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D-Day to Germany: Cameraman Jack Lieb comments on original footage of 1944-45

The Decay of America

Something Wonderful: Song of the South [Updated with the hidden Disney version]

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The south will not only “rise again,” the South never fell.
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UPDATE: The perverts who control Disney hid this film from all eyes because racism! Commentor Sykes wished that there was a place on the internet where Disney did NOT keep this hidden gem hidden. There still is a copy at Archive and here’s an embed. At Archive, you can find downloads of this movie as well in case the culture wreckers get to this one. Also at Archive you can find reviews that argue over the film. Of course.

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Degenerate Fools

Western Rifle Shooters Association

There was nothing like cruising the highway on a whim, taking off for a game of pool at a nothing bar in the mountains somewhere at the end of a winding road. Good music blaring from the speakers, alerting horses in the pastures of one’s approach; the low rumble of exhaust heard through the open camper window, squeezing through rifle stocks, assured one of the sturdiness of the engine beneath the hood. Speed was only limited by one’s ability to maintain control. Freedom was in the knowledge that unless someone reckoned your escape to the mountain bar, there would be no phone calls to take, no texts to answer. One was just “gone” and everything would have to wait until their return. Occasionally, a friend or two would see your pickup at the bar and stop in to see what news might be shared between bottles of beer.

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Green Berets Framed In Vietnam By The CIA | John Stevens Berry was their Attorney | PTSD Lawyers

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Queen Strips Prince Andrew of All Military Titles and Patronages


Buckingham Palace announced Thursday that Queen Elizabeth has stripped her son Prince Andrew of all military titles and patronages and he will no longer be entitled to use His Royal Highness (HRH) as a form of address.

The action – effective immediately – means he is now forced to defend his sexual abuse case in a U.S. court as a “private citizen.” The civil case, brought by Virginia Giuffre, is due to move into a discovery phase soon where Andrew may have to sit for an interview under oath – known as a deposition.

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Why are Caucasians Vanishing from TV Commercials?

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Commercials take up 27% of commercial television screen time and are the main source of income for TV and radio stations. In most cases, advertisements on all channels appear simultaneously, so don't try to change the channel, there will be commercials elsewhere, too. Nowadays they have also taken over the Internet. For financial support, websites have to run ads on their pages, the largest share supplied and controlled by Google. Ads pry into your eyes, unceremoniously interfere with text, and on YouTube, in the most inappropriate places, they cut into the action of films, lectures, and concerts, tearing apart musical performances. There's no escaping commercials, we've grown accustomed to them, and they become almost as much a part of our lives as food, toilets, and sleep.

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Mysterious Concrete Walls Are Being Put Up Around The White House


Excellent & unbeknownst to me: Slavery and Abolitionism as Viewed by a Georgia Slave

After 200 years of digesting Enlightenment ideals of natural rights, and reciting a pledge that concludes with “liberty and justice for all,“ it is hard for us to realize there are circumstances when slavery could be considered a “positive good.” John C. Calhoun has lately been excoriated for taking this position. Yet in 1861 an educated Georgia slave named Harrison Berry wrote a book (while he was still a slave), Slavery and Abolitionism: As Viewed by a Georgia Slave, explaining why he and his fellow slaves preferred their enslaved life in the South to the “so-called” freedom offered by the North. It was a scathing critique of the hypocrisy of Northern abolitionism, and explains why the vast majority of slaves remained loyal to their South.

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