Sunday, August 18, 2013

Oh Help. Oh Help. Oh Help: Disordered Ramblings on Martial Prowess.

As a student of abnormal psychology, or psychology that ought to be abnormal but lamentably is not, I´m listening to PJ O´Rourke´s Peace Kills,  on American foreign policy. I enjoy exploring the isolation wards of the human asylum. It is like visiting remote Pacific islands to see the savages gnashing their teeth and waving the obsidian swords of dimwit ideology: O´Rourke, Rachel Madow, Limbaugh, Michael Moore, Al and Jesse, and the garbage plains of feminism.   From this I derive a pleasant sense of the hopelessness of man.

I think PJ needs his head examined, as regards military policy anyway, which is pretty much the only foreign policy we have.

If I may digress slightly: In defense of O´Rourke I will say that he is known as an amiable drunk, and in fact so describes himself. This is to be commended. In a PC world, it shows independence of spirit.
Further, a man who relies on sobriety to be able to think is an intellectual weakling. The condition is overrated. Should PJ one day lurch through the door of Tom´s Bar, I´ll buy. I do not refuse fellowship merely because its possessor´s politics will likely lead to mass murder, re-runs of Oprah, and local destsruction of the solar system. Tom has some tables large enough for two to fit beneath.

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