Saturday, September 21, 2013

NC : What Jefferson Termed “the Rightful Remedy.” Nullify Now!

Saturday, 19 October at the Raleigh Convention Center
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Headline Speakers:  Thomas E. Woods and Dr. Greg Brannon
Please make sure to mark your calendar and order tickets to attend the Nullify Now! Event next month, this is a great opportunity for NC LS members and friends to meet, converse with, and network with people who want a free and independently-minded North Carolina as we do.  The NC LS is a sponsor of the event along with Carolina Liberty PAC, Dr. Dan’s Freedom Forum, Silver Saver, Founders’ Truth, Dr. Greg Brannon (candidate for the US Senate seat of Socialist-Democrat Kay Hagan), Pundit House, Triangle Conservatives Unite, We The People, and the NC Libertarian Party.

It should be clear to all of our members why we are participating. We cannot even dream of a free and independent North Carolina, and the goals of the League of the South, if we do not control our own State and the those who represent us in Raleigh.  From our various grassroots locations all around North Carolina, we must work with and influence other groups to help us achieve our goals and elect representatives who will think “North Carolina First,” protect the interest of this State above all else, and sternly inform the federal agent in Washington of the limits of their strictly enumerated powers under the United States Constitution.  Once we achieve this, all else falls into place.

Again, please come to the event with friends and family, visit and help us at the NC LS Information table – we need to spread the word about our sovereign State and independence from an overbearing DC.  Feel free to contact me with your thoughts.
Bernhard Thuersam
NC LS State Chair

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