Thursday, November 5, 2020

Trump won. They are stealing it. Everyone knows it. We have the voter fraud that we knew was coming. We knew they were corrupt. We have the proof.

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Trump won. They are stealing it. Everyone knows it. We have the voter fraud that we knew was coming. We knew they were corrupt. We have the proof. Right now we need to make everyone aware of what is happening. Repost this video. Tag your friends. Make everyone know what’s happening. Once all that is dealt with the media needs to go. I mean seriously, they can no longer exist. Not the ones we have now. Starting with Fox News, they all need to go. It’s not only doubt or mistrust now. We know for a fact they are lying and they are involved in a coup. People need to go to jail. All the Execs at all the news companies(starting with Fox News), need to be investigated and people need to go to jail. The same needs to happen to every reporter that was involved in this. Every reporter that was on TV needs to be investigated to determine their involvement and people need to go to prison. Being fired is not good enough. There is no other way forward. @michaelcoudrey

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How to Know Your Vote Counted in North Carolina

NC State Board Of Elections Gives An Update On The General ...

 @ NC State Board of Elections

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Lot of my friends and associates upset and depressed that Creepy Joe & the Ho will be able to claim victory - despite the obvious fraud pre-during & post election and be inaugurated.
Well I am not depressed. What's happening was anticipated. We knew the election would be a circus and it is.
To quote Oddball from Kelly's Heroes "Have a little Faith, Baby, Have a little faith" 
A lot can still happen for good - even if the Dems steal the election. It could well lead to their undoing - especially if they go after Trump on criminal charges, once they are in power.
Even more important the DEMS must push their criminal enterprise forward - whatever the risks to them - no half measures even if it increases the risk of their exposure & destruction. 
1, Their inevitable excesses could spark a revolution
2. Biden will not be long in office and will soon be replaced by the puppet whore
3. Keeping a spotlight on electoral malfeasance could send Dems to prison
4.And Trump could still pull it out and win the election - who can say?
Whatever happens this is an exciting time and we who love our country and liberty ALL have a part to play! AND enjoy the struggle. AND PRAY FOR OUR COUNTRY

Fed Ex

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Why is it the only States having a problem counting are run by Democrat governors??


A [r]epublican in Exile

In Washington, D.C., while serving as Secretary of War in the 1850s, Jefferson Davis met Ambrose Dudley Mann, a native of Virginia who was the Assistant Secretary of State (and the first man to hold that office). The two men were drawn to each other immediately and became fast friends for the rest of their lives. In her biography of her husband, Varina Davis wrote that Mann had “every Christian virtue” and that “Mr. Davis and he gravitated toward each other at once, and loved like David and Jonathan until extreme old age.” [1]

After the formation of the Confederate States of America, Davis appointed Mann, an experienced diplomat, as a commissioner to Europe. Mann left his country in March 1861, and would never return. After the war, fiercely unwilling to live under Yankee domination, he spent the rest of his life in France, hosting numerous Confederate expatriates at his home, and continuing to correspond with Jefferson Davis, who visited him in Paris in the winter of 1868-1869.

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Our Confederate Ancestors: Running the Yankee Blockade: A Daring Daytime Run by the Little Hattie

 This map of the Union attack on Ft. Fisher in Jan. 1865 shows the route the Little Hattie would have taken.

Signal-Officer Daniel Shepherd Stevenson has written for the archives of the Daughters of the Confederacy at Wilmington, N. C., a sketch, from which the following is taken: In the soft, mild days of October, 1864, while we lingered at our cottage by the sea, on Confederate Point, I witnessed the most exciting and most interesting scene of my life. It was during dark nights that blockade-runners always made their trips, and the bar was shelled whenever one was expected. The "Little Hattie," a blockade-runner, on which my nephew, D. S. Stevenson, was signal-officer, was expected, and the bar was vigorously shelled each night to keep the blockading fleet at a safe distance.

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The Power of the Powerless

‘The first step in liquidating a people is to erase its memory. Destroy its books, its culture, its history. Then write new books, manufacture a new culture, invent a new history. Before long the nation will begin to forget what it is and what it was. The world around it will forget even faster.’ – Milan Kundera

‘I personally think that a no less effective, exceptionally painful, and in the short term practically irreparable way of eliminating the human race or individual nations would be a decline into barbarism, the abandonment of reason and learning, the loss of traditions and memory. The ruling regime – partly intentionally, partly thanks to its essentially nihilistic nature – has done everything it can to achieve that goal. The aim of independent citizens’ movements that try to create a parallel polis must be precisely the opposite: We must not be discouraged by previous failures, and we must consider the area of schooling and education as one of our main priorities.’ – VĂ¡clav Benda

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NC: All You Need To Know About The Election

Just like the rest of 2020, the day after the election is somewhat surreal. Of course, the presidential race hasn’t been called yet, with several states still counting, but the statewide races here in North Carolina also provide a lot of intrigue.

First, Republican Dan Forest lost to Democrat incumbent Roy Cooper. Showing a clear deficit in returns for most of the evening, he was never able to make up enough ground to get within striking distance. What happened? That depends on who you ask; but the common refrain is criticism of his campaign strategy (not enough TV commercials), not invigorating enough of the Republican base, and/or being hurt by the politics of COVID.

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NOT LADYLIKE: NC First Lady Kristin Cooper Brags About Flipping Off ‘Brainwashed’ Child with Trump Sign, Calls Trump Supporters ‘A Bunch of Clowns’

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But it ought to make most North Carolinians feel embarrassed; embarrassed that the political Left has become so depraved that even the First Lady of the Great State of North Carolina — a position that should be marked by grace and decorum — is taking pride in giving the finger to a child.

The First Lady of North Carolina, Kristin Cooper, wife of Democrat Governor Roy Cooper, isn’t very ladylike, after all. Well, at least when confronted with a crowd of conservatives waving flags in support President Donald Trump from the grounds of the Old State Capitol.

Specifically, First Lady Kristin Cooper is bragging on Facebook about ‘flipping off a brainwashed kid’ waving a Trump flag. She then goes on to describe Trump supporters as ‘a bunch of clowns.’

On the Facebook page of one Shannon Auer, Corresponding Secretary of the Democratic Women of North Carolina, Mrs. Cooper reveals herself.

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Watch: Ballot Count Watcher Describes At Least 130,000 Ballots All for Biden Arriving in Three Vehicles in Detroit in Dead of Night


A woman monitoring the ballot counting in Detroit has asserted that at least 130,000 ballots, all for Joe Biden, were brought to the center in three vehicles at 4 a.m.

Her testimony corroborates videos and photos from Kellye SoRelle, a Texas lawyer and member of Lawyers for Trump, who filmed vehicles pull up and unload large coolers and suitcases onto wagons and roll them into the secure area.

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Push Is Coming To Shove Very Quickly.


 Donald Trump bashes Democrats as ‘crazy,’ unpatriotic at ...

 What the left doesn't realize is that this nation's conservatives are just as if not more determined to preserve this republic as they are determined to destroy it. It is they who have taken up the weapons of hate and division not the conservatives. So far they have confused our passivity in the face of their escalating violence with weakness and or lack of resolve. That is rapidly changing.

Americans for most of our history have sought nothing but to live in peace, to pursue our own happiness, free from the impositions of other people and nations. We built a government whose sole purpose was to protect us from the impositions from others, internally, i.e. criminals and externally from foreign powers that would seek to control our actions or take territory from us. All other government actions beyond those that supported the protections of INDIVIDUAL rights and securing the borders was and should be regarded with suspicion. 

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"If you repeat a lie often enough, idiotic boobtube watching masses believe it."

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                        Image may contain: 1 person, text that says 'Dinesh D'Souza @... 25m The same people who assured us for four years that there was massive Russian fraud and interference in our elections now insist with a straight face that any fraud or interference in our election is absolutely impossible #Election2020'

‘VERY STRANGE’: Trump: Watched My Lead ‘Magically Disappear As Surprise Ballot Dumps’ Counted; Twitter Censors

 WASHINGTON, DC - OCTOBER 30: President Donald Trump speaks to the press outside of the White House on October 30, 2020 in Washington, DC. President Trump will travel to Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota for the campaign rallies ahead of the presidential election on Tuesday.

UPDATE: Vote tally update in Michigan that sparked controversy cited as “data error”

UPDATE: The tweet Twitter censored from Matt Walsh concerning an influx of 138,339 Biden votes in Michigan has now been clarified by Decision Desk HQ as an “error.”

“UPDATE: The influx of 138,339 Biden votes cited in the tweets about Michigan were the result of a data error, according to a spokesperson for Decision Desk HQ. The error was later rectified. DDHQ statement below,” reported Jane Lytvynenko.

More @ The Daily Wire

Project Veritas: Watch: USPS Whistleblower in Michigan Claims Higher-Ups Were Engaging in Voter Fraud

A United States Postal Service worker on Wednesday told Project Veritas that a supervisor named Johnathan Clarke in Traverse City, Michigan one of the big swing states this election cycle potentially engaged in voter fraud.

“We were issued a directive this morning to collect any ballots we find in mailboxes, collection boxes, just outgoing mail in general, separate them at the end of the day so that they could hand stamp them with the previous day’s date,” the whistleblower stated. “Today is November 4th for clarification.”

Michigan Courts ruled that ballots had to be received by the election clerk before the polls on Election Day, which would mean 8 p.m. eastern time on Tuesday, Nov. 3.

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Battleground update

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"Paraphrasing the NY Times slogan; "All the votes that are fit to print."


It is becoming painfully clear that "something is up" with election returns in a number of "battleground" states, which are not reporting vote count updates and are basically hiding the ball on reporting results, leaving only

suspicions in their wake.  It is odd that most states, all but a handful, were able to report conclusive results, one way or another, in the early hours after polls closed.   Then, there are the recalcitrant states below which are slow walking or even stopping their published vote counting.

For example, my own state, No, Carolina has not changed it's initial count

percents since late Tuesday night. Ditto for the "percent of votes counted" which has been fixed at 94% and is not changing.  Did everyone at the Board of Elections become statuary? Is the governor, the legislature or the courts even asking what is going on?  It smells to hell.

The situation in NV, WI, MI, PA, and GA is much the same.   No apparent changes in "percent counted."  Is this multi-state catatonia by design?  The public needs to rise up and say this is not acceptable -  because vote fraud is not acceptable in the USA and we are not Guatemala or Zimbabwe where elections are routinely like what is going on here today.   Though not included in my table below, it appears AZ will be removed from the "clinched" Biden column later today.Last night the Democrat governors of three states shut down vote counting as it looked as though Donald Trump was winning in their states.  We look back at an article we ran a week or so ago.
Do you see the playbook? It’s the same in every close state. Trump doing well, leading, and they shutdown the urban centers to try and pick up the price tomorrow. Philly Pittsburgh Detroit Milwaukee Atlanta It’s transparent."