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FEMA Camp Roundup drills in Florida

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Pictures: Many of which I have never seen

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One of the two Riace Bronzes discovered by an amateur scuba diver is brought out of the Ionian sea. Calabria, Italy. August 1972

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Currently waiting list for landowners offering space for Confederate Flags!


In the first quarter of 2015, we have been absolutely overwhelmed by the outpouring of support and encouragement we have received for the Interstate Memorial Battle Flag Projects. After putting out the word that we were looking to purchase a new 80' pole for the I-81 site, we received the needed funds within two short weeks! 

German Gun Battery in Normandy Up For Sale!

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 Are you are interested in owning a piece of the Atlantic Wall in Normandy?

A superbly preserved piece of WWII history, an untouched Normandy German Gun Battery has been put for sale.

The huge gun battery and complex at Querqueville / Amfreville (Stp 277) is up for sale – as of this week.
It is well documented and its history is well known as it defended the port of Cherbourg from the hills above the city. Battery York as it was locally known, fought an artillery duel with USS Texas before being over-run after a land battle with the US army.

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The Mason Dixon Line

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Deception Leads to War


After Buchanan’s failed Star of the West mission to resupply Fort Sumter in early January, 1861, Lincoln attempted the same in early April while promising to maintain the peaceful status quo. Judge John A. Campbell was a respected Supreme Court Justice who tried honestly to facilitate a peaceful settlement between North and South, but was deceived by those leading the war party of the North. Unionists North and South advised Lincoln to abandon Sumter to avoid a conflict between Americans.
Bernhard Thuersam, www.Circa1865.com

Deception Leads to War

“Judge Campbell to the President of the Confederate States.

Montgomery, Alabama, May 7, 1861

Sir: I submit to you two letters that were addressed by me to the Hon. W. H. Seward, Secretary of State of the United States, that contain an explanation of the nature and result of an intervention by me in the intercourse of the commissioners of the Confederate States with that officer.

I considered that I could perform no duty in which the entire American people, whether of the Federal Union or of the Confederate States, were more interested than that of promoting the counsels and the policy that had for their object the preservation of peace. This motive dictated my intervention.

Besides the interview referred to in these letters, I informed the Assistant Secretary of State of the United States (not being able to see the Secretary) on the 11th April, ultimo, of the existence of a telegram of that date, from General Beauregard to the commissioners, in which he informed the commissioners that he had demanded the evacuation of Sumter, and if refused he would proceed to reduce it.

On the same day, I had been told that President Lincoln had said that none of the vessels sent to Charleston were war vessels, and that force was not to be used in the attempt to resupply the Fort. I had no means of testing the accuracy of this information; but offered that if the information was accurate, I would send a telegram to the authorities at Charleston, and it might prevent the disastrous consequences of a collision at that fort between the opposing forces. It was the last effort that I would make to avert the calamities of war.

The Assistant Secretary promised to give the matter attention, but I had no other intercourse with him or any other person on the subject, nor have I had any reply to the letters submitted to you.

Very respectfully,

John A. Campbell

To: General Davis, President of the Confederate States”

(Messages and Papers of the Confederacy, James D. Richardson, US Publishing Company, 1906, Volume I, pp. 97-98)

Obama's administration has created hostile racial environment in major cities

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David Autry, a white man savagely beaten on a St. Louis Metrolink train by three black teenagers for declining to speak about Michael Brown, is pleading with the public for help, so he no longer has to be exposed to such racial violence. 
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Group calls for disarming NYPD, removing officers from neighborhoods

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That ought to work swell........ :)

A group calling itself “Disarm NYPD” wants the nation’s largest city to create cop-free zones and eventually prohibit New York City Police Department officers from carrying firearms.

According to the website “Waging Nonviolence,” the activists plan to team up with local activists and police watchdogs to pressure the NYPD to pull officers “from over-policed neighborhoods and then maintain these cop-free zones with alternative, community-based forms of conflict resolution.”

Experts: Iran Housing Nuke Materials in North Korea, Syria

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Kim Il Sung Square in the center of Pyongyang, North Korea / AP

A top State Department official on Monday dismissed reports that Iran may be hiding key nuclear-related assets in North Korea and implied that she was unaware of the possibility, despite the publication this weekend of several articles by top analysts expressing alarm at the extent of nuclear cooperation between Tehran and Pyongyang.

Marie Harf, a spokeswoman for the State Department, dismissed as “bizarre” the reports, which described the transfer of enriched uranium and ballistic missile technology back and forth between the two rogue regimes.

The existence of an illicit Iranian nuclear infrastructure outside of the Islamic Republic’s borders would gut a nuclear deal that the administration has vowed to advance by Tuesday, according to these experts and others.

Citizens defy Border Patrol by staying silent with video cameras

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 Youtube frame grab of video recorded by people going through Border Patrol checkpoints several miles inside the United States. These individuals had not left the country. This man was forcibly removed from his vehicle while refusing to answer questions. Photo: Youtube.com / Youtube.com

No drugs or would-be immigrants were hidden in the sedan that rolled up to a Border Patrol checkpoint on a Southern California highway last week, but within 90 seconds the driver was handcuffed.

His 4-year-old boy was crying. And a video camera mounted on the car's dashboard captured the moment. The motorist had said he was an American but told the agent he did not have to say where he was going, would not consent to a search of his trunk and would not move his car.
"You brought this on yourself, buddy," an agent says as he is led away.

More with videos @ Houston Chronicle

Passed 54–46: Senate Amendment 515—Vitter (LA) on Federal Role in Common Core


Louisiana Senator David Vitter proposed this budget amendment to reign in federal support for the Common Core by ending the ability of the U.S. Department of Education to pressure states to remain in the Common Core through waivers to No Child Left Behind (NCLB). If passed in the final budget, this amendment will eliminate the federal government’s ability to incentivize states to adopt or remain in the Common Core, thereby allowing states to opt out of the Common Core without receiving a financial penalty.

This amendment is especially historic as it marks the first time the Senate has voted to reign in the federal government’s involvement in the Common Core since Congress passed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, which included the Race to the Top Program.

What Happens Next?


While it is not yet certain whether Congress will even be able to pass a federal budget that President Obama signs into law, or whether the final budget includes Senator Vitter’s Amendment 515, this is a significant step forward in the fight to end federal support for the Common Core and return educational control back to states and families.

The full text of Sen. Vitter’s amendment can be found online.

Supreme Court Refuses to Hear First Amendment Case Challenging School Ban on American Flag Shirts

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"If students learn that threatening speakers is an effective way to suppress speech," the Tinkers told SCOTUS, "this will produce more threats, and more suppression of a wide range of other speech. And beyond this, even peaceful students will learn that free speech must yield whenever its opponents are willing to threaten violence—a message antithetical to all things this Court has tried to convey about the First Amendment." 

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Pence Buckles Under Powerful Gay/Media Blitzkrieg

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 AP Photo/Michael Conroy

Columnist Robert Knight tells Breitbart News, “Mr. Pence would do well to find out what Scott Walker had for breakfast when he faced down union mobs, the media and the ruling elites.”


Governor Mike Pence of Indiana seems to have caved into enormous pressure and will ask the state legislature for new legislation to make it clear that Christian florists and bakers could be forced to participate in weddings that violate their religious beliefs.

Last week, Indiana joined 19 other states and the federal government by enacting a law to protect religious believers from governmental encroachment on religious freedom. Such legislation was cited in the recent Supreme Court Hobby Lobby decision that determined religious employers could not be forced to supply abortion drugs to employees under ObamaCare.

In a packed press conference this morning, Pence did not give specifics about what the new legislation would say, only that he wants it to make clear that “Indiana businesses will not be able to discriminate against anyone for any reason.” He said the religion freedom bill he signed was never considered by him or the bill’s sponsors to allow a “license to discriminate.”

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‘Emergency alert’ sparks panic among TV viewers across US

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The residents of about a dozen US states received a scare when an ominous message rolled across their TV screens announcing an ‘emergency alert’ with the names of their states – without any explanation or further information.

A test of the Emergency Alert System (EAS) began shortly before noon on Monday and was seen by millions of television viewers in Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Jersey, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and Washington, DC, Infowars reported.

 The alert interrupted regularly scheduled television programs for 10 minutes with a listing of affected states and an announcement that the alert would remain in effect until midnight.

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Patrick Henry On Why We Need the Parental Rights Amendment


Thomas Jefferson’s position on the ratification of the Constitution was pragmatically brilliant. He hoped that nine states would ratify the Constitution so that the new government, which he believed to be essential, could begin to operate. But he also hoped that four states would refuse to join in the new government until a bill of rights was secured.

In short, Jefferson wanted both the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

By the time Virginia’s ratification convention was underway, eight other states had voted to ratify the new constitution. It was assumed that the ninth vote was inevitable, probably coming from New Hampshire.

Accordingly, Patrick Henry, a delegate to Virginia’s ratification convention, argued against ratifying the Constitution in Virginia in hopes that Virginia’s absence from the union would be of sufficient weight to force the new Congress to propose amendments—including a bill of rights.

Patrick Henry failed to defeat the Constitution in Virginia. But the vote was close enough that he secured the promise of James Madison to press the new government to adopt a bill of rights. As Virginia’s representative in the new Congress, Madison made good on his promise, and nearly single-handedly moved the Bill of Rights through Congress and out to the states for ratification.

I tell you this history not just because it is interesting in its own right, but to set the context for Patrick Henry’s arguments in favor of a written bill of rights. At the time, everyone agreed that human beings have rights that are gifts from God. But they disagreed on what basis the government is obligated to observe and defend those rights.

Those who opposed a written bill of rights contended that rights are implied in the law and history, and that by writing them down, we risk limiting them. But Patrick Henry argued that implied rights, based on logical inferences and historical precedent, are not sufficiently protected.

We should listen to the wisdom of Patrick Henry once again:

Paralysis cluster cases linked to polio-like virus

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 Sofia Jarvis,4, gets a push on the swings from her dad Jeff Jarvis at Condornices Park in Berkeley, CA, Wednesday, March 19, 2014.
Sofia was struck in 2012 with the recent polio-like syndrome that has hit about two dozen kids in California, including five in the Bay Area. Photo: Michael Short, The Chronicle

A team of researchers led by UCSF scientists has found strong evidence that recent, alarming clusters of sudden-onset paralysis cases — most of them in California and Colorado — were caused by the same virus that was also responsible for hundreds of severe respiratory infections in U.S. children last year.

Particularly worrisome is that the enterovirus identified in the research is a new strain that appears to have mutated to become more polio-like, raising the prospects of future outbreaks of the disease, scientists said in a paper published Monday.

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Leaked document reveals ‘missing’ military gear ended up for sale on Craigslist, eBay

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leaked equipment

It’s not exactly Fast and Furious 2.0, but it’s still a sterling example of how incompetence, apathy and greed breed corruption in government. The Pentagon keeps losing track of explosives-detecting gear, and that gear keeps popping up for private sale on eBay.

The Intercept reported last week that the Department of Defense is in the process of attempting to track down “sensitive equipment” designed to detect roadside bombs, but the department’s uncertain how much of it has gone missing. What DOD has been able to find has turned up for sale on “the global market” through the Internet, including mainstream sites such as eBay and Craigslist.

Here’s how The Intercept described the missing tech:

Attempts to Undermine Democracies by Present Day Fifth Columnists

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A number of our citizenry quietly wonder not whether Obama loves America, but does he actually like who we are as a society and what are the origins of his agenda to profoundly change America though social engineering.
Of critical importance is our current inability or political unwillingness to address the threat of radical Islam with nuclear arsenal capabilities – yet those who have sought to call attention to these threats are often criticized, or worse.
"It is natural for man to indulge in the illusions of hope. I am willing to know the whole truth; to know the worst, and to provide for it... I know of no way of judging the future but by the past..."
— Patrick Henry, American Revolutionary War Hero.
Americans have always been uncomfortable with conspiracy theories.

Nevertheless, the specter of Fifth Columnists, groups of organized traitors in America, has been a real and haunting shadow. Its origins come from the 1936 Spanish Civil War, when a rebel general spoke of his four columns advancing on Madrid, and that he also had a "fifth column" of covert collaborators in the city.

Thereafter, Nazi spies and sympathizers were commonly referred to as Fifth Columnists.

Possibilities, possibilities..............

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Many great pictures: Sunni Kurd Female Warriors Fighting Obama’s NWO ISIS 2015

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 Young YPJ recruits Fix their hair at 4:30 AM before participating in training exercises and drills, near Derek City, Syria.
Young YPJ recruits Fix their hair at 4:30 AM before participating in training exercises and drills, near Derek City, Syria.

A notoriously fierce segment of the Kurdish security forces are striking terror into the hearts of ISIS terrorists – female fighters. The Jihadists have no problem slaughtering defenseless women but they don’t like facing armed female warriors in battle — because they don’t believe they’ll go to heaven if they’re killed by one of them.

The first official female unit was formed in 1996 when women began combat training in opposition to Saddam Hussein’s regime. They’ve earned a reputation for bravery and skill in the battlefield – so much so Sunni Peshmerga women are sometimes compared to Amazons. You could call them the Sunni Kurdish Peshmerga’s First Cavalry Amazon Battalion.

Via PBS News, the all female unit’s commander, Col. Nahida Ahmed Rashid, said:

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