Thursday, October 13, 2016

Pier Weekly + AAR & Pictures X NC PATCON

Such a sweetie.  Her father owns Rookies and is a gentleman and a scholar, as my Mother would say, even though he is a Yankee....:)
Well, the shark got all but the head. :)  Can't beat fish-head soup though.
The two ladies brought their Mother from Kentucky to see the ocean for the first time, and although picking the wrong weekend, had a marvelous time with memories.
Somewhere in time, as am I.

Matthew approaching, four pictures above.
Storm coming in, but fish to catch and clean! :)
The day before the storm and big shrimp (16/18 per pound) were being netted off the pier. In fact, fish were still being caught in abundance as in days previous.
Christine's Place.
Storm protection with beach motif. :)
Such a sweetie. :)

Above two after the storm which didn't affect us here on the coast. Can't drive into Tarboro from Dixieland though.

The water temperature dropped 7 degrees in two days.

Unortunately, there is no longer summer weather, but the beach is still beautiful.

Bountiful catches everyday. The water temperature is warmer near the shore than off it and the fish continue to come in.

Maxed out on Trout and most everything else.
Summer returned today! :)



Alamance County Rangers

September 29th thru October 2nd was this fall’s PATCON in Tarboro.  The program was on various methods of communications and map reading and covered a lot of material.  The map and compass class was based on the story “The Patrol”, by Dan Morgan, and those nine chapters contain a lot of information on small team patrolling techniques and methods that make for good reading for everybody.   


During the  demonstration on low power HF radio communication, by NC Scout,  we made contact with a local ARES network that was practicing emergency communications during and after a hurricane.  The demonstration on using as SDR radio showed how monitoring such transmissions could be done with minimal equipment.  Later on we had a brief demonstration of the use of a small Yagi antenna for direction finding and for directing your radio transmissions to a certain location. 

The traditional B-B-Q luncheon was served right after another detailed demonstration of proper application of the CAT tourniquet.  


 The round table discussion covered other forms of communications and also what it takes to be properly prepared to live for the first 90 days after a disaster, where all help is cut off.  And one of the items won at the raffle was a backpack filled with food, water and survival equipment for 5 days.  Another was a Henry AR-7 .22 caliber survival rifle.  All very good and timely with Hurricane Matthew aiming straight for the coast of North Carolina.  


Thanks to everyone that came and participated this fall, and to those that gave the presentations and made the event a success.  And special thanks to Brock for pulling it all together for the tenth time and hosting the PATCONS at such a great location as Dixieland.  Next spring, PATCON will again be the first weekend in June, so mark your calendars and start planning to attend.

My Mother on pimento sandwiches and more: