Tuesday, May 31, 2016

"Trump is taking a flamethrower to a stick fight"

Via Billy


  1. For better or worse, at this point I say better. I believe Trump will shock the establishment politicians. I think he will win and win in a landslide. Left or right his attack on a crooked press resonates. His speaking of truth is what the country has wanted.

    Even on the left. There are good liberals that are not bat-shit-crazy. They are millions of democrats that do not support homosexual marriage. And millions more that detest the tranny indoctrination and promotion. Many more millions on both sides loathe the career politicians. Trump speaks to the millions and millions of voters that feel completely ignored. I can promise every democrat, formerly factory workers. They saw their jobs go to Mexico and China. They care more about Trumps, “Bringing Jobs Back to America.” Than they do homosexual and transsexual rights. These people will vote for Trump. And the professional politicians along with the establishment do not have a clue what is about to roll over them.

    There are liberals, not the bat-shit-crazy ones that fear open borders. They see their jobs taken by illegals and want it stopped. They see school resources that should be educating their children going to illegals. There are liberals that know ISIS is a real threat to them and their families. The democrat establishment has no idea what Trump brings. For the first time in my 64-year lifetime there is a republican candidate that is more exciting than plain white bread. Democrats could have run a pet rock against Romney and the rock would have had more energy and been more exciting.

    Trump may very well destroy both parties. We the people, are tired of being ignored by our representatives. There is a word everyone needs to begin using, “representatives.” Those people in the Senate and House are NOT our leaders. They are our representatives. They were NOT elected to lead us but to represent our interests. The house members and senators are not elected to represent the democrat party or republican party. They are elected to represent the best interests of their home state and the people that elected them.

    The establishment is terrified of Trump. Establishment Democrats are frightened he will do what is says and there will be a positive effect. They have spent decades creating victim classes then pandering to them. If the “victims” realize they have just been used. Establishment Republicans are just as panicked. If their base realizes the only thing they actually supported was themselves becoming rich and powerful. Lastly, the Press is wearing “Depends.” For the first time in their lives, a politician does not cower in fear. Instead he counterattacks. They are dribbling in their drawers, with no idea what to do. Finally, someone stood up against their power. Trump, is Goreing a lot of sacred cows. Sorry, I couldn’t resist the pun.

    Much as I wish Trump could turn the country around. I am afraid one man cannot. The corruption is too deep, too entrenched for any one person. If, however Trump is the beginning of a larger movement. Then perhaps there is a slim chance.


    1. Thanks. Excellent.http://freenorthcarolina.blogspot.com/2016/06/trump.html