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Fixing/Saving/Reforming Social Security

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Part of fixing the economy must involve dealing realistically with Social Security. Many on both sides of the political aisle want to make it more complicated than it really is. Though today Social Security is paying out more than it is taking in, its solvency depends on stopping the expenditures of its monies which are put in the general fund and used to finance everything in America. Publicly disclose what the monies are being used for besides paying recipients.

Here are five immediate ways to save social security:

1-Put social security in that elusive lock box making it inviolate for any other bills the
nation may incur. It is time we quit financing wars, social programs, etc. from these monies. Cannibalizing this fund to underwrite other programs is a disservice to those who pay into it and a disproportionate unappreciated hidden tax on its contributors. Take 10% of funds annually currently being taken from the Social Security Fund for other than its recipients and replace that as well as cut out that spending from the general fund. This will
generate a balance to the fund in 10 years for its previous rape.

2-Recognize that there should be no sliding scale for receipts on this money upon retirement for it has already been taxed when put in. Taxing these monies upon retirement is double taxation without representation. There was no financial wealth test for investing and one should not have to face one when monies are withdrawn.

3-Citizens should be allowed to place up to 10% or more of their monies from this fund into an alternative such as a 401K, IRA, government backed vehicles or even the stock market if they want to take that risk. This act then reduces their Social Security payouts.

4-Only those who put into the system should be allowed to withdraw from Social
Security. Spouses and children should be covered through other programs since no money was put into this fund for them. This should be an individual program not a family resource program.

  • If a spousal benefit is desired then a sliding scale of increased contributions should be sought accordingly from those who want their children and spouses covered.
  • If one dies before one can collect funds put in Social Security, those unpaid monies equal to that invested should be given to the enrollee’s estate.
  • Each uncovered spouse and child should establish their own accounts with monies they pay in or additionally withdrawn from their spouses earnings to cover this.

5-The Totalization Agreement with Mexico should be nullified and any monies put
into the Social Security fund by non-citizens should remain with the fund to absorb its legacy costs from the first retirees who paid nothing into the system but withdrew from it. (Annual projected loss here to the fund is one billion dollars.)

6-The quarters required for pay in should be increased every two years by one quarter for those new payees until fifty quarters are established as a base-line not the current
forty after 2025. This avoids raising the retirement age and gives more resources to the fund.

Dr. Ada M. Fisher is a liciensed physician, previous school board member, licensed
secondary education teacher for mathematics and science,Author, Public Speakers as well as the NC Republican national CommitteeWoman. Contact her at P. O. Box 777; Salisbury, NC 18145;

Interesting finding on stimulus package

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Via Conservative Heritage Times

Peter Brimelow at VDare points out:

A powerful post by Hunter Wallace on the Occidental Dissent blog analyzes the political (strictly speaking, racial) economy of the near-trillion dollar Obama stimulus package. Unlike FDR’s Depression-era WPA (which, amazingly, it dwarfed in inflation adjusted terms), the Obama stimulus has not produced visible infrastructure results because, Wallace argues, looking at the microcosm of Alabama,

…it turns out that 39.79 percent went to health and human services, 18.13 percent to education, 17.76 percent went to workforce, 12.77 percent went to transportation and infrastructure, 2.2 percent to housing, 4.7 percent to public safety, 2.47 percent to energy, and 2.17 percent to environment.

Unlike the New Deal, that is why Obama’s “stimulus package,” which was 4.5x the size of FDR’s spending on the WPA, is simultaneously wildly unpopular and yet completely invisible to ungrateful White people in Alabama.

It is because the lion’s share of the “stimulus package” was channeled directly to African-Americans in the form of EBT cards, Medicaid, TANF welfare, Section 8 housing, and unemployment benefits…the “stimulus package” in Alabama seems to be nothing more than a thinly disguised bailout for African-Americans designed to forestall the total financial collapse of black households.

This sort of analysis is apparently unmentionable in the MSM. But it explains, of course, why the Tea Parties are,legitimately, a white “implict community”—and why “cutting spending” is such an explosive issue: American government is disproportionately for (and by) blacks.

Diversity is Strength! It’s also…fiscal gridlock

Michelle Malkin Highlights 'Operation Castaway' on Fox News

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List of Violent Flash Mobs

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Communist indoctrination in class exposed

Gallup: Generic Republican Beats Obama 47-39%



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As expected, I won few friends within the University of Missouri-St. Louis (UMSL) and University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC) administrations by exposing the communist indoctrination that occurred in their respective classrooms.

In response to a threatening letter I received from UMSL demanding that I meet with them for questioning, I submitted a Sunshine Law records request to the University of Missouri system. The emails below constitute UMSL’s reply.


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Teacher's unions gone wild

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The Civil War (Sic)Tariff

The Tariff History of the United States

The Civil War revolutionized the financial methods of the United States. A new monetary system was created, and tax resources before undreamed of were resorted to, at first timorously, in the end with a rigor that hardly knew bounds. The tariff, which had long been the sole source of federal income, was supplemented by a series of extraordinary internal taxes, and was itself called on to yield more revenue and still more.

The high duties which the war thus caused to be imposed, at first regarded as temporary, were retained, increased, and systematized, so developing gradually into a system of extreme protection. For many years the tariff was spoken of, and accurately, as "the war tariff," — a name which faded out of use as the community became accustomed to the new regime, and forgot the various half-hearted and unsuccessful endeavors which were made from time to time toward reduction and reform.

Before the war we had a tariff of duties which, though not arranged completely or consistently on the principles of free trade, was yet very moderate in comparison with the existing system. For about 15 years before the Rebellion began, duties on imports were fixed by the acts of 1846 and 1857. The act of 1846 had been passed by the Democratic Party with the avowed intention of putting into operation, as far as was possible, the principles of free trade.


Bronze 'Brothers' at Capitol for Civil War (Sic)150th

Via Old Virginia Blog

A sculpture, titled Brothers, depicting a poignant battlefield reunion of brothers fighting for opposing sides in the Civil War is on display Tuesday in the Virginia Capitol in Richmond. The 900-pound bronze by Pennsylvania sculptor Gary Casteel was put into place Monday in the atrium of the Capitol's four-year-old underground extension. It depicts sibling Union and Confederate soldiers, each on one knee, tearfully embracing after battle, their rifles on the ground at their sides.
A sculpture, titled Brothers, depicting a poignant battlefield reunion of brothers fighting for opposing sides in the Civil War is on display Tuesday in the Virginia Capitol in Richmond. The 900-pound bronze by Pennsylvania sculptor Gary Casteel was put into place Monday in the atrium of the Capitol's four-year-old underground extension. It depicts sibling Union and Confederate soldiers, each on one knee, tearfully embracing after battle, their rifles on the ground at their sides. / The Associated Press

RICHMOND — A sculpture depicting a poignant battlefield reunion of brothers fighting for opposing sides in the Civil War opens in the Virginia Capitol just in time for the sesquicentennial of the Confederate Congress convening in Richmond.

"Brothers," a 900-pound bronze by Pennsylvania sculptor Gary Casteel, was put into place Monday in the atrium of the Capitol's 4-year-old underground extension.

It depicts sibling Union and Confederate soldiers, each on one knee, tearfully embracing after battle, their rifles on the ground at their sides.

The rebel soldier's shoes are torn open, his toes visible, and his simple bedroll slung over one shoulder contrasts with the well-provisioned knapsack of his better-equipped Union brother. The Union soldier wears a bandage around his head that covers his right eye.


National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 07-13-11

Injustice Everywhere


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Here are the 20 reports of police misconduct tracked in our National Police Misconduct News Feed for this Wednesday, July 13, 2011:

  • 2 New York NY (Bronx) cops charged w/assault for allegedly beating teen who quipped about cop who stepped in crap [0]
  • San Bernardino Co CA deputy takes plea deal to felony oral copulation w/minor for sex acts w/teen police explorer [0]
  • Bridgeport CT deputy police chief subject of FBI probe into alleged obstruction of murder investigation in 1977 [3]
  • Several Chicago IL police detectives & ex-Cook Co prosecutors subject of fed probe into Burge torture testimonies [0]
  • Miami FL cop who is VP of police union subject of mounting brutality & false arrest complaints after news report [3]
  • St John the Baptist Parish LA deputy arrested on fugitive warrant for indecent behavior & carnal knowledge of minor [0]
  • Adams Co CO deputy charged w/several felonies for allegedly breaking 15yr-old’s jaw while he was strapped to gurney [0]
  • Birmingham AL cop sentenced to 12yrs for fatal 120mph DUI crash that killed minister on way home from church [0]
  • Greenwood IN cop faces discipline for allegedly threatening man w/taser & cuffing him for calling cops on him [0]
  • Paragould AR settles suit for $52k to sex offender alleging he was beaten by cops after judge finds cover-up [3]
  • Cook Co IL deputy w/history arrested after 3yr-old son found wandering streets in underpants while she was drunk [0]
  • Ohio Co KY deputy fired after road crew claims he buried a dog alive after he tried to beat it to death with a garden hoe because it was injured [0]
  • Provo UT cop sentenced to probation in plea to possession charges after caught on camera stealing drugs on calls [0]
  • Zavalla TX police chief suspended while subject of criminal investigation into unspecified allegations [2]
  • East St Louis IL unnamed cop subject of unspecified discipline after caught abusing sick time to work 2nd job [2]
  • Waterloo Regional ON cop suspended after arrested on unspecified criminal harassment & mischief charges [2]
  • Roanoke VA settles suit for $50k to cab driver arrested after woman left purse in his cab & he took it to dispatch [0]
  • Avon Park FL police chief subject of state investigation over alleged retaliatory investigations of city officials [0]
  • Spokane WA forced to gut police accountability program after arbitrator rules in favor of police union [0]
  • Denver CO police monitor report indicates that Denver cops give preferential treatment to fellow cops in DUI cases [3]

That’s it for today, stay safe out there!

Verbally insult TSA "officers"

Via Oleg Volk

Barron suggests people show the TSA some verbal disrespect if you happen to meet them when they are not in a position of power over you.

I can’t find much fault with what he suggests. Perhaps it is just a waste of time. What I wonder is how much of this it would take before it would cause the turnover rate to noticeably increase. Beyond that how much would it take before the TSA would be shut down? And how many people would it take to accomplish this? This question can be generalized to other disliked organizations (not even restricted to governmental organizations).

If you say there are some organizations that can’t be eliminated this way then you don’t have enough imagination. Hypothetically the level of force can be scaled up to any level so in the extreme case this would be deadly force. And for small enough organizations, say a few dozen, one could imagine that a single “activist” could eliminate the entire organization and not get caught. Hence, in this extreme case one person could rid the planet of one hated organization by themselves.

At the other extreme you have one individual frowning at a single member of the hated organization composed of millions. The effect of which could not possibly be measured.

In between these two extremes there must be some level of force and number of applications of that force that results in the organization being disbanded. Could it be possible to determine what the minimum force and minimum required number of applications without going up against the TSA? Surely there is data that could be extrapolated from. If nothing else interviewing people that divorced their spouses or quit their jobs would provide some hints.

Suppose we had the numbers and we knew, for example, that the organization would disband if one of the following were true:

  • 50% of the organization were verbally abused every day for one month
  • 10% of the organization were physically assaulted at least once every month
  • 1% of the organization were murdered each month.
Now we look at the problem from a different perspective, the moral acceptability of the actions.

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Man explains why he loves the Orlando Police Department – Hilarious!!

Via Wes

How to Build the Ultimate Survival Shotgun

As a Survival and Preparedness instructor, I take my line of work very seriously–sometimes too seriously. Occasionally, though, I like to take on survival projects that are just downright fun. This article highlights one of those projects.

I’m fortunate in that I’ve been able to turn my passion into my profession–this being the study of Survival and Preparedness. I’ve always enjoyed building survival kits of all shapes and sizes. I enjoy the challenge of fitting lifesaving survival necessities into small compact containers. I’ve built survival kits using film canisters, candy tins, key-rings, boxes, bottles, tubes, bags and everything in-between. For this project, I decided to build a survival kit using a shotgun platform–creating the Ultimate Survival Shotgun. My challenge was that everything had to be included in or on the gun itself–no extra pack items or containers. Below is what I did as well as the survival logic behind each decision.

Ultimately your survival needs fall into five main categories. Your situation dictates the order. They are:


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How a Norwegian gets his stuck tractor out of the mud

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Bragg Death Leads Army to Suspend Parachutes

T-11 parachutes

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. - The Army has suspended the use of its new square parachutes because of problems found after a Fort Bragg Soldier died during a training jump.

The Fayetteville Observer reported Wednesday that the T-11 parachutes initially were praised as safer. Tests had shown the new parachutes provide a slower, more stable descent than the traditional mushroom-shaped style.

Now Army investigators say Staff Sgt. Jamal Clay fell to his death last month because his T-11 parachute malfunctioned. Clay died during a training exercise at Fort Bragg in North Carolina.

MORE including video.

Our 100% corrupt government needs to be removed


In response to the post: Letter to my children

"How pale is the art of sorcerers, witches, and conjurors when compared with that of the government's Treasury Department!"
-- Ludwig von Mises
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Letter to my children


Are there any Americans left?

The membership of the "Greatest Generation" is dwindling, with it will go the last bastion of old-time traditions, honor, justice, and a way of life - though certainly not perfect - that was a far better way of life than we know today; not in monetary gains or technology, but in family,

"God, King, and Country," Mom, and apple pie.

That generation longed for a better way of life, and wanted what was best for their children, and because they did, you, me, and others of our generation have benefited from their desirers to extricate themselves and this country from the deprivations and extreme hardships of the Great Depression and the horrors of the Second World War. They left us a greater country. The letter states,

"What will we leave our children?"

If we don't put our national finances in order, we may face a complete meltdown of everything we know - culturally, politically, and physically. With today's Americans, who know nothing of hardship, extreme poverty, and deprivation year in and year out, along with having precious little concept of self reliance, what will happen when out country as we know it evaporates into a misty haze of what once was? Modern day Americans - most not all - are takers, not givers. Nearly half our population depends on Uncle Sam for survival; 48% pay zippo taxes. Like the old-times say, they've got

"a hand full of gimme and a mouth full of much obliged."

And when it's gone, what? Massive civil disobedience? Riots in the streets, as we've seen in Greece and other counties? Can't it happen here? I imagine that's what dear ol' King George III said about all those nasty Colonials,

" Revolution? Never happen there."

Well, a ragtag bunch of folks brought down one of the mightiest military powers in the world at that time. Why? Because they believed in a cause, and nothing would sway their resolve. Has that time come again?

Is it time to set up a "guillotine" on the National Mall and start lining up the "aristocrats" who for so long have ignored the pleas of this country's good, hard-working, tax-paying folk who only want "bread" for their dear children's future?

If I hear one more peckerwood in Washington City talking about the horrors of spending cuts, government shut-downs, and the like, I think I'll puke. And why are so many of the county's problems the fault of us nasty Baby Boomers? How dare us be so bold and brazen to work all our lives, save, try and make ends meet, and then, when retirement is just around the bend, to have the pure gall to live so long!

When all the "humble, starving poor" who have child after child after child they can't afford, expect me - a working, taxpaying citizen - to pay for it! Trust me my friend, I see the "humble, starving poor" five days a week, 8 hours a day. I know that of which I speak. Are there folks who truly need help? You bet your sweet Maltese bippy there are. But they are about as scarce as hen's teeth. But those lapping at Uncle Sam's trough are fat and getting fatter. And what about those "anchor babies" who parents are illegal? Dear ol' Mom and Pop have not paid a dime into the system, and yet their children are eligible for Medicaid and food stamps until they are 18. And the REAL dear ol' Moms and Pops who were born and reared in this county and paid taxes all their lives are only eligible for 15/20 dollars in stamps. What a travesty!

And yet, there are those who praise Washington for its record of helping the poor, and keeping those nasty millionaires and billionaires in check. I'm willing to take my licks, as it were, but by-dingoes, what about all those billionaires and millionaires, and those irresponsible poor people who don't appear to care about anything but a hand-out and the next child/meal ticket they can sire? Perhaps if there were any real, red-white-and-blue Americans left, especially in Congress, they'd stand up and say,

"Short-term discomfort is better than a lifetime of misery."

I've plucked gems from a friend's newspaper letter to help compose this rant, but feel it's just time to stand and say,

"I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired."

Thanks for posting the letter, and sorry for this long, boring rant.

Take care,