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Remember that time we forgot a navy and had to go back and get it?

Years later, Pierre Le recalled the funeral the sailors held for his son on the ship’s fantail: “The body of my son was wrapped under two flags; the Vietnamese flag and the American flag. Someone played taps. My son’s body was on a board, as the board tipped, the body slid into the dark South China Sea.”
Before the Republic of Vietnam flags were lowered, thousands of people on the ships started to sing the national anthem of South Vietnam, Nay cong dan oi….(Oh, citizens of the country….). “Their voices soared over the waters,” Captain Do recalled. “When they lower the flag, they cry, cry, cry."
 Saigon was falling.

Since the collapse of Ban Me Thuot in the Central Highlands on March 10, 1975, the South’s Army of the Republic of Vietnam (ARVN) had been in disorderly retreat, hoping to redeploy its forces and hold an enclave south of the 13th parallel.

The rapid pace of defeat came as a surprise to American and South Vietnamese generals, as well as to the North Vietnamese who, supported by artillery and armor, drove relentlessly toward Saigon after capturing Hue and Da Nang.

By the end of March, hopes of halting the advance on the capital were abandoned by Central Intelligence Agency officers who believed nothing short of *B-52 strikes on Hanoi could reverse the offensive.

*Wouldn't hurt but B-52's could have wiped out 80-90% of the NVA as they streamed down route 1.

Trump Appointees Defy ‘Buy American’ Order, Protect Chinese Manufacturing

 US President Donald Trump speaks after touring Snap-On Tools in Kenosha, Wisconsin, April 18, 2017, prior to signing the Buy American, Hire American Executive Order. / AFP PHOTO / SAUL LOEB (Photo credit should read SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images)
Trump’s appointees — FTC Chairman Joseph Simons, Noah Phillips, and Christine Wilson — supported shielding the companies from financial penalties for their false “Made in America” marketing, while the two Democrat appointees, Rohit Chopra and Rebecca Slaughter, opposed the decision.
Meanwhile, Chopra is advocating for strident enforcement of Trump’s “Buy American” agenda where companies, including first offenders, who falsely advertise as “Made in America” despite manufacturing overseas would be hit with a more than $42,000 fine per violation.

“I am concerned that no-money, no-fault settlements send an ambiguous message about our commitment to protecting consumers and domestic manufacturers from Made-in-USA fraud,” Chopra wrote.

President Trump’s hand-picked appointees for the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) defied his “Buy American” economic nationalist agenda in a recent case when they voted to financially protect companies who falsely claimed their Chinese-manufactured products were “Made in America.”

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Unfortunately for the nation, the RussiaGate fiasco is only half over

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Unlike the calamity of 1861, though, there may be no way to even attempt to hold the old Union together, even by force. Instead, as is the case with all foundering empires, the end will be a sickening slide into a new and strange disposition of things. One of the last successful acts of the American empire may be to send the RussiaGate instigators to jail.
There is just too much documented official turpitude on the public record for the authorities to answer for and the institutional damage runs too deep. Act One, the Mueller investigation, was a 22-month circle-jerk of prosecutorial misconduct and media malfeasance. Act Two will be the circular firing squad of former officials assassinating each other’s character to desperately avoid prosecution.

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Why Jews Vote Leftist?


The Portuguese Slave Traffic

Image result for The Lost Continent, or Slavery and the Slave Trade in Africa, 1875, Joseph Cooper, Longmans, Green Company,

The Portuguese began the transatlantic slave trade during the Fifteenth century when it was able to expand to overseas and reach Africa. There they found an already active Arab slave traffic and African chieftains eager to sell captive men, women and children to buyers.  The Great American Political Divide

The Portuguese Slave Traffic

“The slave-trade is still extensively carried on in the Portuguese settlements on the East Coast of Africa. The Portuguese Government, which is bound by treaty to suppress it, is generally reticent on the subject, and as we have had no Consul at Mozambique, the capital of those extensive settlements, since 1858, it is on rare occasions that the veil which covers that dark part of Africa is lifted.

The principal traffic in the Mozambique Channel still is the slave-trade, and probably the principal market beyond the sea, Madagascar. The Portuguese ministers allege that the oversea traffic cannot be large, because the seizure of their vessels is rare.

But the traffic is carried on in Arab dhows [and under the Arab flag], and when seizures take place the Portuguese escape the stigma. The following passage from the evidence of Captain Sullivan, before the Select Committee of the House of Commons, shows the working of the affair:

“Another reason why the fact of the Portuguese sharing in this slave-trade . . . they have recently adopted, the title of “free Negroes” for the slaves . . . Ask any of the ten thousand Negroes that crowd the streets of Mozambique where they come from, and the reply is the same as that of the slaves captured on board of the dhows – stolen, dragged from their homes and families, sold and bought, sold and bought again, and brought from the markets on the mainland to this place, where they are worse off than they were before.”

The Blue-Book of 1873 contains the following remarks in a paper by Captain Elton to Sir Bartle Frere:

“About Christmas 1870, a gang of about one hundred women and children were brought down from the Shire by a native chief to the town of Quiliman for sale. I arrived there from Mozambique about the 10th of January 1871, when the matter was openly talked about, and I saw a number of recently-purchased slaves.”

(The Lost Continent, or Slavery and the Slave Trade in Africa, 1875, Joseph Cooper, Longmans, Green Company, 1875, excerpts pp. 25-26)

Southern Fears of Northern Interests

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“To preserve liberty, it is essential that the whole body of people always possess arms and be taught alike, especially when young, how to use them.”

Patrick Henry of Virginia was one of the most vocal opponents of the constitution which eventually would supersede the Articles of Confederation. He predicted that members of Congress would become a new aristocracy and vote themselves large salaries; that national control over State militia was dangerous to freedom; that Northern commercial interests would menace the South. James Madison could only reply that the “Constitution was not perfect, but as good as might have been made.”  The Great American Political Divide

Southern Fears of Northern Interests

“The Virginia delegates returning from Philadelphia had hardly reached their firesides when a long campaign began against the Constitution. In letters, pamphlets and speeches there poured forth almost every conceivable argument against it. It contained no bill of rights, and its adoption would lead to the destruction of personal liberties; it would bring back monarchy; it would create a ruling aristocracy; and it protected the abominable slave trade.

But above all, the Constitution was a dagger aimed at the South, and its point must be blunted or avoided. It must be amended to protect against all these evils. Were it not possible to secure changes, Virginia must think of creating a Southern federation in which the rights of person, republicanism, and Southern interests would be effectively defended.

One of the more moderate enemies of the Constitution was Richard Henry Lee . . . [writing that] “the Constitution threatened Southern interests; and he emphatically declared that Congressional authority to regulate commerce was a menace to the South. Said he:

“In this congressional legislature a bare majority can enact commercial laws, so that the representatives of seven Northern States, as they will have a majority, can, by law, create the most oppressive monopolies upon the five Southern States, whose circumstances and productions are essentially different from theirs, although not a single man of their voters are the representatives of, or amenable to, the people of the Southern States . . . it is supposed that the policy of the Southern States will prevent such abuses! But how feeble, sir, is policy when opposed to interest among trading people.”

Far more forthcoming in denunciation was Benjamin Harrison, who wrote to Washington: “If the constitution is carried into effect, the States south of the [Potomac], will be little more than appendages to those northward of it. . . . In the nature of things they must sooner or later, establish a tyranny, not inferior to the triumvirate or centum viri of Rome.”

Equally vigorous language was used by George Mason [who] wanted amendments protecting both personal and States’ rights. He feared the Constitution would bring either oligarchy or monarchy and Northern dominion.

[Patrick] Henry . . . aroused the fears of men indebted to British merchants: those grasping enemy creditors who would make use of the Federal courts-to-be . . . [and that] the Northerners would control that government, and they would discriminate grievously against the Southern people whenever they could secure gain for themselves.”

(The First South, John Richard Allen, LSU Press, 1961, excerpts pp. 111-114)

Northern Ideology Victorious

Image result for The Ideology of White Supremacy, Guion Griffis Johnson; The South and the Sectional Image, Dewey W. Grantham, editor, Harper & Row, Publishers, 1967,

In the early postwar and before the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Amendments were enacted, “many political, financial and religious leaders in the North had accepted the theory of rugged individualism as applied to the Negro” – Lincoln’s doctrine of “root hog or die.”

The freed slave was now a Northern-styled hired worker who could be worked long hours for meager pay and no medical or retirement benefits — plus had to survive on his own overnight before returning to work.

The value of the black man to the North was this: he who wandered into Northern lines after his plantation and crops were burned was put to hard labor on fortifications or used in forlorn assaults on impregnable Southern positions to save the lives of Northern soldiers; in the postwar he was taught to hate his white Southern neighbor for the purpose electing Republican candidates, no matter how corrupt, to maintain party hegemony both State and national.

It is noted below that the South had “ratified” the Fourteenth Amendment – the Southern States were under duress and the amendment unconstitutionally enacted without the requisite number of States ratifying.Posted at   The Great American Political Divide

Northern Ideology Victorious

“The American Civil War, as in the case of most wars, had been a conflict of ideologies as well as a trial at arms. The ideological conflict had revolved chiefly around the function of government, the nature of the union, the innate capacities of mankind, the structure of society, and the economic laws which control it. The triumph of the federal government automatically established the de facto status of that cluster of ideologies which shall be referred to as representing the point of view of the North and the de facto destruction of those ideologies typical of the South.

The history of Reconstruction amply bears out the fact that neither the North nor the South was consolidated in a united front on any of the great questions which had been the subject of controversy. The passage of the Fourteenth Amendment, for example, made it necessary for a number of Northern States to hastily change their laws in order to permit an equality of civil rights to Negroes, and it wasn’t until the passage of the Fifteenth Amendment that Negroes won the ballot throughout the North.

The act of writing into the Constitution the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Amendments was in itself an ideological revolution.

The South, with a ballot purged of the old slaveholding regime, had ratified the [Amendments], but it was not until 1876 that the South made its peace with Congress . . . After eleven years of attempting to bring the South into conformity . . . the federal government had retired from active participation in the experiment of the social revolution, leaving behind a Negro political machine protected by a legal equality and rewarded with federal patronage.

In the North the reaction had set in soon after the passage of the Fourteenth Amendment. The strong equalitarian sentiment of the Negrophiles and the general feeling that the Southern [freedmen] had become the wards of the nation had given rise to a profound sympathy for the Negro in the abstract, but the actual status of the northern Negro was little changed for the better.

As the rumor of misgovernment and fraud under Negro domination circulated in the North, the doctrine of the immediate fitness of the Negro for all the rights of citizenship came more and more to be questioned, and the way was rapidly being prepared for laissez faire in the South.

It came to be said in the North that the equality of man could be achieved only through the slow process of time and that the Negro offered a flat denial to the American assumption that all who came to this country’s shores would first be assimilated and then absorbed.”

(The Ideology of White Supremacy, Guion Griffis Johnson; The South and the Sectional Image, Dewey W. Grantham, editor, Harper & Row, Publishers, 1967, excerpts pp. 56-58)5

President Trump Should File a Criminal Complaint with DOJ over Illicit Targeting

Homeschooling Parents’ Children Taken by Government, Citing ‘Educational Neglect’

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ET: Hemerd King hasn’t seen his five children for two years. The New York City government broke up his family due to a string of allegations that, upon basic scrutiny, appear unsubstantiated.

The Epoch Times previously explored the twisted incentives in the systemthat keeps more than 400,000 children in foster homes and shelters, and de facto encourages social workers and administrators to keep families apart.

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The Death of Anwar Sadat: Comrade Kalashnikov’s Assault Rifle Ends an Era

In this ongoing series into the most infamous assassination guns in history, we explore the weapons and personalities of those who strived to change their world violently by means of firearms. The guns, their victims, and the assassins who wielded them tell stories that resonate throughout the ages.

Today’s tale is shockingly violent.

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Comment on "Christians killed by the multiple hundreds...

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The attacks took place predominantly in and close to Columbo, the capital, which is located on the west coast in the south of the island.columbo city

The Muslim population of Sri Lanka is 9.3% of the overall demographic, all of them being the descendants of Arab Slave Traders. They are concentrated mostly in coastal areas in the south of the island with a small percentage of them located in the Central Highlands to the East and North East of Columbo.

It is reported that some of the attacks were made by suicide bombers. Hence, Location + Suicide bomber + Mass Atrocity = Muslim…another collection of Shaheeds on their way to an eternity of debauchery with 72 self-reinstating virgins in their ‘Paradise’.

Any belief system based upon the practice of human slavery, death & atrocity and misogyny is unfit to exist anywhere other than within its own, carefully monitored original hellholes which must be cordoned and totally separated from the rest of our species – that is now a survival imperative, particularly for the heavily infested UK and Europe.

Wherever there is Islam there is always death, atrocity, slavery and destruction and there is nothing more that we need to understand other than that we in the rest of the world must urgently implement a complete repatriation programme whatever the final butchers’ bill may be when it comes to dealing with the inevitable recalcitrants.

--Seneca III

The Threat to Notre Dame: Monday’s fire was bad enough; the restoration could be worse.

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The monumental public buildings constructed using techniques to meet the challenges of our time include the Centre Pompidou, the Tour Montparnasse, the Opéra Bastille, the Musée du quai Branly, and the new Philharmonie, each one of which would gain at least an honorable mention in a competition for ugliest building in the world.
President Macron’s speech to the French nation about the fire that destroyed so much of Notre Dame contained a terrible threat: he said that the cathedral would be rebuilt, to be even more beautiful than before. This might seem an innocuous, even laudable aim, but the announcement of Prime Minister Édouard Philippe that a competition would be held to design “a spire suited to the techniques and challenges of our time” should send a chill down the spine of anyone familiar with the efforts of modern architects in Paris, the effects of which can be seen all around the city.

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The New Americans--Radicals Extraordinaire

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The Justice Democrats are a new radical fanatical branch of the Democratic Party. They are even too radical for Nancy Pelosi and that's saying a lot. California elects really obnoxious women as politicians. The last time anyone saw a group of four women the likes of Nancy Pelosi, Dianne Feinstein, Barbara Boxer, and Maxine Waters was when the curtain was going up on Shakespeare's play Macbeth and they were stirring a cauldron. But these Justice Democrats exceed the radical politics of all but perhaps Waters.

They are new, bold, and full of hate. They hate whites, Jews, Christians, Conservatives, Republicans, and Patriots. They believe in Socialism, Communism, Sharia Law, abortion after birth, climate change, open borders, reparations (but not for southerners who were victims of Lincoln's War of Northern Aggression), banning all firearms, repeal of the 2nd Amendment and Bill of Rights.

 These "New Americans" believe in government taking over all business and production and the elimination of private property rights and personal freedoms (except for themselves). They believe in the construction of forced labor camps and punishment of all who question government authority and allowing the government to control and dictate the laws citizens (slaves) must live by. If you disagree that makes you a Racist and a threat to the future of America. Currently the most prominent outspoken ones recently elected by voters in Minnesota, New York, Massachusetts, and Michigan are Ilhan Omar, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, Ayanna Pressley, and Rashida Tlaib. Many others of this ilk were elected to lesser offices in states and counties nation wide. Georgia barely missed the election of one for governor.

The Justice Democrats plan to elect many more in the 2020 elections. They want to give the right to vote to illegal immigrants, felons in prison, 16 year olds, and everyone they can deceive and indoctrinate with their brand of Marxist Socialist Communism. Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin, and Saul Alinsky would be very proud of them. Will America's Constitution and Bill of Rights survive this coming Anti-American Tsunami? Many are the numbers of Americans who have already been deceived and indoctrinated. I am reminded of the song "Long Black Train" by Josh Turner. It sounds so good but I must Stay away. It's only destination is the middle of nowhere. The Devil's driving that long black train.

James W. King
Sons of Confederate Veterans
Camp 141 Commander
Albany Georgia

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The Passion Play dominates the events during Semana Santa in Ajijic

Easter Week celebrations center around the community-produced Passion Play, which this year is in its 40th edition.

Here is the 2019 schedule for Easter Week in Ajijic:

Easter Week 2019 in Ajijic, Mexico

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