Wednesday, January 12, 2022

How the British Viewed The War


But most significant of all was the attitude assumed by the Federal Government in dealing with the secession of the South. Long before that secession some of the best observers had clearly pointed out how the influence of climate, and much more the special type of industry and character which slavery produced, had already created a profound and lasting difference between the North and the South. Both Madison and Story had foreseen that the great danger to the United States was the opposition between the Northern and Southern interests. Calhoun was so sensible of the difference that he proposed the establishment of two presidents, one for the free, and the other for the slave States, each with a veto on all national legislation. Guizot and Tocqueville had both distinctly recognised the same truth. Though language and religion were the same, and though race was not widely different, two distinct nations had grown up, clearly separated in their merits and their defects, in character, manners, aspirations, and interests.

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'White Girl Bleed A Lot' Author Colin Flaherty Passes Away At 66

 Via Reborn " Off topic but what to do.One of our own is gone. Wondered why I never received anythingnin my email for quite awhile:
Soooo sad. He fought the good fight. As my Mother would say :( He sent me his first book to review.

Bestselling author Colin Flaherty passed away on Monday night after a quiet battle with cancer for years. 

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US Army Offers Max Enlistment Bonus of $50,000 to New Recruits as Service Struggles to Lure New Soldiers (Gee, dont know why.....)

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Looks like the Biden Regime’s vaccine mandates are going well.

The US Army is offering new recruits up to $50,000 bonus for enlisting for six years.

The service is struggling to lure new soldiers because of Covid – and the Pentagon’s vaccine mandate.

AP reported:

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