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AR500 Body Armor: Cheap & Excellent

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I recently came upon a company called AR500 Armor, primarily a web-based enterprise which started in 2012. My first impression: This stuff is too cheap to be real. The tactical market has conditioned us to believe that everything needs to be at least $100.00 and painted black before it is worth buying. My SRT unit has attempted to acquire modern body armor over the past three years while their existing carriers, soft armor, and single polymer front plates put overall cost at an approximate $2700.00 per officer. The rifle plates alone can range in prices of $500.00 - $900.00 depending on the material, vendor, and multi-hit capability. The low cost of AR500ARMOR.COM’s 10” x 12” trauma plates had me believing it was a scam, with costs ranging between $65.00 and $110.00 plus shipping.

I obtained a general contact number from their website and decided to place a call, reaching one of their representatives. The gentleman was polite and knowledgeable while fully promising that their product would work. I was very blunt in explaining my belief that his stuff was too good to be true and how I would prefer shooting it myself. He shipped two 6” x 8” side plates for evaluation throughout the following week.

The plates weren't much to look at: 6” x 8” rectangles of ¼” steel that had been rounded and coated with something black. The color appeared to be correct but prices still had me skeptical. Each plate measured about two pounds and were made of the AR500 steel that is advertised on their website. The plates were potentially going into my entry vest therefore I decided to begin with a worst case scenario - close quarters rifle fire. I began by resting the plates in front of an expired level IIA vest while leaning both against solid support, then proceeded by overlaying precision rifle fire against the same points of impact from a 15yrd distance.

I began with 10 rounds of .223 PMC Bronze FMJ training ammunition. Following the first few rounds I happened to notice where the surrounding vest carrier material was becoming absolutely shredded. The next observation was that not a single round had penetrated the plate.
More @ All Shot Out

Morning Light

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Governments have always been corrupt, man has always been inherently evil, times are much different now, we sit at the precipice. What went wrong? Many of us blame the Marxists that have gained a foot hold in our republic, some blame the women’s movement. Is it really that simple?

While others blame the lack of religion and faith, is it really that simple.

How did we get to the place we now reside? How did America Fail? I happen to believe we failed America, yes I am well aware the anarchist’s think differently. The caldron has been boiling for some time, how did we get here? Does anyone really have the answer?

Perhaps there is no answer….. Perhaps the matter is rather simple, with no need for philosophical pondering……. Maybe it’s just time for the spinning rock to shake off a few fleas, we must consider the notion and facts, it would not be the first time.

Perhaps the answer is very simple, all nations fail at some point and time, regardless of the initial solid framework. A societal collapse is bad enough, now take it global. Technology has allowed us to expand and to grow, now it’s time to go back to the basics…… There is no choice in the matter now. Tribe, Tribe, Tribe.

Citizen Drone Warfare - Dangerous Information


The Fairbairn–Sykes fighting knife



Senator Cruz Releases Inaugural Report on Obama Administration’s Unprecedented Attempts to Expand Federal Power

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 U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) today released a report – “The Legal Limit: The Obama Administration’s Attempts to Expand Federal Power” – that analyzes six instances in the last 15 months where the U.S. Supreme Court has unanimously rejected the Obama Administration’s arguments for increased federal power.

“When President Obama’s own Supreme Court nominees join their colleagues in unanimously rejecting his Administration’s call for broader federal power six times in just over one year, the inescapable conclusion is that the Obama Administration’s view of federal power knows virtually no bounds,” said Sen. Cruz. “This is a deeply troubling pattern that we will continue to highlight as long as this Administration continues seeking ways to expand its power in direct violation of Americans’ constitutional rights.”

Sen. Cruz’s report highlights the six cases that the Supreme Court has unanimously rejected since January 2012. Had President Obama’s Department of Justice been successful in its cases, the federal government would have the power to:
  • Attach GPSs to a citizen’s vehicle to monitor his movements, without having any cause to believe that a person has committed a crime (United States v. Jones);
  • Deprive landowners of the right to challenge potential government fines as high as $75,000 per day and take away their ability have a hearing to challenge those fines (Sackett v. EPA);
  • Interfere with a church’s selection of its own ministers. (Hosanna-Tabor Evangelical Lutheran Church & School v. EEOC);
  • Override state law whenever the President desires. (Arizona v. United States);
  • Dramatically extend statutes of limitations to impose penalties for acts committed decades ago. (Gabelli v. SEC); and
  • Destroy private property without paying just compensation. (Arkansas Fish & Game Commission v. United States).
The arguments advanced in these cases demonstrate an astonishing view of federal power on behalf of the Obama Administration that is worthy of further examination. View the full report below:

Wounded Warrior Country Classic

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More @ WWCC

It takes a twisted sense of humor for Connecticut to call itself the Constitution State. Somewhere, Nathan Hale is puking.

Goodies from Ol' Remus 

1942 Northwestern University girls go through a Home Guard rifle drill on the campus in Evanston, Illinois.

We'll take one step at a time, and the first is necessarily—given the political realities—very modest. We'll have to start working again to strengthen the law, and then again to strengthen the next law and again and again. Our ultimate goal, total control of hand guns, is going to take time. The first problem is to slow down production and sales. Next is to get registration. The final problem is to make possession of all handguns and ammunition (with a few exceptions) totally illegal.
Pete Shields, founder of Handgun Control, 1976, via SprinklesAndGumdrops, comment at cnn.com 

art-link-symbol-small-rev01.jpg Legislators in Connecticut voted for a ban so-called "assault" weapons, a ban on private party
 sales of used guns, creates a new "ammunition eligibility certificate," and mandates a ban on the manufacture or sale and a registry for high capacity magazines. Do these buffoons have any concept of how many millions of magazines larger that 10 round capacity exist, or that virtually none of them carry a serial number?, says James Rawles in this article, Connecticut Gun Owners Betrayed by Their State Legislature, at Survival Blog.

 I hope that Connecticut gun owners as well as gun, ammo and magazine makers vote with their feet. There are a lot of gun-related companies there: Colt, Winchester, Marlin (which recently shut down after 141 years of operation in Connecticut), Mossberg, Sturm-Ruger, H&R, Stag Arms, A.H. Fox, US Fire Arms, Wildey, Shelton Ammunition, Okay Industries, Ronan/NHMTG, C-Products, Mec-Gar, G.T.B., and many more.
James Rawles at survivalblog.com 

 art-link-symbol-small-rev01.jpg It's hard to resolve a tax on the purchase or transfer of all firearms with the concept of a "right to keep and bear arms that shall not be infringed." Taxing the exercise of a right is a clear infringement upon it, as any discussion of poll taxes would swiftly make clear. In fact, Eric Holder's Justice Department has a habit of arguing that even minor incidental expenses incurred in the course of obtaining voter identification are unacceptable infringements upon voting rights, says John Hayward in this article, Beware the gun tax, at Red State.

 art-link-symbol-small-rev01.jpg Arrogant progressives who delight in the assault on gun rights seem to think they can impose any indignity and infringment they want without repercussion... They don’t understand asymmetrical warfare in the slightest, much less how it would be waged here. Let me give you just one small example of how a lone wolves or small teams can strike well beyond their size against a near defenseless leviathan, says Bob Owens in this article, Just one example of how the government could lose a civil conflict, at Bob Owens.

 art-link-symbol-small-rev01.jpg Initially, the Obama Administration dealt with the difficulty that blacks were committing murder so much more often than whites by not updating the Homicide Trends website. For years, the Bureau of Justice Statistics web page was stuck on 2005. Rather than solve the problem of blacks committing a disparate number of murders, the Obama Administration has instead deleted the offending web page, says Steve Sailer in this article, Guns and Race, at Taki's Magazine.

 art-link-symbol-small-rev01.jpg Leftist repents of forced diversity - I have learned since what a spiteful, self-righteous, snobbish and arrogant person I was (and most of my revolutionary comrades were, too). I have seen places that I knew and felt at home in, changed completely in a few short years. I have felt deeply, hopelessly sorry that I did and said nothing in defence of those whose lives were turned upside down, without their ever being asked, and who were warned very clearly that, if they complained, they would be despised outcasts, says Peter Hitchens in this article, How I am partly to blame for Mass Immigration, at Mail Online.

 The civil rights movement is dead. In place of any real urge for equality is a determination to perpetuate inequality in order to keep the movement going. It's as if everyone wanted to keep the great feeling of winning WWII alive by landing at Normandy, shelling random tourists and then invading Paris to liberate it from the Nazis while refusing to listen to the Parisians when they insist that the Nazi armies are long gone.
Daniel Greenfield at sultanknish.blogspot.com.au 

Connecticut - The owner of Stag Arms, Mark Malkowski, said he has had numerous, lucrative offers to relocate to gun-friendly states that he is more seriously considering, particularly if his brand is hurt by passage of the law... Located in New Britain for the past 10 years, he said he has 200 workers with 20 states vying for him to relocate with good deals. The same analysis was repeated by Jonathan Scalise, president and owner of Ammunition Storage Components... Scalise manufacturers magazines, selling them to box stores, gun manufacturers, dealers and distributors across the country. He said 52 of his products would be illegal here, which represent 80 percent of his business
Mary O’Leary at middletownpress.com 
There are cases which cannot be overdone by language, and this is one. There are persons, too, who see not the full extent of the evil which threatens them; they solace themselves with hopes that the enemy, if he succeed, will be merciful.
Thomas Paine

GRNC Alert: The Enabling Patriots Act & The Preemption Affirmation Act


There are two exciting bills that have been drafted and will be soon submitted for consideration by the NC House. The more co-sponsors these bills have, the better their chances of passing are.
The Enabling Patriots Act

The first, entitled, The Enabling Patriots Act is courageously sponsored by Representative Larry Pittman (R, Cabarrus, GRNC-***). It will effectively eliminate many of the current “Gun Free Zones”, including schools, that have predictably become repeated targets of insane “Glory Killers” competing for media fame and body counts (of victims made defenseless by law).
The Enabling Patriots Act will (among other things):
  • Narrow the definition of "educational property".
  • Exempt non-participants from the current gun ban at off-campus extracurricular events.
  • Expand concealed carry onto educational property for all permit-holders.
  • Expand concealed carry into restaurants and assemblies of people for which admission is charged.
  • Expand concealed carry to parades and funerals.
This bill will do much to eliminate unconstitutional restrictions of concealed carry. It will allow law-abiding North Carolinians to defend kids in school, as well as themselves and families in many areas that are currently dangerous “Gun Free Zones”.

This is excellent legislation that will likely be targeted by gun control extremists that don't trust their fellow citizens to lawfully bear arms. We need to do all we can to promote this bill and get our representatives behind it.

The Preemption Affirmation Act

This important bill is sponsored by Representative Mark Brody (R, Anson, Union, GRNC-***). It will put "teeth" into statewide firearms preemption that has been badly abused by NC municipalities, like Greenville, NC that classifies a dog park as a “playground” in order to unlawfully ban carry.
It will:
  • Impose a $5,000 civil penalty on any public official who knowingly and willingly violates preemption (i.e. passes an ordinance or regulation in violation of state law).
  • Allows a person or organization negatively impacted by such a regulation to recover damages up to $100,000.
  • Prevents public funds from being used to defend or reimburse the unlawful conduct above.
  • Help GRNC to defend YOUR rights by joining and or contributing HERE or at: http://www.grnc.org/join-grnc/contribute
Similar legislation has successfully prevented Florida municipalities from cynically avoiding compliance with state law.

When you absolutely, positively have to destroy everything within 300 square meters,

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 leave it to Russia to roll out an upgraded flamethrower tank during recent military exercises.

In late March, a battalion of Moscow’s Radiation, Chemical, and Biological Defense Troops stormed a simulated enemy position in eastern Russia — armed with upgraded shoulder-fired and vehicle-launched thermobaric weapons. In a video from news agency RIA Novosti, shown above, the launchers are seen hurling 24 220-millimeter unguided thermobaric rockets at a time.

Just before reaching their targets, the rockets released a mixture of combustible gas. Within seconds, the gas is ignited, and “all living things within 300 square meters are destroyed by high pressure and temperature,” RIA Novosti observed.

According to the agency, this is the first time the vehicle-mounted launchers have been used in a military exercise.

More @ Wired

Cashing In: Trayvon Martin's parents settle wrongful-death claim for more than $1 million

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Trayvon Martin's parents have settled a wrongful-death claim for an amount thought to be more than $1 million against the homeowners association of the Sanford subdivision where their teenage son was killed.

Their attorney, Benjamin Crump, filed that paperwork at the Seminole County Courthouse, a portion of which was made public Friday.

In the five pages of the settlement that were available for public review, the settlement amount had been marked out. Lower in the agreement, the parties specified that they would keep that amount confidential.

 When asked during an earlier interview whether the amount was more than $1 million, Crump said: "I have no comment on that subject … I know you did not get that from me."

NC: Wake County ACLU Firearms Panel Discussion

GRNC President faces stacked deck...

The Wake County ACLU will host a panel discussion entitled “Firearms and Our Society” Wednesday evening, April 10, 2013, at 7:00pm. The event will be held at the Advocates For Justice Building, 1312 Annapolis Dr, Raleigh, NC. Participants will discuss various gun control related issues that are facing our society today and how these issues affect not only our society as a whole, but how they also affect our rights as gun owners.

Participants include:
  • Paul Valone, President, Grass Roots North Carolina
  • Carlos Mahoney, National ACLU Board Member and National ACLU Gun Control Board Member
  • Earl Woodham, United States Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (BATFE)
  • Gail Neely, North Carolinians Against Gun Violence

Local media organizations will be covering the event and as you can see above, the deck is stacked against those of us who believe that the right to protect our lives should not be infringed. The topics will include the ACLU's policy-making decision process for gun control, the current gun laws and how they are enforced at the Federal level, as well as opposing views of the issues by Paul Valone and Gail Neely.

Make plans to attend!

We need your support! If at all possible, make plans to attend the event and show your unwavering support for our rights. We cannot sit idly by while political forces with seemingly bottomless pockets continue their assault on the Second Amendment. As President Obama and political forces across the country continue their assault on our rights as gun owners, the support we give for those defending our freedoms must be just as strong.

American technology in the service of the Reich

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By Don Callison
War Wagon 14
Copyright 1996

     Around the beginning of 1971 we were informed that Scouts would no longer be issued fragmentation hand grenades. Rumor had it that that some Scouts who were flying OH-58A Bell Jet Rangers up north were blowing themselves up because the aircraft were to slow to get away from ordinance they had dropped, therefore all Scouts were penalized in the loss of this valuable tool for firepower.
    This was about the same time we were notified that the 2.75mm rockets for the Cobras cost $32 each and that we must use discretion when using them too.
    Some commanders were quick to point out that dropping explosives wasn't part of the Aeroscout mission which was to "find and fix" the enemy's position.  We knew how to find the enemy but most of us wondered how we were going to “fix” Chuck if we couldn't throw grenades, bombs and other exploding goodies on him. Sure, we could have all the concussion grenades we wanted, but we didn't want to give the enemy a concussion, a headache or just a bad booboo. We wanted him dead!
    I began experimenting with different types of explosive material that we captured or found lying around airstrips.  I was damn lucky I didn't get anything that was boobytrapped.  There were a variety of goodies to play with.  C4 explosive was really hard to come by. I usually had to rob a claymore mine to get it.

My first attempt at amateur bomb building was to cut the lid out of a soda can, insert a concussion grenade with the spoon on the outside. Then I stuffed the can with C4.  I also discovered that 15 rounds of linked M60 machine gun bullets would fit perfectly around the outside of the can. I fitted two rows of bullets around each can with the primers of the rounds centered around the middle of the can.  I figured it would be a terrific psychological weapon.  We'd blow a guy up, then his buddies would find their pal with ammo brass, and bullets, links and soda can pieces stuck in him.  I made several of these bombs; We used one to actually knock down a hootch.  My observer carefully rolled it up next to the wall, when it exploded and the whole hut just caved in, fell over and caught fire. Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending upon whose side you were on, no one was home. I stopped carrying this type of bomb because of the danger of one them being struck by enemy or friendly ground fire.
    I'd heard the stories of grenades with the pins pulled and put in mayonnaise jars and dropped, and of cans of hydraulic fluid coupled with grenades being used to start fires. 

Grenades in jars were out of the question; we were exposed to too much ground fire. 

Besides, who wants broken glass all over the battlefield? Someone might cut their foot!
    I did get a couple of quarts of hydraulic fluid and used incendiary grenades to set them off.  I'd stick a concussion grenade fuse in the incendiary grenade and use “hundred mile an hour tape” to stick it all together.  They worked pretty well. I started a really good fire on Lobster Island where I'd reconned for an insertion of ARVNs.  Later in the day I was not to politely asked not to use any more of “those Things” because a bunch of the ARVNs got sick from the fumes.  I decided to stick to stuff that would just explode.
    I think it was Sp4 Scott Giles who was with me when I taped a fragmentation grenade to an 82MM mortar round.  Since we didn't know how large of a bursting radius it had, we took it up to 1500 feet over the rice paddies and tossed it. The grenade went off but the mortar round didn’t explode.
    One day we were at the airstrip near Cao Lahn when I got into a bunker that was jam packed with a cache of explosives fresh from the bad guys. There was Chi-com, Russian and old US stuff.  There were little cans that looked like tuna fish cans. I think they were called “toe poppers”.  I used my trusty p38 can opener to open one. It had a bunch of thin plastic, doughnut looking wafers in it with a shotgun shell in the hole and a firing pin against the shell's primer. What a cool booby trap, like a little landmine, just set it up buried, somebody steps on it and whoops, no foot.  There were big old Chinese “claymore” type mines but I couldn’t figure out how to safely open them. The best stuff I found that day was labeled "Composition B”. They were OD colored square by rectanglular sticks about seven inches long.  On the side of each stick was written, "equal to 2lbs of TNT".  Well, I didn't know what 2lbs of TNT was equivalent to so I just taped four sticks together.  There was a threaded hole in an end of each stick so I screwed in a pinned fuse from a concussion grenade.  Those things were great!
     I must pause here to explain how Light Horse Scouts made a grenade attack with an OH6A Loach helicopter.  The pilot selects the route and begins the run to arrive at an altitude of three to fifteen above the target. During the run the observer holds the grenade out the left door and pulls the pin. He keeps his M60 machine gun trained on the target during the assault. The pilot might fire a few minigun rounds during the approach to keep heads down. The wingman, called Trail, will also have his gunner’s M60 covering the target from his position to the rear and right of the lead ship, about the length of two rotor disks away.  As Lead hovers over the target, the gunner drops the grenade and the pilot makes two audible oral clicking sounds on the radio to let Trail know that a grenade is out and not to get directly behind Lead or overfly the target.  The lead ship would accelerate forward for three or four seconds then turn back toward the target at about the time the grenade went off. That way we could be back on top of the bad guys while they might be hopping around doing the chicken or trying to deedee out of the area.
    Get the idea?  Whenever I dropped a homemade device I would make four or five extra loud clicks on the radio to let Trail know there was something bigger than usual was being dropped so he could swing wider and stay farther awaway. I'd begin my return to target well after the “Whump” of the exploding ordinance to keep us well away from the blast and flying debris. The first Composition B bomb that we dropped completely blew up a very large, above ground bunker. In the twenty foot wide, three feet deep crater we located enough body parts to claim two KBAs (killed by airstrike).
    I told my buddy, Morris Clark, War Wagon 10, about the potency of the new bombs and he just had to try one of them.  I gave him one with the warning to give himself plenty of distance when they tossed it.  He and his gunner, Rene Garneau, took off to work an area.

  About thirty minutes later we got word that they were coming back in with battle damage.  I watched as they hovered into the lager area. I couldn't believe it, Garneau was leaning way back and slumpped down in his seat in "recliner fashion". He had his feet sticking out of what was left of the windshield, legs crossed over the wind sheild cross bar all nice and comfy. He was extremely happy to be alive.
    He and Morris had made a bomb run with the Composition B. Morris had turned back inbound to the target too soon. As they got over the big crater the bomb had made, a huge clod of dirt came down through the rotor system, then through the uppermost part of the windshield and hit Garneau in the head. He thought he was dead.  There was still a large clump of mud stuck to his helmet.  I wish someone had taken a picture of those guys.  

Morris was really impressed with the power of the bomb. We used all the composition B and we got a bunch of KBAs but I never came across that type of explosive again.
    In that same cache were a couple of cases of old M26 frag grenades. Not the pineapple type but a newer egg shaped kind. I think some guys called them Lemon frags. I’d thrown them in basic training in 1965.  Each grenade had a steel spring wound up inside to provide fragmentary projectiles.  The grenades we found were really old. They were getting rusty and the rubber bands holding the spoons were rotten.
    My Gunner, Rooster Cogburn and I loaded up a bunch of those old frags for our next mission. We found a big, above ground bunker standing alone in an open field.(No shit, the VC and NVA really built above ground bunkers out in open fields. I guess they had to have some place to go when they were working in the feilds and the Imperialist war mongers came hunting for them.) We decided we’d try out the M26s.
    I made the first run. Rooster dropped the frag. I continued past the bunker for the three or four seconds and turned back to the target. We didn’t hear the grenade go off. I lined up on the door again and Rooster tossed in another grenade.  The results were the same. We threw four more duds in to the bunker. When bunkers are constructed, a smart builder will dig a deep, small diameter, hole in the floor as a place to kick a grenade that might come rolling through the doorway. Well… We figured that this guy’s “frag pit” must be just about full. I guess the VC in the bunker finally just had enough of this bullshit or maybe he just dug down within himself and found some courage. As I made the seventh grenade run on the bunker the VC soldier stuck the muzzel of his AK47 out of the doorway and let go with what seemed like the whole clip.  He literally stitched bullet holes vertically up the center of our nose and windshield.  I hollered “TAKING FIRE”!  Buck Buchanan, Cobra lead and his wingman rolled inbound. One of the Crusaders actually hit and destroyed the target. One KBA!
    Cogburn and I joked and wondered what the poor guy in the bunker must have been going through. First, the sound of the Loach hovering up to the door. Then the grenade bouncing in and him frantically scrambling to kick it in the frag hole. Finally, the thing not exploding only to have the ordeal begin again. We wondered if he stuck his fingers in his ears each time.

Sandy Hook Parent Blasts Gun Control, Breaks Down in Tears

 Sandy Hook Parent Blasts Gun Control, Breaks Down in Tears

Santorum: Endorsing Same-Sex Marriage Equality ‘Suicidal’ for GOP


Former Sen. Rick Santorum said Monday it would be political suicide for the GOP to embrace gay marriage, and predicted the Supreme Court would not grant equality rights to same-sex couples.

“I’m sure you could go back and read stories, ‘The Republican Party’s going to change. This is the future.’ Obviously that didn’t happen,” he told The Des Moines Register.

“I think you’re going to see the same stories written now and it’s not going to happen. The Republican Party’s not going to change on this issue. In my opinion it would be suicidal if it did.”

The former Pennsylvania senator and 2012 GOP presidential candidate will be in Iowa next Monday to address the Iowa Faith & Freedom Coalition, a nonprofit group that promotes Christian principles in government. He reportedly will say that while some Republicans are now publicly backing same-sex marriage rights, the party as a whole should never support the idea.

More @ Newsmax

I'm Shocked!:) .380 & .38 HP in stock at one of the local stores


 Have to buy in person though.  Maybe it is starting to catch up. They also have 3, supposedly never fired, M44s @ $ $325.  Never heard of that, though mine has a pristine bore.

A Collection of High-Condition Lugers

By Clifford Chappell

Arms & Armor Auction #6099
We are proud to announce the inclusion of some particularly desirable Lugers in our upcoming Arms & Armor Auction #6099, taking place in Dallas on June 9, 2013.

 The best of a gentleman's collection includes a very early 1900 DWM pistol/carbine ensemble accompanied by a holster, shoulder stock, and wood-based magazines.

Described as 99% blue finish and 80-90% straw colors, this excellent example of a Luger carbine combines condition and rarity.

Another DWM pistol in this collection is a rare, made for the French market pistol. It is marked: Manufacture Francaise d'Armes & Cycles de St. Etienne. Very few Lugers with this retailer's mark have been documented. This one is likely the best of that rare group because it is retaining approximately 98-99% finish.

During the 1930s, The Treaty of Versailles, which ended World War I, included restrictions on weapons manufactured for Germany. The German Mauser K Date Model P08 S-42 Luger Semi-Automatic Pistol we are offering is a rare collectible known as the "K-dated Mauser." The K was a secret wartime code used by the Mauser factory to conceal Germany's re-armament in the late 1930s. This example produced circa 1936 is rated as "Fine" with 94-96% finish with only light wear. Most of these early guns saw extensive use during World War II and rarely appear in this extraordinary condition.

Arms & Armor Auction #6099
The final lot I want to bring to your attention is an example of a gun purchased by the Swiss in 1900. One interesting characteristic of the Model 1900 is a grip safety. Later models lack this feature. The Swiss Army was the very first military contract for Luger pistols. The German Army did not make their first purchases until 1908. This Swiss example is 113 years old and looks pretty much as it did the day it was shipped from the factory. With 97-99% finish this early gun likely saw very little use.

Without any apparent holster wear, it could be assumed it sat in an officer's drawer for many decades. Collectors rarely get an opportunity to bid on one like this.

All of these Lugers come from a long time collector who recognized the rarest and the best when he saw them. Heritage is proud to be able to offer them. The April 18th in-house consignment deadline for this auction is fast approaching. If you have quality material that you want sold alongside these important weapons, please contact me (1-800-872-6467 ext. 1887) or my colleague David Carde (1-800-872-6467 ext. 1881). Do it today.

Bomb porn

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NC: H 494 and the Restoration Movement Our GOP legislative leadership needs to get with the program

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Thom Tillis may have just killed his chances of becoming North Carolina's next U. S. Senator. Depending on how some other current trends play out, Tillis may find that H 494 may very well drive a stake through the heart of his run for the Senate. Here's how we see that possibility playing out.

These are unusual days in American history. We have a president who has effectively annihilated the U. S. Constitution. If you have any doubt about the truthfulness of that statement simply click here and here. The inescapable conclusion any intellectually honest person must come to is that traditional precedents established and adhered to for years no longer are "the law." Moreover, what is equally clear is that both the Federal judiciary and the Congress are totally impotent to "preserve and defend the Constitution, either as textually written or as interpreted by judicial precedent."
H 494 simply calls for the restoration of the original federalism upon which this nation was founded. Tillis is unwise and foolish to assert that duly elected members of the NC House have no such right to render an opinion on the constitutionality of any issue affecting their state.
The fact is that the original construct of federalism upon which the United States of America created the Union has been turned on its head. What we have today is most certainly not what the Founders intended, and what the sovereign states signed onto. No honest constitutional scholar would argue that "indefinite detention" or warrantless searches, no matter how justified, were envisioned by the Framers. And that list is virtually endless, all the way down to the light bulbs in your home.

NC: Restored Confederate flag returns to museum


The 6th Regiment's Battle Flag which was captured at Sailor's Creek, VA, April 6, 1865.

Read more here: http://www.charlotteobserver.com/2013/04/06/3965270/battle-flag-of-bloody-6th-regiment.html#storylink=cpy

RALEIGH: A Confederate battle flag lost in the final months of the Civil War was handed over again Saturday – this time back into the collection of the N.C. Museum of History following a $6,500 restoration.

The flag was carried by the 6th Regiment of North Carolina at the Battle of Sailor’s Creek in Virginia when it was captured by a Union soldier on April 6, 1865. Forty years later, the federal government returned the flag to North Carolina, but it remained hidden in storage because the torn and dirty fabric was not suitable for display, said Jackson Marshall, assistant director of programming at the history museum.

“It’s been 100 years since the public has seen this flag,” Marshall said. “Now it’s cleaned and conserved in a way that will protect it for another 40 or 50 years.”

The museum is short on funds for restoring historic artifacts and must depend on private groups such as the Cedar Fork Rifles Preservation Society, which raised money to restore the 6th Regiment flag, he added. The museum has about 125 battle flags but only about 30 have been cleaned and preserved so they can be made available for display.

More than 100 people from across the state came to the dedication Saturday to see the flag and share stories about the N.C. 6th Regiment, which formed in Charlotte in May 1861 and fought its first major battle two months later in Manassas, Va., also known as the First Battle of Bull Run.

“It was the only North Carolina battalion at that first great battle of the war,” said Rick Walton, a Civil War historian and member the Cedar Fork Rifles Preservation Society.

Known as “the bloody 6th,” the regiment fought constantly during the war and at many famous battle sites in throughout Virginia, Pennsylvania and North Carolina: Yorktown, Sharpsburg, Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, New Bern, Plymouth, Petersburg and others. Starting out with 1,000 members, the ranks were diminished by injuries and deaths after years of fighting. Replacements were brought in whenever possible, Marshall said.

Read more here: http://www.charlotteobserver.com/2013/04/06/3965270/battle-flag-of-bloody-6th-regiment.html#storylink=cpy

Read more here: http://www.charlotteobserver.com/2013/04/06/3965270/battle-flag-of-bloody-6th-regiment.html#storylink=cpy

School: Americans Don’t Have Right to Bear Arms


The father of a Connecticut child is furious after discovering that his son’s school is teaching students that Americans don’t have a Second Amendment right to bear arms.

“I am appalled,” said Steven Boibeaux, of Bristol. “It sounds to me like they are trying to indoctrinate our kids.”

Boibeaux’s son is an eighth grader at Northeast Middle School. On Monday his social studies teacher gave students a worksheet titled, ‘The Second Amendment Today.’

“The courts have consistently determined that the Second Amendment does not ensure each individual the right to bear arms,” the worksheet states. “The courts have never found a law regulating the private ownership of weapons unconstitutional.

The worksheet, published by Instructional Fair, goes on to say that the Second Amendment is not incorporated against the states.

“This means that the rights of this amendment are not extended to the individual citizens of the states,” the worksheet reads. “So a person has no right to complain about a Second Amendment violation by state laws.”

According to the document, the Second Amendment “only provides the right of a state to keep an armed National Guard.”

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The American Experiment is over


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The American experiment – subtended by wealth redistribution, race baiting, totalitarianism and the creation of taker class that leeches off of workers – is over.  It has been replaced by Fabian socialism.  But all is not lost.  America will be reborn in a different form.  Hard times are approaching, and there are some salient and hard questions that are a function of those hard times.

Will police, soldiers and Marines raise their weapons against American civilians?  The Louisiana National Guard did.  To each and every officer, soldier and Marine I tell you, you’d better not.  God will condemn you for it.  Your orders must be legal and moral to require your fealty, and notwithstanding the [il]legality of such an order, it would be immoral.  Will you confiscate weapons if so ordered?

You’d better not – God will condemn you for it.  Each man lives his appointed days, and then he will face judgment.  Do not face God having removed means of legitimate protection of the family.  And do not face God having been the stooge for a tyrant.  It matters little how long you live.  It matters much how you live, and how you perish.

To parents, you must teach your children and instill in them a reverence for and love of liberty.  Even for the old among us, you may very well end up training the very men who would otherwise be your tyrants, but who will remember their upbringing instead.  Mothers and grandmothers, you essentially saved the day in East Germany.  Don’t underestimate your role.  Teaching the children is the most important job on earth.

Men, don’t be naive.  God apparently granted a special dispensation to East Germany for a bloodless coup. 

It won’t happen that way anywhere else.  The National Guard in many states has already shown that they will assist totalitarianism.  The race riots in Los Angeles were nothing compared to what it will be like in the event of an economic collapse in America.

Teach the children.  Defend the family.  It isn’t just a right, it’s your God-given duty.  And never, ever relinquish your weapons.  That would be as immoral as the actions of totalitarians in confiscation. 

You shall not cooperate with the totalitarians and be approved by God.  Never give up.  God is on your side.

Gun-rights testimony from a communism survivor: “You don’t know what freedom is, because you’ve never lost it”

Law Enforcement Officials Overwhelmingly Against More Gun Control

A new survey conducted by PoliceOne Gun Policy & Law Enforcement between March 4 and March 13, 2013 shows an overwhelming majority of law enforcement officials are against new gun control measures.

The survey shows huge support for concealed carry by law abiding citizens and approval for law enforcement leaders' across the country who have said they will not enforce more restrictive gun laws in their jurisdictions.

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Florida Carry, Inc. warns Hillsborough County about preemption


Florida has more concealed carry licensees than any other state. Millions of Floridians carry a defensive pistol to protect themselves.

Florida Carry, Inc.a nonprofit watchdog that represents thousands of concealed carry licensees and gun owners, occasionally has to remind local governments that state preemption statutes  prohibit them from enacting their own local firearms laws. Otherwise local lawmakers could create a “patchwork” of gun-free zones that would make travel difficult if not impossible for anyone who was armed.

The Hillsborough County Commission recently tasked County Attorney Chip Fletcher to explore ways that the county could enact its own ordinances to ban certain types of firearms and ammunition.

This is dangerous ground for a local government and the elected officials involved. Each commissioner could face a $5,000 civil fine. If Florida Carry or another group files a lawsuit, the commission could be forced to pay attorney fees and damages up to $100,000.

Sean Caranna, Florida Carry’s founder and executive directer, sent a stern warning to Fletcher about the consequences of going forward with the commission’s instructions.

Here’s a copy of the email:

Senate Bill # S. 649, "Safe Communities , Safe Schools Act of 2013

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