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NC Sheriff: 'You better be able to take care of business before we get there'

Shootings and killings barely make the news in major American cities, but in a rural county outside of Raleigh, North Carolina, residents are alarmed by a recent wave of violent crime and they’re looking for answers from their sheriff.

Harnett County Sheriff Larry Rollins didn’t hesitate to give a straight answer. When called upon at a prayer vigil Monday night, he urged them to get armed and get serious about defending their homes.

“Even though I’m a cop, I don’t go anywhere without a gun,” he told about 130 residents who gathered at a local church to discuss and pray about a string of shootings that have left several people dead or injured over the past two weeks. “I want my deputies to get there just as fast as they possibly can if you’ve got a problem. But you better be able to take care of business before we get there if you need to protect your family.”

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Meet a Town That's Had Enough of Militarized Policing

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Barry Township PD

Barry Township, Michigan, with a population of about 4,000, has four full-time police officers, four part-time officers, two Humvees, two armored personnel carriers (free, courtesy of the Defense Department's 1033 program)—and, until recently, about three dozen unpaid but armed and empowered reserve police officers patrolling the streets. All those cops need to find something to do with themselves, and many of the people of Barry Township are more than a bit bent out of shape that they've been on the receiving end of that something.

Writes L.L. Brasier of the Detroit Free Press:

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HSLDA:Navigating the Common Core Maze: An Interview with Will Estrada & Discussion


You may have heard about the Common Core Curriculum Standards. But what do they actually mean for you and your family? This week on Home School Heartbeat, our guest Will Estrada explains how Common Core is changing education in the United States—and how you can prepare your children to deal with those changes. “The Common Core is just not what our country needs. Homeschooling, individualized education, and parental involvement in education—that’s what our country needs.”—Will Estrada

 A homeschool graduate from Pennsylvania, Will began working for HSLDA in January, 2004 as a legal assistant to Staff Attorney Scott Woodruff. After graduating from Oak Brook College of Law with his J.D., he moved on to direct HSLDA’s Federal Relations department and to serve as HSLDA’s federal lobbyist. As HSLDA’s representative on Capitol Hill, Will uses his passion for homeschooling to advocate for all homeschoolers before Congress and the federal departments. He has testified before Congress and met with senior officials from federal agencies and the executive branch.

From October 2007 through December 2012, Will served as the director of Generation Joshua, a division of HSLDA, where he worked with young people who are passionate about making a difference in politics. He oversaw a doubling of Generation Joshua’s membership, an increase in local clubs, and an expansion of Generation Joshua’s reach and effectiveness. In July 2011, he also took on lobbying for ParentalRights.org as the organization’s director of federal relations, where he advocates before Congress for the Parental Rights Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. He is a member of the California bar. Will and his wife Rachel, who is also a homeschool graduate as well as an accomplished portrait artist, and their son Dominic reside in northern Virginia.


Common Core: Uncommon Dilemma

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"We're Giving Away A Ruger Mini-14"


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The Snake Oil Willie Band: I Don't Look Good Naked Anymore

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Second US Ebola Patient, Treated With ZMapp Experimental Drug, Leaves For Atlanta

 Ebola outbreak

Dr. Kent Brantly, who is being treated with an experimental drug for the Ebola virus at Atlanta's Emory University Hospital, will soon be joined by the second American to have contracted the virus.

The drug ZMapp, made by Mapp Biopharmaceutical Inc., of San Diego, has been identified as a potential treatment for the disease but had never been tested on a human until now. The second patient, Nancy Writebol, who left for Atlanta from Monrovia, Liberia, on Tuesday, has started recovering from the disease after receiving two doses of the drug before leaving for the U.S., according to the Associated Press, or AP. ZMapp was developed by a long-running research program supported by the U.S. government and its military.

Why Won't Obama Just Leave Ukraine Alone


President Obama announced last week that he was imposing yet another round of sanctions on Russia, this time targeting financial, arms, and energy sectors. The European Union, as it has done each time, quickly followed suit.

These sanctions will not produce the results Washington demands, but they will hurt the economies of the US and EU, as well as Russia.

These sanctions are, according to the Obama administration, punishment for what it claims is Russia's role in the crash of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, and for what the president claims is Russia's continued arming of separatists in eastern Ukraine. Neither of these reasons makes much sense because neither case has been proven.

The administration began blaming Russia for the downing of the plane just hours after the crash, before an investigation had even begun. The administration claimed it had evidence of Russia's involvement but refused to show it. Later, the Obama administration arranged a briefing by "senior intelligence officials" who told the media that "we don't know a name, we don't know a rank and we're not even 100 percent sure of a nationality," of who brought down the aircraft.

So Obama then claimed Russian culpability because Russia's "support" for the separatists in east Ukraine "created the conditions" for the shoot-down of the aircraft. That is a dangerous measure of culpability considering US support for separatist groups in Syria and elsewhere. 

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ISIS militant announces his marriage to terrified 7-year old in occupied city in Syria


A kafir has no human value in Islam. They can be exploited for their skills, for sex, for slavery, for anything – or just be killed off. Muslims believe they have great rewards in heaven for killing kafirs.

The photo was published on twitter by a Muslim user (@Fadel_alHadidi) and profess to be an ISIS militant marrying a 7-year old kafir in occupied minority district of either Mosul or Syria (source and image is unconfirmed). When a forced conversion takes place, the victim is  first be forced to recite the Quran to make the pedo-marriage halal according to Sharia law.

Chris McDaniel: I Beat Thad Cochran by 25,000 Votes


Six weeks after the primary runoff election, Mississippi State Sen. Chris McDaniel is launching his formal legal challenge of the election results, saying the evidence is so conclusive that he will be calling for courts to recognize him as the true victor of the race rather than calling for a new election.

“Chris McDaniel clearly, clearly won the Republican vote in the runoff,” McDaniel attorney Mitch Tyner said at a Monday press conference. “I say that very assuredly because that’s what the mathematics show. It’s not what I’m arguing. After the election, we did some post-election polling.

We determined that of the Democrats that did cross over, 71 percent of them admitted they will not support the Republican in the general election. When you take those polling numbers and you go in and do the mathematical regressions, you can see that Chris McDaniel clearly won the runoff by 25,000 votes.”

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6 Tested in NYC Tested for Ebola; News Withheld from Public


CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta spoke about six patients in New York City that were tested for Ebola and one who had recently traveled to Africa that is undergoing tests for the Ebola virus on Monday’s broadcast of “Wolf.” Gupta said, “I would guess by tomorrow sometime we'll have a better idea” what malady the individual has.

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Interest in MH17 Fades as Sanctions & War Edge Closer

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It is abundantly clear that a truthful resolution to the tragedy of the downed Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 was never the goal of Washington, London, and Brussels. Citing baseless accusations surrounding the tragedy, the West has leveled a series of incrementally expansive sanctions against Russia while using the tragedy to justify increased military support for Kiev's military forces even as they wage total war against their own population including the use of ballistic missiles, airstrikes, artillery barrages, and tanks. Clearly the goal then was to exploit the air disaster as long as possible before the truth began to emerge - and when that truth did emerge, to ensure the subject of MH17 altogether faded from the collective consciousness of the general public.

Surely if the facts surrounding the disaster tallied with Washington, London, and Brussel's initial and baseless accusations, it would make the subsequent moves by the West to sanction Russia while propping up the regime in Kiev, Ukraine, all the more poignant. Instead, the West appears to be intentionally playing down the actual investigation and pushing forward its gains made - wrought from the tragedy and hailed as a "game changer" in a conflict the West was decidedly losing.

As the Truth Trickles Out...

“No Evil Can Equal a Return to Federal Control”


Despite General Joe Johnston’s capitulation in May 1865, the War Between the States still raged until 1877 when Northern troops finally were withdrawn in exchange for the unopposed ascendance of “His Fraudulency,” President Rutherford B. Hayes.  General Wade Hampton argued below that surrendering to the North in 1865 would not preclude further suffering of the Southern people.
Bernhard Thuersam, Chairman
North Carolina War Between the States Sesquicentennial Commission
"Unsurpassed Valor, Courage and Devotion to Liberty"
"The Official Website of the North Carolina WBTS Sesquicentennial"

“No Evil Can Equal a Return to Federal Control”

“On April 19, Hampton, seeking a way to avoid surrender of a remnant of the Confederate forces, wrote a letter to [President Jefferson] Davis:

“My Dear Sir:  Having seen the terms upon which it is proposed to negotiate [for capitulation], I trust that I may be pardoned for writing to you in relation to them . . . There are now not less than 40,000 to 50,000 men in arms on this side of the Mississippi [River].  On the other side are many more . . . If we keep any organization, however small in the field we give Europe the opportunity of aiding us.  The main reason urged for negotiation is to spare the infliction of any further suffering on the people. 

Nothing can be more fallacious than this reasoning. No suffering which can be inflicted by the passage over the [Confederacy] of the [Federal] armies can equal what would fall on us if we return to [Federal control]. 

We shall have to pay the debt incurred by the [Federal Government] in this [invasion], and we shall live under a base and vulgar tyranny.  No sacrifice would be too great to escape this train of horrors, and I think it far better for us to fight to the extreme limit of [the Confederacy], rather than to reconstruct the [Southern States] upon any terms.

If I had 20,000 mounted men here I could force Sherman to retreat in twenty days.  Give me a good force of cavalry and I will take them across the Mississippi [River] – and if you desire me to go in that direction it will give me great pleasure to escort you.  I am sorry that we paused to negotiate, for to my apprehension, no evil can equal that of a return to [Federal control].  If you allow me to do so, I can bring to your support many men strong arms and brave hearts – Men who will fight to Texas, and will seek refuge in Mexico, rather than in the [conquered States].  Very Respectively Yours, Wade Hampton.”

Hampton wrote a second letter to Jeff Davis on April 22, making the same plea, and adding, “Wish to see you as soon as convenient.” On April 22 Hampton and [General] Joe Wheeler traveled to Charlotte by train.  Biographer Edward Longacre would describe the meeting: 

“The President and his generals thrashed out the details of the [plan Hampton had proposed, which Wheeler supported and which the President viewed as the only way to keep alive the dream of Southern (States] independence. Late in the afternoon, when Hampton and Wheeler left to rejoin their commands, they carried authorization from Davis to form an escort not only by recruiting volunteers, but by impressing horses, weapons and other needed resources.”

(Bloodstains, Volume 4, Political Reconstruction and the Struggle for Healing, Howard Ray White, Howard Ray White Publishing, 2012, pp. 34-35)  

WAPO Cartoon Causing Uproar Amongst Conservatives – I Think There’s Some Truth To It

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I’m not offended by this cartoon. I like it.

Obama is a thug, just like Trayvon.

He’s from a broken home, interested in getting high, doesn’t follow laws he doesn’t want to follow, skulks in shadows, takes lots of selfies, has been elevated to sainthood for absolutely no good reason, has a fat racist girlfriend, and is more dangerous than his “angelic” pictures the media tries to foist on the public.

So, what happened that night?

Empty prisons and we're sending illegal aliens to hotels.....?

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After reading the recent story about a "correctional officer" intimidating a network news reporter for accidentally filming an empty prison at Wilton, NY, I googled "empty prison."

As it turns out, there are several around the USA.

Coalinga, CA has an empty facility on 19 acres that once housed 570 state inmates, in a state that claims that its prisons are overcrowded.  (CA has a program for early release of nonviolent offenders to alleviate "overcrowding" while not allowing transfers to less crowded facilities out of state).  The 1,600-capacity federal facility at Thompson, IL has received $53 million to “renovate, reopen and staff” but is still empty.  Brush, CO has one that’s been empty since 2010.  Bayview Correctional Center in Chelsea, New York City is said to be available for redevelopment, but it’s still empty.

Overcrowding is not the trend.  Crime rates are down, and prisoner populations are down.  Those are the reasons cited by New York officials for their plan to close four prisons.  What seems odd is that the buildings will not be sold or redeveloped – merely “closed,” to save money on staffing.  So more empty prisons. 

Russia's tank biathlon world championship kicks off outside Moscow

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Mongolian team competes at the tank biathlon outside Moscow

It was meant to be a celebration of peace, love and tanks as former cold war foes raced through obstacles and fired at targets.

Instead, Russia's tank biathlon world championship, which started on Monday at testing grounds outside Moscow, featured teams from the former USSR and its allies but no Nato countries. The competition follows a new low in relations with the US and European Union, which last week introduced "tier-three" sanctions against sectors of Russia's economy over the Ukraine crisis.

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U.S. General Is Killed in Attack at Afghan Base, Officials Say

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A gunman dressed as an Afghan soldier killed a United States Army major general and wounded a German brigadier general and at least 14 other foreign and Afghan military service members on Tuesday at a military training academy on the outskirts of Kabul, officials of the American-led coalition said Tuesday. The major general appeared to be the highest-ranking member of the American military to die in hostilities overseas since the Vietnam War.

The coalition officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said a senior Afghan commander also was among the wounded. The officials declined to identify any of the victims by name. The identity of the gunman was not disclosed, either.

The German military confirmed that one of its brigadier generals serving in Afghanistan was among 15 coalition-led troops wounded in the shooting, described as “presumably an internal attack.” The general was being treated for his injuries, which were not life-threatening, the Germans said in a statement.

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Retired British teacher 'beaten, raped and stabbed to death' at remote safari lodge she ran in South Africa

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Farm: Mrs Robinson bought the idyllic Rra Ditau Lodge, near the border with Botswana, 12 years ago 
    Christine Robinson, 59, was found in a wing of the rural Rra-Ditau Lodge 

    Police are searching for a farm worker in connection with her death

    Mrs Robinson, originally from Liverpool, bought the idyllic farm 12 years ago

    Her husband died two years ago, but she decided to stay in South Africa

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NC: Mr. Percy's Run

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Mr. Joshua Percy Flowers is second only to Ava Gardner in notoriety anywhere near Johnston County, North Carolina. The Saturday Evening Post declared Flowers “King of the Moonshiners” in 1958, when it is estimated he was earning one million dollars annually in untaxed revenue from the sale of white liquor up and down the East Coast. He was also one “helluva fox hunter.” This film attempts to cover the ground between the two pursuits and reveal a picture of the man apart from the legends

Hollow Point Ammunition: A Basic Rationale

 It's the only way to go.

NOTE: This article is intended to be a basic rationale for the use of hollow point ammunition. It is not an exhaustive, ballistics-tested study on ammunition/bullet effectiveness.

My recent article on the plight of Shaneen Allen, a 27 year-old medical professional and mother of two arrested for possession of a handgun and hollow point ammunition in New Jersey raised quite a bit of commentary on hollow point ammunition restrictions. Allen was merely visiting New Jersey when stopped for a minor traffic violation. She politely informed the officer she had a handgun in her glove compartment, and her concealed carry license in Pennsylvania availed her nothing. She is facing up to ten years in prison . . .

New Jersey law doesn’t absolutely ban hollow points, but makes it virtually impossible to use them for self-defense outside the home. One may own hollow points in their home or property, but only “sportsmen” are allowed to transport them, but their guns must be unloaded and the ammunition removed and kept separate, and even in some circumstances, locked up. In addition, one must go straight to and from their range or hunting area and have a valid hunting license. The New Jersey State Police have a helpful article on the issue available here.

In other words, in the name of public safety, New Jersey makes the use of the most effective and safe handgun ammunition all but impossible outside the home, particularly for self-defense, and actually endangers the public. The laws are so convoluted and nonsensical that most people would be wise to avoid hollow points–even gun ownership–entirely. No doubt, that’s what New Jersey politicians intend.

Why are such draconian restrictions on hollow point ammunition dangerous?