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Egyptian Democratic Coalition Responds to Obama

The National Salvation Front, a coalition of pro-democratic and secular parties in Egypt, set out its objections to remarks made by President Barack Obama Thursday on the escalating violence in Egypt.

Led by Ahmed Said of the Free Egyptians Party, the group issued the following letter:

"Like most Egyptians, we listened with attention to your statement on Egypt's latest developments. As representatives of the non-Islamic political forces in Egypt, we believe in the same fundamental values on which the U.S. was founded. Be we also have 7,000 years of civilization and history that give us a special identity that we are fighting to keep since the Muslim Brotherhood came to power.

"Let us first inform you about who the Muslim brothers are: They’re an unlawful organization operating outside the realm of Egyptian law, receiving foreign funding and laundering money in a flagrant breech of international law. Their aim is to rule the world through a so-called Islamic Caliphate as they believe in their absolute supremacy.

"They pretend they are God’s emissaries and they will not rest until they have forced the whole world into submission. For them, Egypt is the launching pad to achieve their fascist dream. Their international reach spans the globe and they command the hearts and minds of many unsuspecting politicians. They have used deceit, soft speeches, international funds and whenever required, violence,  to impose their will.

"The rule of (deposed President Mohammed) Morsi showed how in less than a year they abused the people, reneged on their promises and overturned the rule of law by issuing constitutional diktats monopolizing the judiciary as well as the legislative arms of the state. This was enough to impeach any president in a democratic nation. Unfortunately, Egyptians couldn’t refer to their Supreme Sourt as it was besieged by thugs for over 60 days back in November of 2012.

"So finally, Egyptians took to the streets and this century’s second Egyptian 'peaceful unarmed' revolution took place in June 2013 to recall the president and reject the rule of the Brotherhood. Egyptians deposed their president not because he was not inclusive, as you so kindly represented, but because he broke his constitutional oath and became another dictator reminiscent of the previous dictator this same great people of Egypt removed in January 2011. This was the will of the people that the West is now trying to bend pretending they are doing so in the name of democracy with no intention of interfering in Egyptian affairs!

"Now, I would like to address a few points in your address:

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Mediation to Avoid War

Schleiden [later] reported in a dispatch that Lincoln had said to Judge Thomas of Massachusetts in mid-1864 that he would be satisfied if his successor, as he was despondent of his reelection chances, was elected from the Republican party. If that was not the case, he feared he would spend the rest of his life in jail for repeated violations of the Constitution.”  


Rudolf Schleiden, Hanseatic States representative at Washington in 1861, was earnestly interested in averting war between North and South and offered to mediate the crisis.  He had approached Lincoln even before his inauguration to authorize peaceful negotiation with the South to avoid bloodshed, but to no avail.
Bernhard Thuersam, Chairman
North Carolina War Between the States Sesquicentennial Commission
"Unsurpassed Valor, Courage and Devotion to Liberty"
"The Official Website of the North Carolina WBTS Sesquicentennial"

Mediation to Avoid War

“To avert civil war and the consequent disruption of trade seemed to Schleiden a foremost duty. He became then, an earnest advocate of mediation. . . and offered his services to [Secretary of State William] Seward in the hope that he alone might be able to negotiate an armistice which would maintain a peaceful status until Congress could assemble. [Lincoln told him that] “he did not have in mind any aggression against the Southern States, but merely the safety of the Government in the capital and the possibility to govern everywhere.”

On the evening of April 24 Schleiden departed secretly for Richmond . . . [and immediately wrote] to Vice President [Alexander H.] Stephens asking for an interview, to which the latter replied that he would be happy to see him immediately. “The actions of Seward and Lincoln had filled the South with suspicion,” Stephens said, “but neither the Government at Montgomery not the authorities of Virginia contemplated an attack on Washington.”

He added . . . “Public opinion was embittered against the United States because of the strengthening of Forts Pickens and Fort Monroe, and the destruction of the arsenal at Harper’s Ferry, and navy yard at Norfolk.” In view of these facts Stephens favored a “de facto truce through tactful avoidance of an attack by both sides,” rather than a formal armistice. 

In a formal letter, written after the conference, Schleiden asked for a frank statement of the terms which the South would be ready to grant and accept for the purpose of securing the maintenance of peace and gaining time for reflection.  “I believe that your complying with my above request,” wrote Schleiden, “offers the last prospect for attaining a peaceful solution of the present crisis.”

To this letter Stephens replied, stating that the Government of the Confederacy had resorted to every honorable means to avoid war, and that if the United States had any desire to adjust amicably the questions at issue it should indicate its willingness by some authoritative way to the South. 

However, he added, referring to the United States, “it seems their policy to wage war for the recapture of former possessions looking to the ultimate coercion and subjugation of the people of the Confederate States to their power and domain.  With such an object on their part persevered in, no power on earth can arrest or prevent a most bloody conflict.”

After the last conference with Stephens, Schleiden returned to Washington, reaching the Capital on the afternoon of the 27th.  Immediately upon his arrival he addressed a letter to President Lincoln, inclosing is correspondence with Stephens. After stating that the Southern States were arming in self defense, he reported that if the South were assured the President would recommend to Congress when it assembles on July 4 a speedy and amicable adjustment of the differences and the propriety of treating with commissioners of the Southern States, there would be not any danger of a conflict.  

At the request of the President, Seward replied to this letter in an informal and unofficial communication from the Department of State.  Seward informed Schleiden that Lincoln was of the opinion that a continuance of the negotiations would be without beneficial result. 

In view of this fact, Schleiden wrote to Stephen’s:  “It is only now and with deep regret that I can inform you that my attempt at contributing toward gaining time for reflection and if possible a favorable adjustment of the existing differences has failed.”

Finally, on May 2, 1861, Schleiden wrote to his Government: “I regret to report to the honorable Senate committee that my attempts to mediate a truce and thereby furnish the opposing parties time for quiet reflection has not been successful.”  

Schleiden [later] reported in a dispatch that Lincoln had said to Judge Thomas of Massachusetts in mid-1864 that he would be satisfied if his successor, as he was despondent of his reelection chances, was elected from the Republican party. If that was not the case, he feared he would spend the rest of his life in jail for repeated violations of the Constitution.”  

(Rudolf Schleiden and the Visit to Richmond, April 25, 1861, Ralph Haswell Lutz,  Annual Report of the American Historical Association for 1915,  Smithsonian Institution, 1917, pp. 210-216) 

Muslims Protecting Churches?

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This is a moving picture Muslims doing their Friday prayers in front of Church to protect it from attack by militants! This is the Egypt we all dream of.

Muslim Brotherhood Basics: “Destroying Western Civilization from within”
"The religion of peace"

Ain't but one solution.


Mike Scruggs

     Egypt is a nation of 85 million people of whom 90 percent are Sunni Muslims. It has been an especially powerful influence on the history of Islam since the end of the First World War, because it is the home of the Muslim Brotherhood. In 1928, a twenty-two-year old teacher, Hassan al-Banna, strongly influenced by his father’s pious, fundamentalist teachings, founded the Muslim Brotherhood with only six members. Ten years later the Ikhwan (the Arab word for “brethren”) had 200,000 members. By the end of 1948 and the birth of Israel, the Ikhwan had 2,000,000 members in Egypt, about 10 percent of the total population.

     Although there are many “moderate” (a better word would be “secularized”) Muslims, the mainstream of Islam is not moderate; it is strongly fundamentalist. Al-Banna was both a Sufist and a Salafist, both Egyptian born philosophical themes within Sunni Islam.  Sufism is a strongly mystical Muslim tradition particularly influential among intellectuals and higher socio-economic classes.  Sufi Islam is a more meditative but not necessarily peaceful form of Islam. Salafism, derived from “salaf, ” referring to the first three generations of Muhammad’s followers, is a puritanical, strictly literalist, strongly revivalist, and very militant interpretive tradition of Islam. It is the fastest growing form of Islam in the world. The Salafist consider moderate Muslims to be infidels. The Brotherhood was established as a Muslim revivalist organization with the goal of bringing Egypt and eventually all other Muslim nations back to the pure Islam of the Koran and the teachings of Muhammad. As purists, they also advocated expanding Islam over the whole world by peaceful or violent means, whichever is required.

     In 2004, the FBI raided the Annandale, Virginia, home of a Muslim Brotherhood agent plotting to sabotage the 4.3-mile Chesapeake Bay Bridge in Maryland. During this raid they discovered a treasure chest of planning documents confirming FBI and CIA beliefs that the Muslim Brotherhood’s primary objective in the United States is to destroy our Constitutional system of laws and implement Islamic Law (Sharia) under a global Islamic government.  One of their goals, confirmed by elaborate plans is: “Eliminating and destroying Western civilization from within.”

     The Muslim Brotherhood’s overarching stated goal is to bring the whole world under comprehensive Sharia laws mandating Islamic religion and government and regulating every aspect of moral, family, social, economic, and cultural life. The Brethren are strong advocates of traditional Islamic Jihad, holy war against all who resist Islam. Spiritual Jihad, a concept embraced by far more deceived non-Muslim academics than Muslim imams, gets little attention in the Koran and the teachings of Muhammad. To the Brotherhood and almost all Muslims, Jihad means to impose Islam and Islamic Law by the sword.

     Although the Muslim Brotherhood tries to pass itself off as reasonable and moderate, it established the Palestinian-based Hamas terrorist organization in 1987. Article Two of the Hamas (Islamic Resistance Movement) founding document contains this statement: “The Islamic Resistance Movement is one of the wings of the Muslim Brotherhood in Palestine.” This same charter states that Israel must be “obliterated.”

     Compare the Hamas founding motto: “Allah is its goal, the Prophet its model to be followed, the Koran its Constitution, Jihad its way, and death for the sake of Allah its loftiest desire,” with that of the Muslim Brotherhood: Allah is our objective, The Prophet is our leader, the Koran is our law. Jihad is our way. Dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope.”

     Well over a thousand people have been killed in hundreds of Hamas terror attacks, mostly against Israeli civilians, including women and children. At least 53 Americans have been killed. Hamas uses many weapons including rocket and mortar attacks against Israeli settlements, but its specialty is suicide-bombing attacks. It continually calls for killing every Jew. In the Hamas administered Gaza strip, children are continually propagandized to hate Jews, Americans, and Western culture. 

     The Muslim Brotherhood also spawned al-Qaeda, the famous villains of the 911 atrocities against the United States and is currently using al-Qaeda in its attempt to overthrow the Syrian government. The Syrian civil war is really part of a continued Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood objective to place Syria under more radical Muslim rule. Muslim Brotherhood dominance of Syria would probably be exceedingly bloody and oppressive. The Brethren also spawned the Gaza-based Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) terrorist group whose main objective is to wipe Israel off the map.

     The Muslim Brotherhood has basically the same religious and ideological tenets as jihadist terror organizations like al-Qaeda, Hamas, PIJ, and even Shiite Iran’s elite Hezbollah terrorists. The difference between the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas and  al-Qaeda is in strategy and tactics. The Brotherhood’s strategy is to build their organization quietly until they are certain that they can overcome non-Muslim nations by a final thrust of violence. They make lavish use of the Islamic doctrine of Taqiyya (deception). Under this doctrine, blatant lies are permissible to deceive non-Muslims about the nature of Islam, Jihad, and Sharia.

     The Brotherhood advances in Western countries by living peacefully while their numbers are small and escalating their militancy and violence as they establish greater numerical presence and infiltration into the host society. They also advance through charitable organizations and benevolence to Muslim families. This is highly effective in both increasing political support among fellow Muslims and in convincing non-Muslims that their objectives are peaceful and benevolent. The Ikhwan’s mandate for America includes these words:

“Make every effort for the establishment of educational social, economic, and scientific institutions and the establishment of mosques, schools, clinics, shelters, (and) clubs.”

     Building mosques has proved a highly effective method for establishing radical Islamic infiltration bases. Many American local governments are so fearful of being branded “Islamophobic” that they quickly yield to mosque building plans. The inevitable result is that new Muslim residents displace the former non-Muslim residents, leaving a strong Muslim enclave. Moreover, America’s collapsing immigration enforcement and the chains of political correctness and multiculturalism assure substantial Muslim Brotherhood success. The number of mosques in the U.S. was 2,106 at the end of 2011, up 74 percent since 2000!

The man who killed two, including a relative of my cousin, was a US born Yemeni Terrorist

I posted an article previously on this.


Is this the late Fuaedo Abdo Ahmed  holding an AK-47?

A US Born Yemeni Terrorist in Louisiana Kills Two in Bank Hostage Standoff

20-Year old Fuaedo Abdo Ahmed, a US born son of Yemeni immigrants killed a bank manager and  mortally wounded a second employee  who subsequently died in hospital after a 12 hour standoff on Tuesday August 13, 2013 in the small northeastern Louisiana community of St. Joseph. A female hostage was released after Ahmed spoke with a friend in Alaska.   Ahmed was employed at the Trak convenience store owned by an  uncle directly across from the branch of the Tensas Bank in St. Joseph, with a population of 1,200. More than 200 Louisiana law officers  including snipers converged on the Tensas Bank branch in St. Joseph.

Officials had endeavored to negotiate the release the two bank employees but grew increasingly dire about the prospects of Ahmed concluding the hostages release as robbery appeared not to be behind the hostage taking. Among the effects police found in Ahmed’s apartment was a manual on hostage negotiations confirming that this was a planned assault. The standoff ended with the execution of the bank manager and mortally wounded  a second bank employee with a .380 automatic handgun. Ahmed was also equipped with an assault rifle and had a duffel bag in which police found instruments for possible torture of the victims.

Ahmed was killed by  snipers in the flash bang attack. on the Tansas bank branch.

Ahmed was born in Fresno, California and came to Northeast Louisiana to attend a private academy in the vicinity of St. Joseph. He was allegedly a captain of the academy’s football team and had been a star running back. According to his Face Book page Ahmed had attended Louisiana State University  (LSU)) in Baton Rouge and possibly Louisiana State University in Monroe (ULM).

However, there appears to be no confirmation  of his attending the latter. At the time of the hostage taking he had been working in his uncle’s convenience store.

There are suspicions that Ahmed may have been an emerging paranoid schizophrenic as there were reports of his acting weirdly and requesting that the device in his head be removed. However there are suspicions that Ahmed might have traveled to Yemen and upon his return had arguments with airport police officers. There is a picture of what appears to be Ahmed holding an AK-47 assault rifle in his Facebook Page which is still up on-line.  While there appear to be mountains in the background, the locale according to Christopher Holton Vice President of the Washington, DC-based Center for Security Policy who spoke to a former Marine who served in Yemen  who told him that the terrain, the Eucaliptus tree in the left foreground and power lines  in the background, look more like a desert area in Ahmed’s native California.

Further investigation of Ahmed’s Facebook page reveals connections to several brothers, including one attending LSU in Baton Rouge..   The Louisiana Hayride blog noted several entries on an Ahmed  brother Face Book page espousing support for Yemeni Jihadists, ousted President Morsi and Al Qaeda:

Another member of that family, who we think is a cousin, is Yasser Ahmed. On April 12, our friend found this at Yasar Ahmed’s Facebook…

“Egypt’s Tank Man”

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Nearly 1 Year After FOIA Request Sharyl Attkisson Denied Access to Benghazi Details & Photos by White House & FBI


 CBS News journalist Sharyl Attkisson has been one of the major investigative journalists covering the Benghazi story. She’s been submitting Freedom of Information Act requests since last Fall when the U.S. diplomatic mission in Benghazi, Libya was attacked on September 11, 2012. Now, nearly one year later, Attkisson has received an answer to her requests. Instead of providing the requested information, The White House and the Federal Bureau of Invesigation has told Attkisson that they really aren’t interested in being that transparent with the information.

Mrs. Wigfall's Wedding Dress Flag

Mrs. Wigfall's Wedding Dress
 Mrs. Louis T. Wigfall, wife of the 1st Texas Regiment’s Colonel, in a sacrifice purely Victorian, gave her wedding dress to be made into a Lone Star Flag for the Regiment.  
Dale Gallon

 A Southern Girl in '61

“Consider this work to be the articles of impeachment against Barack Obama.”


A brand-new book lays out the blueprint for impeaching President Barack Obama, alleging high crimes, misdemeanors, bribery and other offenses committed against the U.S. Constitution and the limitations on the executive office.

“Impeachable Offenses: The Case for Removing Barack Obama from Office,” by New York Times bestselling authors Aaron Klein and Brenda J. Elliott, is slated for release Aug. 27.

 Already, the Daily Mail of London has called the work “explosive,” reporting the book contains a “systematic connect-the-dots exercise that the president’s defenders will find troublesome.”

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2 Men Rob Priests at Gunpoint in Front of Church: One priest refuses stating "Shoot Me!"

NYT: Detroit Bankruptcy Shows How Wall Street Wins

Detroit's bankruptcy case is another example of how Wall Street wins, according to The New York Times.

Fixing Detroit's financial dilemma is supposed to be done by "shared sacrifice" between pensioners and municipal bond investors. Nice idea in theory, but the big banks — which helped cause the city's financial problems — don't seem to be sharing that sacrifice, according to The Times' editorial board.

Meanwhile pensioners are vulnerable, as their pensions are not federally insured and many do not get Social Security.

Under its settlement in the works with creditors, the city will pay approximately $250 million to UBS and Bank of America to settle derivative deals, know as interest rate swaps.

In the swap deals, the banks would pay the city if rates rose, while the city would pay the banks if they fell. As it turned out, rates fell and the city had to pay the banks about $50 million a year and pledge $11 million a month in casino tax revenue as collateral.

Under the settlement, which still needs to be approved by a bankruptcy judge, the banks agreed to take a 25 percent haircut. That doesn't mean they'll suffer, The Times notes, as they've already made money of the swaps.

"The banks' 25 percent hit is nothing compared with the 90 percent cut to pensions suggested by the city — a cut that would be disastrous in both human and political terms and that the State of Michigan must prevent from happening," The Times argues.

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No Divulging Klan Secrets by Otho Fraser


*"Holden's impeachment is demanded by a sense of public virtue and due regard to the honor of the state. He is an exceedingly corrupt man and ought to be placed before the people as a public example of a tyrant condemned and punished."

--B.F. Moore
 My great great grandfather, Father Of The NC Bar


Instituted in 1862, the Union League came to North Carolina with the Union armies and by 1866, along with the Freedmen’s Bureau, became active in recruiting black men into the Republican party to be used politically.  * Scalawag Governor W.W. Holden was an early leader of the Union League in North Carolina; murder and voting intimidation of white citizens was encouraged among the black population, and for a black man to vote Democratic was a death warrant though many voted with their white neighbors  In this political climate the Ku Klux Klan came into being.  See Jos. D.R. Hamilton’s “Reconstruction in North Carolina” for more on the Union League. 
Bernhard Thuersam, Chairman
North Carolina War Between the States Sesquicentennial Commission
"Unsurpassed Valor, Courage and Devotion to Liberty"
"The Official Website of the North Carolina WBTS Sesquicentennial"

No Divulging Klan Secrets by Otho Fraser

“The Ku Klux Klan, who were directly responsible for the redemption of Alabama from [carpetbag] misrule, rejoiced in the re-election of Governor [George S.] Houston in 1876, and many thousands of them paraded in Athens, Alabama, Governor Houston’s home, to pay him tribute. This was the last parade of the Ku Klux Klan at that place.

The torchlights in this parade were decorated with banners on which pictures of men who had believed in Negro rule were painted, half-black and half-white. This unique idea was conceived and the pictures painted by a young boy, Arthur Pepin, who was greatly applauded by the older men, for the pictures were so life-like the faces could be recognized by the immense number of people in the parade.  The men thus caricatured by the boy (who was true blue) were so frightened that they left the town.

About sixty worthy Negro men, who had been faithful to the white people during the war and this dreadful time of reconstruction, and who voted for Governor Houston, were in this parade, having been furnished with horses by the Ku Klux Klan. 

Otho Fraser, a Negro man who is still living at Athens, Alabama, at the age of 96, described this parade to me in detail, and is proud to have been numbered among the Negroes who were shown by this act that the white people appreciated their fidelity; he has always been a credit to his race, and said to me that “If all the people in the world were at work each day, making shoes as I do – or something else – there would be no problems to settle for white or black.”

He is shown great respect by the white people of Athens, and he has reared a family of efficient men and women. At his advanced age he is physically and mentally alert and says he knows many Ku Klux Klan secrets which he will never divulge.”

(Authentic History of the Ku Klux Klan, 1865-1877, Susan Lawrence Davis, American Library Service, 1924, pp. 183-184)

Oh Help. Oh Help. Oh Help: Disordered Ramblings on Martial Prowess.

As a student of abnormal psychology, or psychology that ought to be abnormal but lamentably is not, I´m listening to PJ O´Rourke´s Peace Kills,  on American foreign policy. I enjoy exploring the isolation wards of the human asylum. It is like visiting remote Pacific islands to see the savages gnashing their teeth and waving the obsidian swords of dimwit ideology: O´Rourke, Rachel Madow, Limbaugh, Michael Moore, Al and Jesse, and the garbage plains of feminism.   From this I derive a pleasant sense of the hopelessness of man.

I think PJ needs his head examined, as regards military policy anyway, which is pretty much the only foreign policy we have.

If I may digress slightly: In defense of O´Rourke I will say that he is known as an amiable drunk, and in fact so describes himself. This is to be commended. In a PC world, it shows independence of spirit.
Further, a man who relies on sobriety to be able to think is an intellectual weakling. The condition is overrated. Should PJ one day lurch through the door of Tom´s Bar, I´ll buy. I do not refuse fellowship merely because its possessor´s politics will likely lead to mass murder, re-runs of Oprah, and local destsruction of the solar system. Tom has some tables large enough for two to fit beneath.

Universal Soldier

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What Are Your Options Now For Secure Email?

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Fairly Secure, Actually

It's shockingly, disturbingly easy for the government to snoop on your emails. Here are your weapons in the fight for your email privacy.

Many of us had assumed our feeble Gmail passwords were secure enough to keep prying eyes out of our email accounts. (I used a letter, a number, and a symbol!) But with revelations that the NSA can pretty much demand any email service turn over valuable and private information about our email, more attention has been turning to secure, encrypted email services.

In the past week, two of the most prominent--Lavabit and Secret Circle--have shut down voluntarily rather than be forced to comply with real or potential NSA requests (which are legally binding).

Lavabit shut down after, we assume, receiving legal demands for information. Lavabit posted a message saying the creator can't "legally share" what the impetus for shutting it down was, but that he chose that option, along with erasing all his data, rather than submit to government demands. Secret Circle did not receive a requests, but merely "saw the writing on the wall" and voluntarily deleted everything.

So what can you use now?

Email encryption is pretty wonky, but basically it boils down to this: email is basically not secure.

There are steps you can take to protect yourself, through both free and paid services, but the U.S. government has shown its willingness to compel even legendary secure email services like Lavabit--which Edward Snowden used for five years--to shut down. If you're truly paranoid, here are your options.

Instant Messaging


Saigon when we were 20 years old

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The adventures of three special friends and  two girls in a village in the south of France beginning in World War II and ending in the spring of 1953 at the French Expeditionary Corps in Saigon during the war in Indochina and on the eve of the bloody Battle of Dien Bien Phu.

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Tyranny Rules

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Tyranny was a word that was used frequently during the founding period of this country. Its usage is rampant once again.

The word tyranny is thrown around rather carelessly, especially when politicians invoke it. When Bush was president, it was a popular Democrat word. With Obama in office, it is used as frequently, but now by Republicans and rarely by Democrats. Tyranny and accusations of it are serious. Sadly, politicians use it whenever they disagree with the policies of the opposing party.

True tyranny is serious and should not be used as a tool to smear political opponents. It is a specific condition, one which the Founders found serious enough to initiate a revolt against England.

Now it is used more as political invective than in its true meaning. Sadly, the politicians who bandy the word about for advantage are unaware of true tyranny or that they are guilty of committing it.

Distorting words or misunderstanding them, however, does not alter the consequences of the acts. It is important to understand the true meaning of the word itself.

What Is Tyranny?

Syria warns of new advances by al-Qaida Read: Palestinian camps taken over by jihadists


The United Nations says jihadists are entering Syria at an accelerated pace, with other observers confirming that the Palestinian camps there have become “optimal locales” for al-Qaida-affiliated groups setting up bases, according to Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin.

“Syria’s Palestinian camps have become theaters of war,” said United Nations Relief and Work Agency Commissioner Filippo Grandi.

In all, there are about 10 official U.N.-mandated Palestinian camps, with three unofficial ones, with a total population of some 230,000 refugees.

Informed observers say that seven of the camps now are under the control of Salafi jihadists, particularly the Jabhat al-Nusra, an al-Qaida offshoot group comprised of foreign fighters who have infiltrated into the Syrian opposition.

Among the observers, there is concern over how the foreign fighters were able to take over more than half of the Palestinian camps.

They say that the al-Nusra approach is similar to the way Fatah al-Islam, another al-Qaida group, infiltrated the Nahr al-Bared Palestinian camp near Tripoli in Lebanon.

More @ WND

Letter to Mr. O From Cairo

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Well, I would of.  Wished he had used a different example.:)

Dear Mr Obama

I am writing you this note because I am an Egyptian who is a dedicated observer of history and would like to have your opinion on the following subject :

We all know that President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth in 1865 and who, after cold-bloodedly shooting Lincoln in the back of the head, shouted “sic semper tyrannis” (latin for: “Thus always to tyrants” attributed to Brutus at Caesars assassination). Wilkes was cornered 12 days later and killed and 8 of his fellow conspirators were arrested, 4 of which were hanged. President Lincoln was succeeded by his vice-president Andrew Johnson.

Now let us assume for arguments’ sake that you, Mr President were in Andrew Johnson’s place:  Would you, after your inauguration, pardon Booth’s fellow conspirators?  Would you invite them to join you in the presidential stand to attend the parade of one of your most important national and military holidays (which also coincides with the day Lincoln was assassinated)?

Is this REAL reason for Brotherhood crackdown?


The Egyptian army launched their crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood after evidence indicated the Islamist group was creating its own military and terrorist apparatus, a high-ranking Egyptian intelligence official told WND.

The official further stated al-Qaida-linked jihadists have been making their way to the Sinai Peninsula as part of a Muslim Brotherhood effort to accumulate its own independent force.

That force was being coordinated with the Brotherhood’s main political and militant ally, the Jihadi Salafist group, the official said. Yesterday, Egyptian police arrested Mohammed al-Zawahiri, leader of the Salafist group and brother to al-Qaida chief Ayman al-Zawahiri.

The Egyptian intelligence official further stated Turkey has been aiding the Muslim Brotherhood military and terrorist efforts, including with financial support funneled through international firms.
Turkey has also been working with Hamas to aid the so-called rebels in their fight against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s regime, according to informed Middle Eastern security officials previously speaking to WND.

The Gazan group was specifically asked to help the rebels construct underground tunnels and to advise the jihadist-saturated rebels on adopting some of the tools Hamas previously put to use to confront Israel.

More @ WND

Gunmen Kill 11 Near Syrian Christian Villages

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 Gunmen shot dead 11 people, mostly Christians, near a town in central Syria on Saturday, state media and activists said, an attack described by a local resident as aimed at members of the religious minority.

The resident, citing eyewitnesses, told The Associated Press that the gunmen randomly opened fire on roadside restaurants in a drive-by shooting outside Ein al-Ajouz as Christians were celebrating a feast day. He spoke on condition of anonymity for fear of reprisals.

The state-run SANA news agency described the attack as a "massacre" and said women and children were among the dead.

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