Tuesday, August 11, 2020

NC: Black Man Approaches 5-Year-Old Boy Riding His Bike, Puts a Gun to His Head, Executes Him in Front of His Two Sisters

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25-year-old Darius N. Sessoms of Wilson, North Carolina is in police custody for executing a 5-year-old boy.

5-year-old Cannon Hinnant on Sunday was riding his bike in front of his home when Darius Sessoms ran up to him, put a gun to his head and executed him in front of his two sisters.
Nothing but crickets from the mainstream media.

Report: Kamala Harris’s Ancestors Owned Slaves, Too

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 Al Sharpton and Kamala Harris (Drew Angerer / Getty)

The ancestors of Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) owned slaves — according to her father, Stanford University economics professor Donald Harris.

The information was reported Wednesday by the Washington Free Beacon, citing a genealogical report written by Harris’s father, Stanford University economics professor Donald Harris.

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Tucker: There are timeshare sellers more trustworthy than Kamala Harris

Missouri’s War


A Review of Matt: Warriors & Wagon Trains During the Civil War (Amazon, 2019) by James Michael Pasley.

Ordinarily, I don’t endorse novels. As a general rule, I don’t even read them. (Me also) But after my wife suggested I read Matt: Warriors & Wagon Trains During the Civil War, I couldn’t put it down, so I decided to make an exception to my long-held policy and recommend this one to my compatriots.

The Revamp Project: A Very Personal Opposition to Gun Control

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What Made Virginia Change Its Mind on Guns? - The New York Times

Public Schoolteacher Complains Home Learning Will Interfere With Trans, Race, And Gay Propaganda

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A Pennsylvania public school teacher has complained that at-home instruction would impinge on teachers’ abilities to “destabilize a kid’s racism or homophobia or transphobia” and host discussions about racism, sexuality, and gender.


The coronavirus-fueled transition to online learning has shifted the domain for pushing far-left propaganda on American students from classrooms to homes, and some teachers – specifically Matthew Kay of Philadelphia’s Science Leadership Academy – are frustrated the shift will complicate their ability to spew their radical beliefs.

A 4th Generation Farmer Repost

Invasion of the New Normals

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They’re here! No, not the pod people from Invasion of the Body Snatchers. We’re not being colonized by giant alien fruit. I’m afraid it is a little more serious than that. People’s minds are being taken over by a much more destructive and less otherworldly force … a force that transforms them overnight into aggressively paranoid, order-following, propaganda-parroting totalitarians.

You know the people I’m talking about. Some of them are probably your friends and family, people you have known for years, and who had always seemed completely rational, but who are now convinced that we need to radically alter the fabric of human society to protect ourselves from a virus that causes mild to moderate flu-like symptoms (or absolutely no symptoms at all) in over 95% of those infected, and that over 99.6% survive, which, it goes without saying, is totally insane.

Civil War (sic) Blather

"The author might benefit from considering how we got to this point. While we are still a country, we are no longer a nation, as in the Latin root natio, one people. The affinity by which people can be bound may be ethnicity, culture, a common aspiration, or even a common enemy, but in the absence of at least one such factor, we are no longer a nation. There was a time when we were one people, under God. No longer. One can trace the decline back to the Wilson era. Mussolini found much of his fascist inspiration from Wilson. Hitler, in turn, got much of his inspiration from Mussolini. FDR admired much of what both were doing.

The most obvious alternative to armed conflict and civil unrest is for the states to assert their rights under the U.S. Constitution, in particular to reduce the size of the Federal beast by limiting it according to the enumerated powers.

For the people of those states to look within for solutions to the problems that are unique to their sociopolitical demographic structure, rather than the central government and its "free money" - no such thing, everything has a price.

Review their own state constitutions, and that of other states, and decide which most closely matches their values and beliefs. Look at the composition and recent deliberations of those state legislatures, look at the degree of agreement or conflict within those deliberations. Are the arguments consistent with the state constitution, sound, considered and largely borne of reason, or emotional outbursts, and bellicose?

The divide within each state is largely along an urban/rural divide. Portland Oregon is much in the news these days, but if you look at the 36 counties that comprise the state, you will see just how stark that divide is. The population center of Multnomah county drives the rest of the state, but most certainly does not represent their values writ large. It is mob rule at its worst. The Republican members of the legislature recently had to flee the state in order to prevent a quorum on an issue before the super-majority Communist legislature.

But all of that takes effort, and people don't want to expend the effort. Our Governor is proving himself a tyrant worthy of the name by perpetuating a contrived state of emergency, further destroying the economy of what was one of the more sound states fiscally speaking, so that the state is further reduced to a state of dependency. Dependent on the cabal of private financiers that is the Federal Reserve.

And, for all of that, the legislature is doing what, exactly, to reign him in? Some words, but no concrete action. Just look to the blowhards in a room and in most instances those are the individuals least likely to act. In sum, there is no voting our way out of this.

And this is only a sideshow, a useful distraction; the globalists aspire to the destruction of the nation state, and they have a plan, a plan to replace "shareholder capitalism with stakeholder capitalism", which is to say the elimination of private property and profit, except for themselves, the worthy elite.

And they are executing that plan, in plain view: https://www.weforum.org/focus/the-great-reset

May the chains rest lightly upon you."

~~ RalphDeScoville

NC: I’m a Black Republican and here’s the reason – the GOP is helping Blacks

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Recently, columnist Gene Nichol alleged in this opinion section that the Republican-led General Assembly is waging “the stoutest war against African Americans seen since the Jim Crow era.”

I’m a Black woman born to teenage parents. I lived in public housing. My mother and father abused drugs. My little brother has been in and out of prison his entire life, beginning with a teenage conviction for smoking marijuana.

I’m a poster child for the group the Democratic Party has claimed to fight for since 1964.

Read more here: https://www.charlotteobserver.com/opinion/article244809417.html#storylink=cpy