Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Retired British teacher 'beaten, raped and stabbed to death' at remote safari lodge she ran in South Africa

Via Nancy

Farm: Mrs Robinson bought the idyllic Rra Ditau Lodge, near the border with Botswana, 12 years ago 
    Christine Robinson, 59, was found in a wing of the rural Rra-Ditau Lodge 

    Police are searching for a farm worker in connection with her death

    Mrs Robinson, originally from Liverpool, bought the idyllic farm 12 years ago

    Her husband died two years ago, but she decided to stay in South Africa

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  1. I am going to sound racist but the truth is the truth. This is just another example of what Africa now is. Name me one black nation that is better off today then when they overthrew the white colonist’s rule. The fact is none are better today than under white rule. South Africa was a jewel of a country lots of jobs, industry and a booming economy. Look at South Africa today it is a shit hole where you do not leave home without an armed escort and bulletproof vehicle. Under white rule, every one of the nations now free supported themselves with robust agriculture and industries. Look at them today. Every one of those countries took a thriving nation and economy and turned them into hellholes. Not one of those nations should need any aid they all have the natural resources to be thriving nations. They just need the right leadership to make that happen.