Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Obama's administration has created hostile racial environment in major cities

Via Billy

David Autry, a white man savagely beaten on a St. Louis Metrolink train by three black teenagers for declining to speak about Michael Brown, is pleading with the public for help, so he no longer has to be exposed to such racial violence. 
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  1. All part of the plan

    Have you seen the huge news cycle on this attack?
    No? Of course not. The victim was white...

    All part of the plan...

  2. This should be a "Why I Carry" story .. There would be three dead nigga's on that trane if it was me .......

    1. There is no choice: Kill them all, let God sort them out. :)

  3. No doubt I would have ventelated them, but I pitty them. They have had their dignity stolen from them by nanny state commies. Now they are just tools for managed decline. They are victims, just not for the reasons they believe

  4. This POS who did the punching got charged with third degree assault.
    The low-life fifteen yr. old, nothing. I didn't know there were different degrees of assault.
    So nobody does the time?
    Hell is empty and all the devils are here.

  5. What ever happened to 'three strikes, your out.' This thug has a criminal record
    so if they are enforcing the 'three strikes' law, this thug would not even be where
    he was. Heck, most of the thugs would be serving a long term.

    1. What ever happened to 'three strikes, your out.'

      Political correctness, I guess.