Tuesday, April 9, 2013

When you absolutely, positively have to destroy everything within 300 square meters,

Via Ol' Remus

 leave it to Russia to roll out an upgraded flamethrower tank during recent military exercises.

In late March, a battalion of Moscow’s Radiation, Chemical, and Biological Defense Troops stormed a simulated enemy position in eastern Russia — armed with upgraded shoulder-fired and vehicle-launched thermobaric weapons. In a video from news agency RIA Novosti, shown above, the launchers are seen hurling 24 220-millimeter unguided thermobaric rockets at a time.

Just before reaching their targets, the rockets released a mixture of combustible gas. Within seconds, the gas is ignited, and “all living things within 300 square meters are destroyed by high pressure and temperature,” RIA Novosti observed.

According to the agency, this is the first time the vehicle-mounted launchers have been used in a military exercise.

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