Thursday, November 5, 2020

Battleground update

Via John

"Paraphrasing the NY Times slogan; "All the votes that are fit to print."


It is becoming painfully clear that "something is up" with election returns in a number of "battleground" states, which are not reporting vote count updates and are basically hiding the ball on reporting results, leaving only

suspicions in their wake.  It is odd that most states, all but a handful, were able to report conclusive results, one way or another, in the early hours after polls closed.   Then, there are the recalcitrant states below which are slow walking or even stopping their published vote counting.

For example, my own state, No, Carolina has not changed it's initial count

percents since late Tuesday night. Ditto for the "percent of votes counted" which has been fixed at 94% and is not changing.  Did everyone at the Board of Elections become statuary? Is the governor, the legislature or the courts even asking what is going on?  It smells to hell.

The situation in NV, WI, MI, PA, and GA is much the same.   No apparent changes in "percent counted."  Is this multi-state catatonia by design?  The public needs to rise up and say this is not acceptable -  because vote fraud is not acceptable in the USA and we are not Guatemala or Zimbabwe where elections are routinely like what is going on here today.   Though not included in my table below, it appears AZ will be removed from the "clinched" Biden column later today.Last night the Democrat governors of three states shut down vote counting as it looked as though Donald Trump was winning in their states.  We look back at an article we ran a week or so ago.
Do you see the playbook? It’s the same in every close state. Trump doing well, leading, and they shutdown the urban centers to try and pick up the price tomorrow. Philly Pittsburgh Detroit Milwaukee Atlanta It’s transparent."



  1. I agree Brock. Something is fishy here in NC low and behold with Cooper back in as immediately the counting stops. Well at least Cawthorn and Tillis are in. Well as far as we know.

    1. Yes and this is from the WSJ: "Senate Republicans, facing a Democratic offensive, won enough of their Tuesday re-elections to diminish any chance that Democrats could pick up enough seats to take control of the Senate.

      Their political prospects brightened on Wednesday when GOP Sen. Susan Collins of Maine defeated Democrat Sara Gideon in her toughest re-election race. Her victory and that of Sen. Joni Ernst of Iowa minimized the party’s losses elsewhere and eased the way for a Republican majority to hold the chamber for two more years.

  2. Comment from information/liberation:
    Don Jr says we need to go to "total war" to prevent this takeover. DJT won and that is self-evident despite anything Fox News may announce to the contrary. I'd add that this takeover is their grinning mocking of us to our faces by taking place in welfare strongholds with welfare parasites doing the vote counting. This is not figuratively but literally no different in effect than having ACORN and the Black Panthers doing the counting while Republicans are kept outside by black goons and their white flunkies in blue. That last part--secret vote counting--is sufficient grounds to not only reject the results from these black areas and hence any Biden win, but to prepare for war. At this point, however, I'm guessing white America goes out of existence as a political force, not with a bang, but a whimper. I hope I'm wrong, but basing my belief on white men proudly watching the NFLs blacks spit in their face before every game and the former dropping to their knee in a response no different from America's jelly donut cops demanding we accept their cowardice as duty to "follow orders" that are destroying their children's futures to serve the same evil that exterminated tens of millions during the last century. America's white suburban women did their part, too, voting against DJT, seeing him as a surrogate for the father they wish they could castrate.

    Those who vote decide nothing; those who count the vote decide
    everything. Stalin
    Truer words were never said.