Tuesday, March 12, 2013

GRNC Alert: Flawed Bill Passes Committee...


The bad news is that today, the US Senate Judiciary Committee passed Senator Charles Schumer's (D-NY) bill, S. 374, the misnamed "Fix Gun Checks Act of 2013", mandating the "universal background checks" which are gun banner's code words for "universal gun registration."

The good news is that your input to Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK), who was working a "deal" with Schumer which would have won Republican support, made him back away from the bill. As a consequence, the vote was 10-8 along party lines, with all Republicans voting against the bill.
But how bad is the bill? Let's look at its language:
  • If you left town for more than 7 days, and left your gay partner, or unrelated roommate at home with the guns, you’d be committing a felony. This should be called the “denying gun rights to gays act.” Remember that the federal government does not recognize gay marriage, even if your state does, thanks to DOMA. 5 years in prison.
  • Actually, even married couples are questionably legal, because the exemption between family only applies to gifts, not to temporary transfers. The 7 day implication is if you leave your spouse at home for more than 7 days, it’s an unlawful transfer, and you’re a 5 year felon. I suppose you could gift them to your spouse, or related co-habitant, and then have them gift them back when you arrive back home. Maybe the Attorney General will decide to create a form for that.
  • It would be illegal to lend a gun to a friend to take shooting. That would be a transfer. 5 years in federal prison.
  • Steals the livelihood of gun dealers by setting a fixed fee to conduct transfers. The fee is fixed by the Attorney General. What’s to prevent him from setting it at $1000?
  • Enacts defacto universal gun registration, because of record keeping requirements.
  • All lost and stolen guns must be reported to the federal and local government. This means everyone will have to fill out the theft/loss form, and not just FFLs. You only have 24 hours to comply. If you lose a gun on a hunting trip deep in the woods, and can’t get back home to fill out the form in 24 hours, you’re a felon and will spend 5 years in federal prison.
  • Want to lend a gun to a friend to go hunting? It’s a 5 year in prison felony.
  • No exception for state permits. All transfers must go through a dealer or 5 years in federal prison.
  • Teaching someone to shoot on your own land is a felony, 5 years, if you hand them the gun. Not an exempted transfer.

10 Illegal Alien Facts

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Goodies from Ol' Remus


Not a fan - Obama was a crackhead, down-low brother who never showed up for class and had a chip on his shoulder a mile wide against everybody on the planet. It is God's fault his mother was a gangbang whore for the communist party and loved him less than his father did which was none at all... This dude is scum. I mean, hardcore serious scum as a human being. Texas Arcane at vault-co.blogspot.com

100+ years of public schools - You're a public menace and a fraud.  You turn out not educated, prepared citizens but budding felons and thugs. You've had your ever-escalating per-student spending and your technology, and yet you have continually failed despite coming back to the trough for more year after year. Your time has expired, your bogus pronouncements no longer carry weight and your legitimacy has evaporated.  You deserve nothing—not a salary, not a pension, nothing.  You're lucky you're not being charged with felony child neglect en-masse.
Karl Denninger at market-ticker.org

Throughout our history—any country’s history—the people who save their money and invest for their future are the ones that you build an economy, a society, and a nation on... We’re wiping them out at the expense of people who went deeply into debt, people who did what most people would consider the wrong thing at the expense of people who did the right thing. This, long-term, has terrible consequences for any nation, any society, any economy.
Jim Rogers via Jim Taggart at peakprosperity.com 

 America's gun hating television talking heads all deserve awards for boosting gun, ammunition, and magazine sales to all-time highs. Because of those oh-so-vocal gun grabbers there will be an extra two million AR-15s produced in the U.S. this year, and untold millions of full capacity magazines made or imported. That just warms my heart.
James Rawles at survivalblog.com

A deputy supervisory US Marshall told me he was given another $------ dollar procurement to buy up ammunition of all types from civilian sources. This is why all types of ammunition is so scarce. Obama is drying up the civilian ammunition market and storing the ammo at local US Marshall offices all over the US.

 Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa, the top Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee, gave signs on Tuesday of supporting at least two of Democrats' gun-control bills that are set for panel debate this week. [Typical Republican "deal", something for nothing]
Cheryl Chumley at washingtontimes.com 


Beginning 1860 through 1945 there was a sustained assault on our population as it relates to how we would be governed in the future, law, taxation, public education and individualism... Liberty died in those 85yrs. a slow strangulation, she fought as best she could but there were just too many with their hands reaching for her throat... Those were the hands of democracy, not those who desire a republic based on iron clad law.
Nmewn, comments 3314585 and 3314812 at zerohedge.com 

 We've created an entitlement society that thinks they ought to get something for nothing without thinking even for a second who is actually going to pay for it.  And because the pain of the cost is felt neither by the policy makers or the users, the costs soar, quality collapses, and corruption continues because that is government and that is its morality.
Pareto, comment 3314804 at zerohedge.com

Two Liberals on an Escalator

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AFDI Jihad Awareness Campaign Goes National


Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas front groups, with eager help from the mainstream media, have embarked on a cynical nationwide campaign to confuse Americans about the meaning of jihad, and make us complacent about the threat of jihad and Islamic supremacism.

At AFDI, we're fighting back.

Finally, after months of wrangling and First Amendment violations, our AFDI jihad truth campaign has hit the streets of Chicago and Washington, DC to counter the deceptive and misleading #myjihad propaganda of the Hamas-tied Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR).

The unfettered access and influence the Muslim Brotherhood has to the mainstream media is astonishing. But we are going over the heads of the mainstream media with our ads, and taking the truth directly to the people -- and in the process, we're forcing the media to discuss the grim and bloody reality of jihad.

We don't need lessons in jihad. September 11, Fort Hood, the Fort Dix Six, the Christmas tree bomber, the Christmas day bomber, the Times Square bomber, Jihad Jane, and the rest have taught us plenty. Our dead in the cause of Islam have taught us plenty. Over 20,000 jihad attacks around the world since 9/11, each with the imprimatur of a Muslim cleric, have taught us all we need to know.
We intend to run our jihad truth ads in every major US city, and especially to counter Hamas-CAIR's Big Lie campaign in every city in which it runs.

Americans deserve to know the truth about the threat we face. At AFDI, we are among the only ones still unafraid to tell it, and the only ones effective enough to break through the media's disinformation fog. Please help us today.

 The American people who can are still capable of rational thought will get the message in a culture that restricts discussion of an enemy sworn to destroy us. Here is the latest national coverage of our AFDI counter jihad campaign in DC -- apart the quislings in San Francisco:

US Catholics Support Gay marriage, Poll Finds

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The polls on GM are really surprising -- Americans went from overwhelmingly opposing GM to a slight majority supporting in only a decade. 

US Catholics support gay marriage by a larger margin than ordinary Americans despite Church teachings that forbid it, a new poll out Friday has found.

The Quinnipiac University poll found 54 percent of Catholics support same-sex marriage while just 38 percent are opposed, compared to a 47-43 percent margin among all American voters.

Both margins represent a reversal from the 36-55 percent opposition among all voters the group found as recently as July 2008.

Application For Permission To Date My Daughter

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Patriot Navy

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Ted Cruz: Why We Should Defund ObamaCare Now


GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, FOX NEWS HOST: Now to ObamaCare. It may be the law of the land, but that is not stopping Senator Ted Cruz. He is taking action against ObamaCare. Senator Cruz joins us. Nice to see you, sir.

SEN. TED CRUZ, R- TEXAS: Great to see you, Greta.

VAN SUSTEREN: OK, so you are proposing an amendment to the continuing resolution to slow down the funding of ObamaCare. Explain what you want and why.

CRUZ: Well, I think the top priority of every elected representative in Washington should be economic growth. If you look at the past four years, our economy's not growing. And in the last four years, it's grown 0.8 percent a year. And as a result of that stagnant growth, we're not able to get 23 million people back to work. Our federal balance sheet remains a train wreck.

The only way to solve the deficit, to solve the debt, to get people back to work, to get opportunity flowing again is to get growth. This last quarter, we had growth of 0.1 percent. So this week, on the continuing resolution, I'm introducing an amendment that is entitled Restore Growth First, and what it would do is delay funding "Obama care" until we get back to historic levels of growth.

With the economy stagnant, if we implement ObamaCare now, it will kill jobs! It will hammer small businesses! And it could well push us into a recession. That doesn't make any sense!

VAN SUSTEREN: All right, is there any likelihood you're going to get a vote on this?

More @  Fox

Ted Nugent Killed 455 Pigs With A Machine Gun From A Helicopter… For Bill Maher


Rocker and avid gun rights enthusiast Ted Nugent has revealed an unusual hobby. And it’s all for the benefit of “Bill Maher and all those other animal rights freaks out there.”

Nugent reportedly told the full story to SiriusXM’s Brett Winterble.
“I took my machine gun in the helicopter — in the Texas hill country – me and my buddy ‘Pigman’ … his name is ‘Pigman’ – I’m the swine czar. I killed 455 hogs with my machine gun. I did it for Bill Maher and all those other animal rights freaks out there.”
A look back at Nugent’s Twitter account shows that this wasn’t the first time he had partaken in this pastime. He posted this provocative message back in January:

More @ Mediaite

12 Gauge birdshot damage


I got an email the other night from Steve and somewhere down the line he mentioned being shot with a 12 gauge loaded with birdshot at close range and how devastating it was.

Then he sent pictures and the story. Holy shit.

Story first:

Thats my left shoulder. Story is: my son in law and I were at the range, and he HAD to have me shoot his AK47. Now, I believe they should be allowed under the 2A, but i like my .22, .410, and LOVE my .12 GA due to its versatility of rounds.  SO. While I shot his AK47 (which WAS pretty cool) he went through some shells on my shotgun, going from slugs to birdshot, to see what each round could do. The wives called and told us boys it was time to come home, and I pulled the clip and emptied the chamber, and loaded his AK in the trunk, noticing my shotgun was already stored.   When I got home late that evening, I grabbed the shotgun to take it out, and the trigger caught on the jack handle. Result: BIG BOOM. and a birdshot round litterally REMOVED my shoulder socket, shattered the bone halfway down to the elbow, and left the inside of my shoulder blade looking like baby swiss....
Lessons known:
1. treat every gun as loaded
2. an unloaded gun is a worthless gun
3. always transport your weapon empty unless you even THINK you may need it
Lessons learned:
1. my son in law is an idiot
2. even an ex-marine doesn't necessarily know what he's doing (which I should have realized 2 years ago when he shot his left finger off with a .45 pistol
3. put the fucking gun in a CASE or lock the trigger and 
4. just because someone is NOW a cop, don't mean shit. (actually I DID know that, this just confirmed it!)

Now for the graphic pictures:  
Very graphic, so liberals should not go to the link as even with the warning they will later complain........:) BT

Obamas' Cost of Living in the White House: $1.4 Billion a Year


As Carol touched on yesterday, while the White House keeps its doors closed to the people under the guise of "devastating sequestration," First Lady Michelle Obama is preparing for her glitzy 50th birthday party with performances by Adele and Beyonce. Although the party is being touted as private and therefore paid for by the Obamas, taxpayers will still have to foot the bill for secret service and other accommodations at the White House for the event. Meanwhile, President Obama just held a fancy dinner for Republicans just six blocks away from the White House and of course he took his massive motorcade to get there.

Charles Cooke over at NRO has tallied up the total for the Obamas' cost of living in the White House: $1.4 billion per year.

The executive mansion is not in that much trouble, of course. It’s certainly not in sufficiently dire straits for Air Force One ($181,757 per hour) to be grounded, or to see the executive chef ($100,000 per year) furloughed, or to cut back on the hours of the three full-time White House calligraphers ($277,050 per year for the trio), or to limit the invaluable work of the chief of staff to the president’s dog ($102,000 per year), or to trim his ridiculous motorcade ($2.2 million). If Ellen DeGeneres wants another dancercize session or Spain holds another clothing sale, the first family will be there before you can say “citizen executive.” Fear ye not, serfs: Austerity may be the word of the week, but the president is by no means in any danger of being forced to live like the president of a republic instead of like a king.

More @ Townhall

GRNC: Say "NO" To Current Gun Control Legislation

Several current pieces of legislation that can severely impact your rights as responsible gun owners are making moves in the United States Senate, especially within the Senate Judiciary Committee. Some are sure to see the Senate floor soon and others may be voted on as early as tomorrow!

Senator Patrick Leahy (D-VT, GRNC-0) will reconvene the Senate Judiciary Committee tomorrow morning, ready to ram through legislation - including bills introduced by Sen Dianne Feinstein (D-CA, GRNC-0) and Sen Chuck Schumer (D-NY, GNRC-0) - along with other anti-gun legislation. Just last week, the Senate Judiciary Committee approved and passed the so-called “gun trafficking” bill to the Senate floor where it now awaits scheduling for a full vote.

The anti-gun groups are not sleeping, and neither should you. You must call all members of the Senate Judiciary Committee tomorrow and tell them that you will not compromise on bad legislation which will do nothing to stop crime, but will severely limit your ability as a responsible gun owner to exercise your rights protected by the Second Amendment.

GOP Ready To Cave On Gun Control

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 Ammoland has two extremely depressing reports.  We already knew that Eric Cantor and Paul Ryan were pretend conservatives with plans to cave on universal background checks.  This first report makes it sound even worse.