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Ukraine and the American Spring

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Descendants of Point Lookout Organization Annual Pilgrimage


One of my great uncles was imprisioned at Point Lookout and another at Elmira.

Elmira, The Death Camp Of The North (My Great Uncle)

Alexis Martin: Little Einstein

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"Precocious" is probably too weak a word for three-year-old Alexis Martin. The little girl has just become the youngest-ever member of Arizona's chapter of Mensa.

Mensa is the world's oldest and largest society for those who score at the 98th percentile or higher on a standardized IQ test. Alexis, who started reading at just two years old, has an IQ of over 160, CNN reports.

That's an approximate figure, because Alexis scored so high on the IQ test that doctors couldn't even calculate her actual score.

Oh, and she's fluent in Spanish as well, having taught herself on her parents' iPad. (A device older than she is.)

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A Second a Day from Birth until I'm One!

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Georgia teen holding Wii remote killed by officer at his front door: lawyer

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A Georgia teen who aspired to join the military was fatally shot by a police officer at his front door Friday night when she mistook his Wii remote control for a gun, his family’s lawyer said.

Christopher Roupe, 17, was killed by a Euharlee police officer who showed up at the door of his home in the Eagle View Mobile Home Park to serve a probation violation warrant for his father, a local news station reported.

A female police officer told investigators that Mr. Roupe pointed a gun at her when he opened the door.

“It just doesn’t add up,” said Cole Law, who is representing the Roupe family. “We don’t know where that statement came from. The eyewitnesses on the scene clearly state that he had a Wii controller in his hand. He heard a knock at the door. He asked who it was, there was no response so he opened the door and upon opening the door he was immediately shot in the chest.”

Captured: America in Color from 1939-1943

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Color America

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Australia is Cracking Down on Soda Bottle Silencers Requiring All Adapted Suppressors to Be Turned in

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 Australia wants to ban soda bottles from becoming suppressors in guns

Some new gun laws in Australia may make it illegal to carry a gun and a bottle of soda at the same time. Australia now wants to prohibit soda bottles because they can be used as "adapted suppressors" which is illegal according to gun regulations which were detailed by the South Australian police. Watch video below.

So anything that can be adapted to become a silencer is prohibited. Of course Michael Bloomberg is probably very happy about this, especially if any soda bottles that can carry 20 oz or more are banished from Aussie land.


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Closing Arguments in ATF Agent's Case Against The Government Begin and End Today

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The closing arguments in Dobyns v.USA are set to take place this morning at the U.S. Federal Courthouse in Tucson, Arizona.

Former ATF Special Agent Jay Dobyns has been suing the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms for more than a year after the agency failed to properly provide protection for himself and his family. His battle with the government has spanned over the course of a decade.

"I am assuring to everyone who attends that you will be shocked and stunned. Maybe infuriated and sickened," Dobyns said on his website. "The closing arguments will be the culmination of ten full years of my attempts to ferret out the truth from government law enforcement agencies determined to cover up those truths and mischaracterize those facts. The last five years have taken the form of my lawsuit"

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NC: Bans unanimously rejected

 GRNC Window Decals

The coordinated input of GRNC supporters helped pro-2A Commissioner Eric Rouse convince his colleagues to unanimously vote down proposed illegal gun bans on Lenoir County property during their Monday, February 17 meeting. 

Read "Watchdog Wire's" coverage of the issue HERE or go to:

Your heat, applied by contacting Commissioners via email and phone, helped them see the light, and prevented yet another municipal violation of citizens' rights and state law.
Without YOUR participation, these victories wouldn't be possible. YOUR action is essential. Please encourage fellow gun owners to participate by signing up for and responding to GRNC alerts by emailing
GRNC has received reports that Lenoir County parks may be posted against lawful carry, possibly due to signs not being updated to reflect changes in state law ushered in by GRNC-backed HB650 and HB937. 

We are currently examining existing Lenoir County ordinances for compliance with the new law. GRNC supporters are encouraged to investigate park signage and report problems via email to Photos of offending signs are helpful.

Gun Owners Spank Bloomberg, Schumer, IRS & Governor “Moonbeam” Brown

And GOA submits new brief before the U.S. Supreme Court. Click here to help.
[New Jersey has] subordinated the People’s right to keep and bear arms to the state’s alleged interest in promoting public safety. It is not, however, within the authority of courts to override the Constitution as ratified by the People.” -- Gun Owners of America’s legal brief before the U.S. Supreme Court in Drake v. Jerejian, February 12, 2014

Pro-gun victories are coming so fast and furiously (no pun intended) that it's difficult to keep up with them.

Here is a sample of good news.


On Thursday, a three-judge panel of the liberal Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco ruled that California's requirement that applicants for concealed carry permits show "good cause" were unconstitutional under the Heller decision.

"The right to bear arms includes the right to carry an operable firearm outside the home for the lawful purpose of self-defense," said Judge Diarmuid O'Scannlain.

Gun Owners of America is pursuing an almost identical challenge to New Jersey's onerous and restrictive concealed carry law. GOA (and its foundation) filed an amicus brief in the U.S. Supreme Court just one day prior to last week’s Ninth Circuit decision, challenging the New Jersey control scheme that was upheld by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit.

In several instances, the Ninth Circuit opinion critiques the Third Circuit’s opinion by using arguments very similar to the ones GOA presented in our amicus brief.  Overall the opinion is a refreshing change from most lower federal court decisions, which have refused to engage in the textual and historical analysis required by Heller and McDonald.

As we see it, the Ninth Circuit decision should add weight in favor of the Supreme Court hearing one of these cases to resolve the circuit split.  And hopefully the five justice majority from Heller will seize on these two cases because of the Ninth Circuit's detailed and careful review of the history that supports public carry of weapons for self-defense.

Go here to read more about this case -- including the GOA/GOF brief.

Go here to make a tax deductible contribution in assisting Gun Owners Foundation to continue bringing legal challenges like this.


Former Mayor Michael Bloomberg had intended to turn New Hampshire into his most recent "victory for gun control" -- joining a handful of states that enacted stricter gun control laws in the wake of the Newton school yard tragedy.

Bloomberg figured that New Hampshire would be easy pickings. After all, the "Granite State" had a Democratic House of Representatives and a Democratic anti-gun governor.

Gun Owners of America countered Bloomberg’s muscle by aiding several local gun groups in the state to rally grassroots gun owners in opposition to the bill.

Well, the final shootout occurred last Wednesday. And after the smoke cleared, Bloomberg and his "human props" were sent packing, with their tails between their legs.  After a series of votes -- and an hour and a half of parliamentary wrangling -- the Democratic House declared that a Manchin-Toomey-type universal gun registry bill was "inexpedient to legislate."

Having failed to buy Congress with his billions of anti-gun dollars, Bloomberg has attempted to buy the legislatures of states like New Hampshire.  But, with the exception of seven states with legislatures dominated by anti-gun legislators and governors, Bloomberg has been humiliated.

And "red state Democrats" running for reelection in the Senate are running from Bloomberg even faster than they're running from Obama.

As a result, Bloomberg has now modified his strategy to turn the country blue by legalizing millions of anti-gun voters who broke the law to get here. And to that end, Bloomberg has announced that he will use his billions to support "red state Democrats" who opposed the Manchin-Toomey amendment -- language imposing universal background checks around the nation -- so long as such Senators agree to support the anti-gun immigration amnesty bill.


Three weeks ago, it looked like an immigration amnesty bill to create 8,000,000 new anti-gun voters was on the "fast track" in the U.S. House.

That was before you burned up the telephone lines and internet accounts of House Republicans.  At a Republican "retreat," dozens of congressmen lined up to oppose the bill.  And Speaker John Boehner was forced to concede that Republicans could not "trust" Obama to implement the enforcement provisions of the bill.

Now, reeling from another defeat, New York Senator Charles Schumer has threatened to file a "discharge petition" to force the House to consider the anti-gun bill, over Republican objections.

The problem is that Schumer, to be successful, would have to convince over a dozen Republicans to openly betray their colleagues, in order to garner the necessary 217 or 218 signatures (depending on the number of House vacancies). For this reason, discharge petitions almost never succeed.


Fresh from a scandal in which it tried to harass conservatives applying for 501(c)(4) tax-exempt status, the IRS has spent the last several months trying to put GOA out of business.

It did this by threatening regulations which would define a broad range of policy activities (including voting guides) as political activities.

But, in its arrogance, the IRS overstepped its bounds.  So many policy-related activities would be limited under the IRS rules that a broad range of both conservative and liberal 501(c)(4)'s blasted the proposals.  In addition, the chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee introduced legislation (H.R. 3865) which would prohibit the IRS regs from being issued.  Given the broad support from both ends of the political spectrum, the Camp bill would surely be passed overwhelmingly.

As a result, the IRS has now meekly testified that it will not push its proposals in 2014.

DON’T FORGET: Go here to read more about Gun Owner’s NJ case -- including the actual GOA/GOF brief.

Florida Mom Spends Night in Jail After Cops Attack Her For Recording Them on Phone

Salon: ‘White Thugs Killing Black Teens’ – Time for Violent Response?

Declaring that “Florida cannot defend black life against white fear,” Brittney Cooper, a liberal, race-baiting, African American writer for, has made the not-so-subtle suggestion that perhaps it’s time for black folks to react with violence when a court of law doesn’t rule to their satisfaction.

Based on the epidemic of media-ignored black-on-white “knockout game” attacks nationwide, it would seem that Brittney’s readers may be listening.

She rhetorically asks:

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This is what it’s like to have a 500-pound bomb hit your position (VIDEO)

While details are still sparse on how this unfortunate situation came to be, this U.S. Army infantry outpost in Paktika Provence, Afghanistan, was mistakenly hit by a not-so-friendly 500-pound bomb.

The air strike was called in to support the Army mortar team, equipped with 60mm mortars. Their First Sergeant made the decision to “stand do” before the air strike, which almost certainly lead to saved lives.

“If it hadn’t been for the decision of the First Sergeant to bring everyone to stand to, three of our guys would have died in that wood building. His decision saved three of our men,” explained one soldier in an interview with the Funker team.

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Name game: Amid opposition, states change title of Common Core


It might take more than a name change to quell parental anger at Common Core, the controversial national education standards adopted by all but four states.

With angry parents protesting the standards, and curriculum they say is tailored to it by writers of textbooks and lesson plans, several states have decided the solution is all in the name. Common Core is now referred to as “The Iowa Core” in the Hawkeye State. Florida calls it the tongue-twisting “Next Generation Sunshine State Standards.” Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer recently signed an executive order to erase the name “Common Core” for their new math and reading standards and Louisiana lawmakers are mulling a name change as well.

But critics say what states really need to do is scrap the Common Core Standards Initiative altogether.

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CBO: Obama’s proposed minimum wage hike would cost 500,000 jobs by 2016


President Obama’s proposed minimum wage hike to $10.10 per hour will cost 500,000 jobs, the Congressional Budget office found Tuesday.

The increase, which Obama touted in this year’s State of the Union address, would gradually up the minimum requirement from the current rate of $7.25 rate to $10.10 and could cause up to 1 million workers to lose their jobs, the CBO reported.

“This is a very weak anti-poverty tool and it’s hurting the kinds of people it’s supposed to help,” former CBO director Doug Holtz-Eakin told The Daily Caller News Foundation. “People that have low skills and are trying to find employment — if you raise the minimum wage, it prices them out of the market. That’s all the CBO’s reflecting.”

More Black mob violence in Philly

Clerk injured in 7-Eleven robbery in Olney |
2 more arrests in 7-Eleven robbery, assault |
- See more at:
From the comments section:


 Well when their parents named them such names they pretty much guaranteed their kids would live a life of crime. I used to be a retail manager in Exton and this is exactly the stereotype that would come into my store and steal time and time again and then try to make it about race when I had them arrested. I have been spit on in the past while trying to stop theft and at one point a black man raised his fist towards my pregnant stomach. That was the only time I backed off. So sick of the welfare “I’m owed something” mentality a segment of our society seems to have. Rather than work for anything they steal from others.

The Debutante World of 'Las Marthas'

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The full look: Debutantes at The Society of Martha Washington's Colonial Pageant and Ball wear enormous colonial-inspired gowns

The south may be rife with debutante balls, but few compare to The Society of Martha Washington’s Colonial Pageant and Ball – a historically-themed event in Laredo, Texas where teenaged girls make their debut in 19th century-inspired gowns.

The ball has been chronicled with a documentary on PBS titled ‘Las Marthas’, which premiered on the network last evening.

It was aired to coincide with this year’s ball which, keeping with tradition, will be held on February 22 in celebration of George Washington’s birthday.

The date was deemed a holiday in Laredo following 1898 conflict between the city’s townsmen and their neighboring Yaqui Native American tribe.

In 1939 Laredo introduced the now-traditional Martha Washington pageant and ball, for which approximately twenty debutantes, hailing from both Laredo, Texas and Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, are invited to make their debut in a colonial fashion.

More with video @ Daily Mail

Democrats busted in major voting scheme: Undercover video shows astonishing illegal plot

A new video from Project Veritas, the undercover investigation specialists organized by guerrilla journalist James O’Keefe, reveals Democrat activists in the state of Texas boasting about breaking the state’s election law by mining confidential records for phone numbers.

O’Keefe, whose work helped bring down ACORN, the community “organizing” behemoth for which Barack Obama worked as a lawyer, reveals in the new online posting that Battleground Texas Field Organizer Jennifer Longoria confirms on video – several times – that the group is taking telephone numbers, names and addresses from voter registration cards to keep and use to campaign for Democrat gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis.

But the video quotes from Texas statutes that copying those personal details is illegal.

According to the video, Longoria explains the goal of her group, run by a former field director for Obama for America, is trying to increase the number of voters in Texas to try to raise the support for Democrats.

“So every time we register somebody to vote, we keep their name, number,” she explains. When a Project Veritas investigator asks, “That’s from the voter registration form?” Longoria responds, “That data collection is the key.”

However, according to the video, state law forbids that.

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Alabama’s ‘We Dare Defend Our Rights’ motto played role in landing Remington

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 Gov. Bentley announces Remington is coming to Alabama, Remington CEO George Kollitides says the state’s motto played a role in getting them to come.
Dozens of lawmakers, economic development advocates, and members of the press packed into the Huntsville Chamber of Commerce Monday afternoon to welcome the nation’s oldest firearms manufacturer, Remington Outdoor Company, to Alabama.
 “I am honored to welcome Remington to Alabama,” Gov. Robert Bentley said. “The Alabama workforce, our business climate and our quality of life continue to make Alabama extremely attractive to companies. Remington will soon experience the same type of success that other companies in Alabama have already experienced. Today’s announcement will create more than 2,000 jobs in Huntsville, and reflects a statewide capital investment of $110 million. Our relationship with Remington is just beginning, and I look forward to a continued partnership with the company.”

It Begins: Ukraine Army Given Power To Use Weapons On Civilians - Live Feed

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Just as we warned earlier, the stealing of the weapons cache and labeling of the break-away region as having undertaken "terrorist acts" has led to the military getting involved:
Under the "anti-terrorist" operation, Ukraine is a close to civil war as it has been so far. As Martin Armstrong concludes: "there is no peaceful resolution" no matter how many sanctions and condemnations the West makes.

 Below is the Google-translated Government Statement which was posted on the Ministry of Defense website moments ago:

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Bringing Joseph Home

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Displaying HD cover.jpg


My book release date for," Bringing Joseph Hargrove Home" is April 29, 2014. Which means it will be available in stores. But you can order now by going to my personal link.

The release date is just a few weeks prior to the 39th anniversary of the "Mayaguez Incident" which occurred on May 15, 1975. That date also was Joseph's 24th birthday!

So please forward to all your friends and help me put the pressure on JPAC! They feel that they have accountability to no one. There are questions that should demand answers so please help us! Please join in the fight to "Bring Joseph Home!"

Molotovs in the Ukraine

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[WATCH] ‘They Just Killed That Dude’: Police Kill a Man They Didn’t Subdue

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Near the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area Friday, police engaged with a man who had been trying to flag cyclists down.  Although witnesses say that the man never got physical with the police, he kept getting away from them.  They questioned why the police didn’t subdue the man and handcuff him.  They didn’t even try.

Inheriting the Earth

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 "The victims died because they didn’t understand that some people are limited by nothing."

It is customary to imagine the strong colonizing the weak, but history shows the weak colonize the strong all the time, provided they have a sufficient sense of entitlement. Joseph Conrad captured the paradox exactly in his description of the ship Patna as it sailed with 800 Muslim pilgrims across the Indian ocean to the Red Sea in his novel Lord Jim.
They streamed aboard over three gangways, they streamed in urged by faith and the hope of paradise, they streamed in with a continuous tramp and shuffle of bare feet, without a word, a murmur, or a look back … Eight hundred men and women with faith and hopes …
At the call of an idea they had left their forests, their clearings, the protection of their rulers, their prosperity, their poverty, the surroundings of their youth and the graves of their fathers. They came covered with dust, with sweat, with grime, with rags—the strong men at the head of family parties, the lean old men pressing forward without hope of return; young boys with fearless eyes glancing curiously, shy little girls with tumbled long hair; the timid women muffled up and clasping to their breasts, wrapped in loose ends of soiled head-cloths, their sleeping babies, the unconscious pilgrims of an exacting belief. …
Below the roof of awnings, surrendered to the wisdom of white men and to their courage, trusting the power of their unbelief and the iron shell of their fire-ship, the pilgrims of an exacting faith slept on mats, on blankets, on bare planks, on every deck, in all the dark corners, wrapped in dyed cloths, muffled in soiled rags, with their heads resting on small bundles, with their faces pressed to bent forearms: the men, the women, the children; the old with the young, the decrepit with the lusty—all equal before sleep, death’s brother.
The white men in the pilot-house,  – the infidels — were of course less than nothing in the eyes of their passengers.

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Empty the Churches and Fill the Streets

David Green, founder and CEO of Hobby Lobby, has, through great hesitation, decided to sue the federal government to ensure his rights to pursue his religious rights as guaranteed in the First Amendment to the United States Constitution.

This is just another in a long line of needless lawsuits arising out of an unjust and unconstitutional law, affectionately called Obamacare by Barack Obama, or otherwise given the ironic title of Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, which accomplishes neither patient protection, nor affordable care.

The Constitutional questions are not questions at all. There is no more clear wording in the Bill of Rights than: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof." There simply is no more clear admonition than "Congress shall make no law..." What part of "no" is vague? What part of "congress" is vague? What part of "law" is vague? What part of "prohibiting the free exercise thereof" is vague?