Sunday, September 1, 2019

Ann Coulter: Can't America have a little self-respect on immigration?

 Ann Coulter: Can't America have a little self-respect on immigration?

Couldn’t America have a little self-respect? Japan, Denmark and Israel do.

Year after year, for decades, America has accepted more refugees than the rest of the world combined. No country we admire does anything close to this.

Score one for Donald Trump: In 2017, after he became president, our refugee admissions finally dipped slightly below “more than every other country in the world combined.” Go USA!

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The incident occurring Aug 31 approx 1530Z in Midland / Odessa Texas

Image result for Aug 31  Midland / Odessa Texas:

Texas State Troopers attempted to stop the gold colored car for a traffic violation at Milemarker 131.  This is the intersection between Loop 250 and I-20, Southwest side of Midland.

Two troopers were in the car.  Normally two troopers in a patrol vehicle is indicative of a training situation, as is the advertised reason for the stop.

Perp opened fire through his rear windshield AND the windshield of the patrol vehicle, wounding one of the troopers. Perp speeds away, west to Odessa, some 20 miles distant and  opens fire on cars and vehicles adjacent on the Interstate highway, randomly.

Perp apparently exits I - 20 Loop onto Loop 338  - the bypass around Odessa.  Loop 338 joins TX 191. TX 191 runs east - At some point, he ditches the gold car and steals a USPS van killing the USPS worker.

The Police have established a Catch at the Cynergy Movie Theatre, where a Police SUV manages to nick the van and set it into a spin.  More shots are fired and more cops wounded.  Several civilians hit at this time.  Perp is killed by Police gunfire.

Now, Assuming you're out there, on the road; walking the dog; waiting for the kids at the movie theatre and you're carrying a lawful piece.  What actions would you take, in light of the 2A and Right of Self Defense.

I'll admit to being totally deaf and blind.  Police scanners are utterly useless nowadays, since they all went to Secret Squirrel comms . . . so you'd not know anything was happening, anywhere, and certainly wouldn't know what you were seeing.  Siren noise would have caught your attention, but that's 'white noise' any more.  My honest response is "None".  I can think of no appropriate opportunity to use the weapon at my command, given the conditions.

Now, had he evaded the trap and was fleeing on foot . . . there's crowds of Moviegoers in the parking lot, so I'd probably just call for indirect fire, HE fused VT for airburst.  Bound to get somebody!  He's bound to be one of 'em.

Hey, they want martial law, they get martial law!


Former US Attorney Joe diGenova Says Every FISA Warrant for Carter Page Was Illegal

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Former U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia Joe diGenova is adamant that all four Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act warrants issued against former Trump campaign aide Carter Page were obtained illegally.

While his claim is unverified, DiGenova asserted that Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz came to that conclusion during his recent examination of the Trump-Russia investigation, according to the Washington Examiner.

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Flynn Accuses Prosecutors of Hiding Exculpatory Evidence, Demands They Be Removed

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Michael Flynn and his lawyer Sidney Powell leave the E. Barrett Prettyman U.S. Courthouse in Washington on June 24, 2019. (Alex Wroblewski/Getty Images)

Attorneys for former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn on Aug. 30 accused prosecutors in a lawsuit against Flynn of hiding exculpatory evidence. Flynn’s team asked the judge to find the prosecutors in contempt of a standing court order, which would lead to the prosecutors’ dismissal from the case.

“They continued to hide that exculpatory information for months—in direct contravention of this Court’s Order—and they continue to suppress exculpatory information to this day,” Attorney Sidney Powell wrote in a motion to compel the production of the exculpatory evidence.

Ilhan Omar Tried to Murder Her New Lover's WIFE?!

Via G.W. Long via 90 Miles from Tyranny


Check out this thread, where the "hive mind" was at work. I think they nailed it!

/pol/ is investigating the mysterious death of a woman who resembles the wife of Ilhan Omar's lover

Two days ago a Dr. Beth Mynett filed for divorce as her husband Tim Mynett had been having an affair with Rep Ilhan Omar. ;

The next day an Ethiopian national "randomly" kills a girl named Margery Magill while walking a dog on a dc street. The girl killed visually looked very similar and could easily have been mistaken for Dr. Mynett even for the age difference.The murder took place very close to where Dr. Mynett works and lives.

So you're saying a nasty somali spy who should be deported for lying on her immigration forms, hired a hitman to kill her lover's wife, and the somali spy she picked got the wrong woman?

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Carolina Puppy Update

Should be satire. :)

Image may contain: dog 
8 weeks

 22 weeks. This is their awkward age when they are all ears and legs. :)
BELLA (in foster care): Carolina Dog, Dog; Newport, NC
The puppy did not ship!
I got to the airport over  2 hours before schedule. Flight #3138 was supposed to depart  at 10:29am according to the email. I paid gas and a toll road and arrived at 8:25am. The air cargo told me the flight left at 8:39am. No other flight can be booked because of the temperatures. In fact this flight was cancelled for pets because of temperatures. 
He’s the issue I called AA about 5 times. Sorry but you cannot understand most of their agents. They don’t have an answer. 
Now we have to get another Health Certificate AND they would have let the puppy ship today but felt the crate might be too small next week. I’ll BUY A NEW CRATE. 
Please let me know if you get any emails from AA because I asked them to send you the email. 
I won’t be able to respond for a couple of hours because I’ll be headed home. I’m very upset. 
Not your fault or mine it’s American Airlines!

Ps-Because of uncertainty about the Hurricane they think it would be best to wait until Wednesday or later.

Reckon Mobile Authorities Will Charge DeAngolo With A "Hate Crime"?

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PHOTO: Deangelo Parnell, 17, was arrested and charged with nine counts of attempted murder.

10 teens shot at high school football game Friday night in Mobile, Alabama. 17 year old Deangolo Pernell was arrested and charged with nine counts of attempted murder. City leaders promise enhanced security at games in the future.

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District Attorney’s Office Pursues Riot Charges Against 15 Antifa Thugs in Portland

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Formal indictments have been handed down on numerous antifa affiliated thugs stemming from the August 17 protest in Portland.
Someone in the Multnomah County district attorney’s office has actually decided to do their job and is pursuing charges against 15 of the far left thugs, much of which seems to be centered around the attack on two buses carrying right wing ralliers that came under attack of hammers, rocks, concrete blocks, pepper spray, fists, and kicks from antifa as they were leaving the protest.