Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Via III Percent Patriots


Governments have always been corrupt, man has always been inherently evil, times are much different now, we sit at the precipice. What went wrong? Many of us blame the Marxists that have gained a foot hold in our republic, some blame the women’s movement. Is it really that simple?

While others blame the lack of religion and faith, is it really that simple.

How did we get to the place we now reside? How did America Fail? I happen to believe we failed America, yes I am well aware the anarchist’s think differently. The caldron has been boiling for some time, how did we get here? Does anyone really have the answer?

Perhaps there is no answer….. Perhaps the matter is rather simple, with no need for philosophical pondering……. Maybe it’s just time for the spinning rock to shake off a few fleas, we must consider the notion and facts, it would not be the first time.

Perhaps the answer is very simple, all nations fail at some point and time, regardless of the initial solid framework. A societal collapse is bad enough, now take it global. Technology has allowed us to expand and to grow, now it’s time to go back to the basics…… There is no choice in the matter now. Tribe, Tribe, Tribe.


  1. Over the years it has become more clear that it is the moral failure prevalent in this country that brings us to this collapse. It is everywhere. The churches, government institutions, politicians, military, corporations, bankers, schools and the work ethic of us all has rotted the foundation of this country. The Church Militant of Michael Voris had a piece yesterday about "don't trust the politicians" which rang quite true. Voris recognizes the rot in the church better than most and it seems he also views connecting with like minded groups in order to continue on. Small community support groups may be the only way we can survive. Shrinking in size may save the ideals of liberty.

    1. Small community support groups may be the only way we can survive. Shrinking in size may save the ideals of liberty.


  2. The stalinist commies haven't started hanging, shooting with their .40's hollow points or gulaging the sheep.

    When the stalinist commies start in earnest then it's all over 'cause ain't nobody gonna step up, just die.