Thursday, November 5, 2020

NOT LADYLIKE: NC First Lady Kristin Cooper Brags About Flipping Off ‘Brainwashed’ Child with Trump Sign, Calls Trump Supporters ‘A Bunch of Clowns’

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But it ought to make most North Carolinians feel embarrassed; embarrassed that the political Left has become so depraved that even the First Lady of the Great State of North Carolina — a position that should be marked by grace and decorum — is taking pride in giving the finger to a child.

The First Lady of North Carolina, Kristin Cooper, wife of Democrat Governor Roy Cooper, isn’t very ladylike, after all. Well, at least when confronted with a crowd of conservatives waving flags in support President Donald Trump from the grounds of the Old State Capitol.

Specifically, First Lady Kristin Cooper is bragging on Facebook about ‘flipping off a brainwashed kid’ waving a Trump flag. She then goes on to describe Trump supporters as ‘a bunch of clowns.’

On the Facebook page of one Shannon Auer, Corresponding Secretary of the Democratic Women of North Carolina, Mrs. Cooper reveals herself.

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