Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Florida Carry, Inc. warns Hillsborough County about preemption


Florida has more concealed carry licensees than any other state. Millions of Floridians carry a defensive pistol to protect themselves.

Florida Carry, Inc.a nonprofit watchdog that represents thousands of concealed carry licensees and gun owners, occasionally has to remind local governments that state preemption statutes  prohibit them from enacting their own local firearms laws. Otherwise local lawmakers could create a “patchwork” of gun-free zones that would make travel difficult if not impossible for anyone who was armed.

The Hillsborough County Commission recently tasked County Attorney Chip Fletcher to explore ways that the county could enact its own ordinances to ban certain types of firearms and ammunition.

This is dangerous ground for a local government and the elected officials involved. Each commissioner could face a $5,000 civil fine. If Florida Carry or another group files a lawsuit, the commission could be forced to pay attorney fees and damages up to $100,000.

Sean Caranna, Florida Carry’s founder and executive directer, sent a stern warning to Fletcher about the consequences of going forward with the commission’s instructions.

Here’s a copy of the email:

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