Friday, June 5, 2020

Great American comeback: “Experts” predicted that America would lose 7.5 million jobs last month. Instead, our country added 2.5 million—10 million more than expected.

    464,000 construction jobs
    424,000 education & healthcare jobs
    368,000 retail jobs
    225,000 manufacturing jobs   

“We had the greatest economy in the history of the world. And that strength let us get through this horrible pandemic,” President Trump said.

“We’re going to be back there. I think we’re going to actually be back higher next year than ever before. And the only thing that can stop us is bad policy.”



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NC: ACE Speedway postpones race after Gov. Cooper cracks down on mass gatherings in email to Sheriff Johnson

Gov. Roy Cooper’s office sent a letter to Alamance County Sheriff Terry Johnson Friday encouraging him to enforce his executive order at ACE Speedway.

According to the rules of phase 2 of reopening North Carolina, outside gatherings should include no more than 25 people and social distancing should be practiced. On opening night at the speedway, hundreds of people were allowed entry and not many seemed to be wearing masks nor socially distant.

In the letter, William McKinney, counsel to the governor’s office said, “ACE Speedway has continuously and flagrantly violated the plain and unambiguous language of the phase 2 order.”

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Florida Mayor Outlaws Gun and Ammo Sales as City Descends into Chaos


As Americans in every major U.S. city take up arms to defend themselves against violent looters, one Florida mayor has effectively banned armed self-defense for anyone not already in possession of a firearm.

West Palm Beach Mayor Keith James declared a state of emergency on Monday prohibiting the sale of guns and ammunition, the “intentional display” of guns and ammunition, and the possession of firearms in public places.

“The public’s safety is my top priority, especially during this time of great unrest in cities nationwide,” James said in a statement.

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Trump Polls Last Three Days: 44, 46 and 48 Favorability & Drew Brees Caves, Asks For ‘Forgiveness’ For Saying Americans Should Respect The Flag

 Biden holds small lead over Trump nationally: poll | TheHill


No backbone has he.

Drew Brees Caves, Asks For ‘Forgiveness’ For Saying Americans Should Respect The Flag

Statue of Civil War’s Admiral Raphael Semmes in Mobile removed overnight

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Statue of Civil War’s Admiral Raphael Semmes in Mobile removed overnight

The statue of Civil War Admiral Raphael Semmes has been removed from its longstanding place in downtown Mobile.

The statue was removed overnight, and residents noticed it gone early Friday morning.

The statue was vandalized earlier this week.

Mitchell Bond, 20, of Mobile was charged with defacing a monument, which is a Class A misdemeanor, after messages were spray painted on the base of the statue. The city removed those painted messages Tuesday.

Semmes was an officer in the Confederate navy. He commanded the CSS Alabama.

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A Tribute to the Past

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Self-Righteous FAKE OUTRAGE and HYPOCRISY in Full Dress PARADE

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