Thursday, October 13, 2016

White House Watch: Trump Takes the Lead

The full results from Sunday night’s debate are in, and Donald Trump has come from behind to take the lead over Hillary Clinton.

The latest Rasmussen Reports White House Watch national telephone and online survey shows Trump with 43% support among Likely U.S. Voters to Clinton’s 41%. Yesterday, Clinton still held a four-point 43% to 39% lead over Trump, but  that was down from five points on Tuesday and her biggest lead ever of seven points on Monday.


  1. I find it very amusing that the same people who claim all the pols are rigged when Trump is behind a few points, suddenly put great faith in them when he is ahead by a few points.

    It is much more likely that we are just seeing the normal fluctuation from one poll to another, not a reflection of change in the voters.

    The fact is that Hillary can expect 40% of the vote, no matter what, just because she has a "D" next to her name on the ballot.

    Any other Republican could equally count on 45% just because he is the "R". But Trump can't count on the back-stabbing part of the Republican party. so his guaranteed cut is 35%. The election is all bout getting that extra 10-15% needed to put them over the top 51%. They can do this by getting "D"s to stay home, or by increasing the number of "R"s from either independents or bringing back people who gave up on voting years ago. There are no polls about the strength of those people. It is a total mystery.

    Not a mystery, totally predictable:
    1. If trump loses, the Republican party will be solidly, "see? I told you so. We should have backed Bush".
    2. If Trump wins, it will be attributed to generalized angry, racist and stupid people voting and something we as a nation need to fight against next time.

    1. Thia was the most accurate last time. The first debate didn't affect Trump's lead, but the latest fiasco did.