Wednesday, July 30, 2014

News Crew Booted From State Property for Filming Outside Empty Prison

Via avordvet

 A corrections officer sped up to the news crew and informed them they were not allowed to be filming on the mountain. (Image source: WNYT-TV)

A news crew in Albany, New York, was filming for a seemingly innocuous report about a historical site and just so happened to have a recently closed correctional facility in its background. What happened next had the reporter, videographer and others wondering what the big deal was.

WNYT-TV was on Mount McGregor filming near an empty correctional facility Thursday for a story about Grant Cottage, which is where President Ulysses S. Grant died of throat cancer 129 years ago.

The news channel shot footage of a re-enactment Wednesday and went back the next day for some more video. What happened when the crew was on the state property for this second time was all caught on camera with Mount McGregor prison in the background.

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  1. Well the feds had to put the CIA/NSA/pentagon "black sight" torture center somewhere after they got kicked out of Poland and the Mideast.--Ray

  2. What are they trying to hide at the "closed" prison?

    And by what authority does a prison guard have to demand that someone be arrested?

    What a bunch of ass clowns!


    1. Every-time something ridiculous comes up, which is many times a day come to think of it, I remember the idiots who voted Hussein into office twice.