Thursday, October 13, 2016

BUSTED: Drunken Child Abuser & Hoaxer #MindyMcGillivray Falsely Claims Trump “Nudged” Her At Never-Happened Concert

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Drunken child abuser and hoaxer Mindy McGillivray is falsely claiming that Donald Trump “nudged” her at a Mar-a-Lago concert that never happened. “Sexual assault”? Give us a break.
The hoaxing media has thrown a slew of “sexual assault” allegations at Donald Trump, hoping one sticks and to create a haze of controversy around the GOP nominee.

Melinda Rose “Mindy” McGillivray, told the Palm Beach Post after the second presidential debate that someone bumped her backstage at a Ray Charles concert held at Mar-A-Lago on January 24, 2003:

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  1. I remember when Bill was first running for President and Hillary was being interviewed on TV. The question came up about the allegations against her husband. Her response was something like, "the all do it". and then referring to "George Bush's affair" that "everyone in DC knows about". It is pure fictional character assassination. And it costs them nothing. The media outlets can wait out any lawsuits and hope Trump losses steam after the election.

    Hillary has been waiting 16 years to get back into the White House. Does anyone think she is going to give up without fighting dirty?

    1. Nope, never happened and never will. Thanks.