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SWAT Team Ends 7-Hour Standoff After Realizing Nobody Was Home

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A seven hour standoff between a SWAT team in Hayward, California–and what was eventually determined to be an empty residence–ended, when authorities realized the individual they thought may have sent a series of "suspicious notes" was not actually home. 

The bomb squad, including snipers and their bomb-sniffing K9s, were called out after deputies from the Alameda County Sheriff's Office discovered a series of incendiary notes which indicated there were explosives inside of the home they were attempting to deliver eviction notices to, according to a report by KTVU. The events began around 10 am and ended at 5:30 pm on Tuesday evening.

Neighbors of the residence, which is located on the 27000 block of Gainesville Boulevard, were evacuated, and one even shared the contents of her text with KTVU:

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THIRD Rocket Arsenal Found At UN School In Gaza

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The United Nations Relief & Works Agency For Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) announced Tuesday that another rocket stockpile has been found at one of its schools in Gaza. This instance marks the third time since the beginning of Operation Protective Edge that a weapons arsenal has been found at an UNRWA school in Gaza.

UNRWA has yet to place blame on any individuals or organizations for placing the weapons stockpile within a children’s school. The UN body refused to do so on the past two previous occasions as well.

The UN body, after both previous findings, has handed the rockets it had found back into the possession of “the local police," otherwise known as the terrorist group Hamas.

This week, UNRWA supplies and building materials had been found in Hamas’s tunnel infrastructure, which has been used to smuggle weapons and carry out attacks on the State of Israel.

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News Crew Booted From State Property for Filming Outside Empty Prison

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 A corrections officer sped up to the news crew and informed them they were not allowed to be filming on the mountain. (Image source: WNYT-TV)

A news crew in Albany, New York, was filming for a seemingly innocuous report about a historical site and just so happened to have a recently closed correctional facility in its background. What happened next had the reporter, videographer and others wondering what the big deal was.

WNYT-TV was on Mount McGregor filming near an empty correctional facility Thursday for a story about Grant Cottage, which is where President Ulysses S. Grant died of throat cancer 129 years ago.

The news channel shot footage of a re-enactment Wednesday and went back the next day for some more video. What happened when the crew was on the state property for this second time was all caught on camera with Mount McGregor prison in the background.

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A Confederate flag for Savage's Station!

On June 29th, the anniversary of the battle of Savage's Station, a young man placed a single stick battle flag at the marker commemorating the event, and in honor and memory of his 8 Confederate ancestors who fought there to defend hearth and home from unwarranted invasion.

He was dishearened when the flag was removed just a few short days later. Over the course of the next few weeks, he replaced the flag several times, and each time, it was stolen. He then began placing flags on all five markers, and labeling them with a note listing the name of his ancestor, explaining that flag was left in his memory, and asking them not to be removed. Again, the flags were stolen. 

After replacing them several times, over several weeks, the young man contacted the owner of the land, adjacent to the markers, and the very land on which the battle was fought, and acquired permission to erect a pole and Confederate flag on his property, just a few feet behind the markers.

A pole was quickly acquired by donation, and a flag was raised TODAY... a living breathing, 24/7/365 reminder to all who visit the battle field, of the honor and valor of the Confederate soldiers who fought and died there. Special 54 x 54 ANV flags are on order, and will be installed by the end of the week.

This young flagger says he got his inspiration when he saw the Confederate flag that was erected on private land just behind the Federal Monument at Point Lookout. We cannot express our pride and gratitude for his dedication and perseverance, and the fact that instead of giving up, he found a way to turn his anger, and the misconduct of others ,into a true victory for the Confederate soldier!

God bless this young Fire-Eater, and GOD SAVE THE SOUTH!

Susan Hathaway

 Virginia Flaggers
P.O. Box 547
Sandston VA 23150

Illegal Alien Crime Victims Invite Boehner, His Family to Border, Plead for Enforcement


Several family members of victims of horrific crimes committed by illegal aliens have invited House Speaker John Boehner to visit the U.S. Border with Mexico with them in a fiery letter provided exclusively to Breitbart News.

“As you leave Washington, D.C. to vacation with your families, our families invite you and your entire family to spend the weekend in McAllen, Texas,” the victims' family members wrote to Boehner and other lawmakers Wednesday. “We invite you to see firsthand the invasion and lawlessness that is destroying our beloved country, and how you (and others) have given de facto permission and unfettered access to the perpetrators who have killed our loved ones, leaving our families in complete grief and disbelief as to 'how' this horrific tragedy was allowed! What about our children, Mr. Boehner? Where is the out-cry for OUR children and American families?”

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Please Stop Helping Us, Walter E. Williams


 "if you ever hear that Williams' guns have been confiscated, you'll know that Williams is dead."

While reading the first chapter of Jason Riley's new book, "Please Stop Helping Us," I thought about Will Rogers' Prohibition-era observation that "Oklahomans vote dry as long as they can stagger to the polls." Demonstrative of similar dedication, one member of Congress told Vanderbilt University political scientist Carol Swain that "one of the advantages and disadvantages of representing blacks is their shameless loyalty. ... You can almost get away with raping babies and be forgiven. You don't have any vigilance about your performance." In my opinion, there appear to be no standards of performance low enough for blacks to lose their loyalty to their black political representatives.  

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African Christians crucify a cat to worship Jesus

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Gun Stories Online: Colt Python

My 8 Inch .357 Colt Python

 Bought a used one for $160 in 1977 and sold it for enough to buy a Glock 21 and 30 some years ago.  Checking the current prices now, I see I could have bought two of each today!


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Goliath Grouper Attacks Off Jupiter Florida

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Something similar happened to me as I was spear fishing with a buddy in Laguna Beach when I noticed him above me motioning towards the surface.  I ignored him at first, but he continued to motion, so I went up not a happy camper as I had been following a big one.  At any rate, what I had thought was my fin getting caught in the kelp was actually a Moray biting on it. :)  So, back I went to find him, but couldn't. They are good eating, but you need to shoot them through the head, otherwise they'll go right for you if hit in the body.

Jesse Ventura: Don’t feel sorry for Chris Kyle’s widow, I’m the victim here

Jesse Ventura, Minnesota’s former governor, won his lawsuit against the late Navy SEAL and American Sniper author Chris Kyle on Tuesday. He claimed he was defamed in that book and, while a jury agreed, the vainglorious former wrestler-turned-politician-turned-conspiracy-buff has not exactly comported himself in a fashion that elicits much sympathy. 

After having been awarded nearly $2 million to be paid by the late serviceman’s widow, one might assume that Ventura would simply slip away and enjoy his victory. It seems, however, Ventura’s narcissism prevented him from taking the tasteful approach here.

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American-made Saiga and Vepr Alternative: Firebird Precision TAC12A1

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TAC12 in capable hands.

Despite the focus on the AK47 and AK74 clones affected by the import recent ban, the Russian rifles are the easiest to replace with imports from other sources. Some of the more unique manual actions also banned from import will be harder to replicate, and no one I know of makes clones of Saiga or Vepr shotguns. The feeble Chinese efforts hardly count; I tested one, and after two shots I didn’t feel safe to fire the rest of the magazine. The Turkish Akdal MKA1919 I mentioned earlier has much to recommend it: light weight, rifle-like manual of arms, and low felt recoil, but its long-term durability proved imperfect, leading to the beefed up BR99 variant. Fortunately, MKA1919 can be made much closer to perfect by Firebird Precision.

It takes a pretty major re-build, but the metal lower, an additional, non-reciprocating forward charging handle, and improved gas system all make TAC12 an extremely desirable shotgun. I shot one of the prototypes at 2013 SHOT show and was extremely impressed by the transparency with which it could be used to bust clays.

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Y'all come: ORNL bows to Southern pride: Lab cancels training class to curb accents

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It’s OK to talk Southern and work at a national lab — after all.

Oak Ridge National Laboratory has cancelled plans for a “Southern Accent Reduction” class because of objections from lab staff members, some of whom said they were offended by the training opportunity.

ORNL’s human resources department early last week distributed a registration notice for the six-week course to be taught by Lisa Scott, “a nationally certified speech pathologist and accent reduction trainer.”

Here was the pitch to get employees to sign up for the speech rehab program: “Feel confident in a meeting when you need to speak with a more neutral American accent, and be remembered for what you say and not how you say it.”

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Bernardin saul-alinsky1ObamaJarrett

As an opening to this repost, I have to link to Judi McLeod’s piece from today “The Road to Hell Obama is taking the world down created by U.S. Catholic Bishops”.  In it she restates the myriad connections between the infiltrator Communist-sodomite bishops and priests in the Catholic Church, Saul Alinsky and the Chicago Communist Machine that spawned Obama.  I stand foursquare behind Judi’s piece, because it is true.  It does not contain one shred of anti-Catholicism any more than a stage-4 cancer diagnosis contains racism.

When I have screeched, caterwauled and POUNDED for the last however many years that the Catholic Church has been massively infiltrated by Communists over the last century, who then actively recruited homosexuals, I haven’t been merely throwing around mindless pejoratives.  When I make posts about the Eucharist and the catastrophic changes made to the Mass in the 1960s, I hope that some of you out there have the light bulb go on over your head and realize that IT’S ALL CONNECTED.  If you want a conspiracy theory that is ACTUALLY TRUE, and has more meat on it than you could possibly imagine, this is it. 

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Urgent. Please read link and call these five

 I got through immediately on all of them.  Maybe 5 minutes total.

GOP House leader Boehner  will try to get this Emergency Supplement bill to handle the border immigration surge passed Thursday morning before the August recess. This is a very dangerous bill that I believe would play right into Barack Obama's massive amnesty and legal immigration surge agenda. Here are some NC and SC Congressmen who need to vote AGAINST this bill. 

Please call and tell them or leave word for them to vote NO. 
You must call today or early Thursday

Patrick McHenry NC10 202-225-2576 
Mark Meadows NC11 202-225-6401
Mick Mulvaney SC    202-225-5601
Trey Gowdy SC4      888-795-1997
Jeff Duncan SC         202-225-5301

Boehner's bill will not stop illegal immigration or the current border surge. It will probably have the effect of encouraging more of it. 

The DACA program (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) is the main cause of the illegal immigration surge at the border. It will not stop until it is defunded and rebuked or killed. Boehner's bill does not address this. It should not be passed unless it defunds DACA. 

The bill will do nothing to secure the border or  require enforcement of our immigration laws. Most of the money will go to Homeland Security salaries, probably prolonging illegal immigrant stays until amnesty. 

No money that does not directly secure the border or enforce immigration laws should be handed to Obama. 

The biggest danger is that it could result in a Senate-House conference as a Trojan Horse to pass a huge amnesty of at least 12 million and bring at least 20 million more legal immigrant workers within 10 years, when at least 20 million Americans who want a full time job cannot find one. 

Jamming this bill through the House the day before the August recess does not allow for sufficient due diligence to evaluate its risks and consequences. YOU MUST CALL TODAY TO PREVENT MORE IMMIGRATION CALAMITY AND FOLLY.

Jeff Sessions: House Border Bill Is a ‘Surrender To a Lawless President’

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Senator Jeff Sessions (R., Ala.) denounced the House Republican border bill as a “surrender to a lawless president” because the legislation does not include any language to prevent President Obama from expanding his unilateral legalization of illegal immigrants.

Here’s the statement:

Kiev Fires Ballistic Missiles into Eastern Ukraine

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Pentagon intentionally withholds  information on Kiev's indiscriminate use of ballistic missiles in populated areas.

CNN has reported that the regime in Kiev launched several short-range ballistic missiles into eastern Ukraine - each missile containing warheads of up to 1,000 lbs (450 kg). The missiles fired were OTR-21 Tochka also known by their NATO reporting name as SS-21 Scarabs and are considered far from "precision" weapons.

Gun Group Trolled by Skanky Topless Libtards

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