Thursday, May 30, 2013

NC: Latino gang announces arrival, marks turf

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Sureño 13 is in Kinston, and the California-based gang wants you to know it.

Seemingly overnight, gang tags appeared at Emma Webb Park, on brick walls on Independence and North Queen Streets and on the walls of Grainger Stadium.

Large, spray-painted tags included terms common to law enforcement, like “Sureño 13,” “Sureños Trece,” “SUR 13” and the large “Brown Pride” phrase written on the side of the historic baseball stadium.

Sgt. Dennis Taylor, who leads the Kinston Department of Public Safety’s gang unit, said officers were aware of Sureño 13 activity in southern Lenoir County, around Pink Hill, but not within the city.

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Kinston was name Kingston before the Revolutionary War, but changed afterwards.


  1. I've been to Kinston, Did some work there in my youth. Not a lot there then. Here's a warning and a solution... NIP THIS SHIT IN THE BUD RIGHT NOW! Cockroaches multiply dead mexicans in the fields make good fertilizer. IF you let this fester it will become a cancer. These slugs will infest the prisons, the schools the community and then you can't get get rid of it.

    You round up every piece of shit gangbanger right now and string them up in a barn leave their carcass out for a warning. IF you don't you will start seeing those you love treated that way. Look at CA for the future.

    1. Look at CA for the future.

      Indeed, from the top rated public schools in the early 80's to the worst today.