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NYC Launches Sex App for Teens on its Website, Includes Directions to Birth Control and Abortion Clinics

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 birth control

The New York City Health Department’s NYC teen website now includes an app that teens can download to their smart phones to get information on “sexual health,” including where they can get birth control and abortions.

The app, under the heading “Important Links and Info,” has three main links – Where to Go; sexual health services, What to Get; condoms and birth control; and What to Expect; at the clinic.

The New York City Health Department’s NYC teen website now includes an app that teens can download to their smart phones to get information on “sexual health,” including where they can get birth control and abortions.

The app, under the heading “Important Links and Info,” has three main links – Where to Go; sexual health services, What to Get; condoms and birth control; and What to Expect; at the clinic.

Under the health services link the user can choose what service they want, including Gold Star clinics (those that offer free birth control and other services), emergency contraceptive or Plan B, and abortion.

If the user picks abortion, they can then choose the area in the city where they want to find services. If the user picks Manhattan, for example, they will be directed to three places that perform abortions – Family Planning Clinic, Harlem Hospital; Planned Parenthood Margaret Sanger Center; and Project Stay – Services to Assist Youth at New York Presbyterian Hospital.

Under the “info” tab on the app, teens are told that New York state does not have parental consent law when it comes to getting sexual health services.

“Remember, teens in New York State have the right to sexual health services without getting permission from parents, girlfriends/boyfriends or anyone else,” the app says.

The app also provides a link to the NYC Teen website, which reminds teens about the lack of parental consent law in various formats, including a video called “Samantha’s Story,” found on the “Dating and Friends” section of the website.

The seven-minute video is narrated by a teen called Samantha, who talks about having sex with her boyfriend of five months and her sexual desires toward her best friend.

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Words of Wisdom

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NC: An Evening with Dr. Ben Carson

Looked like an exciting night until I found the prices range from $250  to $35K. It is a fund raiser for the Upper Room Christian Academy though. I'm sure Obama will be eager to attend........::)


Upper Room Christian Academy
Cordially invites you to

an Evening

with our special guest

Dr. Ben Carson
- Director of Pediatric Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital.

Thursday, June 27, 2013
6:30 pm

Raleigh Convention Center, 500 S. Salisbury St., Raleigh, NC
Price: $250
To see a detailed flyer, click here.

NC: McCrory's economic development vision wants to pay Paul differently

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 JLF Memo

If anyone thought that a change in political party in the governor's mansion would produce a change in the belief that government is actually the state's real job creator, that poor naif is surely disillusioned now that new Commerce Secretary Sharon Decker is sharing the McCrory administration's vision of economic development.

There was talk in the administration of getting the private sector more involved in economic development, but that wound up being euphemism for turning businessmen into political appointees to help decide who gets state incentives. It didn't mean leaving economic growth in the hands of, to borrow a forgotten phrase from the North Carolina Constitution, "the genius of a free state."

"Economic development" by incentives is cronyism at its finest, which is to say, worst. Ask not what your state has taken from you, ask only what benefits it gives the favored few. Government from the people, for the pals, by the politicians. I regret that I have but one citizenry to fleece for my lobbyist friends.

Dissenters who object to this nonsense try to expose the folly as "robbing Peter to pay Paul," which, though accurate, isn't quite sufficient. If the theft and transfer were equivalent, Peter would have the same motivation as Paul to make sure lawmakers heard from him. They're not, however.

What it really amounts to is petty larceny from Peter, James, John, Mary, Martha, and everyone else to pay Paul. With so much at stake for Paul, you can bet he's making sure lawmakers hear from him. Meanwhile, it's just not worth everyone else's time to organize and go to the legislature.

NC: Confederate Memorial Day Beaufort: Carteret County SCV Camps

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Floral cross laid at  base of  Confederate Memorial.

Mayor Richard Stanley read a proclamation in honor of Confederate Memorial Day.  Also in attendance were  members of the honor guard who would fire a three-volley salute at the end of the ceremony.

Gun Shop Allegedly Banned From Partcipating in Staple’s Contest: ‘Entry Contains Content That Promotes…Firearms’

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 Staples Allegedly Refuses to Let Gun Shop Partcipate in Contest: Entry Contains Content That Promotes...Firearms

Maple Creek Gunsmithing, a firearms store in Fremont, Nebraska, is claiming that Staples, the popular office supply chain, rejected a recent contest application from the shop — because Maple Creek sells guns.

The store, which is owned by Travis Vonseggern and Bill Jackson, recently applied for Staples’ PUSH It Forward Contest, an opportunity for small businesses to win cash to help pay for online marketing efforts. But Vonseggern and Jackson were purportedly sent a message explaining that they are ineligible

The alleged rejection e-mail that was sent by Staples and subsequently published on the Maple Creek Gunsmithing Facebook page reads:
We’re sorry, but your small business entry into the Staples PUSH It Forward Contest has been rejected* for the following reason(s):
Entry contains content that promotes alcohol, illegal drugs, tobacco, firearms/weapons (or the use of any of the foregoing); promotes any activities that may appear unsafe or dangerous; promotes any particular political agenda or message; is obscene or offensive; or endorses any form of hate or hate group.
Please visit the Staples PUSH It Forward Contest if you wish to submit a new entry for your small business.
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The peaceful religion........

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Warning: Mass killings!

Iraq Attacks -Defeats McCain/Al Qaeda Forces

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Editor’s note:  The Al Qaeda forces defeated in the first major outing for the new Iraqi army are, in actuality, controlled by the individuals that Senator John McCain met with this week.  One might ask why an American legislator, a senior member of the Senate Armed Forces Committee, would meet with terrorist groups he himself has cited as responsible for attacks on the United States and the deaths of thousands of American civilians and service men and women?
From an article by Dr. Kevin Barrett:
According to unconfirmed reports, former Republican presidential candidate and current Senator John McCain has joined al-Qaeda.  Informed sources report that McCain slipped across the Syrian border last night and joined the al-Nusra front, an Israeli-supported al-Qaeda affiliate that is waging war against Syria.”
What reasons would McCain have for telling enemies of the United States that he will arrange for military aid, aid we know will be used, not just to attack the government in Damascus, but to exterminate the Christian population of Syria as well?
This same group, the Chechen Al Qaeda affiliate, trained and supplied by the CIA, has not only kidnapped two Christian bishops but is using chemical weapons in Syria, confirmed by multiple sources and full documentation has been submitted to the United Nations.

Iraqi security forces have arrested a senior militant commander of the al-Qaeda-affiliated Islamic State of Iraq network in the country’s western al-Anbar Province, officials say.
According to an Iraqi security official who spoke on condition of anonymity, Adnan al-Awesi was arrested in a sting operation Wednesday afternoon.

This arrest comes after Iraqi troops launched a large-scale operation in the country’s western desert on May 25 in an effort to clear the area of al-Qaeda militants.

Ginny Simone Special Report: Sarah Merkle: A New Face In The Gun Debate

It's High Time to 'Get US out!' of the UN

 It's High Time to 'Get US out!' of the UN

Fifty years of JBS warnings about the UN are coming true.

At the founding meeting of The John Birch Society in 1958, Robert Welch warned of a plan by our political elites to surrender American sovereignty to international organizations, such as the United Nations:

A part of that plan, of course, is to induce the gradual surrender of American sovereignty, piece by piece and step by step, to various international organizations -- of which the United Nations is the outstanding but far from the only example....

Just a few years later the JBS established its signature action project, "Get US out! of the United Nations," with the longrange goal of creating sufficient understanding about the UN to enable congressional action to end our membership in the UN.

Now fast-forward to the present. On May 28, CQ News reported that "Former Sen. John Kerry’s appointment as secretary of State has given supporters of the Law of the Sea treaty hope that he will revive a longstanding campaign for ratification...."

This is the United Nations Law of the Sea treaty (LOST) that the UN described in 2007, saying LOST's "scope is vast: it covers all ocean space, with all its uses, including navigation and overflight; all uses of its resources, living and non-living, on the high seas, on the ocean floor and beneath, on the continental shelf and in the territorial seas.... The Convention is widely recognized by the international community as the legal framework within which all activities in the oceans and the seas must be carried out."

In other words the UN is saying that the UN Division for Ocean Affairs and the Law of the Sea which administers LOST would have authority over everything, everything, over, on, and under the oceans and seas of the world. If you don't agree with restricting the independence of the United States to this degree, then you're a good candidate for joining in the Get US out! project.

The JBS has recently produced an excellent new tool for convincing others that it's time to end our membership in the UN, a booklet entitled America and the United Nations.

Of course, there are many other good reasons to Get US out! There's the new Obama-backed UN Arms Trade Treaty that was designed to disarm American citizens, and that will likely be presented for ratification by the Senate sometime soon.

There's also the UN's Agenda 21, which large numbers of Americans have become alarmed about during the past couple years. Agenda 21 provides a platform for the eventual total government control over our entire material existence, all in the pursuit of the UN's definition of "sustainable development."

If you agree that it's high time that the United States should withdraw its membership in the United Nations, please contact your senators and representative and let them know you support the American Sovereignty Restoration Act of 2013, H.R. 75.

Airline pilot shares letter of resignation he sent to BSA

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May 30, 2013

Richard D. Morales
Wayne Brock
Chief Scout Executive

Dear Mr. Brock,

It is with great sadness and disappointment I hereby tender my resignation from Troop 501 and the Boy Scout organization. The vote to allow open and avowed homosexuality into Scouting will transform it into an unprincipled and risky proposition for parents – a social experiment, I may add. Sadly, the Boy Scouts' legacy of producing great leaders has become yet another casualty of moral and corporate-driven leaders. May 23, 2013, was a sad day for the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) and another tragic day for an America in decline.

I have been a Scout and Scout leader for 49 years. I started as a Cub Scout and worked all the way up to earning the coveted Eagle Scout award. During that journey, I attended the National Jamborees, Philmont High Adventure Scout Reservation, Northern Tier Canoe Base, and the Florida Sea Base. I am a Vigil Honor member of the Order of the Arrow, and a Wood Badge Instructor. For me, it was the greatest positive impact that a youth could have [along with] a solid family and a strong church.

I saw the value in Scouting so much that I encouraged my son to become a Scout and he has progressed much like his father. He is also an Eagle Scout and is currently serving our country in the U.S. Marine Corps.

I make this decision with a clear conscience knowing that it is the BSA that has become subverted, not me. I am upholding my personal integrity as the only way that I, as an individual, can take the lead by "voting with my feet" against a policy that I vehemently oppose.

I have many cherished memories of my years in Scouting, but today I feel as if an old friend has died. So long Scouting...It has been a great ride.

Good luck. Yours truly,

Richard D. Morales
United Airlines 747 Pilot
Eagle Scout

NC: More than 1,000 Venus' flytraps stolen

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By late May, white flowers from blooming Venus' flytraps should have covered the boggy bottom of Wilmington's Stanley Rehder Carnivorous Plant Garden.

"It literally should be just white everywhere," said Jerry Bell, a city horticulturist. 

But it wasn't. The sandy soil below was pockmarked with shallow pits ­– evidence of more than 1,000 flytraps stolen from the garden at the city's Alderman Park.

The theft was so massive it wiped out 90 percent of the flytraps in the garden, named in honor of Stanley Rehder, who tended the plants for decades before he died in October. Known as the "flytrap man," Rehder served as an informal spokesman and public advocate for the rare plants, which only grow naturally within 60 to 90 miles of Wilmington. 

After hearing about the garden's devastation, his daughter Julie Rehder felt physically sick.

"There are a lot of tears from me, but I know there are tears in heaven," Rehder said. "It's just devastating."

Since so many plants were dug out, little remains to generate seeds for future replanting, according to the city. 

"There are hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people who love this place," Rehder said. "My father's legacy has been destroyed and it takes so many years for the plants to get to that point, and it is a despicable human being or beings that will take away something that is a rare part of our community."

Each plant is valued at about $20 each, so the city valued the stolen plants at $20,000. 

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Battlefield at Brandy Station, VA 2012

Budapest 1956

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Below same location today.

Rocket porn

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NC: Latino gang announces arrival, marks turf

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Sureño 13 is in Kinston, and the California-based gang wants you to know it.

Seemingly overnight, gang tags appeared at Emma Webb Park, on brick walls on Independence and North Queen Streets and on the walls of Grainger Stadium.

Large, spray-painted tags included terms common to law enforcement, like “Sureño 13,” “Sureños Trece,” “SUR 13” and the large “Brown Pride” phrase written on the side of the historic baseball stadium.

Sgt. Dennis Taylor, who leads the Kinston Department of Public Safety’s gang unit, said officers were aware of Sureño 13 activity in southern Lenoir County, around Pink Hill, but not within the city.

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Kinston was name Kingston before the Revolutionary War, but changed afterwards.

Report: Americans Are 'Voting With Their Feet'


States that have the lowest level of government financial intrusion — e.g., taxes and regulatory obstructions — also tend to have the highest economic growth rates, a new "economic freedom index" shows.

According to data of America’s 51 largest metropolitan regions from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the top 10 areas in job growth included mostly cities in Sunbelt states, such as Houston, Dallas, Austin, Raleigh and Charlotte, while the bottom 10 featured mostly Rust Belt areas, such as St. Louis, Milwaukee and Buffalo, City Journal reported.

While employment numbers nationwide remain bleak when the underemployed or those outside the work force are factored in, some areas of America are thriving.

How to account for the disparity? According to City Journal, answer is contained in "Freedom in the 50 States," a new report from the George Washington University's Mercatus Center, which suggests geographic shifts in job growth are the result not only of policy, but also of "broader governing philosophies."

The Mercatus "economic freedom index" takes into account tax levels, government spending, tort laws, permits and licensing, labor rights and healthcare choices, among other factors.

"The results seem to imply that Americans value freedom and are willing to vote with their feet for it," said Jason Sorens, one of the authors of the Mercatus report.

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Wooly mammoth blood recovered from frozen carcass, Russian scientists say


The frozen body of a 10,000 to 15,000 year old mammoth found on a remote island in the Arctic Ocean has yielded a stunning find: blood so well preserved that it flowed freely from the ancient mammal, according to Russian scientists.

Scientists with the Research Institute of Applied Ecology of the North, North-Eastern Federal University, and the Russian Geographical Society announced on Wednesday the amazing news, following the study of the carcass of a female mammoth in good preservation on Lyakhovsky Islands of Novosibirsk archipelago.
'The blood is very dark, it was found in ice cavities below the belly and when we broke these cavities with a poll pick, the blood came running out.'
- Semyon Grigoriev, the head of the expedition and chairman of the Mammoth Museum.
“The blood is very dark, it was found in ice cavities below the belly and when we broke these cavities with a poll pick, the blood came running out,” said Semyon Grigoriev, the head of the expedition and chairman of the Mammoth Museum.

“Interestingly, the temperature at the time of excavation was -7 to – 10 degrees Celsius [19.4 to 14 degrees Fahrenheit]. It may be assumed that the blood of mammoths had some cryoprotective properties.”

The muscle tissue of the frozen carcass was also stunning -- the color of fresh meat, Grigoriev said, totally unlike meat that is centuries old.

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The Buck Stops Where?

So…I’m a Raging Racist?


I am so racist. It’s strong – my racism. And, I target it at not just one, but several people groups. The groups of people that I compartmentalize in my mind are…murderers, rapists, and pedophiles.

There, I said it.

Wait, what? Those groups have nothing to do with race? Every sane person should view people of those groups in a different category and consider withholding government benefits from them? Yeah. That’s what I thought.

So, the oddity is – why, for goodness’ sake, why – is the amendment to the Senate farm bill, which would ban convicted rapists, pedophiles, and murderers stirring up RACIAL controversy?

Apparently, Robert Greenstein was quoted in a number of lefty publications saying the following in his blog:

“Given incarceration patterns in the United States, the amendment would have a skewed racial impact. Poor elderly African Americans convicted of a single crime decades ago by segregated Southern juries would be among those hit.”

If you ask me, the only thing about this that could be construed as racist is his statement – not the bill itself.

AP CEO Says DOJ Seized Records For 'Thousands And Thousands' Of Phone Calls: Staffer

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 Ap Phone Calls

 Associated Press president and chief executive Gary Pruitt told staff at a Wednesday town hall meeting that the phone records obtained by the government included "thousands and thousands" of calls in and out of the news organization, according to a staffer who attended.

The AP revealed on May 13 that the Justice Department had seized records for 20 separate phone lines over a two-month period as part of a leak investigation, but has not mentioned how many calls may have been affected.

Pruitt said Wednesday that the Obama administration acted as "judge, jury and executioner" in secretly obtaining the news organization's records, a criticism he also leveled in a recent appearance on CBS' "Face the Nation."

Decoration Day

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 Decoration Day came and went earlier this week in Dixie; or Memorial Day everywhere else in the country. What does this holiday mean and why do we still celebrate it? We are all told that we are celebrating and honoring the men who died fighting for America in wars both foreign and domestic.

The troops of the Continental Army to those of the present day are all honored with barbecues, touch football, and of course the occasional shooting, as was seen yesterday when one of these parties ended with two dead and two wounded.

“It’s just a brawl,” the party’s host Sergio Botelo said. “It happens every other couple weeks.

Somebody just pulls out a gun and starts shooting. There’s just some things you can’t avoid. [There are] people out there who can’t control themselves.”

Why is it that a day once set aside for the Southern community to come together to honor the fallen Confederate dead now has become just another excuse for simplistic cookouts and gang-banger shootings? The answer is simple: a changing nation and changing values.

Decoration Day was originally created in 1866, after the bloodshed of the War Between the States had subsided. The Southern people, though impoverished and reeling from the loss of the war, came together to clean and lay wreaths at the graves of our beloved fallen dead, to ensure that the cause of the Confederacy would not be forgotten.. Music of the South would be played by local musicians as countless flags were placed by each headstone. The local preacher would then generally give a sermon to the community after the memorial to remind them of our Christian culture and our Christian values. A community meal would usually be held afterwards where tributes to the Confederate cause were made, and the evening generally ended with a somber singing of “Dixie,” our national anthem.

25 Tea Party Groups Sue Obama Over IRS Targeting


A lawsuit seeking "compensatory and punitive damages" from the Obama administration was filed on Wednesday by an organization representing 25 tea party and conservative groups that were targeted by the Internal Revenue Service.

"The only way to stop this flagrant and arrogant abuse of our clients' rights is to file a federal lawsuit, which we have done," Jay Sekulow, chief counsel for the group filing the lawsuit, the American Center for Law and Justice, told The Hill.

"The lawsuit sends a very powerful message to the IRS and the Obama administration -- including the White House: Americans are not going to be bullied and intimidated by our government."

According to the lawsuit, filed in federal district court in Washington, the groups faced "comprehensive, pervasive, invidious and organized" targeting and were denied their First and Fifth Amendment rights.

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Magic Stairwell

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