Sunday, September 24, 2017

At Long Last: Jessica Chambers murder trial to begin in October

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The trial date for the man accused of setting a Panola County teen on fire then leaving her to die on a country road several years ago has officially been set.

Quinton Tellis’ trial will begin Tuesday, October 10.

According to detectives, Tellis doused Jessica Chambers with gasoline then set her on fire near Courtland, Mississippi back in December 2014. Chambers sustained burns to 98 percent of her body and died the next day.

Several state and federal agencies were involved in the investigation, but there were never any breakthroughs until two years later when authorities announced a grand jury had returned an indictment against Tellis.

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NFL may lose bigly with social justice antics

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It's DEFCON 1 this weekend – not between the U.S. and North Korea, despite the battle of insults between "Dotard" President Donald Trump and "Rocket Man" Kim Jong-un.  Instead, the war is between the president and the sports world, specifically the NFL and NBA.  It led the Drudge Report on Saturday.

Since when have professional sports become political?  Long before Trump moved into the White House.  The NFL is famous for its activism.  Support for Black Lives Matter after Ferguson.  Solidarity with Trayvon Martin.  Lectures from Bob Costas – not on the upcoming game, but on gun control or global warming.  Now it's disrespecting the National Anthem by taking a knee or sitting down.  Colin Kaepernick popularized this before Trump was president.  It's activism is spreading through the NFL and beyond, even to eight-year-old football players in Illinois.

NFL TV ratings are down.  The 49ers and Rams played to a half-empty stadium, despite selling tickets for $14, less than the price of a hot dog and a beer.  Declining advertising revenue is predicted to cost networks $200 million, a number likely to increase.  As Rick Moran wrote recently in American Thinker, "Have we ever seen a pro sports league self-destruct? Stay tuned."

Tea Party Patriots ‘Keep Your Promises’ Rally Calls for Republican Majority to Act

Vi comment by Sean Henderson on Tea Party Patriots Rally in Washington, D.C. on Sa...

Tea Party Patriots held a Capitol Hill rally on Saturday calling on legislators to keep the promises they made to the American people on issues like repealing Obamacare, enforcing the border and immigration laws and cutting taxes.

Rally attendees enthusiastically held up a myriad of signs, many of which were centered around the theme of the day, calling on GOP members of Congress to keep their promises. Close to 400 people gathered in Upper Senate park for the event.

TPP leader JennyBeth Martin told the crowd, “We have to hold Congress accountable, we have to hold their feet to the fire. President [Donald] Trump needs us so that he can keep his campaign promises.” She said she was going to everything she can and knew that those in the crowd would do everything they can.

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Dismay as Germany's hard-right AfD marches into parliament

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 For some reason, this seems vaugely familiar.............:)

The Alternative for Germany (AfD) on Sunday became the first hard-right, openly anti-immigration party to win dozens of seats in parliament since World War II, breaking a taboo despite mainstream politicians' calls to halt "the Nazis" in their tracks.

Exit polls credited the AfD with around 13 percent of the vote, making it the third biggest political force in Germany -- a stunning result for a party that was founded just four years ago.

"We will change this country," vowed Alexander Gauland, one of the party's top two candidates, pledging to "go after" Chancellor Angela Merkel's government.

It promised that it would make it a priority to launch a parliamentary probe against Merkel over her decision to let in more than one million asylum seekers since 2015.

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NASCAR owners say they wouldn’t tolerate national anthem protests at races

Several NASCAR team owners said Sunday they would not condone racers protesting during the national anthem, amid protests by sports players at football and baseball games.

There were no protests reported during “The Star-Spangled Banner" at the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series in New Hampshire, according to The Associated Press.

Former NASCAR champion Richard Petty told the AP that any member of his team would be fired if they chose to protest the national anthem. Petty now owns Richard Petty Motorsports.

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(5 Parts) Burning History Deceptions and A Teaspoon of Sand or The Art of Lying (On Ken Burns' Propaganda)

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Photo by the author: Confucian Order

Errors or abuses in the pursuit of freedom are not justifications of the abandonment of that pursuit.

Monday’s episode, Riding The Tiger, was wonderfully produced propaganda. It was technically better than episode one, but it was also far more manipulative. I’m trying to be nice here. Other words come to mind. If I did not have a bit of more background info from years of studying and writing about Southeast Asia, Burns would have me convinced that Diem, the autocrat, was far worse to his people than Uncle Ho. Diem, the Catholic strongman ruling a gentle Buddhist nation, cracked down on Buddhist homes of worship. Ho, the sweet old man, who, despite other leaders in his faction having gotten a bit out of hand by murdering between 50,000 and 500,000 of their countrymen, was far more a gentleman. Socialist excesses aside, Ho was beloved, Diem was despised.

Burns is very convincing. I cannot imagine anyone other than those with relatively deep subject knowledge, not being completely taken in by everything shown. We were softly set up by episode one, in episode two the filmmaker skillful weaves the story and sucks us further in. Episode three was worse yet. Those with original sin became narrators crafting stories to forever cover their tracks. Even with some depth of background in the subject, I had to recheck some of my sources to make sure I wouldn’t overstate my case because I found the programming so convincing. After spending hours rereading, my anger at his omissions and skewing of story grew to near rage. My working sub-title for today’s essay was: The Art of Lying. Perhaps I should have retained it.

The Real Constitution

 US Constitution

The real U.S. Constitution, which was scrapped long ago, does not permit judges to be its final interpreters, executive orders, coercion of the people of a State by the federal government, delegation of control of the currency to a private banking cartel, the subsidy of private corporations, or calling the militia to active service except in case of invasion or rebellion and at the request of the State.

The Constitution should have been reverently buried long ago. Except that its rotting corpse provides lucrative pickings for lawyers and pseudo-respectable cover for power seekers. The central government has no check on its power that is not determined by the politicians in control of its various branches. They seldom check each other but frequently check the people and the States. The 14th Amendment, illegitimately promulgated in the wake of Lincoln’s revolution, has provided power seekers with everything they need to fulfill their limitless ambitions.

Attack Cobra & Guns A Go-Go 'Birth Control'

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 Image may contain: outdoor
 Cobra. Vĩnh Long 1968-69. Photos by William Baker 20th Engineer Brigade.

 Image may contain: outdoor

1966, Vũng Tàu Airfield. An ACH-47A Chinook (Chinook gunship, also known as Guns A Go-Go) from the 53rd Aviation Detachment, United States Army, which operated from Vũng Tàu in 1966. This aircraft is 64-13154, named 'Birth Control' and it is armed with six Browning .50 calibre machine guns (two each side and two fitted on the cargo ramp to cover the rear). Two 20mm cannons and two 19 tube, 2.75 inch rocket pods are mounted on weapon pylons fitted to each side of the fuselage, plus a 40mm automatic grenade launcher, mounted under the nose. 

M-134 miniguns and other types of rocket pods could also be fitted to the weapon pylons. The stencilled name in white, is clearly visible, as are the two crossed .50 calibre machine guns (other photographs of this aircraft show it marked with a red kangaroo, which was a favourite pass time of many Australians known as tagging). In February 1968, 'Birth Control' was forced down by enemy gunfire, the crew were evacuated but the aircraft was destroyed by enemy mortar fire.

Note that by 1968, only one gunship remained, and logistical concerns prevented more conversions. It was returned to the United States, and the program stopped.

Photo by Gee, Robin Frederick, via AWM

The Elephant in the Room

This morning on a panel discussion on FOX I watched an interview about the response of the NFL to President Trump's comments on the "take the knee for the anthem" business. Oh, dear, it was suggested, was he too harsh? But I soon realized that in this controversy there is one thing that is not being discussed; it isn’t even being alluded to tangentially. This is the elephant in the room that everyone is trying their damnedest to ignore—that is, the race of most of those "taking the knee." I'm sure that there are players doing this who are not black, but I would say that the vast majority involved are black and those who are not, do so to placate their black teammates and not because they are particularly against the National Anthem. This huge fact, however, was never mentioned on FOX and I doubt very much if it ever will be. Ol' Kevin K. (who apparently started the whole thing) was simply called out for being “untalented” as if this was the reason for his behavior.

As also might be imagined, nobody is talking about the new race-based action by black players who, having brought down a white player, make the "black power" salute as if somehow they had accomplished something for blacks! This is akin to the natural response that baboons exhibit when they have bested an enemy—and that's scary! Given that most team sports (except hockey) are largely represented by minorities (blacks and Hispanics with the occasional Japanese thrown in) in far greater numbers than their percentage in the general population, this fatuous nonsense bodes ill for society in general and the sports world in particular. If this open hostility towards whites by blacks on the field—irrespective of their teams—continues, we are going to see played out in the sports arenas a mini-race war that spectators will have to pay a great deal of money to see! And since most of those buying tickets are white, one has to ask, will they—and, if so, why?

At this point I doubt very much that the owners and officials in football can do a great deal about what is happening except to support their very expensive and infantile players in hopes of keeping the seats filled (with whites) and their revenues up in order to pay those same expensive and infantile players. It's far easier to blame Donald Trump (and in doing so they will get all the media support one could wish!) than it is to admit to what is actually going on. I usually don't think that anything “sports” is all that important but I believe that this may represent a very "up front" launch of that "civil war" we have been promised by the left.


If Democrats insist on chain migration, they'll kill the DREAM Act

...............chain migration would make it possible for the DREAMers to pass on legal status and a path to citizenship to the parents who brought them to the United States in violation of our laws, which is sure to be unacceptable to many Republicans.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) announced recently that they had reached an agreement with President Donald Trump to pursue legislation that would protect the participants of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, which is being phased out. They also agreed to enact border security measures that would not include building a physical wall.

But problems have arisen since that agreement was reached. Both sides have declared additional conditions.

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Nigel Farage to campaign for Moore in Alabama

 Nigel Farage to campaign for Moore in Alabama

Nigel Farage, the former leader of the UK Independence Party (UKIP), will campaign in Alabama for former state Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore, according to The Guardian.

Farage will campaign at a rally in Fairhope, Ala., on Monday, along with former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon. Phil Robertson of “Duck Dynasty” will also campaign for Moore at the rally.

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Scarborough: NFL players refusing to stand help Trump

 Trump praises show of NFL 'solidarity' amid protests

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough on Sunday said it helps President Trump politically when NFL players protest during the national anthem.

"This may be unpopular but it is a political reality," Scarborough tweeted Sunday.

"Every NFL player refusing to stand for the national anthem helps Trump politically."

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'Steven Mnuchin doubles down on Trump's NFL statements: 'They can do free speech on their own time

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Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin defended President Trump's comments on the NFL Sunday, saying sports leagues should question whether their players should be allowed to refuse to stand during the national anthem.

"The NFL has all different kinds of rules," Mnuchin said on ABC's "This Week." "You can't have stickers on your helmet, you have to have your jerseys tucked in. I think what the president is saying is that the owners should have a rule that players should have to stand and respect the national anthem. this isn't about Democrats, it's not about Republicans, it's not about race. It's not about free speech. They can do free speech on their own time. This is about respect for the military and the first responders in the country."

Mnuchin raised an incident from this summer when Dallas Cowboys players were told they could not wear stickers on their helmets to honor Dallas police officers who were killed.

"The NFL is picking and choosing what they want to enforce," Mnuchin said.

Russian Ads on Facebook Seems Too Small an Amount to Affect Election

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Catalonia's Separatists Defy Spain With Ballots for Vote

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The grassroots groups driving Catalonia's separatist movement responded to the crackdown by Spanish authorities to stop next week's independence referendum by distributing one million ballots on Sunday.


 The grassroots groups driving Catalonia's separatist movement defied Spanish authorities on Sunday by distributing one million ballots for an Oct. 1 independence vote that the central government in Madrid has called illegal and vowed to halt.


Jordi Cuixart, president of the separatist group Omnium Cultural, announced the ballots were being distributed during a rally in Barcelona.

"Here are the packs of ballots that we ask you to hand out across Catalonia," Cuixart said.

The shorter your sleep, the shorter your life: the new sleep science

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Leading neuroscientist Matthew Walker on why sleep deprivation is increasing our risk of cancer, heart attack and Alzheimer’s – and what you can do about it

Matthew Walker has learned to dread the question “What do you do?” At parties, it signals the end of his evening; thereafter, his new acquaintance will inevitably cling to him like ivy. On an aeroplane, it usually means that while everyone else watches movies or reads a thriller, he will find himself running an hours-long salon for the benefit of passengers and crew alike. “I’ve begun to lie,” he says. “Seriously. I just tell people I’m a dolphin trainer. It’s better for everyone.”

Walker is a sleep scientist.

SCV Private Bryan Jackson Buck Camp 1769, Peletier, NC September 21, 2017 Meeting

Member Tom Frith gave a historical account of the Battles of South Mountain and Sharpsburg from the perspective of family members involved that included at least three of his gr-gr grandfathers and five gr-gr-gr uncles who fought in the Maryland campaign.