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Lee's Surrender, By My Great Grandfather, April 9, 1865, 153 Years Ago
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 Confederate Veteran May-June 1990

25th Anniversary of General Lee's Surrender April 9th, 1865

by John Pelopidas Leach, 1890

A quarter of a century has passed since General Lee surrendered the last hope of the Confederacy at Appomattox Court House.

GOP senator wants vote before Trump uses force in Syria

 GOP senator wants vote before Trump uses force in Syria

Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) is urging President Trump to get congressional authorization before he uses military force to respond to an alleged chemical weapons attack in Syria.

“The use of chemical weapons absolutely requires a response from the United States,” Lee said in a statement. "But if that response is going to include military force, the president of the United States should come to Congress and ask for authorization before military force is used."

The administration is weighing how to respond to the attack, which reportedly killed at least 70 people in a town controlled by opponents of Syrian President Bashar Assad.

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Student Experiences “Head-On Racism” at the University of South Carolina?

Tobias Lanz has been an adjunct professor of political science for some twenty years at the University of South Carolina. In a class of 200 students cell phones go off, and Lanz eases the interruption by taking the topic at hand, e.g. Russian policy in Syria, by saying “that must be the Kremlin calling.” Last week the topic was the American welfare system, and when a phone went off, Lanz replied: “that must be the welfare office calling.”

But an African-American student, Angela Bogni, confronted Lanz after the class accusing him of racism by directing the comment to her. Lanz told her that he did not know where the phone was and was just joking as he always does when there is an interruption from a phone. Students in the class confirmed his account. One commented: “He didn’t direct that comment at you. We were talking about welfare and your phone went off and he made a comment (like he does every time someone’s phone goes off).” Ms Bogni recorded a video of her conversation with Lanz. He explained he did not direct the comment to her and did not know where the phone was. It was simply a throw away joke. In the video she seems to accept his account. But then tweeted that, “Today was my first experience with head‑on racism at this institution.”

Harris Pastides, president of the University, apologized to the student: “I’m sorry for what you experienced today and deeply troubled by comments that perpetuate racist stereotypes. This is not representative of UofSC. We stand with you.” It is not yet decided what punishment is in store for Lanz. But for what did the president apologize? Lanz had done nothing wrong. His comment did not “perpetuate racist stereotypes” except in the mind of the student.

The article on the affair in The State, March 30, 2018, was titled “USC Instructor Accused of Racist Comment also Defended Displaying Confederate Symbols.” The article discovered that Lanz had given a lecture at an Abbeville Institute Summer School in 2006 on “The Agrarianism of Wendell Berry.” Wendell Berry is a Southern poet, agrarian advocate, and critic of industrial capitalism who is admired around the world, mostly by progressive leaning environmentalists. This agrarian criticism of the dark side of industrial capitalism has from the time of Thomas Jefferson been a central theme of the Southern tradition. Indeed, Eugene Genovese (a Northerner and Marxist), described by the Atlantic Monthly as America’s greatest living historian, said that the South has developed the best critique of the dark side of liberalism. Lanz discussed Wendell Berry in relation to the Southern tradition. He had some kind words to say about the Confederacy and Robert E. Lee and the culture that produced him, and had no problem with displaying the Confederate flag as a symbol of that culture, positions that until recently were widely held by Americans North and South.

This along with the accusation of a racial slur was enough to present a presumptive picture of Lanz as a “racist,” a term that has no objective moral or empirical meaning but has become a slur used by people to bully and manipulate their opponents. And that is what is happening in this affair. Lanz has been vilified by the president’s misplaced apology, and The State apparently thinks it sufficient to suggest a person is a racist because he has given a lecture at the Abbeville Institute, an organization in higher education devoted to a critical study of what is valuable in the Southern tradition. It would seem that leftists should be lining up to praise Lanz for his steadfast critique of industrial capitalism, but such is not the case.

One should not be hard on the student. She is a product of an education that is obsessed to the point of hallucination with the topic of race and gender. The current academy is saturated with “white studies” programs designed to find examples of “white supremacy” everywhere—even if it doesn’t exist—and to gain victim status by doing so. President Pastides should know this is anti-intellectual, anti-academic, and the antithesis of a true “liberal arts” education and the free exchange of ideas.

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Hungarian PM could target Soros organisations right after election win

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Prime Minister Viktor Orban could use his sweeping new political mandate to extend Hungary's crackdown on civil organisations that have been critical of his anti-immigration policies.

The right-wing nationalist projected himself as a saviour of Hungary's Christian culture against Muslim migration into Europe, an image which resonated with over 2.5 million voters, especially in rural areas.

His Fidesz party won a two-thirds majority for the third time straight time in Sunday's election, meaning he has the powers to change constitutional laws.

The 2nd

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This Is The Turning Point

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The saying "the worm has turned" refers to the moment when the downtrodden have finally had enough, and turn on their powerful oppressors.

The worms have finally turned against the privileged elites -- who have benefited so greatly from globalization, corruption, central bank stimulus and the profiteering of state-enforced cartels. It doesn’t matter as much as the punditry assumes whether they are turning Left or Right; the important thing is that the powerless have finally started challenging their privileged overlords.

5G wireless: a ridiculous front for global control

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The Matrix Revealed 

First, two quotes to give a bit of background.

5G speed, for people who must download a whole season of their favorite show in two seconds:

“It’s the next (fifth) generation of cellular technology which promises to greatly enhance the speed, coverage and responsiveness of wireless networks. How fast are we talking about? Think 10 to 100 times speedier than your typical cellular connection, and even faster than anything you can get with a physical fiber-optic cable going into your house. (You’ll be able to download a season’s worth of ‘Stranger Things’ in seconds.)” []

Lunatic 5G installation of small transmitters packed close together every few hundred feet:

The Liberal Press Rebelled Against Reality - and Lost

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The Liberal Press Rebelled Against Reality - and Lost

The New York Times featured another article about the slowing down of the liberal print media. Their featured corpse was The Denver Post, and the headline read: “Denver Post Rebels Against Its Hedge-Fund Ownership.” On the cover of the The Denver Post’s latest Sunday edition, the headline photo features a crowd of the Colorado staff, most of whom are hollowed away in silhouettes. The shadowy gaps are supposed to elicit pity from the readers about the recent, drastic cuts to the newspaper. 

Joining the photo, articles from the staffers themselves denounced the massive cuts. Instead of pleading for their jobs, however, the writers were demanding that the paper’s hedge fund owners either fight to keep the paper alive, or sell the paper to someone who wants to keep it alive.
It is difficult to read that and not laugh.

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How To Make Sure You Only Get Lost When You Want To


Here’s the scenario: it’s summer and for whatever reason, you decided to go for a hike.  You grab your daypack, toss in a Cliff bar, some wet wipes and a bottle of water.  On the way out the door, you grab your cell.  You don’t bother with a compass because you have no idea how to use one, and even if you did, who needs a compass when you have a cell phone.

You make it to the park, find a trail and start walking.  Something catches your eye.  Maybe it’s some hot little jogger, maybe it’s Big Foot, it doesn’t really matter- what matters is that you ditch the trail. 

The freedom is intoxicating.  You are out in nature and loving every minute of it.  But then your feet start to hurt, which is your body’s way of telling you that it is time to head back to the house.

One problem, you don’t know where you are.

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Meetings to discuss Confederate monument

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 The same newspaper 12 years ago: Lee, (By Dixie Townsend, Nine Years Old)

The Rocky Mount Human Relations Commission is set to host a series of meetings meant to improve race relations in the community, including discussions about the Confederate monument on Falls Road.

The series kicks off Wednesday with a presentation on the (Bogus)*Wilmington race riots Racial Politics That Promote Racial Hostility '98 Wilmington and reconciliation.


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Image result for SAD COMMENTS BY FRANKLIN GRAHAM- BILLY GRAHAM'S SON/essential reading-Truth is truth no matter who says it.

Time is like a river. You cannot touch the water twice, because the flow that has passed will never pass again. Franklin Graham was speaking at the First Baptist Church in Jacksonville, Florida a few weeks back when he said America will not come back to its Christian roots!

 He wrote: The American Dream ended (on November 6th, 2012) in Ohio. The second term of Barack Obama will be the final nail in the coffin for themlegacy of the white Christian males who discovered, explored, pioneered, settled and developed the greatest Republic in the history of mankind!

A coalition of Blacks, Latinos, Feminists, Gays, Government Workers, Union Members, Environmental Extremists, The Media, Hollywood, uninformed youngmpeople, the "forever needy," the chronically unemployed, illegal aliens andmother "fellow travelers" have ended Norman Rockwell's America. The Cocker Spaniel is off the front porch... The Pit Bull is in the back yard.

The American Constitution has been replaced with Saul Alinsky's "Rules formRadicals" and Chicago shyster, David Axelrod, along with international Socialist George Soros will be pulling the strings on their beige puppet to bring us Act 2 of the New World Order.

Churchill's secret assassins: Miner hero, shop assistant and 'limping lady' are among unique squad of WWII recruits whose incredible courage is revealed in new BBC series

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In the first episode, which airs on BBC2 tonight, the modern-day students will begin SOE's demanding selection process while in next Monday's segment they will learn about guns, explosives and 'silent killing techniques'

The incredible bravery of apparently ordinary men and women who served in Winston Churchill's secret squad of agents during World War II is revealed in a new BBC programme. 

The elite Special Operations Executive were tasked with outwitting Axis powers with sneaky espionage tactics, operating in every enemy-controlled nation in Europe and south-east Asia.

The group's heroes included a Polish countess who is said to have inspired a Bond girl, and a pair of assassins who killed Reinhard Heydrich, a high-ranking Nazi and leading architect of the Holocaust.

In the BBC series Secret Agent Selection, whose first episode airs tonight, 21st-century volunteers will face the same intense physical and mental tests the SOE recruits did during the 1940s.

More with video and pictures  @ Daily Mail

Oh, hurt us some more, China.

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Last week, every political pundit and newspaper writer became an expert on soybeans. China had threatened to slap a retaliatory tariff on soybeans.

"Indiana soybean farmers wary of potential U.S. trade war with China: 'We're in a vulnerable time'," the Chicago Tribune reported.

"Iowa farmers say they have a lot to lose in a trade war with China," CNN reported.

"Impact Of China's New Tariffs Could Be 'Huge' On U.S. Soybean Farmers," NPR reported.

It was Soybeanageddon.

But just as suddenly, Europe developed a hunger for soybeans.

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