Tuesday, April 9, 2013

GRNC Alert: The Enabling Patriots Act & The Preemption Affirmation Act


There are two exciting bills that have been drafted and will be soon submitted for consideration by the NC House. The more co-sponsors these bills have, the better their chances of passing are.
The Enabling Patriots Act

The first, entitled, The Enabling Patriots Act is courageously sponsored by Representative Larry Pittman (R, Cabarrus, GRNC-***). It will effectively eliminate many of the current “Gun Free Zones”, including schools, that have predictably become repeated targets of insane “Glory Killers” competing for media fame and body counts (of victims made defenseless by law).
The Enabling Patriots Act will (among other things):
  • Narrow the definition of "educational property".
  • Exempt non-participants from the current gun ban at off-campus extracurricular events.
  • Expand concealed carry onto educational property for all permit-holders.
  • Expand concealed carry into restaurants and assemblies of people for which admission is charged.
  • Expand concealed carry to parades and funerals.
This bill will do much to eliminate unconstitutional restrictions of concealed carry. It will allow law-abiding North Carolinians to defend kids in school, as well as themselves and families in many areas that are currently dangerous “Gun Free Zones”.

This is excellent legislation that will likely be targeted by gun control extremists that don't trust their fellow citizens to lawfully bear arms. We need to do all we can to promote this bill and get our representatives behind it.

The Preemption Affirmation Act

This important bill is sponsored by Representative Mark Brody (R, Anson, Union, GRNC-***). It will put "teeth" into statewide firearms preemption that has been badly abused by NC municipalities, like Greenville, NC that classifies a dog park as a “playground” in order to unlawfully ban carry.
It will:
  • Impose a $5,000 civil penalty on any public official who knowingly and willingly violates preemption (i.e. passes an ordinance or regulation in violation of state law).
  • Allows a person or organization negatively impacted by such a regulation to recover damages up to $100,000.
  • Prevents public funds from being used to defend or reimburse the unlawful conduct above.
  • Help GRNC to defend YOUR rights by joining and or contributing HERE or at: http://www.grnc.org/join-grnc/contribute
Similar legislation has successfully prevented Florida municipalities from cynically avoiding compliance with state law.

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