Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Urgent. Please read link and call these five

 I got through immediately on all of them.  Maybe 5 minutes total.

GOP House leader Boehner  will try to get this Emergency Supplement bill to handle the border immigration surge passed Thursday morning before the August recess. This is a very dangerous bill that I believe would play right into Barack Obama's massive amnesty and legal immigration surge agenda. Here are some NC and SC Congressmen who need to vote AGAINST this bill. 

Please call and tell them or leave word for them to vote NO. 
You must call today or early Thursday

Patrick McHenry NC10 202-225-2576 
Mark Meadows NC11 202-225-6401
Mick Mulvaney SC    202-225-5601
Trey Gowdy SC4      888-795-1997
Jeff Duncan SC         202-225-5301

Boehner's bill will not stop illegal immigration or the current border surge. It will probably have the effect of encouraging more of it. 

The DACA program (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) is the main cause of the illegal immigration surge at the border. It will not stop until it is defunded and rebuked or killed. Boehner's bill does not address this. It should not be passed unless it defunds DACA. 

The bill will do nothing to secure the border or  require enforcement of our immigration laws. Most of the money will go to Homeland Security salaries, probably prolonging illegal immigrant stays until amnesty. 

No money that does not directly secure the border or enforce immigration laws should be handed to Obama. 

The biggest danger is that it could result in a Senate-House conference as a Trojan Horse to pass a huge amnesty of at least 12 million and bring at least 20 million more legal immigrant workers within 10 years, when at least 20 million Americans who want a full time job cannot find one. 

Jamming this bill through the House the day before the August recess does not allow for sufficient due diligence to evaluate its risks and consequences. YOU MUST CALL TODAY TO PREVENT MORE IMMIGRATION CALAMITY AND FOLLY.

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