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The U.N. Probably Cringed When Donald Trump Said This About Them

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Trump at AIPAC: "I will veto any attempt by the UN to impose its will on the Jewish state." 

"An agreement is not up to the UN; it's up to Israel and Palestine."

The Battle for the GOP Nomination: Paths to Victory or Defeat in November

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Mike Scruggs

As of Monday, March 21, Donald Trump has 678 delegates, needing 559 more for the 1,237 needed to have a majority at the GOP Convention and win the Republican nomination for President. Ted Cruz has 415 delegates, and John Kasich has 143. Only 14 state primaries or caucuses with 761 delegates are left to be won. According to various state polls, Trump is leading in 10; Cruz, is leading in 2; Kasich is leading in none so far; and there are no recent polls in 2 more (Washington with 40 delegates and Montana with 27).  

By the time this is published on Wednesday and Thursday, Arizona (58 delegates) will have had its winner-take-all primary, and Utah (40 delegates) will have had its caucus. Trump is leading in Arizona with 31 percent, followed by Cruz with 19 and Kasich with 10 percent. A whopping 40 percent of Arizona voters are undecided. In fact, a high percentage of undecided voters, 20 percent or more, is characteristic of 13 of the 14 remaining states, the only exception being the Utah caucus. As of yesterday, it looked like Cruz, had at least 52 percent, which would give him all 40 Utah delegates. Both Glenn Beck and Mitt Romney are helping Cruz caucus the majority Mormon delegation. The Utah caucus will have online voting, implemented by a company with close connections to billionaire anti-American George Soros.

Rasmussen released a national poll on March 18 showing Trump preferred by 43 percent of voters, Cruz with 28 percent, and Kasich coming up strongly behind him with 21 percent. Another 8 percent were either undecided or for another candidate.

Kasich came out of the debates unscathed by the brutal exchanges that involved Trump, Cruz, and Rubio.  In fact, he came out of the debates with little scrutiny of his positions on issues. Thus he appears to many voters as mature and congenial, and so far as they know, moderate. This is pulling undecided voters to him, and he seems to be making inroads into Cruz’s vote. He is now being heavily funded by the big donor establishment.

Despite his congenial brand of politics, on issues like illegal immigration, massive importation of permanent legal foreign workers and guest-workers, and Muslim refugee re-settlement, there is little difference between Kasich and Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders. NumbersUSA gives him a D grade on immigration, while Clinton has a D- and Sanders has an F-.Yet Kasich’s clueless liberal, but congenial, rhetoric on illegal immigration exceeds even that of Sanders in its departure from reality. In June, he told the Columbus Dispatch that he is all in for amnesty because illegals are good people “made in the image of the Lord.”  Kasich would also give them a path to citizenship.   In a February debate, Kasich told the TV audience that enforcing the nation’s current immigration laws …“is not…the kind of values we believe in.”   He likened deporting illegal aliens to the Japanese internment camps of World War II. None of the moderators followed up on his statements.

In a New Hampshire town-hall meeting in August, an attendee asked Kasich about the burden illegal immigrants place on the nation. Kasich dismissed the idea that they were anything but a blessing, saying illegal immigrants “are some of the hardest-working, God-fearing, family oriented people you ever want to meet.” A 2015 report using Census Bureau information, however, blew this often repeated myth apart, finding that 87 percent of illegal immigrant households with children are on welfare. The liberal Migration Policy Institute also revealed that 820,000 illegal immigrants still in the U.S. had been arrested, tried, and convicted of crimes. But facts don’t faze Kasich, and he certainly does not go looking for them. On immigration issues, he is in a steady state of happy-clappy compassion for everybody but American workers and taxpayers.

However, what drives the Republican establishment in advocating amnesty and greater immigration levels is not compassion. It is nearly a half-trillion dollars per year in profits from cheap legal and illegal labor. This profit is largely at the expense of American wage-earners. In addition, the taxpayers are picking up approximately $115 billion per year in welfare, healthcare, and community services to illegal immigrant households.

Kasich is unattractive to voters concerned about immigration, Islam, trade policy, or political correctness, but his congeniality is a huge advantage for capturing undecided voters without much knowledge or interest in issues. Late deciders could break more heavily to Kasich than Trump or Cruz

New York seems to be a plum waiting for Trump’s picking on April 19. It is winner-take-all with 95 delegates, if the leader has 50 percent of the vote. A just released poll has Trump at 64 percent, Cruz at 12 percent, and Kasich with 10. The West Virginia primary, with 34 delegates awarded by Congressional district, falls on May 24, with Trump at 40 percent in the polls, followed by Cruz at 20 percent and Kasich at 6 percent, but with 34 percent undecided. Trump is ahead at 38 percent in the June 7 New Jersey primary and should have some help from Governor Chris Christie. Cruz and Kasich lag badly at 10 and 8 percent respectively, but the number of undecided is large.

California’s primary is June 7 and will be a battle for a whopping 172 delegates. Trump leads in the latest poll with 38 percent and Cruz and Kasich trailing at 22 and 20 percent respectively. Nearly 20 percent are undecided. California is winner-take-all by Congressional District. There is one really big problem in California. California just made it legal for illegal immigrants to vote, even though this is completely illegal for any federal election. California also has a budget deficit of over $170 billion. There are at least 3 million illegal immigrants in California and maybe as many as 6 million. Should the RNC accept California primary results, if illegals vote?

Should the Federal Election Commission or Federal courts recognize California results in a general election? Who might challenge the California primary results?  California is becoming a serious fiscal and political albatross to the nation.

Trump’s 11 point lead is vulnerable in Wisconsin, and even more so his mere 3 point lead in Colorado. Trump can probably hold his 9 point lead in Maryland. He has a 7 point lead in Pennsylvania, but there are many undecided voters. He has a 15 point lead over Kasich in Connecticut. Cruz has a narrow one point lead over Trump in New Mexico, the last primary to close on June 7.

Kasich’s candidacy will likely hurt Trump and more so Cruz and make a Republican suicide convention more possible.

The primary turnouts thus far have been at record highs, being 50 percent to 100 percent higher than 2008. This is largely because Trump has dared bring to light issues that the Republican establishment has tried to suppress. Illegal Immigration, excessive legal immigration, and weak trade deals benefit special interests but have had a painful impact on jobs, wages, and living standards for at least the last 15 years on most Americans. The voters impacted are also angry about the cultural deterioration that accompanied this, and the political correctness climate imposed upon them to perpetuate it. Those most heavily impacted were the middle and working class voters who turned out huge majorities for Nixon and Reagan, but have been ignored and shunned by the smug neo-Whigs who now dominate the Republican Party establishment. Millions of middle and working class conservatives had stopped voting until Trump championed their cause. 

The bottom line now is that any Republican that cannot motivate the Trump voter additions to the Republican Party will do no better than Romney did in 2012, if not worse. Victory is only possible for candidates who embrace Trump’s immigration, trade, and national security goals and evidence a strong will to meet them.  Moreover, they must recognize the legitimacy of their cultural concerns and be ready to defend them in both word and deed. 

Donald Trump, of course, does Donald Trump the best. Cruz could only win by acquiring and retaining a substantial portion of Trump supporters. A Kasich, Paul Ryan, or some other establishment nomination would be the political equivalent of the sinking of the RMS Titanic.

Confederatephobes remove Mississippi flag from Oregon display

Via comment by Anonymous on Charlottesville Vice-Mayor calls for removal of th...": 


 Flags from 49 of the nation's 50 states fly in Salem, Oregon.
Missing is the Mississippi flag.
Anti-Western-culture bigots removed the flag.
Hypocrisy reigns.
More with video @ Daily Kenn

Obama Pauses for Photos in Front Of Famous Statue of Killer Che Guevara & agrees with Castro’s Criticism of America

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Barack Obama visited Castro’s Cuba today.

He held a joint press conference with the Communist tyrant Raul Castro in Havana.

Before their press conference Obama paused for a photo in Revolution Square in front of the famous Che statue.
The reaction to Obama’s latest despicable action was fierce.

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When Trump speaks, even the floor of the US Stock exchange stops to listen

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Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 11.48.47 AM

Fox News Neal Cavuto brought this to light and when we saw it we had to show you. Cavuto said “this is much bigger than a party my friends.”

Voters have the right to choose and vote for whatever candidate they support. What happens is the media wants to drive thought and create echo chambers where their message of separation and division are the only things you hear. This results in you, the voter, not being able to hear anything else but them.

Well there is another side to the story and everyone needs to listen.

Watch this video clip:

More @ WD


House Judiciary Committee passes refugee program reform, HR 4731. Let’s push for floor vote!

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By an 18-9 vote, the House Judiciary Committee passed the Refugee Program Integrity Restoration Act. The legislation would set the annual refugee ceiling at 60,000, the average inflow in recent years, and would require Congressional approval to change the limit. Obama plans to increase the number of refugees to 100,000, including thousands of Syrians. This number does not include additional thousands who receive asylum.

Tell your Representative

Sign petition @ CAPS

Birmingham's saddest day

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Saddest Day

I've never seen anything like this.

I've covered hurricanes and tornadoes that took whole families and neighborhoods. I've covered murders and bombings and South American soccer games. But nothing really like this.

I've seen a mayor walk the street in shackles. I've watched mayors and governors hauled to jail. I've covered peaceful protests and riots. I've seen families mourn the deaths of their innocents, and guilty men die in the electric chair.

But I've seen nothing quite like the events in Birmingham City Hall this week. Nothing that reached into my heart to snatch the shreds of hope that hide there. Nothing that took my words, and left me with only sadness.

For my city. For my species.

I barely know what to say. Or how to say it.

More with video @ AL

Burns Chronicles No 15 – So, what is the Law?

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It is appropriate to start off with some Constitutional wisdom from the Father of the Constitution, before we proceed.

It poisons the blessing of liberty itself.  It will be of little avail to the people, that the laws are made by men of their own choice, if the laws be so voluminous that they cannot be read, or so incoherent that they cannot be understood; if they be repealed or revised before they are promulgated, or undergo such incessant changes that no man, who knows what the law is today, can guess what it will be tomorrowLaw is defined to be a rule of action; but how can that be a rule, which is little known, and less fixed?
               --James Madison, Federalist No 62
In the previous article, “Which Came First, the Rooster or the Egg?“, we were focused on the original charge, violation of 18 US Code § 432, which was the charge in the original Indictment, dated February 3, 2016.  Though the government did the intimidation, the defendants are charged with that crime, there is nothing to demonstrate that the defendants intimidated or threatened anybody.

Just over a month later (I guess it took the United States Attorneys that long to try and find something a little more, well, tenable, to charge the defendants with), a Superseding Indictment was filed on March 8, 2016.  It is with Count 2 of the Superseding Indictment that we will be discussing, here, along with both logical and historical perspectives.

Before we proceed, you may want to refresh your memory, from another earlier article, in which it was apparent to Representative Greg Walden, in his Speech on the Floor of the House of Representatives (Published January 8, 2016 – 24 minutes), that if Congress makes a law, pursuant to the Constitution, it doesn’t mean that the Administrative Agencies are going to abide by that law, or, perhaps, interpret it contrary to its intent.

So, let’s look at Count 2, as it appears in the Indictment:

MY Tho: American GI's vibrant photographs capture the other side of of the Vietnam War: Soldier recorded how ordinary life went on in the midst of brutal conflict

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Portrait of the artist as a young man: Lance V. Nix at the Embassy House in My Tho, Dinh Tuong Province, Vietnam  in December 1968 

Beautiful color pictures taken in the city of My Tho between 1968-69 show bustling markets and busy townsfolk 

They were taken by a 24-year-old private with a love for photography and a lot of time on his hands
'I didn't want to be there, but there was nothing I could do about it. 

So in my free time I would just grab my camera and walk around taking pictures,' said Lance V. Nix, now aged 71, in an interview with Daily Mail Online.

                                                                     More @ Daily Mail


5. Brigadier General Tran Van Hai (1925-1975) 

Brigadier general, commander, 7th Infantry Division at Dong Tam, near My Tho.
General Hai was born in Phong Dinh province (Can Tho). He graduated from the Dalat Military Academy, Class 7, 1951. Hai was renown of being incorruptible, outspoken and brave. In 1968, he was commanding the Ranger Branch Command, directly supervising the Ranger's raid to clear the enemy force that infiltrated into the business quarter of Cho Lon area.

He was then assigned National Police Chief. In 1970 he was commander, Special Tactical Area 44... before commanding the 7th Division. 

He won the adoration of everyone who once worked with him, as he was renown of being incorruptible. At midnight, 30 April 1975, he committed suicide at the Division Headquarters, Dong Tam Army Base. 

 (This was TET '68. A friend of mine, Bill Lemon, was caught in Cholon when the Communists came. They were going door to door, street by street searching all the houses. After the second day, it was apparent that they would get to where he was staying the next day. Now picture this: George weighed 300 pounds, but his wife made him a white top with black pants like women wear there especially when they are selling wares, put a conical hat on his head, and he was able to walk a few blocks to where a man, who had been contacted by telephone, met him in a jeep, and got him away safely under a hail of fire! BT)

    Former Agent on Threats to Trump: “You have counter-assault assets, you have counter-sniper assets, this says to me that this is a grave threat.”

     Trump Secret Service Dayton Twitter 2

    The Secret Service and the presidential campaign of Donald Trump are increasing security for the candidate and his rallies after threatening letters were received by Trump family members and violent protests by leftists broke out at a string of several recent Trump rallies.

    More with video @ The Gateway Pundit

    Behind the anti-Trump Disruptors, the Fine Hands of Alinsky and Obama

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    Recently, when disrupters showed up at a Trump rally in Chicago, the first thing that came to mind was that America’s most notorious community organizer could be the wizard behind the curtain orchestrating what was being sold as an organic occurrence.

    In Saul Alinsky’s 1971 book Rules for Radicals, the late author could have been describing Obama’s last seven years in office when he wrote that an efficacious organizer should be “an abrasive agent to rub raw the resentments of the people of the community; to fan latent hostilities of many of the people to the point of overt expressions.”

    The father of community organizing taught that once people are “whipped up to a fighting pitch,” the agitated could be directed to participate in rowdy demonstrations. By employing those techniques on the international level, Alinsky’s star pupil, Barack Obama, has successfully managed to whip up global chaos.

    Back in Chicago, in the early 1980’s, Greg Galluzzo taught student Barack Obama to avoid the spotlight because the fundamental goal of a grassroots activist is to lead “indigenous” communities to believe they were taking action independently.

    China central bank to Fed: A little help, please?

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    A man walks past the Federal Reserve in Washington, December 16, 2015. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

    Confronted with a plunge in its stock markets last year, China's central bank swiftly reached out to the U.S. Federal Reserve, asking it to share its play book for dealing with Wall Street's "Black Monday" crash of 1987.

    The request came in a July 27 email from a People's Bank of China official with a subject line: "Your urgent assistance is greatly appreciated!"

    In a message to a senior Fed staffer, the PBOC's New York-based chief representative for the Americas, Song Xiangyan, pointed to the day's 8.5 percent drop in Chinese stocks and said "my Governor would like to draw from your good experience."

                                                                              More @ Reuters

    Rare photo shows Robert E. Lee's slave, Selina Gray and children

    The National Park Service has found, on eBay, only the second photo known to exist of a famous slave owned by Robert E. Lee and and his wife, reports AP. The image, bought by the service for $700, shows Selina Gray and two younger girls, possibly her children.

    Gray served as the Lees' head housekeeper in Arlington, Va. During the Civil War, while Lee was off leading the Confederate army, she famously confronted raiding Union soldiers and told them to keep their hands off "Mrs. Lee's things," reports the Washington Post.

    She is credited with preserving scores of heirlooms at Arlington House that once belonged to George Washington and had been handed down to the Lees. (Wife Mary Lee was a relation.)

    More @ KSDA

    Charlottesville Vice-Mayor calls for removal of the RE Lee equestrian statue, and wants the park renamed

    Charlottesville's vice mayor is calling on City Council to take down a statue honoring Confederate general Robert E. Lee and rename the park that surrounds it.

    Vice Mayor Wes Bellamy and his supporters will hold a press conference in Lee Park on Tuesday. Bellamy says this is a chance for the community to stand together to show the city that it's time for change.

    He says the Robert E. Lee statue has symbolized a lot of different things since it was installed in 1924. Bellamy believes city leaders need to take action when anyone in the community feels disrespected. (What a joke.)

    More @ NBC

    Charles Carroll of Carrollton: The Southern Irish Catholic Planter

     charles carroll of carrollton

    Charles Carroll of Carrollton has one of the more interesting stories of the Founding generation. He was one of the wealthiest men in the colonies in the eighteenth century, and like other members of the Southern gentry, he lived the life of a European aristocrat. But Carroll was Catholic, and while well respected by his fellow Marylanders, he could not vote or hold office before the War for Independence. Carroll is the founder of the conservative American Catholic tradition. He was a staunch patriot and signatory to the Declaration of Independence, and he pledged his fortune to the cause of independence. He served in the Maryland legislature and was the first United States Senator from Maryland, but like many of the Virginians among the Founding Fathers, he spent a good portion of his life “retired” at his plantation committed to the further expansion of his lands. He was the last living signer of the Declaration.

    The Carroll family had ties to the Irish nobility. The first Charles Carroll arrived in America in 1688 at the insistence of his father, Daniel O’Carroll, and the proprietor of the Maryland colony, Charles Calvert, 3rd Lord Baltimore. The Carrolls, as Catholics, faced persecution in England under the reforms of the Glorious Revolution of 1688. Maryland was founded under the idea of religious toleration and was “owned” by a Catholic, making it a natural destination. Charles Carroll the settler rapidly expanded his land holdings, and his son, Charles Carroll of Annapolis, became a respected and wealthy man, despite the restrictions Protestants in Maryland ultimately placed on their Catholic neighbors.

    Germany Crosses the Demographic RUBICON: 20-35's a MINORITY by 2020