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WaPo: Emails show Trump campaign officials rejecting opportunities to meet with Russia in 2016

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This may be the most pro-Trump Russiagate story ever to appear in a major paper. Turns out a low-level Trump foreign policy advisor named George Papadopoulos tried to set up meetings between the campaign and Russian officials starting last March, before Trump had even clinched the nomination.

Annnnnnd … some of the campaign’s major players, including Paul Manafort, just weren’t interested. Not only weren’t they interested, they were mindful of proper protocol: At least one advisor noted that meetings with a foreign state would raise Logan Act questions while another mentioned that U.S. allies should be notified before any Russia meetings happened.

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Justice demands 1.3M IP addresses related to Trump resistance site

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More than 200 people were indicted on felony rioting charges in connection with the protests in Washington on Jan. 20.
The Department of Justice has requested information on visitors to a website used to organize protests against President Trump, the Los Angeles-based Dreamhost said in a blog post published on Monday.

Dreamhost, a web hosting provider, said that it has been working with the Department of Justice for several months on the request, which believes goes too far under the Constitution.

DreamHost claimed that the complying with the request from the Justice Department would amount to handing over roughly 1.3 million visitor IP addresses to the government, in addition to contact information, email content and photos of thousands of visitors to the website, which was involved in organizing protests against Trump on Inauguration Day.
“That information could be used to identify any individuals who used this site to exercise and express political speech protected under the Constitution’s First Amendment,” DreamHost wrote in the blog post on Monday. “That should be enough to set alarm bells off in anyone’s mind.”

When contacted, the Justice Department directed The Hill to the U.S. attorney's office in D.C.
The company is currently challenging the request. A hearing on the matter is scheduled for Friday in Washington.

“In essence, the Search Warrant not only aims to identify the political dissidents of the current administration, but attempts to identify and understand what content each of these dissidents viewed on the website,” the company’s general counsel, Chris Ghazarian, said in a legal argument opposing the request.

The web provider published a purported search warrant issued by the Superior Court of the District of Columbia that asks for records and information related to the website and its owner, along with information that could be used to identify subscribers of the website.

This includes “names, addresses, telephone numbers and other identifiers, e-mail addresses, business information, the length of service (including start date), means and source of payment for services (including any credit card or bank account number), and information about any domain name registration.”

The warrant, dated July 12, says that authorities will seize any information constituting violations of D.C. code governing riots that involve individuals connected to the protests on Inauguration Day.

More than 200 people were indicted on felony rioting charges in connection with the protests in Washington on Jan. 20.

ANTIFA Starts It

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Trump: Correct your statement.

"You can HEAR the car being struck before he hits the gas."

Via comment by Weaver on Ex-Teacher: Charlottesville Attack Suspect Rejecte... "Hi, I just wanted to post a link to the video from when he's reversing.  It's possible he has some defence, since he is hit with a bat before the crash. I expect we'll conclude he's guilty though."

Many more pictures and videos @ LucidHurricane✘

What If 'Unite The Right' Isn't Really Right?

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What if it's all a scam?

What if Jason Kessler isn't really a right-wing extremist?

What if Jason Kessler used to be involved with Occupy Wall Street and was a strong Obama supporter -- right up until, quite-literally to the day, Trump won the election?

What if he's nothing more than a stooge?

In other words, what if Jason Kessler is just a plain old-fashioned *******-for-hire?
At one recent speech in favor of Charlottesville’s status as a sanctuary city, Kessler live-streamed himself as an attendee questioned him and apologized for an undisclosed spat during Kessler’s apparent involvement with Occupy. Kessler appeared visibly perturbed by the woman’s presence and reminders of their past association.
May I remind you that The Southern Poverty Law Center, the source of the above, is thought of as a fairly hard-left organization.  In other words, it's extremely unlikely they'd try to smear this guy with an unwarranted claim that he was involved with a hard-left cause!  Yet there's the accusation that he was formerly associated with Occupy, a socialist (if not communist) cause that was about as diametrically opposed to the KKK or "alt-right" as one can imagine.

Protesters (Getting $25 per hour) in Durham, N.C., topple Confederate statue

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 Confederate statute toppled by protesters in Durham - 20170815_WEB_NC

 The Founding Fathers Next.  The result of the idiots who voted for Obama.

Protesters in North Carolina have toppled a long-standing statue of a Confederate soldier.

Activists on Monday evening used a rope to pull down the monument outside a Durham courthouse. Video footage posted online shows protesters — some white, some black — kicking the crumpled bronze statue as dozens of people in the crowd cheered and chanted.

The Durham protest was in response to a white nationalist rally held in Charlottesville over the weekend. Authorities say one woman was killed Saturday after one of the white nationalists drove his car into a group of peaceful counter-protesters.

A United Daughters of the Confederacy website says the Confederate Soldiers Monument was erected in 1924.

Reporter Derrick Lewis with WNCN in Durham tweeted video

More with video @ Richmond Times-Dispatch

Were you watching this weekend? Did you see the events unfolding in Charlottesville, Virginia?

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On Friday night, we experienced perhaps the most inspiring assembly in which we have ever taken part. Hundreds of white patriots raised their torches and marched through the campus of the University of Virginia to gather around the statue of Thomas Jefferson.

It was amazing to arrive and see the assembled column, and then lead it past the buildings Jefferson himself conceived. The look on the faces of the angry communists and angry, shrieking transexuals who came to "stop" us and found themselves vastly outnumbered and overwhelmed was priceless.
It was easy to be elated after Friday night. One might have found it equally easy to be dispirited on Saturday.

Instead of executing safety and security plans that had been coordinated with event organizers over a period of months, police obeyed stand-down orders from above, until swinging boldly into action and exerting their force ... against us.

                                                             More @ MailChi

Comey botched the Hillary Clinton email investigation

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Dear John: You recently criticized the FBI for its investigation of Hillary Clinton’s e-mails.

I am a retired FBI agent and extremely proud of my career and service. I feel compelled to write. Former FBI Director James Comey’s statements, testimony and behavior are truly abhorrent.

Comey admitted under oath before Congress that the bureau did not utilize a federal grand jury in the Hillary e-mail investigation.

Furthermore, he testified that in his experience, when dealing with attorneys, you can obtain information easier and faster than via a federal grand jury.

Never, I repeat never, in my 25-year career have I or any FBI agent known to me investigated a criminal case without the use of a federal grand jury, federal grand jury subpoenas, search warrants, etc.

At least 3.5 million more people are on U.S. election rolls than are eligible to vote.

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Some 3.5 million more people are registered to vote in the U.S. than are alive among America’s adult citizens. Such staggering inaccuracy is an engraved invitation to voter fraud. The Election Integrity Project of Judicial Watch — a Washington-based legal-watchdog group — analyzed data from the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2011–2015 American Community Survey and last month’s statistics from the federal Election Assistance Commission. The latter included figures provided by 38 states. According to Judicial Watch, eleven states gave the EAC insufficient or questionable information. 
Pennsylvania’s legitimate numbers place it just below the over-registration threshold
More @ NRO

Police: “We’re leaving. It’s too dangerous": Gov. McAuliffe Claims ‘Charlottesville Police Did A Magnificent Job’

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FOX News reporter Doug McKelway attended the violent protests Saturday in Charlottesville, Virginia. McKelway told FOX News viewers the police pulled out of Lee Park after the violence started. The police told him, “We’re leaving. It’s too dangerous.”


This was after violent Antifa terrorists launched an attack on the white supremacists.

Despite reports Charlottesville police were ordered to stand down after Left-wing group Antifa crashed the ‘Unite the Right’ protest, Gov. McAuliffe praised local law enforcement’s efforts. ‘Our police did a magnificent job’ in Charlottesville, said Gov. McAuliffe.

Antifa & BLM: " Tear Down The University of Virginia!"

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When Thomas Jefferson died on July 4th, 1826, the 50th anniversary of our Declaration of Independence, he had left explicit instructions on what was to be engraved on his headstone: “Here was buried Thomas Jefferson, Author of the Declaration of American Independence, of the Statute of Virginia for religious freedom, and Father of the University of Virginia.” In his letter of instruction, Jefferson noted that “these, as testimonials that I have lived, I wish most to be remembered.” (Notably, there is no mention of his two presidential terms.)

Last October, a battle began brewing in Charlottesville — an effort to purge Thomas Jefferson from the University of Virginia he founded, because he had slaves on his Monticello plantation. Jefferson even fathered a child with one of those slaves, the half-sister of his deceased wife, Sally Hemings. (His brother)

Franklin Graham: 'Shame on Politicians' for Blaming Trump

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Shame on the politicians who are trying to push blame on President Trump for what happened in #Charlottesville, VA. That’s absurd. What about the politicians such as the city council who voted to remove a memorial that had been in place since 1924, regardless of the possible repercussions? How about the city politicians who issued the permit for the lawful demonstration to defend the statue?

And why didn’t the mayor or the governor see that a powder keg was about to explode and stop it before it got started? Instead they want to blame President Donald J. Trump for everything. Really, this boils down to evil in people’s hearts. Satan is behind it all. He wants division, he wants unrest, he wants violence and hatred. He’s the enemy of peace and unity. I denounce bigotry and racism of every form, be it black, white or any other. My prayer is that our nation will come together. We are stronger together, and our answers lie in turning to God. It was good to hear that several Virginia and Charlottesville leaders attended church today at Mt. Zion. CNN said, “The racial divides that fueled Saturday’s violence were replaced by unity Sunday…” Continue to pray for peace and for all those impacted by Saturday’s tragedies.

Genocide . . . not a word frequently heard in daily discourse.

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"Genocide is, simply put, the extermination of one group of people by another.

There are Ten Stages in Genocide, enumerated by the 'Expert' on the subject.

Dr George Stanton.  These stages may overlap or be concurrent but each is identifiable and categorized.  I'm not going to recite all that here, if you're really interested you can look it up.

My point this morning is that we are presently in the early stages of Genocide here in Good Ol' OOSAH.  That would be the extinction of white males as its object.  Not necessarily by blood, you can also extinguish a people by other means, such as emasculation, demonetization, delegitimizing, disenfranchising, or disfavor.

Destroying a people's culture leaves them adrift in a foreign sea, no rescue coming. You can work out how well that's going for yourself.

So the 'enemy' is identified - White males in general, white male conservatives in particular.  First stage accomplished.  The 'enemy' is ridiculed, insulted, demonized and dismissed.  Another stage well begun.  The 'enemy' is divided and separated, especially from the females of his society.  Check.  Denigrated, despised, denied, desperate, white men are FINALLY catching on, and getting pissed off.

So a couple of hundred go to Charlottesville to protest THEIR history be erased.

Attacked by the Soros' goon squads, the Media blames them, the old white guys who do cherish our history and heritage.  Stage ? Check!

An unholy alliance is breeding in the shadows, among the Millennial morons, well indoctrinated by their Marxist professors; viscious thugs of ISIS, BLM or MS13 stamp' Feminist fools, Commie, Queers, venal Politicians, and sleazy opportunists.

Soros money; Zuckerberg money; Bezos money; Hollywood money; LGBTQ money; all of them want you and me gone. Period."

Huckabee: Trump would still be criticized if he shot Charlottesville driver 'between the eyes'

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 Huckabee: Trump would still be criticized if he shot Charlottesville driver 'between the eyes'
"Away from the incessant and ubiquitous over-emoting and hand-wringing in the media, pertinent facts are evident: 

        + Whether you love them or hate them, the "UnitetheRight" group applied for and were granted a permit to march and freely express their views.  Most groups on the left seldom, or perhaps never, apply for such a permit; they just show whenever and wherever they please and ignore whatever rules they feel like ignoring. They go unchallenged.

        ++ While assembling to begin their rally, the "Unitetheright" group was physically assaulted with mace, sticks and bats, thrown objects, etc, by fascist lefty Antifa street thugs we've all become so familiar with.  To state the obvious; you do not see those on the right attempting, with or without physical violence, to shut down the speech of Black Lives Matter, Antifa, neo-Marxists, and other leftist-oriented hate groups.   That may change.

        +++ This is the new face of America; black hooded, fully-masked, leftist thugs who will use violence to shut down anyone/anything that does not comport with their radical world view. For them 'free speech' mean 'their speech'.....all other speech will be silenced. Unless checked, these actions to silence the speech of others will utterly destroy this nation's 230 year experiment in human liberty. If Kathy Griffin cannot mock-behead Donald Trump, or black/white racists cannot express their primordial views, America will have lost the right to free speech.  It will be just another despotic place where specifically 'authorized' speech is permitted.  America without the right to free speech, however ugly that speech is, will no longer be America. The stakes are that high.

        ++++ The fake media is and will be fixated on Neo-Nazi's, white supremacists, and other white identity groups which are, at best, of little consequence due to their minuscule numbers.   They will also defame Trump's decision to appropriately call for ending extremism on both sides, rather than just single out the white nationalists. They would have Trump ignore the violence precipitated by the leftists at Charlottesville. There is no problem with the left showing up to peacefully protest the march by the "Unitetheright" group, but that's not what happened.....they showed up to deny the marchers their right to march - and they decided to use force to make that happen.

All fair-minded clear-thinking Americans should realize the danger our nation is in, not from those fringe groups that almost no one agrees with, but from those who believe using violence to silence other Americans whom don't agree with is an acceptable way to act. 

The following short article incisively describes how political opportunists on the left and right, and in the fake news media are trying to capitalize on an American tragedy. Shame be upon them all."

Antifa attacks CBS 6 photojournalist in Richmond

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A New (cultural) Revolution is upon us. The next 12-24 months will determine our future. Liberty or tyranny. Lies or truth.

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Those who control the narrative control the truth.  Following Charlottesville, all must understand the broader context of current events – the conservative movement (not to be confused with media-created Alt-Right or white nationalists) desires the restoration of America's founding principles, as documented in the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Bill of Rights.

The principles of freedom are universal (all men) and are granted by God.  Our founding documents enshrined these rights, and were "exceptional" in their development and institutionalization. 

There is a counter-movement that seeks America's destruction and the imposition of a new covenant, predicated on the wisdom of man or, more particularly, a select group of men, who seek to manage the affairs of all man. 

Obama team was warned in 2014 about Russian interference

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Barack Obama is pictured here. | Getty Images

The Obama administration received multiple warnings from national security officials between 2014 and 2016 that the Kremlin was ramping up its intelligence operations and building disinformation networks it could use to disrupt the U.S. political system, according to more than half a dozen current and former officials.

As early as 2014, the administration received a report that quoted a well-connected Russian source as saying that the Kremlin was building a disinformation arm that could be used to interfere in Western democracies. The report, according to an official familiar with it, included a quote from the Russian source telling U.S. officials in Moscow, "You have no idea how extensive these networks are in Europe ... and in the U.S., Russia has penetrated media organizations, lobbying firms, political parties, governments and militaries in all of these places."


Ex-Teacher: Charlottesville Attack Suspect Rejected By Army on Mental Health Grounds.

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(PHOTO: Screenshot via CBS News/

The 20-year-old man accused of driving his car into a crowd of counter-protesters during a white nationalist rally Charlottesville, Va., had an “infatuation” with Adolf Hitler and Nazis, according to the suspect’s high school history teacher.

James Alex Fields Jr., 20, was arrested Saturday and charged with second-degree murder after he allegedly slammed his car into a group of people in downtown Charlottesville, killing 32-year-old Heather Heyer and injuring 19 others.

Derek Weimer said he was not surprised when authorities named Fields as the driver. Weimer, who taught history to Fields Jr. at Randall K. Cooper High School in Union, Ky., said he was quiet yet bright student who had “radical ideas on race.”

Black professor gets the difference between whites who are tired of being browbeaten and real racists

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vanderbilt professor carol swain white nationalism

Liberals are blaming President Trump for the rise of white nationalism, but a black professor says the movement started mushrooming 15 years before Trump became president.

Attorney and political scientist Dr. Carol Swain of Vanderbilt University predicted the rise of white nationalism in her 2002 book, “The New White Nationalism in America.”

“The rise of the new white nationalism occurred long before the election of President Donald Trump,” Swain told Fox News anchor Judge Jeanine Pirro.

Dr. Swain underscored that white nationalism is different from the racist white supremacy movement, even though the left-wing media and liberals purposely conflate the two.

“I distinguish it from white supremacy because the people who were involved [in the white nationalism movement] were more intellectual,” said Swain, a graduate of Yale Law School. “They were not espousing racial violence or using epithets, but they had grievances. They felt that white people’s rights were being trampled on and no one was speaking up or listening to their grievances.”

More with video @ Biz Pac Review

Allen West: Prosecute BLM & Antifa along with Nazis, no more cherry picking

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Like the majority of us, retired Lt. Col. Allen B. West was appalled at the violence he saw take place this past weekend at a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, VA.

Here are West’s thoughts on the subject.

He nails it!

From our friend Allen B. West: