Tuesday, April 9, 2013

NC: H 494 and the Restoration Movement Our GOP legislative leadership needs to get with the program

Via NC Renegade


Thom Tillis may have just killed his chances of becoming North Carolina's next U. S. Senator. Depending on how some other current trends play out, Tillis may find that H 494 may very well drive a stake through the heart of his run for the Senate. Here's how we see that possibility playing out.

These are unusual days in American history. We have a president who has effectively annihilated the U. S. Constitution. If you have any doubt about the truthfulness of that statement simply click here and here. The inescapable conclusion any intellectually honest person must come to is that traditional precedents established and adhered to for years no longer are "the law." Moreover, what is equally clear is that both the Federal judiciary and the Congress are totally impotent to "preserve and defend the Constitution, either as textually written or as interpreted by judicial precedent."
H 494 simply calls for the restoration of the original federalism upon which this nation was founded. Tillis is unwise and foolish to assert that duly elected members of the NC House have no such right to render an opinion on the constitutionality of any issue affecting their state.
The fact is that the original construct of federalism upon which the United States of America created the Union has been turned on its head. What we have today is most certainly not what the Founders intended, and what the sovereign states signed onto. No honest constitutional scholar would argue that "indefinite detention" or warrantless searches, no matter how justified, were envisioned by the Framers. And that list is virtually endless, all the way down to the light bulbs in your home.

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