than 40 percent of the public school population. In contrast, teachers of color—teachers who are not non-Hispanic white—are only 17 percent of the teaching force.
This is a problem for students, schools, and the public at large. Teachers of color serve as role models for students, giving them a clear and concrete sense of what diversity in education—and in our society—looks like. A recent review of empirical studies also shows that students of color do better on a variety of academic outcomes if they’re taught by teachers of color.
There are two questions here. First, do minority students in elementary and secondary schools perform better by any measure when they are taught by teachers from their same racial or ethnic group? The corollary question here would be “so what?” because hiring and assigning employees based on race is pretty much against the law everywhere.

The second question would be how does the author’s “diversity index” stack up against something more tangible… like performance?

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Classic!: White House says Obama only learned of VA wait-list scandal on TV (just like the IRS, Fast and Furious and reporter snooping scandals)

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White House Press Secretary Jay Carney wound up with egg on his face Monday as he told reporters that President Barack Obama first learned from a TV news report that his Veterans Administration was denying medical care to vets with secret off-the-books-waiting lists.

But new evidence emerged this morning that his transition team was notified five years ago about how VA medical centers' official wait-list times bore little resemblance to reality and risked denying military heroes critical health care. 

The Washington Times reported Monday that waiting times at veterans' medical facilities were known to be wildly inaccurate at the end of the George W. Bush administration. By the time Obama's transition team got a post-election briefing from the VA at the end of 2008, scheduling failures were already reaching a critical point.

The newspaper received a copy of that briefing through a Freedom Of Information Act request.

Obama has come under fire before for saying he was made aware of scandal-worthy shortcomings in his own administration by watching television, including the IRS tea party-targeting scandal that rocked Washington 12 months ago and the Operation Fast and Furious saga that has tainted his Justice Department for years.

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NC: Gun-Free, High-Risk Restaurant Robbed at Gunpoint! :)


Durham Police are investigating an armed robbery at The Pit Restaurant on West Geer Street in Durham and the owner of the restaurant is offering a reward in the case.

Police say three men entered the business through the rear doors around 8:48 p.m. Sunday.

At least one of the suspects had a handgun and forced several of the staff to lie on the floor. Two employees were assaulted during the incident.

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This n' That

The Past and Future of Drones in the U.S.


You know the question:
If you're not preparing for the worst, what are you preparing for?
You know the answer: avail thyself of long-term food stores, good water, viable food production, shelter and meds and supplies and security. You know the list of doomsdays too: financial collapse, EMP, pandemic—MERS or Ebola or worse, insurrection and civil war, and on and on—the exact nature of the beast almost doesn't matter, preps are preps, and serious preps put you way ahead. 

The question now changes to: if you—your own corporeal self—are not prepared for the worst, that is, if you are not prepared to personally do what has to be done, what are all your preps for? Perhaps you only imagine you know the answer.

Assume the worst doomsday scenario: grid down, distribution systems down, lawlessness and predation, mass privation, disease and death. Assume it's many months into an on-going calamity. You're skilled enough in useful crafts and were well situated at the start.

But the growing season was as bad as it was short. Now your supplies are low. Scary low. You're laboring long hours but you and your family are hard pressed. You'll probably make it, but there's no cushion. A family with small children approaches your door; exhausted, ragged and so famished it's all they can do to walk. You know legitimate charity is provided from surplus, that giving away needed sustenance is an unwarranted sacrifice. The weather's turned nasty and it's getting dark. There's a soft knock at the door.

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Police commissioner in NH resigns after calling Obama the 'N' word


A police commissioner in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, resigned on Monday under fire from town officials and residents after he called President Barack Obama the "N" word and refused to apologize, a police official said.

Police Commissioner Robert Copeland was overheard using the racial slur at a restaurant in the town in March and later admitted it in an email to colleagues, saying: "For this, I do not apologize — he meets and exceeds my criteria for such."

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Planned (Abortion) Parenthood plans to spend $3.3 million for Kay Hagan

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Obama 2014 Elections

Women were the key to Sen. Kay Hagan’s election in 2008, and in what is likely to be a close race for re-election this year, she is stressing issues aimed at them_ equal pay, health care, birth control and education.

The strategy is part of North Carolina Democrat’s efforts to attack the policies pushed over the past three years by the Republican-controlled state legislature, where her GOP opponent, state House Speaker Thom Tillis, has played a major role.

Hagan’s game plan tries to capitalize on her party’s strength among women voters and gives her campaign a message that it hopes will appeal to women who vote independent as well. Boosting the Democratic turnout in the November mid-term election is crucial for Hagan, and Democratic candidates across the country. Midterms are traditionally low-turnout elections and often hurt the party in power, and this year it’s Hagan’s.

“In all close Senate races, male or female, Democrats win by winning women more than they lose men by,” said Democratic political strategist Celinda Lake.. “So women are key to their victory.”

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Goodies from Ol' Remus

The rumble seat [art-link-symbol-tiny-grey-arrow-only-rev01.gifphoto] has been converted to allow a full-length bed.
 1937. Winter Haven Florida, cars of migrant workers. 


Cancer cure - Mayo Clinic researchers announced a landmark study where a massive dose of the measles vaccine, enough to inoculate ten million people, wiped out a Minnesota woman's incurable blood cancer... Researchers engineered the measles virus in a single intravenous dose, making it selectively toxic to cancer cells... one of two patients in the study who received the dose last year, and after ten years with multiple myeloma has been clear of the disease for over six months.
Lindsey Seavert at KARE, via
 art-link-symbol-small-rev01.jpg art-symbol-beatdown.gif Global Warming fanatics end skeptic's career
Professor Lennart Bengtsson—the leading scientist who three weeks ago signalled his defection to the climate skeptic camp by joining the board of the Global Warming Policy Foundation—has now dramatically been forced to resign from his position. He has been so badly bullied by his alarmist former colleagues that he is worried his health and career will suffer, says James Delingpole in this article, Climate Science Defector Forced to Resign by Alarmist 'Fatwa', at Breitbart.
art-link-symbol-small-rev01.jpg art-symbol-beatdown.gif Fear
In the eyes of law enforcement and prosecutors, you are presumed a criminal. Don't forget that. They're looking for any way they can to increase their conviction rates and revenue, justice be damned. And they couldn't care less if that means you being stripped from your family on trumped up charges and sentenced to years in prison.  Prepare to be outraged by the injustices you are about to read, says Mac Slavo in this article, If You Are Doing Nothing Wrong You Have PLENTY to Fear – 30 Examples, by Doug Newman, at SHTFPlan.

art-link-symbol-small-rev01.jpg It was rumored that the North Korean Commies wore thick clothing and that in the freezing rain, the outside, which was wet, froze. It was then said that the .30 Carbine would not penetrate this frozen clothing. I don't have any authentic North Korean Army clothing from that time period, but I do have some cotton terry cloth towels. So, I did the following, says Old Painless in this article, Frozen Clothing And The Box O' Truth, at The Box O' Truth.

Diplomacy - A woman has the last word in any argument. Anything a man says after that is the beginning of a new argument.
Anonymous, via mass email 

Viet Nam - Not only did The Soviet Union and PR China send arms to the DRVN, North Korea also sent about forty fighter pilots to fly combat missions, about fourteen of whom were killed in action. Soviets sent crews who crewed missile, anti-aircraft gun, and radar sites, officially admitting 16 killed. Cubans also provided technical and personnel help, including mistreating US prisoners.
Rurik at 

 Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said May 13 that Moscow would halt the sale of RD-180 and NK-33 rocket engines to the U.S. for the purpose of launching military satellites.
Svitak and AButler at 

art-link-symbol-tiny-grey-arrow-only-rev01.gif Uh, man's sole “jabringing” object disfigure religion trauma and nubs, uh, the, inside the trauma of representation that turns into the black child devouring and identifying with the stories and into the white culture brought up, uh, de de de de de, dink, and add subjectively like a white man, the black man!
Excerpt from the Towson University debate team's winning argument at the 2014 Cross Examination Debate Association's national championship, via Aurelius at [Subject was The War Powers Resolution] 

Outcomes - We import poorly educated, low-skilled immigrants who predictably have unequal educational and occupational outcomes.  Then we are made to feel ashamed as a country when different ethnic groups have these unequal outcomes.  This neurotic cycle has to stop.
John Bennett at

Guns: Lies Damn Lies and Statistics

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How To Survive A High Intensity Firefight

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helmand province self-defense

There are three different stages in a life-and-death self-defense scenario, but before we go into those a quick story will help.

This story is true to the best of my memory and does take place in a war zone. The story, the tactics and weaponry do not apply to a normal self-defense scenario, but the three stages are still there.

This was 2009 in the Helmand Province of Afghanistan, and it was late fall and extremely cold outside. We had a simple mission that day: Go into a local village, get some information from a local source and hopefully get out without a shot fired.

New York Loses Major Gun Manufacturer, Remington Moves to Alabama

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With its strict and unpopular new anti-gun laws, many gun-related businesses are leaving the Empire State for a more welcoming atmosphere. This time it is Remington Arms, a company that has been manufacturing guns in New York State since 1816. The company has announced it is closing its shops and moving to Alabama.

Common Core: Dangers and Threats to American Liberty and Education

This video is a shortened version of a presentation with the same title that has been given before over 200 audiences in 26 states by Dr. Duke Pesta, English professor at the University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh, and Academic Director, FreedomProject Education (

NC: Sam Ervin on Education Discrimination in Massachusetts

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“During 1963, Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy appeared before the Senate Judiciary Committee to present drastic civil rights proposals of the Kennedy Administration. As an opponent of these proposals, he and I staged for days what the news media called the “Sam and Bobby Show.”  At the outset, I stated that I could understand why his brother, the President, wished to abolish literacy tests. His signature revealed, I asserted, that he could not write.

The Attorney General had a penchant for invoking statistics to sustain his opinions. I undertook to refute the inferences he drew from them by this anecdote.

An old South Mountaineer in Burke County had been buying his groceries on credit from the neighborhood grocer.  Believing it time to make payment for them, the old Mountaineer asked the grocer for the amount of his bill, and complained with vigor that it was exorbitant when the grocer told him what it was.  The grocer thereupon opened his account books, laid them on the counter, and told the Mountaineer, “here are the figures; you know figures don’t lie.”  The old Mountaineer responded, “figures may not lie but liars sure do figure.”

Since I desired my humor to illuminate but not wound, I hastened to add, “And honest men also figure, and in so doing, often reach incorrect conclusions.

Like many Northerners who advocated civil rights proposals, Attorney General Kennedy had a simple explanation for illiteracy among blacks in the South.  Its sole cause, in his view, was State discrimination against blacks in education.  This explanation was too simplistic. The South suffered in times past from much illiteracy among both whites and blacks.  Southern States were too poor in the aftermath of the Civil War to maintain adequate schools.  The poverty of their parents oftentimes necessitated keeping children out of the inadequate schools that did exist because their labor was essential to the family support.  Besides, illiteracy sometimes resulted from laziness, or a contempt for education.

Inasmuch as I was the only opponent of his civil rights proposals who habitually appeared at meeting of the Senate Judiciary Committee, the Attorney General obviously tried to embarrass me by discrediting my home State, North Carolina.  He announced that the census of 1960 revealed that North Carolina was the habitat of about 30,000 illiterate blacks, and asserted that such revelation showed that North Carolina discriminated against blacks in education.

I asked him what census disclosed with respect to the ages of blacks illiterate in North Carolina.  He disclaimed any knowledge of that fact, and said that North Carolina had compulsory school attendance laws for many years and that I would surmise that most of the illiterate blacks residing in it were adults when he was born.

After the Senate Judiciary Committee recessed I studied the census of 1960 for myself.  I discovered that my surmise in respect to the ages of illiterates in North Carolina was correct.  I also discovered to my surprise, and to Attorney General Kennedy’s consternation, that the census of 1960 disclosed his home State, Massachusetts, numbered among it inhabitants about 60,000 illiterate whites.

When I made this disclosure to the Committee, I assured the Attorney General that I did not maintain it proved that Massachusetts discriminated against whites in education.”

(Preserving the Constitution; The Autobiography of Senator Sam Ervin, Jr., 1984, The Michie Company, Charlottesville, Virginia, pp. 160-161)

Classified US Army Manual – Internment Re-Education FEMA Camps


The US Army released a somewhat ominous list of new manuals over the past month. In the “New Releases” page at, you’ll find “KILL BOX PLANNING,” “CIVIL DISTURBANCE,” and most recently, “CIVIL-MILITARY OPERATIONS CENTER.” One among them, entitled “DETAINEE OPERATIONS, referenced as FM 3-63, has the unique distinction of being the co-operations manual with the now famously leaked FM 3-39.40, “INTERNMENT AND RESETTLEMENT OPERATIONS.” This is the manual that exposed the fact that domestic FEMA camps were not only planned, they are here, and the US Army is being trained to run them.

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Police Now “Armed For War” Against Returning Veterans

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Cops in armored vehicle asked by residents “Are you coming to take our guns away?”

In an interview with Fox 59, a Morgan County, Indiana Police Sergeant admits that the increasing militarization of domestic police departments is partly to deal with returning veterans who are now seen as a homegrown terror threat.

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Haiti earthquake recovery a debacle under management of Mr. and Mrs. Clinton

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Any examination of Hillary Clinton’s qualifications for president should include close study of the Interim Haiti Recovery Commission (IHRC), set up to raise money and Haiti recover from its devastating 7.0 earthquake four years ago. IHRC is headed by Bill Clinton and initially functioned during the period his wife was Secretary of State, running the US government component of the aid effort through the State Department's U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID).

Simply put, the massive effort has been a fiasco, with relatively little done to actually aid Haiti under the leadership of the Clintons. Writing in the Wall Street Journal, Mary Anastasia O’Grady notes:
…hundreds of millions of dollars from the State Department's U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), allocated to the IHRC, are gone. Hundreds of millions more to the IHRC from international donors have also been spent. Left behind is a mishmash of low quality, poorly thought-out development experiments and half-finished projects.
Haitians are angry, frustrated and increasingly suspicious of the motives of the IHRC and of its top official, Mr. Clinton. Americans might feel the same way if they knew more about this colossal failure. One former Haitian official puts it this way: "I really cannot understand how you could raise so much money, put a former U.S. president in charge, and get this outcome."

1971 Plymouth Hemi Cuda Convertible Original 426/425 HP and 4-Speed

 S95 1971 Plymouth Hemi Cuda Convertible Original 426/425 HP and 4-Speed Photo 1
In 2002 a 1971 Plymouth Hemi Cuda convertible generated national headlines when it became the first muscle car to sell for over one million dollars. Yet even before reaching that historical milestone Plymouth’s Hemi-powered Cuda was long considered by enthusiasts and authorities alike to be the ultimate creation of the muscle car era. A well-documented and fully restored example of this most coveted of factory muscle cars, this 1971 Hemi Cuda convertible, one of just two 4-speed versions delivered in the U.S., has been hailed by enthusiasts, collectors, journalists, researchers and appraisers as the Holy Grail of muscle cars.

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Lamar Advertising takes down ‘secede’ billboard in Montgomery

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The League of the South’s newest ‘secede’ billboard was only up a day and in that short time became the subject of a lengthy and mostly positive news article by That article quotes Dr Michael Hill, president of the League of the South, as saying:
The League of the South has a message all freedom-loving Southerners ought to hear. It is the message of Southern independence from a sinking, corrupt, and destructive government in Washington, DC.
The article was a hint at what might have been with a great number of people either seeing the billboard in person in Montgomery or hearing of it through the media.
Then, this afternoon, Dr Hill broke the news on a League Facebook page that he had received an email from Lamar Advertising saying that the billboard would be taken down:
Dr. Hill,
As you are aware the League of the South billboard was installed Friday. Since then, we have had several complaints and several customers have stated they will discontinue advertising with us if the ad stays. For these reasons we are forced to have the copy removed. We will issue you a credit for the amount charged.
Thank you in advance for your understanding,
Adam Freeman
Dr Hill has promised ‘We will take all the legal action advised by our attorneys. I cannot discuss any specific legal issues on here.‘ He did mention ‘if y’all so desire, you can call Lamar Rep. Adam Freeman at (334) 281-0780. Perhaps a few pro-LS calls will help us out.’
On their Facebook page Lamar Advertising of Montgomery says:

Simply Good Manners: Sir, Ma'am,You're Welcome and Thank You

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"Sir" and "Ma'am"
American culture is pretty informal compared to many other places in the world, but a little bit of formality can really make you stand out in a positive way. I carry this inclination from the military, and also from having been a lawyer in the federal court system. These are environments in which people use the titles "Sir" and "Ma'am" constantly--not just in talking with high ranking military officers, but also addressing civilians.
I know that this doesn't work in every situation, but using these titles can be a sign of respect that gets people's attention. It can be important in professional relationships, especially when dealing with people you don't know well, and who are older or more experienced than you.
Words No. 3 and 4: "You're welcome."
Sometime in fairly recent history it seems people stopped saying, "You're welcome," and started substituting, "Yep," or, "No problem." At the risk of sounding older than I am, I think this is a step in the wrong direction--at least in a business or professional setting.
Why? Because ditching "you're welcome" for these other phrases changes the message. "You're welcome" acknowledges that you've done something worth someone else's thanks, while "no problem" suggests that it wasn't that big of a deal. Saying the former phrase conveys that you think it was a worthwhile favor. That's an impressive message to send.