Monday, April 9, 2018

Churchill's secret assassins: Miner hero, shop assistant and 'limping lady' are among unique squad of WWII recruits whose incredible courage is revealed in new BBC series

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In the first episode, which airs on BBC2 tonight, the modern-day students will begin SOE's demanding selection process while in next Monday's segment they will learn about guns, explosives and 'silent killing techniques'

The incredible bravery of apparently ordinary men and women who served in Winston Churchill's secret squad of agents during World War II is revealed in a new BBC programme. 

The elite Special Operations Executive were tasked with outwitting Axis powers with sneaky espionage tactics, operating in every enemy-controlled nation in Europe and south-east Asia.

The group's heroes included a Polish countess who is said to have inspired a Bond girl, and a pair of assassins who killed Reinhard Heydrich, a high-ranking Nazi and leading architect of the Holocaust.

In the BBC series Secret Agent Selection, whose first episode airs tonight, 21st-century volunteers will face the same intense physical and mental tests the SOE recruits did during the 1940s.

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