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Virginia Flaggers Call To Action: Defend the Honor of Robert E. Lee!

"Blessed be the Lord my strength, which teacheth my hands to war and my fingers to fight" Psalm 144:1 A Psalm of David, and a favorite of General Robert Edward Lee. 

As many of you are probably aware, a group of 7 minority Law students at Washington and Lee University have issued a list of demands to W&L University officials, which include the removal of Confederate Battle Flags from the LEE Chapel, prohibiting the Sons of Confederate Veterans from holding a Memorial Service in the LEE Chapel on the Lee-Jackson holiday, and denouncing the character of Robert E. Lee.

Unique Ax Uses Physics to Make Wood Chopping Smarter, Not Harder


The heavier the ax head, the easier the wood chopping will be. Right?

Not necessarily. This ax seems to defy the laws of physics, but the metal is actually manipulated perfectly to create a better chopping surface.

The Finnish design balances the ax head with a piece of metal that forces it to the right after impact, assisting with the wood-splitting action.
“Yes, axes have existed since time immemorial, but apparently there’s still room for improvement,” Geek reported.

We agree. Splitting a log requires a more force than you might imagine, and Finnish inventor Heikki Kärnä created an ax that works more as a splitter, lever and wedge all at once.

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'Mystery man' requested IRS prosecute conservatives

The IRS scandal now has a mystery figure – someone in a position of great power who requested the targeting of conservative groups.

The congressional committee leading the investigation into the IRS abuse scandal obtained a bombshell email from a Justice Department employee to an IRS official that says, “I have been asked to run something by you.”

The “something” is the possibility of criminally investigating conservative groups, the “you” is former IRS tax-exempt division chief Lois Lerner, and the email was sent by Justice Department employee Richard Pilger, director of the Election Crimes Branch of the Public Integrity Section.

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The Abolitionist Modus Operandi

In questioning the actions of fanatic abolitionists the author below asks: “What measures have they taken to persuade or win [planters] to their views?  They have trampled upon his      rights . . . denounced him in the vilest billingsgate the language can afford – excited his slaves to discontent, and endangered his life [and his family].  Are not these most winning persuasive to abolition!”  The abolitionists offered no practical and peaceful solutions to slavery, only fire, sword, and desolation.
Bernhard Thuersam, Chairman
North Carolina War Between the States Sesquicentennial Commission
"Unsurpassed Valor, Courage and Devotion to Liberty"
"The Official Website of the North Carolina WBTS Sesquicentennial"

The Abolitionist Modus Operandi

“The great engine by which the abolitionists expect to effect their designs, is agitation – not reason – not argument – not candid appeals to the patriotism and common sense of our people – but agitation of popular prejudices and passions. 

The first effort is to raise a party in the North.  They admit, for they cannot deny, that the North can, under the present Constitution, have no control over the institutions of the South.  Why then agitate it? Why seek to excite in the North feelings of aversion and hostility against the South? 

No good motive can prompt a course so indirect and unnecessary. This policy is pursued for the purpose of perverting the sentiments and feelings of the North, souring its affection for the South, cooling its attachment to the Union, and urging it into a course designed to force the South into emancipation. 

The North also . . . does not apprehend the fiery indignation of a people whose lives are endangered by their reckless agitation. [They] mix and prepare their poisons; may arrange their magazine of incendiary weapons; and send forth their publications through the South, on their errand of [slave] insurrections and death.

They are heroic men, -- but not sufficiently heroic to perpetrate their offences in person. They are philanthropic, -- but dare not visit the slaves and minister to their alleged wants upon the spot. They are determined to “war until death with the tyrants of the South,” – but it is not part of their philosophy to meet their foe in the face of day; they war with poison or in the dark. 

They are vastly pious, they quote scripture with peculiar unction, and repeat incessantly divine command – “go unto all nations.” But they take the liberty of modifying the command, and read it, “SEND unto all nations.”

In attempting to operate on the South, they tell us that their object is to [a]waken the conscience of the slave-holder. How they can expect, by endangering the life of the slave-holder, and the security of his family, by exciting his indignation and fears, and irritating him to madness, to gain his confidence and sway his convictions, it is impossible for us to imagine. 

Their operations are prosecuted through the medium of the post-office.  They thus avoid expense, and make the nation pay for the transportation of their incendiary pamphlets. The arteries of the body politic are thus made to disseminate those poisons which are designed to destroy it.  The propriety of such a course has never been doubted by the abolitionists – honesty being a virtue altogether beneath the consideration of such exalted philanthropists. 

They, conscientious men, do not violate the laws in person; but throw the offence upon the unconscious carrier of the mail. This might disturb the ethics of some people, but the violation of law is, with the fanatics, a praiseworthy act, where the motives of the offender are so pure and lofty.

The abolitionists have disclaimed a desire to excite insurrection among the slaves. If a man should thrust a lighted torch into a powder magazine, he would find it difficult to convince the world that he did not design to produce an explosion.  We have presented sufficient [examples] to satisfy the candid reader, that the abolitionists, so far from entertaining a repugnance to insurrection, have directed their efforts to that object, and pursued a course which has, and can have, no other motive.”

(The South Vindicated from the Treason and Fanaticism of the Northern Abolitionists, William Drayton, H. Manly, 1836, pp. 172-174; 186; 188)    

Senate GOP Candidate Launches Powerful "Pro-life" Ad

'Militia' Groups Fear They've Been Infiltrated by Feds at Bundy Ranch

It’s 1860 In Nevada–the War of Northern Aggression Moves To the Far West

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One thing all of us, Southern folks, Western folks, all sincere folks, had best get firmly implanted into our “thinking caps” is that this administration is at war with the American people. They have orders to tear this country down and they are not about to let a ragtag group of Cowboys or Confederates or whoever, deter them from that agenda. They will remove their opposition any way they have to, lawful, illegal, or otherwise. This is what we are dealing with folks. We’d better get used to it.

Woman bites off pit bull's ear to save 2-year-old daughter from dog attack

First commericial deep sea mine

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First seabed mine to go ahead as Nautilus solves dispute with PNG

Canadian seafloor miner Nautilus Minerals (TSX:NUS), which won the first lease to mine the ocean floor for gold and copper, said Thursday it has resolved a long-dragged dispute with Papua New Guinea.

The deal, said Nautilus, allows its Solwara 1 gold, copper and silver underwater project to finally move towards production.

Under the agreement, the PNG government paid Nautilus $7 million, which entitles it to a 15% stake in the project, with an option to increase it by another 15% in the next 12 months.

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“We Eliminated The Threat.”


Almost four years ago, Paul and David Medawar and their employees were subjected to a terrifying mid-day armed robbery of their jewelry store.

After that incident, they obtained weapons training from their local sheriff, and they were prepared when another group of criminals attempted a similar robbery.

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New York Times Propaganda Photos on Ukraine Exposed


A day after the New York Times published a front-page report purporting to show the involvement of Russian Special Forces in protests in east Ukraine, its report, titled “Photos Link Masked Men in East Ukraine to Russia,” has been exposed as a blatant fabrication.

The Times printed low-resolution pictures of fighters—allegedly wearing Russian insignia while in Georgia, and then later as protesters in east Ukraine—asserting they were the same men, thus proving the existence of an armed Russian intervention in Ukraine. It was based on a crude trick first noted by a commenter on a link posted on Reddit. The photos in the Times were down-sampled versions of higher-resolution images circulating online, which show that the men in the different pictures are in fact not the same.

Images from the New York Times with text and captions:

Louisiana Creates Database of Citizens Who Represent “A Risk to the State”

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Information hub would detect potential future criminals and allow government to “intervene”

Authorities in Louisiana are compiling a database of information on every citizen in order to identify people who are “a risk to the state,” as well as pinpointing future criminals in an effort to allow the state to “intervene in that person’s life”.

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Rick Perry: 'It's a Promise' Texas Will Stand Against BLM

 Image: Rick Perry: 'It's a Promise' Texas Will Stand Against BLM

Texas Gov. Rick Perry says his state's Attorney General Greg Abbott wasn't making a dare against the federal government over a land rights dispute; it was a promise.

"He is on the right side of this issue, not just for the people of the State of Texas, he's on the right side of this issue from the private property rights standpoint," Perry said Wednesday on Fox News Channel's "Your World with Neil Cavuto."

"I don't think Americans want to see another one of these exhibitions from the federal government of them coming in with armed troops over an issue that ought to be taken care of with a little common sense," Perry told guest host Stuart Varney.

"I am about ready to go to the Red River and raise a 'Come and Take It' flag to tell the feds to stay out of Texas," Brietbart Texas reported Abbott as saying.

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Russia: Swearing in films banned by lower house

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Still from "Garage"

The Russian parliament's lower house has passed a bill that bans swearing from films, music and other works of art, it's been reported.

The measure would impose fines for swearing in films, plays, concerts and shows, the Itar-Tass news agency reports. In addition, members of the public could face penalties of up to 2,500 roubles (£42; $70) for swearing in public and officials would have to pay double.

The bill says a panel of experts will decide exactly what counts as a swear word. If the measure is approved by the upper house, it will be signed into law by President Vladimir Putin and take effect on 1 July 2014.

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Charles Bukowski

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