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A Flag By Any Other Name 


5th Alabama Infantry


 There has been some discussion/speculation about the unusual lay out of the stars on the RVA I-95 Battle Flag. The flag, made especially for the RVA site, and special ordered weeks ago, is a replica of an Army of Northern Virginia, 3rd bunting issue battle flag. 


 I-95 Battle Flag Projects Supporter Sandy Kendall eloquently expressed his feelings about the flag chosen...
"Let me tell you why the ANV Battle Flag is Historically Accurate and what it means to me and my family now living in South Carolina.

In 1647 the seed to my Ancestral Links was Col. William Kendall who was not in the first ship that landed at York Town, Va. , but he was definitely in the second or third ship and after a short stay at York Town moved to Colonial Williamsburg where he became the First Chairman of the Virginia House of Burgess. Here he lived and raised a family. He and his sons and there sons and daughters carved the Colony of Virginia out of the Wilderness. They fought the Indians and the British under George Washington. The family continued to grow and migrated further into Virginia and the Land known as the "Old Dominion" .

Their sons fought the British again with Richard Lee to defend Washington, DC during the war of 1812. The family grew a d migrated again into what was to become North Carolina, Maryland and Pennsylvania. When the Tyrant Lincoln chose to send armed troops into the waters of Charleston, SC and ignored the Constitution by Suspending the Writ of Habias Corpus , implementing Martiall Law, and Nullified the Fist and Second Amendments, the Grandsons of the Virginians revolted and fought with Robert E. Lee. 


The family had spread throughout the South , to the Carolinas , Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Arkansas. When the Union invaded Virginia and sent troops to attack Richmond , the Capital of the New Confederacy, her President Jefferson Davis called for troops from every state in the Confederacy. 


The combined troops under General Beauregard were formed into the Army of Northern Virginia . A new flag was needed for the Battlefield for these soldiers as the First National Flag of the Confederacy looked to much like the Union Flag from a distance . Therefore General Beauregard ordered a new flag that was so brilliant that it stood out and was easily recognized and No one would have any trouble in knowing what soldiers were under this flag.

The flag had to be designed to be resistive to weather conditions so the flag was reduced to a square 4 ft X 4 ft flag with an Inch and a half Border known as Bunting. 

The flag also bore the cross of St Andrew the Patron Saint of Scotland for reason of his known defiance and stand against Tyranny. The Thirteen stars were added , one for each of the Thirteen States or Territories of the Confederacy. This Flag was to be known as the Soldiers Battle Flag of the Army of Northern Virginia and it represented further the unity of the Confederate States which had all sent their sons to Virginia to defend the Honor of their families unified under this most unique and distinctive Flag.


My family had members from each of those states fighting under this square ANV Battle Flag and many of them died on Virginia Soil to defend it. My ancestors from every Southern State shed their blood into the soil of VIRGINIA. 


We shall never forget them nor shall we forsake their sacred memory .


Thank you, Sandy. We wholeheartedly agree.  Although we would believe that ALL Confederate flags are honorable and worthy of display, we thought it appropriate that our first project, in the heart of the Commonwealth, should showcase the flag of the ANV.   LEST WE FORGET!

Susan Hathaway
Va Flaggers

American gun use is out of control. Shouldn't the world intervene?

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 guns, Henry Porter

Check out the picture they posted!:) Priceless.

Just try it, blithering idiot.

Last week, Starbucks asked its American customers to please not bring their guns into the coffee shop. This is part of the company's concern about customer safety and follows a ban in the summer on smoking within 25 feet of a coffee shop entrance and an earlier ruling about scalding hot coffee.

After the celebrated Liebeck v McDonald's case in 1994, involving a woman who suffered third-degree burns to her thighs, Starbucks complies with the Specialty Coffee Association of America's recommendation that drinks should be served at a maximum temperature of 82C.

Although it was brave of Howard Schultz, the company's chief executive, to go even this far in a country where people are better armed and only slightly less nervy than rebel fighters in Syria, we should note that dealing with the risks of scalding and secondary smoke came well before addressing the problem of people who go armed to buy a latte. There can be no weirder order of priorities on this planet.

More @  The Guardian

Canada allows veiled Muslim women to bypass airport security checks


 CANADA allows veiled Muslim women to bypass airport security checks

I mean, what’s the point of airport security? Really? Now the jihadi savages know that all they have to do is put on the veil and they will sail right through.

CANADA allows veiled Muslim women to bypass airport security checks BanIslam, September 15, 2013

 In Canada now, political correctness trumps security. Flying while Muslim means you won’t be forced to uncover your face or lift up your burqa before boarding a plane. Are we feeling safer yet?


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Glory, Halleluiah! Now to start with that here or ban them all preferably.  

Starting from this October (December in some countries), the Canadian government will have special requirements for travellers from specific countries, in other words most of these countries are Muslim. Now along with a passport and Visa, people travelling from countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Yemen, Nigeria, Albania, and Somalia will also have to give a finger print to Canadian Immigration, to ensure that multiple people are unable to enter Canada with the same Visa.

Muslims Killing All Non-Muslims: 39 dead in Westgate shopping terrorist attack

The religion of peace.  There is only one solution and coming here, I am sure.

III Christmas Stockings

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LA Police Gear Molle Elite Tactical Christmas Stocking 


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Congressman Wolf Demands FBI Punish Agents For CAIR Contact

Finally, pushback against the systemic infiltration of Muslim Brotherhood terror proxies in the US government. Not everyone is on the jihad payroll.

Join Congressman Frank Wolf in demanding punishment for conspiring with the enemies of the United States. Call your congressman.

We want hearings on infiltration of the USG by the Muslim Brotherhood. Read the Inspector General's report here.

Wolf Demands FBI Punish Agents For CAIR Contact IPT, September 19, 2013
On a day when the Council on American-Relations (CAIR) issued a report accusing its critics of bigotry, a Justice Department investigation reminds the public why CAIR does not merit the public's trust.
Inspector General Michael Horowitz found a series of incidents in which FBI field offices knowingly engaged in outreach activity with CAIR despite a 2008 policy banning non-investigative cooperation with the Islamist group. Only a summary of the report has been released publicly. The rest is considered classified, but has been made available to Congress.

More @ Atlas Shrugs

NC: The Military Betrays Women

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During a recent trip to Camp Lejeune, N.C., Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel met with 15 junior officers at the Marine Infantry School. He asked them about President Obama’s plans to assign women to Army and Marine infantry battalions, Special Operations Forces, and other “tip of the spear” fighting teams that conduct combat assaults.

According to the New York Times, Hagel got an earful. Staff sergeants worried that if women were assigned to combat, the high standards of the Marine Corps would have to be lowered, “family lives would suffer,” and rates of sexual assault and harassment would increase. When Secretary Hagel asked whether it was right to deny the opportunity to a woman who wants to join, a fearless captain replied, “I haven’t met a female Marine who is standing up and shouting, ‘I want to be infantry.’”

This must have been a shock, since the 15 Marines speaking to Hagel were not men; they were women. Similar opposition was registered when Military Times recently conducted an online survey asking active-duty female readers whether they would take a land-combat position if it were offered. Only 13 percent of the military women said yes, 9 percent weren’t sure, and a whopping 77 percent said no, they would not take a combat job.

Secretary Hagel and the Obama administration nevertheless are pushing forward with incremental plans to revoke all of women’s combat exemptions by January 2016. Once women are eligible for direct ground combat, federal courts are likely to force women into Selective Service registration and a possible future draft.

More @ NRO

Rand Paul's strategy to win White House: 'Entire youth vote could switch, if we know what we're doing

Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., has spelled out his strategy for the GOP to retake the White House.

If Paul runs for president, as is widely expected, he will likely try to attract new voters to the GOP side – particularly young voters – with his libertarian values.

“You can see the whole, entire youth vote could switch, if we know what we’re doing,” the senator confided to a gathering of the Liberty Political Action Conference. He then proceeded to explain how the GOP could capture the prized demographic.

Paul acknowledged Obama had the youth vote. But he said the president is losing it, and one big reason is the issue of privacy.

“If we want to get the youth vote, it’s not like we have to change our message. They don’t care so much about taxes or regulations – they don’t have much money to care about – but they’ve all got a cell phone. They’re all on the Internet, and they do care about whether the government should be looking at their every search on the Internet or listening to their phone calls or recording their phone records.”

More @ WND

Feds praise 'Islam's work for women's rights'

Want to see your tax dollars promoting Islam and giving Muslims at an Islamic school in New York an opportunity to complain that other people don’t understand them, don’t respect them and discriminate against them in restaurants?

Oh, and you’ll also learn that Islam gave women rights in the 7th century that women in the West had to live without until the 19th and 20th centuries.

Just tune in to the multimedia page at the website for the Women’s Rights National Historical Park.
The Schenectady, N.Y, attraction is a part of the National Park Service.  It highlights the campaign for women’s rights and has created a series of at least three videos with students from the local AnNur Islamic School.

The videos provide a forum for students to boast about Islam and complain about how they are treated. The students also express their beliefs about their own behavior and conduct.
And there’s the mention of women’s rights.

More @ WND

“Parents, you need to question these people!:” Shock video of dad arrested at school meeting after challenging Common Core

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If you haven’t read my column today on Jeb Bush’s latest Common Core snit fit, do it now.
Then, watch this:


Next, read this e-mail I received tonight from a parent in Baltimore County, Md:

More with another short video @ Michelle Malkin

NC: Atom Bomb Nearly Exploded Over North Carolina in 1961: UK Paper

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A U.S. atom bomb nearly exploded in 1961 over North Carolina that would have been 260 times more powerful than the device that devastated Hiroshima, according to a declassified document published in a British newspaper on Friday.

The Guardian newspaper said the document, obtained by investigative journalist Eric Schlosser under the Freedom of Information Act, gave the first conclusive evidence that the United States came close to a disaster in January 1961.

The incident happened when two Mark 39 hydrogen bombs were accidentally dropped over Goldsboro, North Carolina, after a B-52 bomber broke up in midair.

There has been persistent speculation about how serious the incident was and the U.S. government has repeatedly denied its nuclear arsenal put Americans’ lives at risk through safety flaws, the newspaper said.

But the newly published document said one of the two bombs behaved exactly in the manner of a nuclear weapon in wartime, with its parachute opening and its trigger mechanisms engaged. Only one low-voltage switch prevented a cataclysm.

Fallout could have spread over Washington, Baltimore, Philadelphia and even New York City, the paper said, threatening the lives of millions of people. 

More @ The Blaze

War Against Virginia’s Civilians

Mosby Monument
Lee’s grand army departed Gettysburg “dog-tired and hungry.” Poorly fed, they have existed on bread, berries and green apples and the horses eating grass, -- only after arriving at Culpepper did the men enjoy a cooked meal and the horses find loose corn.  The residents of Culpepper learned to fear the enemy as they found that its target was not only Lee’s army, but them as well.
Bernhard Thuersam, Chairman
North Carolina War Between the States Sesquicentennial Commission
"Unsurpassed Valor, Courage and Devotion to Liberty"
"The Official Website of the North Carolina WBTS Sesquicentennial"

War Against Virginia’s Civilians

August 4 [1863]:  Culpepper civilians are apprehensive again.  [General JEB] Stuart has not even enough men to protect them from the Federal raiders who seem to cross the Rappahannock at will.  Sally Armstrong’s family is still plagued by the blue devils. 

“Nothing but Yankees from morning to night,” she protested on July 29, “no signs of them leaving yet.”  She hears of how horribly the Federals have been treating people in Fauquier County, and lives “in dread of having the infantry come over and pillage.”  “Great anxiety we live in . . . our neighbors . . . have had almost every mouthful taken from them.”

[Nearby enemy regiments have] emboldened Culpepper slaves to dash toward Union lines all along the river, from Kelly’s Ford to Waterloo.  On one evening alone, about forty “children of Ham,” as [the enemy commander] calls them, moved within his picket lines . . . . Many of the boys and men will be hired by Federal officers as body servants, although some officers refuse under any circumstances to hire “wretched niggers.” 

Most have been mere field hands as slaves, complains one [Northern officer], and therefore are ignorant of the duties of a personal servant.  “To this ignorance,” he elaborates, “must be added the natural laziness, lying, and dirt of the Negro, which surpasses anything an ordinary white man is capable of.”  Not [all Northern troops] agree with this assessment . . . A member of the 20th New York Militia admires “the thousands” of contraband blacks laboring in [General] Meade’s camps as cooks, teamsters and servants . . . he informs his mother. He believes the blacks “as a class” exhibit more “native sense” than the majority of white Southerners. 

[Meade] makes no move [and many sense] that Meade is not yet comfortable as the army’s commander. Word has it that he nearly gave up the fight at Gettysburg after the second day, and he now seems overly deliberate and cautious. 

Meanwhile, Culpepper’s civilians hunker down. Captain Charles Francis Adams, Jr., commanding the Union picket force on the Hazel River . . .  knows that these people hate him and his men, but he understands the reason. He has witnessed daily “acts of pillage and outrage on the poor and defenceless” that make his “hair stand on end,” and cause him to “loathe all war.”  [His] Soldiers, usually under cover of darkness, break into homes, rifle closets and drawers, take what they like, and abuse and threaten their victims.  Some citizens are too terrified to sleep.  

“Poor Virginia!” laments Captain Adams.  “Her fighting men have been slaughtered; her old men have been ruined; her women and children are starving and outraged; her servants have run away or been stolen; her fields have been desolated; her towns have been depopulated.”

“The horrors of war are not all to be found in the battle-field,” he laments, “and every army pillages and outrages to a terrible extent.” 

“What shall I write for these times?” [Sally] asks her diary. “Yankees doing all conceivable wickedness.” “If God did not rule we would die in despair.  He only can help us.”

(Seasons of War, The Ordeal of a Confederate Community, 1861-1865, Daniel E. Sutherland, LSU Press, 1995, excerpts, pp. 269-276)

Patriots Defeat the Invincible Iron Armada

In early April 1863, a large number or Northern war correspondents were assigned to their fleet to cover the story of the glorious victory of the navy and capture of the seat of rebellion, Charleston.  It was not to be; the day following his defeat Admiral Samuel F. DuPont wrote “that a merciful Providence permitted me to have a failure, instead of a disaster.”
Bernhard Thuersam, Chairman
North Carolina War Between the States Sesquicentennial Commission
"Unsurpassed Valor, Courage and Devotion to Liberty"
"The Official Website of the North Carolina WBTS Sesquicentennial"

Patriots Defeat the Invincible Iron Armada

“On both sides of the harbor mouth the Confederate shore batteries were firing at long range: Fort Moultrie and Batteries Bee and Beauregard on the northern shore and Battery Gregg at Cummings Point on Morris Island.  [The] crisis of the battle had come; the entire force of the ironclad fleet except the flagship was concentrated on Fort Sumter. 

More than a hundred of the heaviest cannon ever used in the war were thundering together. The thick walls of and arches of Sumter trembled under the impact of the great fifteen-inch and eleven-inch shells; when at the moment of impact the shells burst, deep craters were blasted into the brick walls of the fort. 

Most of the [enemy] ships were hidden or half-hidden in smoke. [The Passaic had] retired . . . Her pilot-house had been wrecked and a cloud of steam was issuing from her deck. The Weehauken, too, seemed to be in trouble, her funnel . . . was riddled; her side armor was cracked and split.  The Nahant and the double-turreted Keokuk were sustaining the hottest fire of Sumter.  All round them the water seethed with the rain of projectiles.

[The Nahant’s turret was] impenetrable, but the heavy blows jammed it so that it could not revolve and her guns were rendered useless. Her steering gear apparently had also been disabled, for she was drifting helplessly . . . The Keokuk turned bow-on and headed straight for Sumter.  Immediately she received the concentric fire of all the fort’s guns that could be brought to bear.  Firing from her forward turret . . . she was hit repeatedly. Her eleven-inch bow-gun had been silenced; a solid shot crashed into her forward turret; a bolt from a Brooke rifle ripped open her hull ten feet from her stem and barely above the waterline.  Her headway slackened, then ceased; she drifted toward the fort under a hail of fire.

The guns of Sumter, served with almost perfect precision, were hammering her to death. Her sloping turrets were cracked and dented; her armored hull was torn and ripped, her funnel riddled.  With ninety wounds in her – all the high courage of her officers and crew made fruitless by the cool skill of Sumter’s gunner’s – the Keokuk, mortally-stricken, moved slowly out of the fight. 

The smoke cloud over Fort Sumter [was now] less dense [and clearly visible was] the Confederate flag at the top of its tall staff. Through a thin white veil of drifting smoke it shone like a flame.  There was a great hole through its red union with the stars of the Confederate States, but the blue flag of South Carolina at the western angle of the gorge was unscarred. 

The half-circle of [enemy] ironclads in front of the fort was shifting, breaking up. The battered Nahant, her steering gear repaired, was steaming slowly out of range.  The other monitors, still firing sullenly, were retiring [with orders] to withdraw.

[A shirtless, powder-blackened up-countryman sang] in a high cracked voice: “King Abraham is very sick, Dupont has got the measles, Old Sumter we have got it still, Pop goes the weasel.” Another man joined him, two more – half the battery.  They were singing madly, waving their caps. But now it was Dixie.

[The] order was to continue to firing as rapidly as accuracy permitted. Until they passed beyond extreme range, the retreating ironclads were pursued by the persistent Confederate shells.
[Dupont] got his flag-ship under way and followed his broken and beaten fleet. He was wondering perhaps . . . how Washington would receive the news that he had to give. Defeat instead of victory that had seemed so sure.  The invincible iron armada flung back from the gate of the hated city.  The vaunted Keokuk sinking, four other ships disabled.  The “Rebel” flag still flying over Sumter . . . “

(Look Back to Glory, Herbert Ravenel Sass, Bobbs-Merrill, 1961; A Tricentennial Anthology of South Carolina Literature, 1670-1970, Calhoun & Guilds, editors, USC Press, 1971, excerpts, pp. 465-470)

Knives: Mick Strider Documentary

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Al-Qaeda extremists have beheaded about 40 terrorists of the Free Syrian Army in Syria.

There are some interesting new reports from Syria. While some are shocking as usual, others are by far really interesting. For example, it seems that a group of Al-Qaeda-linked extremists have beheaded some 40 terrorists of the so-called “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) in Northern Syria as a gift for John Kerry, John McCain, and Barack Obama.

Simply said, as a present for the people who still lie about Syria and claim that the majority of the armed terrorist groups on Syrian soil would be “no extremists”. If beheading is no extremism, then… and not to mention the recent new study from Britain, which said that around 70 percent of the terrorists fighting in Syria are now already extremists and religious fanatics – certainly affiliated with Al-Qaeda or to groups with links to the terrorist organization of Al-Qaeda.

More @ Syria News

Moscow says 'nyet' to U.S. demands on Syria. Conflict could doom agreement intended to keep American missiles at bay


The recent Syria-endorsed agreement between the United States and Russia regarding chemical weapons in Syria may be in jeopardy even before the United Nations Security Council considers it.
It seems that both sides are adding requirements.

The U.S., Britain and France insist that the resolution under consideration by the Security Council include a commitment to the use of force if Syria does not comply with strict terms under which the U.S. put off military action.

The provision, however, assumes that the Syrian government was responsible for the Aug. 21 sarin chemical weapons attack on a Syrian opposition-held area on the outskirts of Damascus.

According to various sources, as many as 1,400 people were killed, including more than 400 children.
At the time of the attack, U.N. inspectors were in Syria to investigate a prior chemical weapons attack that had occurred last March in the major Syrian city of Aleppo.

Among the casualties were 26 civilians and 15 Syrian government troops. An initial U.N. investigation suggested strong evidence pointing to Islamic foreign forces of the Syrian opposition as the source of the poison gas attack.

The Russians, who insist the Syrian government had nothing to do with the Aug. 21 sarin attack, now have presented documentation of alleged Syrian opposition use of chemical weapons. And that could thwart passage of a Security Council resolution and jeopardize the U.S.-Russia agreement itself.

Now, Russia has signaled it might veto the Security Council if the demand for military action remains in the draft resolution. China, also a permanent member of the Security Council, has signaled that it, too, will veto the resolution.

More @ WND

Two top GOP leaders quit immigration group, blame Obama

 John Carter (left) and Sam Johnson are shown in this composite image. | AP Photos

Two leading Republicans have dramatically quit the House’s “Gang of Seven” immigration panel, likely dealing a crippling blow to President Barack Obama’s top-priority effort to push through an immigration rewrite.

The two legislators blamed Obama’s practice of not enforcing laws, including immigration enforcement laws.

“We have reached a tipping point and can no longer continue working on a broad approach to immigration,” said a statement from the two Texas Republicans, John Carter and Sam Johnson, who were working with four Democratic legislators to craft a bill to increase immigration.

“Instead of doing what’s right for America, President Obama time and again has unilaterally disregarded the U.S. Constitution, the letter of the law and bypassed the Congress — the body most representative of the people — in order to advance his political agenda,” they wrote.

“We will not tolerate it. Laws passed by Congress are not merely suggestions, regardless of the current atmosphere. … Laws are to be respected and followed by all — particularly by the Commander-in-Chief,” said the statement.

No pictures, please, she’s Hillary Clinton

Personally, I’d be fine with never seeing Hillary Clinton again for the rest of my life. But if she insists on pursuing a life in the public eye, it seems inevitable that people are going to take pictures of her.

Does that mean she gets to have her goons steal people’s private property and destroy their personal pictures? Apparently so.

Marc Caputo, Miami Herald:

NC : What Jefferson Termed “the Rightful Remedy.” Nullify Now!

Saturday, 19 October at the Raleigh Convention Center
Order Your Tickets Now for Nullify Now!  Go to

Headline Speakers:  Thomas E. Woods and Dr. Greg Brannon
Please make sure to mark your calendar and order tickets to attend the Nullify Now! Event next month, this is a great opportunity for NC LS members and friends to meet, converse with, and network with people who want a free and independently-minded North Carolina as we do.  The NC LS is a sponsor of the event along with Carolina Liberty PAC, Dr. Dan’s Freedom Forum, Silver Saver, Founders’ Truth, Dr. Greg Brannon (candidate for the US Senate seat of Socialist-Democrat Kay Hagan), Pundit House, Triangle Conservatives Unite, We The People, and the NC Libertarian Party.

It should be clear to all of our members why we are participating. We cannot even dream of a free and independent North Carolina, and the goals of the League of the South, if we do not control our own State and the those who represent us in Raleigh.  From our various grassroots locations all around North Carolina, we must work with and influence other groups to help us achieve our goals and elect representatives who will think “North Carolina First,” protect the interest of this State above all else, and sternly inform the federal agent in Washington of the limits of their strictly enumerated powers under the United States Constitution.  Once we achieve this, all else falls into place.

Again, please come to the event with friends and family, visit and help us at the NC LS Information table – we need to spread the word about our sovereign State and independence from an overbearing DC.  Feel free to contact me with your thoughts.
Bernhard Thuersam
NC LS State Chair

DC Mass Shooting Prompts Surprising Gun Control Reactions



Americans have strong reactions following the terrible mass shooting at the Washington, DC Navy Yard on Monday – but not necessarily in the way you might think … 
  • Despite this week’s mass shooting, support for stricter gun control continues to fall, and opposition is at its highest level in over a year.
  • Following the Connecticut school shootings in December, more than half of women supported stricter gun control laws. Following the DC shootings, female support for tougher gun laws is down 15 points, while
More @ Rasmussen


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Birth of an Inflammatory Gun Term: ‘Law Enforcement-Style Shotgun’

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Trump this.

Reader Don N. writes:

Have you noticed the new moniker “law-enforcement-style shotgun”? I know you used it on TTAG earlier, but I think we are seeing a new piece of propaganda being born. I’ve seen it repeated in several articles the past few days. Propaganda trends are neat and if we expose them, then people may take offense to the propagandizers’ attempts at manipulating their perspectives . . .

The anti-gun media recognized their mistake calling a magazine a “clip” too late. Our response:

“These are two distinct and different pieces of equipment – shows how much you know.”  But they couldn’t just switch the terminology they already invested in, because that may confuse the audience they were propagandizing, so now we have the new moniker, “magazine-clip”.  I’ve seen the ubiquity of this term increase rapidly over the past several months among the anti-gun media and politicians. It’s an attempt to counter the “shows how much you know” response while at the same time not losing their propaganda investment in the word “clip”.

A long time ago we had rifles, lever rifles, bolt action rifles and semi-automatic rifles. We then began to have “service rifles” and “battle rifles” and later “assault rifles”.  All technical terms with specific meanings. Then the propagandizers chose (out of malicious intent, ignorance or both) to call our semi-autos “assault rifles”.  We pointed out that they weren’t “assault rifles” and why they aren’t any more special or capable compared to other semi-automatic rifles. “Shows how much you know, again”.

But they’d already invested greatly in the propaganda, telling people that these were the same weapons the military uses. And to counter our “shows how much you know,” they coined the mew moniker, “military-style assault rifles”.

More @ TTAG