Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Trump: "The press is dishonest, but the political press is especially dishonest.”

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 trump press rush

Near the end of it a frustrated journalist (paraphrasing), “Mr. Trump, Mr. Trump, Mr. Trump, is it gonna be this way, are you gonna be attacking us after you become president?”

“Yes, it is. Because you are the most dishonest people, political press the most dishonest people I know. You know it and I know it. The press is dishonest, but the political press is especially dishonest.”

And then Jim Acosta, I think it was, CNN (paraphrasing), “Mr. Trump, Mr. Trump, do you object to scrutiny? You seem like you didn’t even like scrutiny, but you’re seeking the office of president of the United States, how do you think –”

“I don’t mind scrutiny. What I don’t like is lies. You can scrutinize me all day long but you set up false premises. You state things about me that are not true. Then you run stories on that. That’s why I’m out here trying to correct the record.”

And then Trump says, “By the way, I’ve seen you, you’re among the worst. You’re at ABC, right? You’re the worst. You’re a sleaze.” And I’m thinking the people at home watching this — (laughing) ’cause, folks, in the age of internet trolling, manners are out the window. It’s a waste of time asking for manners here. Because, remember, in a war the aggressor sets the rules and I’m guaranteeing you that Trump thinks the media are the aggressors here.

"You're a Sleaze": Donald Trump Calls Out ABC News Reporter & backed up by vet

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Sessions to GOP: Adapt to Trump or die

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Sen. Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III, Donald Trump’s friendly but fierce Alabama ally, has a message for Republicans still queasy about their party’s nominee: Tide’s about to roll over you.

Sessions, a 69-year-old former state attorney general who famously donned the “Make America Great Again” trucker’s cap at a massive rally in Mobile last August, thinks Trump is more a movement than a man. And this sprightly son of country preachers and teachers is on a mission to evangelize maybe-Trumpers like House Speaker Paul Ryan on the Gospel According to Donald — with a sermon on self-preservation.


Supreme Court slap down Obama 8-0 in wetlands fight

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Four years after the U.S. Supreme Court handed the Obama administration a huge defeat by allowing Americans to go to court to challenge “compliance orders” from federal agencies over the use of their own property, the justice have ruled that the courts are available to owners when agencies abruptly apply new confiscatory regulations to the use of the land.

The unanimous ruling against the Obama administration’s agenda came in a case between the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the Hawkes Co. of Minnesota.

The corps had designated land belonging to the company as a “wetlands” and told the private landowners they had to comply with all the corps’ rules and regulations. And the Obama administration argued that the company wasn’t even permitted to go to court to challenge the bureaucratic nightmare the owners faced.

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"Trump is taking a flamethrower to a stick fight"

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Polls Show Gary Johnson May Not Hurt Trump: Says Trump "racist!" :)

Initial polls indicate Libertarian Party nominee Gary Johnson would not significantly hurt Donald Trump in the general election because he draws votes from both major parties equally.

The former New Mexico governor was nominated again Sunday at the Libertarian Party convention in Orlando, after previously winning a little bit less than one percent of the popular vote in 2012. This time, Johnson is on the ticket with running mate Bill Weld, the former Republican governor of Massachusetts.

Politico is trumpeting Johnson as a vote-spoiler who could doom Trump against Hillary Clinton. Libertarian power brokers are excited about the chance to perhaps get 5 percent of the popular vote nationally and get the party on the ballot nationwide in future elections. A Johnson campaign source said that billionaire David Koch – who along with his brother is pulling money out of the pro-Republican cause in protest of Trump – will give money to Johnson, though Johnson publicly claimed to have no knowledge of such an arrangement.

“Do the math: Ten percent in the polls — that’s 90 percent in reverse, a landslide practically. It’s inevitable. Everybody who gets paid by the Kochs says so,” longtime Libertarian insider Tim Cavanaugh said mockingly on Facebook.

But Johnson appears to be drawing evenly from both Republicans and Democrats, and Trump is still winning independents even after Johnson takes his third-place share.

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