Saturday, September 21, 2013

Rand Paul's strategy to win White House: 'Entire youth vote could switch, if we know what we're doing

Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., has spelled out his strategy for the GOP to retake the White House.

If Paul runs for president, as is widely expected, he will likely try to attract new voters to the GOP side – particularly young voters – with his libertarian values.

“You can see the whole, entire youth vote could switch, if we know what we’re doing,” the senator confided to a gathering of the Liberty Political Action Conference. He then proceeded to explain how the GOP could capture the prized demographic.

Paul acknowledged Obama had the youth vote. But he said the president is losing it, and one big reason is the issue of privacy.

“If we want to get the youth vote, it’s not like we have to change our message. They don’t care so much about taxes or regulations – they don’t have much money to care about – but they’ve all got a cell phone. They’re all on the Internet, and they do care about whether the government should be looking at their every search on the Internet or listening to their phone calls or recording their phone records.”

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