Thursday, November 5, 2020

Via Kirk

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Lot of my friends and associates upset and depressed that Creepy Joe & the Ho will be able to claim victory - despite the obvious fraud pre-during & post election and be inaugurated.
Well I am not depressed. What's happening was anticipated. We knew the election would be a circus and it is.
To quote Oddball from Kelly's Heroes "Have a little Faith, Baby, Have a little faith" 
A lot can still happen for good - even if the Dems steal the election. It could well lead to their undoing - especially if they go after Trump on criminal charges, once they are in power.
Even more important the DEMS must push their criminal enterprise forward - whatever the risks to them - no half measures even if it increases the risk of their exposure & destruction. 
1, Their inevitable excesses could spark a revolution
2. Biden will not be long in office and will soon be replaced by the puppet whore
3. Keeping a spotlight on electoral malfeasance could send Dems to prison
4.And Trump could still pull it out and win the election - who can say?
Whatever happens this is an exciting time and we who love our country and liberty ALL have a part to play! AND enjoy the struggle. AND PRAY FOR OUR COUNTRY